Data Filed in Ref_no
John SmithBirth Certificate BC/17/1
Anne-Marie WilemanBirth Certificate BC/17/2
Christine of the Gow FamilyBirth Certificate BC/17/3
DEREK JAMES FEARONBirth Certificate BC/17/4
John HodgsonBirth Certificate BC/17/5
Emma wilemanBirth Certificate BC/17/6
Laura wilemanBirth Certificate BC/17/7
Megan wilemanBirth Certificate BC/17/8
Ray SmithBirth Certificate BC/17/9
Richard Michael TaylorBirth Certificate BC/17/10
Robert Arthur WhiteBirth Certificate BC/17/11
iain dunsmuir of the family leeBirth Certificate BC/17/12
peter austin danbyBirth Certificate BC/17/13
Kai John Cameron HastieBirth Certificate BC/17/14
Lee John SmithBirth Certificate BC/17/15
Lauren Eve SmithBirth Certificate BC/17/16
Sian SmithBirth Certificate BC/17/17
stuart dinningBirth Certificate BC/17/18
Stephen William of the family BarrettBirth Certificate BC/17/19
Debra DudleyBirth Certificate BC/17/21
Ronald HayBirth Certificate BC/17/22
Stuart AsquithBirth Certificate BC/17/23
Sandra Margaret McCleeryBirth Certificate BC/17/24
Rebekah Jade SalvoBirth Certificate BC/17/25
Matthew Domenic SalvoBirth Certificate BC/17/26
Eboni Renee SalvoBirth Certificate BC/17/27
Le Shaye Ellyce SalvoBirth Certificate BC/17/28
Ann MaceBirth Certificate BC/17/29
mark anthony priceBirth Certificate BC/17/31
Edward Mary O SullivanBirth Certificate BC/17/33
David John RobothamBirth Certificate BC/17/34
Rory Cambell DArcyBirth Certificate BC/17/35
David Paul RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/17/36
raeleneBirth Certificate BC/17/37
james dennisBirth Certificate BC/17/39
EddyBirth Certificate BC/17/40
Daniel michael heaneyBirth Certificate BC/17/41
josephineBirth Certificate BC/17/42
Philip E.L JoyceBirth Certificate BC/17/43
Mark Joseph AbbottBirth Certificate BC/17/44
MICHAEL RAYMOND CLARKEBirth Certificate BC/17/45
Nigel farrellBirth Certificate BC/17/46
Phillipa BarkerBirth Certificate BC/17/47
Ronald Graham ArcherBirth Certificate BC/17/48
RAM CHANDER DAHIYABirth Certificate BC/17/49
SAVITRIBirth Certificate BC/17/50
Sean Of the family GoddardBirth Certificate BC/17/51
Irvine GibsonBirth Certificate BC/17/52
alec frank bamfieldBirth Certificate BC/17/53
Jake RenshawBirth Certificate BC/17/54
Rogue Trinity RenshawBirth Certificate BC/17/55
DeanBirth Certificate BC/17/56
Shantel June RenshawBirth Certificate BC/17/57
Michael Brian OughBirth Certificate BC/17/58
Pamela Helen MillarBirth Certificate BC/17/59
Dylan Joseph MilazzoBirth Certificate BC/17/60
Debora Lavinia MilazzoBirth Certificate BC/17/61
Howard Rhys LewisBirth Certificate BC/17/62
Samuel McKelveyBirth Certificate BC/17/63
Richard PaulBirth Certificate BC/17/64
kevin of the family DoyleBirth Certificate BC/17/65
Daniel paul mcalindenBirth Certificate BC/17/66
Michael Derrick James bownBirth Certificate BC/17/67
Nicola Louise DavidBirth Certificate BC/17/68
Patricia BoykoBirth Certificate BC/17/69
Finbarr Joseph OSheaBirth Certificate BC/17/70
Caroline OSheaBirth Certificate BC/17/71
Ian SwirlesBirth Certificate BC/17/72
David EdgarBirth Certificate BC/17/73
geraldine ann whelanBirth Certificate BC/17/74
John Barnard Harold TurnerBirth Certificate BC/17/75
Mark ChamberlainBirth Certificate BC/17/76
Stephanie Jane EvansBirth Certificate BC/17/77
Anne Trevorrow HendersonBirth Certificate BC/17/78
Craig Scott MeliaBirth Certificate BC/17/82
Darren Lee SaywardBirth Certificate BC/17/83
margaret patricia o sheaBirth Certificate BC/17/84
Hazel Tracy JoyBirth Certificate BC/17/85
Dylan Josh WrightBirth Certificate BC/17/86
Alex Jack WrightBirth Certificate BC/17/87
Dylan Josh RenshawBirth Certificate BC/17/88
Alex Jack RenshawBirth Certificate BC/17/89
Angel Paula RenshawBirth Certificate BC/17/90
cornelius flynnBirth Certificate BC/17/91
Alan Geoffrey IvesonBirth Certificate BC/17/92
Ruby Rose IvesonBirth Certificate BC/17/93
alan brownBirth Certificate BC/17/94
Freya Phyllis Grace IvesonBirth Certificate BC/17/95
Phoebe Eva IvesonBirth Certificate BC/17/96
Jack Elliott IvesonBirth Certificate BC/17/97
Michele Giuseppe FrascaBirth Certificate BC/17/98
Ian James and DSouzaBirth Certificate BC/17/99
David John BarrBirth Certificate BC/17/100
