CLC Card

To apply for a CLC Card you must have recorded your birth with the Common Law Court and have obtained ownership of your legal fiction (FICTITIOUS NAME). If you have not already done so use, please use these links to proceed:

Fictitious Name

Once you have recorded the required information, you may obtain your CLC Card by completing the application below.

  1. You will have to enter the Common Law Name you wish to use, this will be displayed on your card as you enter it (eg. in upper or lower case text).
  2. You have to enter your FICTITIOUS NAME (eg. the name on your bank card).
  3. You’re required to enter the Birth Certificate Ref. No. that you obtained from the Common Law Court.
  4. You will have to enter the Fictitious Name Ref. No. that you obtained from the Common Law Court.
  5. You must specify the card that you require, Great Britain or International.
  6. You must enter the country that you were born in, regardless of the card you select it will display the flag for your country of birth.
  7. You must enter the delivery address that you want the card sent to.
  8. You must select the categories that you have recorded information in.
  9. TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER YOU ARE NOW REQUIRED TO PAY FOR YOUR CLC CARD, you can do so by visiting our shop page under the ‘COMMUNITY’ heading.

CLC Card

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, , Max. file size: 10 MB.