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5G Roll Out – The Government Refusal To Comply With A Common Law Court order

5G is a telecommunications technology that is being rolled out across the country without any testing on the effects to the human body despite the repeated concerns from doctors around the world. The radiation technology produced on the 60 ghz wavelength has the potential to cause significant harm to any organic life and has even been weaponised by the military.

No man or woman has the right to potentially cause harm with this system and the people need to have their say.

If you believe that this roll out should be halted until it is proven to be safe, please click this link to confirm your support:   CLICK HERE



Void Orders And Crimes Against The People

Who do they work for and who pays their wages?

Despite the people voiding unlawful court orders that had been illegally issued, statutory judges and their courts are refusing to comply with their own administrative rules to set them aside.

These void orders are both legal and lawful and cannot be challenged but given that they expose the crimes against the people, the judges are refusing to comply with them.

These unlawful orders must be set aside unless the state can confirm that they are superior to the people, the Common Law Court and God.

If you agree that these judges should have to answer to the people and that the orders should be set aside, please click this link to show your support:  CLICK HERE.



Criminal Judges Who Refuse To Answer To The People

Recently convened Common Law Courts have convicted seven judges and the Lord Chief Justice, all were found guilty of committing crimes against the people.

Even though these orders were issued by lawfully convened courts and that they carry with them the authority of the people. These convicted criminals remain in their positions and are refusing to comply with the financial penalties issued against them.

Why do we have convicted criminals issuing sentences against the public?

Why do they not have to answer to the people?

Why do they not have to comply with a lawful order?

If you believe that these convicted criminals should be removed from their positions immediately and that they must comply with the court orders issued against them, please click this link to complete confirm your support  CLICK HERE.



Lynda Thyer’s Unlawful Imprisonment

Lynda Thyer, a biomedical scientist has been unlawfully imprisoned in France for curing over 9,500 people with various illnesses. A Common Law Court, consisting of 12 reasonable minded men and women issued a court order, demanding her immediate and safe return.

The Government, Attorney General, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary are refusing to comply with this order, confirming that they believe they are superior to the people, the Common Law Court and God.

Who do these individuals work for?

Do you believe that the people should have access to a possible cure for cancer and numerous other diseases?

Do you believe that Lynda Thyer should be released immediately from the French Prison she is unlawfully detained in?

If you agree with the above, please click this link to confirm your support:    CLICK HERE