amy louise of the clann mooneyBirth Certificate BC/17/101
sophia louise of the clann mooney meadeBirth Certificate BC/17/102
evan gerard of the clann family mooneyBirth Certificate BC/17/103
jack micheal of the clann mooneyBirth Certificate BC/17/104
Patrick CoyleBirth Certificate BC/17/105
David Adrian SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/106
Joanna Louise CridlinBirth Certificate BC/18/107
Charles Roger MarstonBirth Certificate BC/18/108
Aladin GopieBirth Certificate BC/18/109
Barbara Gene WatsonBirth Certificate BC/18/113
PAUL ANTHONY DAVIESBirth Certificate BC/18/114
Michelle LynchBirth Certificate BC/18/115
Peter Edward George Norcrosse RichmondBirth Certificate BC/18/116
Mark Brian COLEBirth Certificate BC/18/117
Darren John DarlingBirth Certificate BC/18/119
nicholas roland cookBirth Certificate BC/18/120
Nathaniel David JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/18/121
Gary John DallowBirth Certificate BC/18/122
Caroline Ellen WrightBirth Certificate BC/18/123
Stephen Edward WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/124
Irene Florence WhiteBirth Certificate BC/18/125
Christine Margaret GowBirth Certificate BC/18/126
Margaret P. OSheaBirth Certificate BC/18/127
Faynolin IsildaBirth Certificate BC/18/128
Allan James robothamBirth Certificate BC/18/129
michael hodgsonBirth Certificate BC/18/131
Antony CarterBirth Certificate BC/18/133
JOHN JOSEPH WALKERBirth Certificate BC/18/134
Lorraine Florence HuntBirth Certificate BC/18/135
Jamie ForsythBirth Certificate BC/18/136
Philip John spruceBirth Certificate BC/18/137
Paul Anthony HarrisBirth Certificate BC/18/138
Charles Ernest SpencerBirth Certificate BC/18/139
Antony Kevin CarterBirth Certificate BC/18/141
Brent Mark BristolBirth Certificate BC/18/142
robert sproulBirth Certificate BC/18/143
Julian Dominic PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/145
Melanie Elisabeth MichalukBirth Certificate BC/18/146
Horeston WaltersBirth Certificate BC/18/147
John Robert GibsonBirth Certificate BC/18/148
Shedron FearonBirth Certificate BC/18/149
PAULINE LAMBERTBirth Certificate BC/18/150
Roland Andrew FordBirth Certificate BC/18/151
DAVID WIPERBirth Certificate BC/18/152
Michelle TurbineBirth Certificate BC/18/153
Alison Marie CraigBirth Certificate BC/18/154
Graeme MarlandBirth Certificate BC/18/155
Jeff john smithBirth Certificate BC/18/156
Pamela DefeliceBirth Certificate BC/18/157
SYLVESTRE GNAKALEBirth Certificate BC/18/158
Janet Christina BryanBirth Certificate BC/18/159
Jeffrey john smithBirth Certificate BC/18/161
Karl GettingsBirth Certificate BC/18/162
Catrina Marie HemingwayBirth Certificate BC/18/163
Peter Anthony Bevan SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/164
Christopher Michael DeanBirth Certificate BC/18/165
Andrei Ian GrantBirth Certificate BC/18/166
Emma BeesleyBirth Certificate BC/18/167
Richard Alan HallBirth Certificate BC/18/168
Alan JohnBirth Certificate BC/18/169
David Frederick HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/18/171
Shaun John OrmeBirth Certificate BC/18/172
darryl royston smithBirth Certificate BC/18/173
Tina Louise KiddBirth Certificate BC/18/174
Jeffrey Michael finlayBirth Certificate BC/18/175
Pauline Doris RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/176
AngelaBirth Certificate BC/18/177
Annaliina TammBirth Certificate BC/18/178
MichaelBirth Certificate BC/18/179
Keith colin biggsBirth Certificate BC/18/180
michele wheatleyBirth Certificate BC/18/181
Michele BarsbyBirth Certificate BC/18/182
Derek Peter ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/183
janette dochertyBirth Certificate BC/18/185
Nivalyn Leinatioletuitogamatoe Hikinea Anzac TanevesiBirth Certificate BC/18/186
Joanna MorrisonBirth Certificate BC/18/187
Marten ClarkBirth Certificate BC/18/188
KieranBirth Certificate BC/18/189
Stephen Andrew BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/190
FRANK MC ELHERRONBirth Certificate BC/18/191
Karl WheelhouseBirth Certificate BC/18/192
Robert Joseph LeemingBirth Certificate BC/18/194
Jeremy WatsonBirth Certificate BC/18/195
Mark Brendan RayBirth Certificate BC/18/196
