CLC News 28th October 2019

Welcome to CLC News our new weekly feature. This channel will be used for features, information, interviews, news, questions and updates.

In addition to the above we will regularly highlight any Common Law Courts that are due to be convened and pass on information about any statutory courts that are pending.

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Statutory Court Hearings

Given the unlawful behaviour of the statutory courts, it is essential that we witness first hand what is happening.

We will now be listing all up and coming hearings so that the public may attend to offer support.

We call on anyone who can attend the following hearings this week, to lend their support.


Court Dates

Date            29th October 2019

Court          Pontypridd Magistrates Court

Time           11.30 am

Name          Gavin Griffiths


Date            30th October 2019

Court          Truro County Court

Time           2 pm

Name          David Laity


Date            31st October 2019

Court          Portsmouth Magistrates Court

Time           9.30 am

Name          Anthony Coles & John Egan


Date            31st October 2019

Court          Westminster Magistrates Court

Time           10 am

Name          David Noakes




CLC Meetings

The Common Law Court have been busy over the last couple of months and will now be rolling out a programme of enforcement, news, training, updates and regular meetings.

The first of these meeting will be held on the Isle of Man on 30th October 2019 and the second will be held in Milton Keynes on the 31st October 2019.

Everyone is welcome and entrance is free.

Click these links for full details

Isle of Man                                                 Milton Keynes