On the 28th October 2018 a Common Law Court was convened at the Hindley Labour Club, 2 Romford Street, Wigan WN2 3RB, to deal with the fraudulent and unlawful theft of a property.

The following individuals were summoned to attend and were all found guilty at this court by a jury of their peers:

Richard Klemmer, CEO Engage Credit

Kirran Kayani, Employee Pepper UK

Isabel Clough, Solicitor, Aberdein Considine

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Despite the issued court order, Richard Klemmer authorised the sale of the property concerned while ignoring the authority of the people and that of the Common Law Court.

In January 2019, as the above individuals had failed to comply with the CLC Court Order, the issue was passed on to CLC Enforcement to deal with. On the 19th January 2019, CLC Enforcement with the assistance of eight agents from thought England, recovered the property and returned it to it’s rightful owner. The locks which had been changed were removed and replaced and the shutters which had been put up were also removed.

As part of the action by CLC Enforcement, all relevant parties were notified about what had happened and the police were informed about the a crimes that had taken place (CUP-19-012290). Despite having prima facie evidence confirming these crimes the police (PC2013) refused to take it, this Constable refused to send someone out to deal with it, he refused to take a statement and then closed the case.

In the mean time, the mortgage company again with the assistance of the previous parties have returned to the statutory court, seeking to re-instate the previous order for possession which was illegal and unlawful.




For copies of documents relating to this matter see below.

Letter to bailiffs                    Temporary Deputy Chief Constable




Fraud & Theft

Interested Parties

District Judge Cook

Helen McMillan
Temporary Deputy Chief Constable

        Lord Burnett of Maldon                     Lord Chief Justice

Richard Klemmer

CEO Engage Credit

Isabel Clough

Solicitor Aberdein Considine

Kirran Kayani

Pepper UK


Mortgage Company Solicitors Asset Management Group Estate Agents

On Friday 5th October 2018, Pepper UK, trading as Engage Credit unlawfully repossessed a property which had been under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court. The property referred to had been the subject of a statutory court hearing (administrative) with District Judge Cook who had been acting ultra vires, with bias, unlawfully and may be criminally.

Judge Cook did not have authority or jurisdiction to deal with this issue, he had not identified the defendant in the action, he ignored the lawfully issued documents from a superior court (Common Law Court), had refused to recuse himself when asked to do so and then issued an order for possession.

The mortgage company having fraudulently obtained an Order for Possession, then completed a N49 form and instructed the bailiffs to unlawfully take possession of the property. This N49 is not signed by a judge but by the mortgage company, it refers to land and not property and can only be used to evict a tenant not a homeowner.

The bailiffs in turn then created an EX96 which they then used to unlawfully evict the owner. This document is not signed by a judge, it does not allow them to evict a homeowner, it can only be used to evict someone from the land and not the property, they can only recover a limit of up to £5,000 and they CAN NOT USE ANY FORCE, EVEN REASONABLE to evict someone.

In doing so, the mortgage company and bailiffs have committed the following crimes, they have caused harm, loss and injury to a living man in addition to their fraudulent behaviour, regarding the existing contract. In addition to the common law crimes committed, the mortgage company and the bailiffs were also guilty of the following statutory offences:

1913 forgery act

Section 6-uttering

Section 11-aiding and abetting

criminal law act 1977 chapter 45.


6 Violence for securing entry.


To view the documents served on the various parties click the pdf’s below:

CLC Enforcement RK                         CLC Enforcement IC                         CLC Enforcement KK

CLC Enforcement AMG                   CLC Enforcement Kings


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