Beatrice Anne BottonBirth Certificate BC/18/197
SARAH CAROLINE KEMMBirth Certificate BC/18/198
Damon MackinsBirth Certificate BC/18/199
Peter brimelowBirth Certificate BC/18/201
Paul EatonBirth Certificate BC/18/202
abbigail lee hainsworthBirth Certificate BC/18/203
Brian VarneyBirth Certificate BC/18/204
David Allan hooleBirth Certificate BC/18/205
John SavageBirth Certificate BC/18/206
LOREDANA PIACENTINIBirth Certificate BC/18/207
Aidan McCleanBirth Certificate BC/18/210
Lee MenziesBirth Certificate BC/18/211
Roland MausBirth Certificate BC/18/212
james dennis bryantBirth Certificate BC/18/213
Miss Marion KirklandBirth Certificate BC/18/214
Suzanne Margaret PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/215
Michelle MahonBirth Certificate BC/18/216
David walkerBirth Certificate BC/18/217
Dyan lesley duffyBirth Certificate BC/18/218
James Alistair ClarkBirth Certificate BC/18/219
Mark Anthony LovellBirth Certificate BC/18/220
Mark Robert Edward JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/221
Alexis Ann JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/222
Thomas-richard BurrusBirth Certificate BC/18/223
salleah-fay BoyceBirth Certificate BC/18/224
Heather Sofia EvansBirth Certificate BC/18/225
katheryne anne holdsworthBirth Certificate BC/18/226
Hermione Laura WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/228
Mavis Rebecca BanksBirth Certificate BC/18/229
Richard Paul of the family CarruthersBirth Certificate BC/18/230
Cally BeebyBirth Certificate BC/18/231
PatriciaBirth Certificate BC/18/232
AudraBirth Certificate BC/18/233
Mark SullivanBirth Certificate BC/18/234
Wendy Ann SherwoodBirth Certificate BC/18/235
Warren BellBirth Certificate BC/18/237
ColBirth Certificate BC/18/239
Hazel Caroline JamesBirth Certificate BC/18/240
Faye WardBirth Certificate BC/18/241
Harvey WardBirth Certificate BC/18/242
Darren WardBirth Certificate BC/18/243
Kevin Bruce WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/244
audra stokesBirth Certificate BC/18/245
Peter of the family BrewsterBirth Certificate BC/18/247
LyndonandrewsBirth Certificate BC/18/248
Stacey Jayne ripperBirth Certificate BC/18/249
Darren lee knightsBirth Certificate BC/18/250
Scott Andrew SmythBirth Certificate BC/18/251
Leon GrahamBirth Certificate BC/18/252
Robert Arthur PickthallBirth Certificate BC/18/253
Terence-John-MauriceShieldsBirth Certificate BC/18/254
Dean Sidney Thomas mcdermottBirth Certificate BC/18/255
Sandra Dawn BaldwinBirth Certificate BC/18/256
Kevin HughesBirth Certificate BC/18/257
Adam Paul TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/258
John-James-FrederickHodgesBirth Certificate BC/18/259
Sylvia-MaryHullBirth Certificate BC/18/260
Peter SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/261
Laura Beth WalkerBirth Certificate BC/18/262
Lisa Marie WalkerBirth Certificate BC/18/263
Sophy Denise WalkerBirth Certificate BC/18/264
Sharon Marie WoodsBirth Certificate BC/18/265
Anita Gay BenhamBirth Certificate BC/18/266
Nicola Louise BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/267
Rodney Michael HerronBirth Certificate BC/18/272
Lisa Marie GreenidgeBirth Certificate BC/18/273
Ian PutnamBirth Certificate BC/18/274
William CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/18/275
ROBERT RONALD HARRISONBirth Certificate BC/18/276
AshleyBirth Certificate BC/18/278
Terence Augustine FowlerBirth Certificate BC/18/279
Michael Peter AdrianBirth Certificate BC/18/280
ian stuart brewsterBirth Certificate BC/18/281
stuart wraggBirth Certificate BC/18/283
Skye Summer Safron Bartlett-SloperBirth Certificate BC/18/285
margaret rose sherwoodBirth Certificate BC/18/286
Lesley-Anne GibsonBirth Certificate BC/18/287
Jack Karl HodgsonBirth Certificate BC/18/288
Mark William PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/18/289
Darren roy AnnettsBirth Certificate BC/18/290
Peter Edward farrowBirth Certificate BC/18/291
Natasha Anne LiburdBirth Certificate BC/18/293
Sonny Jermaine James FisherBirth Certificate BC/18/294
Nicola Martrice LiburdBirth Certificate BC/18/295
Schola Liburd-GrahamBirth Certificate BC/18/296
Joedan Lee Liburd-PlaterBirth Certificate BC/18/298
