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Information for the Common Law Court in Manchester. 1st September 2019

A Message From New Zealand

Divine law versus man’s law


GcMAF is a safe natural human protein, and therefore a human right, that saves lives

Free Lyn and David

Free Lyn Thyer and David Noakes!

Pharma Corruption

This is all about pharma corruption and these two people Lyn Thyer and David Noakes are NOT CRIMINALS. GcMAF changed my immune system and my life for the better by far. Pharma corruption will come out in the long run. Do not be a part of this corruption! If you do you WILL be found out eventually.

its lee , made 4 films

David Noakes & Lyn Thyer

Support for David Noakes & Lyn Thyer

David Noakes and Lyn Thyer deserve support and respect not persecution

Support for David Noakes & Lynda Thyer

Please share this video and show your support David and Lynda.

Help Required

Please share this video and upload you own.

GcMAF Video

Supporting David Noakes and Lynda Thyer.