The Creation Of The Statutory System

October 12, 2017

YOU HAVE A CHOICE, stand under the statutory system or under common law.

Stand as a legal entity or as a man or woman.

There is NO RECORD of your birth under common law, the statutory system have you and for the privilege they demand you register your birth, or they fine you.

Record your details with the Common Law Court for preservation, you can do so under the Birth Certificate category. There is NO CHARGE for this service,

YOU HAVE A CHOICE, under the statutory system you are bound by their rules, you pay their fines, your pay their charges and you do as your told.

Under common law, we are all treated the same, as a man or a woman. There is no special treatment for the privileged, the law is common to all and everyone is held accountable for unlawfully behaviour.



Reclaim Your Name

October 11, 2017

You can now RECLAIM YOUR NAME by submitting your application to the Common Law Court.

As this LEGAL FICTION was created unlawfully, the Common Law Court will confirm that ownership of the LEGAL FICTION has been reclaimed by you. This information will be recorded with the Common Law Court in ‘The Book of Deeds,’ for preservation.

An application for OWNERSHIP OF THE FICTITIOUS NAME will only be accepted if you have already confirmed your birth under common law, this can be confirmed by recording your details under the Birth Certificate section.