Leon GrahamBirth Certificate BC/18/299
Deyarni Laselle Nicholas Beeby-LamonteBirth Certificate BC/18/300
Shaylei Sorayah Aisha Avah Beeby-LamonteBirth Certificate BC/18/301
roy beggBirth Certificate BC/18/303
Richard Nathaniel EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/18/304
Darnel LamonteBirth Certificate BC/18/305
Steven John MyringBirth Certificate BC/18/306
David Pierre FreemanBirth Certificate BC/18/307
simon pinnockBirth Certificate BC/18/308
Steven of the family AllanBirth Certificate BC/18/309
Antonio Rudolfo McfarlaneBirth Certificate BC/18/310
Luna-Mae SerafinBirth Certificate BC/18/311
Lucy Louise ShieldsBirth Certificate BC/18/312
Kat templeBirth Certificate BC/18/313
Colin SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/314
garrickBirth Certificate BC/18/316
Dale of the Treloar familyBirth Certificate BC/18/317
JOHN HUTCHINSON HEGARTYBirth Certificate BC/18/318
timothy williamBirth Certificate BC/18/319
bruno masellaBirth Certificate BC/18/321
Louise ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/18/322
BENJAMIN LAREDO RAKEBirth Certificate BC/18/323
natalie campbellBirth Certificate BC/18/324
Hazel Mae PryceBirth Certificate BC/18/325
Roxanne-Elizabeth WhelanBirth Certificate BC/18/326
Kye Christopher PopeBirth Certificate BC/18/327
Kane Josseph PopeBirth Certificate BC/18/328
Kendall Octavia Beryl PopeBirth Certificate BC/18/329
Joseph Robert WhelanBirth Certificate BC/18/330
Alfie Tomas FlatteryBirth Certificate BC/18/332
Thomas Martin FlatteryBirth Certificate BC/18/333
Valerie Anne MifsudBirth Certificate BC/18/334
Anthony Raymond Francis BakerBirth Certificate BC/18/336
Carl Anthony WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/337
Robert James WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/338
Christine Lesley DaviesBirth Certificate BC/18/339
Ross James BrentBirth Certificate BC/18/340
Helen Mary FordBirth Certificate BC/18/341
Peter David MaddisonBirth Certificate BC/18/342
David Clive RichardsBirth Certificate BC/18/343
huw edwardsBirth Certificate BC/18/344
Hayley Jane davisonBirth Certificate BC/18/345
Jade olaya Davison-WeirBirth Certificate BC/18/346
Noel Antony Davison-barrieBirth Certificate BC/18/347
Brooke eloise davison-barrieBirth Certificate BC/18/348
Irene Lorraine mcallisterBirth Certificate BC/18/349
Susanne Jane HuntBirth Certificate BC/18/350
Susan Ann GilbertBirth Certificate BC/18/353
Tom CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/18/354
Colin Ronald SeviourBirth Certificate BC/18/355
Kieran Lewis MilazzoBirth Certificate BC/18/356
Sharon longBirth Certificate BC/18/357
Levi Simon Harry PrinceBirth Certificate BC/18/358
Logan Dylan Mark LintottBirth Certificate BC/18/359
Kristy LintottBirth Certificate BC/18/360
Sean Edward CurranBirth Certificate BC/18/361
Scott PattinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/362
Paul Simon KayleyBirth Certificate BC/18/365
maria kelly stevensonBirth Certificate BC/18/366
Sucheta SinghBirth Certificate BC/18/367
Leona Modupe WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/368
NEELU KUMARI CHAUDHARIBirth Certificate BC/18/369
AMRIT DEV BERRYBirth Certificate BC/18/370
LEE JAY CANTBirth Certificate BC/18/371
Marc DownieBirth Certificate BC/18/372
Mason James DownieBirth Certificate BC/18/373
Patrick Joseph CoyleBirth Certificate BC/18/375
Odhran CoyleBirth Certificate BC/18/376
David Sinclair LapsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/377
Ruairi CoyleBirth Certificate BC/18/378
claire of the family thompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/379
patrick john murphyBirth Certificate BC/18/380
Julian anthony FernandesBirth Certificate BC/18/381
Edna DownieBirth Certificate BC/18/382
Thomas James DownieBirth Certificate BC/18/383
Alice HollingworthBirth Certificate BC/18/384
Robert HollingworthBirth Certificate BC/18/385
Kevin Vincent lustyBirth Certificate BC/18/386
christopher thomas mcauleyBirth Certificate BC/18/387
Mark Peter SaxbyBirth Certificate BC/18/388
Michael VincentBirth Certificate BC/18/389
MAUREEN DELAVIS SLACKBirth Certificate BC/18/390
Lord thomas edwin eddlestonBirth Certificate BC/18/391
StevenBirth Certificate BC/18/393
sean nicholsonBirth Certificate BC/18/394
joseph-bernard, and toppingBirth Certificate BC/18/395
william brownBirth Certificate BC/18/396
lee ichigo AnsellBirth Certificate BC/18/397
Francis Glanmor HanneyBirth Certificate BC/18/398
John Kenneth RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/401
Scott robertsBirth Certificate BC/18/402
JosephBirth Certificate BC/18/404
John Hubert Hovell PickeringBirth Certificate BC/18/405
ian david allanBirth Certificate BC/18/406
Marc Edward JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/407
Karen Michele GraceBirth Certificate BC/18/408
Rory NeilBirth Certificate BC/18/409
Marites Grace Tolentino ReyesBirth Certificate BC/18/411
Dyan DuffyBirth Certificate BC/18/411
Gavin Raymond WillsBirth Certificate BC/18/412
Anthony Roy LambertBirth Certificate BC/18/413
chanelle aleasha millerBirth Certificate BC/18/416
Kainen Deyjaun cole chambersBirth Certificate BC/18/417
china-li angel pearl chambersBirth Certificate BC/18/418
Ian FieldingBirth Certificate BC/18/420
Keith Allans sonBirth Certificate BC/18/422
Charles Ray KobernusBirth Certificate BC/18/425
stephen harperBirth Certificate BC/18/427
barnaby jake kingBirth Certificate BC/18/428
CLARE ROBERTSBirth Certificate BC/18/429
MAUREEN DELAVISBirth Certificate BC/18/430
NigelBirth Certificate BC/18/431
Anthony of the family GiacchiBirth Certificate BC/18/432
Nikkita Helen KingBirth Certificate BC/18/433
Billy JuryBirth Certificate BC/18/434
George ChristopherBirth Certificate BC/18/435
HAZEL MAYBirth Certificate BC/18/436
paul roland greenwoodBirth Certificate BC/18/437
elaine ferribyBirth Certificate BC/18/438
Jane Elizabeth FinchBirth Certificate BC/18/439
Michelle PeckBirth Certificate BC/18/440
Lynne Tracey KeelingBirth Certificate BC/18/442
Christopher George Of The Family DransfieldBirth Certificate BC/18/443
Benjamin Adam CoomberBirth Certificate BC/18/444
Wayne PooleBirth Certificate BC/18/445
John Charles CastagnaBirth Certificate BC/18/446
Marion FrostBirth Certificate BC/18/447
Master Peter of BarnettBirth Certificate BC/18/448
Thomas EvansBirth Certificate BC/18/449
James SpenceBirth Certificate BC/18/450
Alfie James EvansBirth Certificate BC/18/451
JANET BAKERBirth Certificate BC/18/452
MichaelaBirth Certificate BC/18/453
Peter James FranklinBirth Certificate BC/18/454
EZRA ALBERTBirth Certificate BC/18/455
felix jacob kingBirth Certificate BC/18/457
Morrigan Elizabeth shackletonBirth Certificate BC/18/458
Master Les of BarnetBirth Certificate BC/18/459
Anjalita Maria Antonia RABirth Certificate BC/18/460
Richard Anthony William Raheem RABirth Certificate BC/18/461
JANET VALBirth Certificate BC/18/462
Scott mowatBirth Certificate BC/18/463
Daniel Aaron Roderick Jacob RABirth Certificate BC/18/464
michelle parkBirth Certificate BC/18/465
william wallace bruce youngBirth Certificate BC/18/466
Amanda-JaneBirth Certificate BC/18/467
Tia Renae Leah RABirth Certificate BC/18/468
Rianne Elizabeth Lita RABirth Certificate BC/18/469
Jada Sameya Josephine RABirth Certificate BC/18/470
Paul PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/471
roseann sproulBirth Certificate BC/18/472
ROBERT WILLIAM GEORGEBirth Certificate BC/18/473
Louisa TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/474
Hannah-Louise BlundellBirth Certificate BC/18/475
Reilly-Scott Taylor- MaudsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/476
james sproulBirth Certificate BC/18/477
David Frederick WatsonBirth Certificate BC/18/478
Peter Anthony ToddBirth Certificate BC/18/479
XAVIER DEAN WALKERBirth Certificate BC/18/480
KEENAN DANIEL JONESBirth Certificate BC/18/482
CARTER JAMES JONESBirth Certificate BC/18/483
Kyle Scott Charles RaggettBirth Certificate BC/18/484
Elias Kano LundBirth Certificate BC/18/485
Marianne Phoebe LundBirth Certificate BC/18/487
KEVIN LYNDON TANNERBirth Certificate BC/18/488
William Kenneth ParkinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/489
Sarah Caroline KemmBirth Certificate BC/18/490
Rachel GibsonBirth Certificate BC/18/491
Romeo Cristiano GibsonBirth Certificate BC/18/492
Orion prince GibsonBirth Certificate BC/18/493
HEROLD GLENBirth Certificate BC/18/494
Dee gibsonBirth Certificate BC/18/495
Grace stjohnBirth Certificate BC/18/496
Daniel bannisterBirth Certificate BC/18/497
Laurence LavieBirth Certificate BC/18/499
Steven JamesBirth Certificate BC/18/500
Samuel Michael AndrewBirth Certificate BC/18/501
Janet ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/18/502
DAVIDE ATTO BAHIE GNAKALEBirth Certificate BC/18/503
ODDY ANDREA GNAKALEBirth Certificate BC/18/504
LEWIS ZELY GNAKALEBirth Certificate BC/18/505
SERENA ANELISE WRIGHTBirth Certificate BC/18/506
DAVID SHARPEBirth Certificate BC/18/507
SUSAN ELETHA TAVARESBirth Certificate BC/18/508
Sara Cassandra DowellBirth Certificate BC/18/509
Miss Sarah Kimberley MagieraBirth Certificate BC/18/510
Zoe victoria hughesBirth Certificate BC/18/511
Kerry Louise WinderBirth Certificate BC/18/512
Chloe Lillie TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/513
Linda Anne WorswickBirth Certificate BC/18/514
Rowan DurkanBirth Certificate BC/18/515
Karen Jeanette RutterBirth Certificate BC/18/516
Helen HughesBirth Certificate BC/18/517
Erin millerBirth Certificate BC/18/518
Catherine Marie murphyBirth Certificate BC/18/519
Leanne ConnorBirth Certificate BC/18/520
JULIE SHOESMITHBirth Certificate BC/18/521
Kelly RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/522
Alison Sophia Donna marie mooreBirth Certificate BC/18/523
Kayleigh Marie RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/524
Faye RussellBirth Certificate BC/18/525
Mrs Mary MarwahaBirth Certificate BC/18/526
Sharon louise beaumontBirth Certificate BC/18/527
Zak-Thomas WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/528
Jacqueline McLeanBirth Certificate BC/18/529
caron exleyBirth Certificate BC/18/530
Sarah Jane GittinsBirth Certificate BC/18/531
Candice hartBirth Certificate BC/18/532
Carl Edward GordonBirth Certificate BC/18/533
Sharon TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/534
Finlay Michael Robb TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/535
Marshal Joel JeffreyBirth Certificate BC/18/536
Hudson Ford McdonaldBirth Certificate BC/18/537
Jamie-Leanne LinforthBirth Certificate BC/18/538
Cruz David OwensBirth Certificate BC/18/539
Jordan Thomas BannisterBirth Certificate BC/18/540
Sarah-jane MccririeBirth Certificate BC/18/541
Joanne Mary IversonBirth Certificate BC/18/542
John Richard BrowneBirth Certificate BC/18/544
Lynn Carol BurnsBirth Certificate BC/18/545
Anthony OlearyBirth Certificate BC/18/546
Elijah Samuel SutcliffeBirth Certificate BC/18/547
George Anthony jonesBirth Certificate BC/18/548
Lee Daniel McCammonBirth Certificate BC/18/549
Elijah Samuel SuutcliffeBirth Certificate BC/18/550
Finnola Patricia BradyBirth Certificate BC/18/551
Callie Rae Brady - EldridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/552
Darcy Erin Brady - EldridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/553
Clair sandersBirth Certificate BC/18/554
April marina blackwellBirth Certificate BC/18/555
Ebony Rose Brady - EldridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/556
Melissa marjery Elizabeth holtBirth Certificate BC/18/557
Cillian Daniel dorrianBirth Certificate BC/18/558
Sammie-jo stottBirth Certificate BC/18/559
Jake seddon zane BanksBirth Certificate BC/18/560
dawn leigh millsBirth Certificate BC/18/561
JACQUELINE SCOTTBirth Certificate BC/18/562
dawn leigh millsBirth Certificate BC/18/563
Lesley horeBirth Certificate BC/18/564
Ethan Lee McCammonBirth Certificate BC/18/565
Lisa Jayne MiddletonBirth Certificate BC/18/566
Isaac George McCammonBirth Certificate BC/18/567
Lisa emma dochertyBirth Certificate BC/18/568
Stephanie Louise GreenBirth Certificate BC/18/569
Amy ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/570
Archie Edward McCammonBirth Certificate BC/18/571
Minnie May MorreyBirth Certificate BC/18/572
Dollie May MorreyBirth Certificate BC/18/573
Lisa Ann Marie WrightBirth Certificate BC/18/574
Christopher Simon HarveyBirth Certificate BC/18/575
Jacqueline LewisBirth Certificate BC/18/576
Danielle HorsfieldBirth Certificate BC/18/577
Rachel HamptonBirth Certificate BC/18/578
Catherine EvansBirth Certificate BC/18/579
Cole PorterBirth Certificate BC/18/580
Kimberly Marie LockBirth Certificate BC/18/581
PAULINE MARY PHILLIPSBirth Certificate BC/18/582
Emma CurranBirth Certificate BC/18/583
Hannah May ShieldsBirth Certificate BC/18/584
Rose Louise MitchellBirth Certificate BC/18/585
Joanne SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/586
Sarah Elizabeth RossBirth Certificate BC/18/587
Glyn Richard NormanBirth Certificate BC/18/588
Lisa langBirth Certificate BC/18/589
FINLEY JAMES LAWSONBirth Certificate BC/18/590
Teiran shay bryantBirth Certificate BC/18/591
Abigail mallinder-cookBirth Certificate BC/18/592
Elise Meadow RossBirth Certificate BC/18/593
Lorraine JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/594
Paige BishopBirth Certificate BC/18/595
Maisy Mallinder- cook.Birth Certificate BC/18/596
NADIA ZOE JAMESBirth Certificate BC/18/597
Sarah mallinder -cookBirth Certificate BC/18/598
Thomas m-cook.Birth Certificate BC/18/599
Arlene AshBirth Certificate BC/18/600
Abigail ShorthouseBirth Certificate BC/18/601
Iolanda CarieriBirth Certificate BC/18/602
MOLLY JAE LAWSONBirth Certificate BC/18/603
Joshua Mallinder- cookBirth Certificate BC/18/604
EMMA LOUISE LAWSONBirth Certificate BC/18/605
Shay Aaron bryantBirth Certificate BC/18/606
Luke Connor RossBirth Certificate BC/18/607
Mackenzie Mark Hayden Perrett bishopBirth Certificate BC/18/608
james sproulBirth Certificate BC/18/609
Beverley Linda SaundersonBirth Certificate BC/18/610
Nathan James RossBirth Certificate BC/18/611
jayshaun glenn fraser ledgerBirth Certificate BC/18/612
Sophie marie cookBirth Certificate BC/18/613
Louise ReecejonesBirth Certificate BC/18/614
Kelly anne collinsBirth Certificate BC/18/615
Caroline Hilary Lynette ElderBirth Certificate BC/18/616
ShorthouseBirth Certificate BC/18/617
Isabella putterillBirth Certificate BC/18/618
Miss Danielle Kelly Elizabeth BowersBirth Certificate BC/18/619
Corey TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/620
Amelia TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/621
Dale TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/622
Lily-Rose Maggie ONeilBirth Certificate BC/18/623
Alexandra joanne boyd HagansBirth Certificate BC/18/624
SMITHBirth Certificate BC/18/625
Ollie-joe jordan-wildBirth Certificate BC/18/626
Nicola clair jordanBirth Certificate BC/18/627
Ann LoftusBirth Certificate BC/18/628
Jenson Nicholas boyd HagansBirth Certificate BC/18/629
Krystal gail boyesBirth Certificate BC/18/630
Erick Weaver MBirth Certificate BC/18/631
Jema Weaver MBirth Certificate BC/18/632
Michael James SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/633
Acacia Sharon GoodeBirth Certificate BC/18/634
William James cardenBirth Certificate BC/18/635
No nameBirth Certificate BC/18/636
Joseph grantBirth Certificate BC/18/637
Kim Louise LloydBirth Certificate BC/18/638
kevin-anthony singh.Birth Certificate BC/18/639
Stacey Dawn MooreBirth Certificate BC/18/640
Cheryl-Louise GrantBirth Certificate BC/18/642
Stacey salmonBirth Certificate BC/18/643
Gary -LutherLegairBirth Certificate BC/18/644
Naomi Sarah SeymourBirth Certificate BC/18/645
Sean EmanuelBirth Certificate BC/18/646
David AdelmanBirth Certificate BC/18/647
Gary OatleyBirth Certificate BC/18/649
Naomi Sarah SeymourBirth Certificate BC/18/650
Sarah Louise winstanleyBirth Certificate BC/18/651
Jason Lee winstanleyBirth Certificate BC/18/652
Oscar kobi-lee hewittBirth Certificate BC/18/653
Megan Frances SeymourBirth Certificate BC/18/654
Alexander Peter EverettBirth Certificate BC/18/655
Elliott Robert EverettBirth Certificate BC/18/656
Vaughn Leigh WoodBirth Certificate BC/18/657
Alfie Hamilton GiffordBirth Certificate BC/18/658
Lewisjay CarrBirth Certificate BC/18/659
Tess CarrBirth Certificate BC/18/660
Theresa CampbellBirth Certificate BC/18/661
Lewisjay CampbellBirth Certificate BC/18/662
Isca Toni SerranoBirth Certificate BC/18/663
RONAY CROMPTONBirth Certificate BC/18/664
Simon Matthew HollandBirth Certificate BC/18/665
Christopher Aaron SpenceBirth Certificate BC/18/667
YVONNE ELIZABETH DEANBirth Certificate BC/18/668
Solomon israel gordonBirth Certificate BC/18/670
Zechariah chiedozie igwe gordonBirth Certificate BC/18/671
Natalie sherrell gordonBirth Certificate BC/18/672
Claire BennettBirth Certificate BC/18/673
Gemma Kathryn of the family DruryBirth Certificate BC/18/674
KEVIN JOSEPH SOLTVEDTBirth Certificate BC/18/675
Sarah RossBirth Certificate BC/18/676
Jason Paul GreavesBirth Certificate BC/18/677
Leighton Gregory mccluskieBirth Certificate BC/18/678
Stevie-Leigh FairbrotherBirth Certificate BC/18/679
Andrew Harold HerbertBirth Certificate BC/18/680
shaun garnerBirth Certificate BC/18/681
Shane McDaidBirth Certificate BC/18/683
Lile McDaidBirth Certificate BC/18/684
wayne boardBirth Certificate BC/18/685
YVONNE ELIZABETHBirth Certificate BC/18/686
EZRA ALBERTBirth Certificate BC/18/687
Valerie HaxellBirth Certificate BC/18/688
JAKOB ANTHONY STEVENSONBirth Certificate BC/18/689
Bethan Michelle RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/690
Catherine ElliotBirth Certificate BC/18/691
Nigel Lee WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/692
Samantha Louise CarsonBirth Certificate BC/18/693
Jacqueline AnnBirth Certificate BC/18/694
JAYCE ANTHONY STEVENSONBirth Certificate BC/18/695
LESLEY JUNE FISHERBirth Certificate BC/18/696
megan lynn williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/697
MICHAEL COATSBirth Certificate BC/18/698
roy graysonBirth Certificate BC/18/699
brian troutBirth Certificate BC/18/700
FLORA PATTI QUAILEYBirth Certificate BC/18/702
Adam James kellyBirth Certificate BC/18/703
Adam-James RushtonBirth Certificate BC/18/704
Idonia KolosBirth Certificate BC/18/705
matthew john mulhearnBirth Certificate BC/18/706
simon carrollBirth Certificate BC/18/707
nathan james rotheramBirth Certificate BC/18/708
ariah georga carrollBirth Certificate BC/18/709
NEVILLE PAUL HERDSMANBirth Certificate BC/18/710
RANJANA ZENA PARMARBirth Certificate BC/18/711
Austin Charles EntwistleBirth Certificate BC/18/712
David lee pritchardBirth Certificate BC/18/713
Jo-Levi CoffeyBirth Certificate BC/18/714
Jane SummertonBirth Certificate BC/18/715
owen gary mccardieBirth Certificate BC/18/716
max mccardieBirth Certificate BC/18/717
ava mccardieBirth Certificate BC/18/718
maxine ann ansellBirth Certificate BC/18/719
oliver sexstoneBirth Certificate BC/18/720
Ionie Jennifer BantonBirth Certificate BC/18/721
Mr Kevin Duane BevanBirth Certificate BC/18/722
Marites Grace ReyesBirth Certificate BC/18/724
Sergiy KolosBirth Certificate BC/18/726
NEVILLE PAUL HURDSMANBirth Certificate BC/18/728
Lady Susan of BarnetBirth Certificate BC/18/729
Paul MamigonianBirth Certificate BC/18/731
Boris Eugene Paul MigdaBirth Certificate BC/18/732
Julian-anthonyBirth Certificate BC/18/733
Ben Michael TannerBirth Certificate BC/18/735
Doreen Adella WrayBirth Certificate BC/18/736
NEVILLE PAUL HERDSMANBirth Certificate BC/18/738
Nicola GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/18/739
Lesley June FisherBirth Certificate BC/18/741
Savannah ColesBirth Certificate BC/18/742
Penelope Saffron ColesBirth Certificate BC/18/743
Peter Anthony MarchBirth Certificate BC/18/744
JUKE ACE ASQUITHBirth Certificate BC/18/745
Shaun of the morris familyBirth Certificate BC/18/746
Patrick Antonia ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/747
john eamonn ebrillBirth Certificate BC/18/748
paul robert knottBirth Certificate BC/18/749
reece tyrone longleyBirth Certificate BC/18/750
reece tyrone gilesBirth Certificate BC/18/751
Rodrigo Segura-LagunaBirth Certificate BC/18/752
Jacqueline Ann NoakesBirth Certificate BC/18/753
Frances Geraldine CochraneBirth Certificate BC/18/755
Lord WilliamBirth Certificate BC/18/756
mark RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/757
Heidi Susan PoradaBirth Certificate BC/18/758
John Anthony AttardBirth Certificate BC/18/759
Mark GroganBirth Certificate BC/18/760
Lyndon KeayBirth Certificate BC/18/761
Sarah Anne KeayBirth Certificate BC/18/762
Colin MunroBirth Certificate BC/18/763
Gary TestoBirth Certificate BC/18/764
soraya li-an vigorBirth Certificate BC/18/765
saffron vigor-whiteBirth Certificate BC/18/766
Thomas Patrick-boyd GIBSONBirth Certificate BC/18/767
Derek PierceBirth Certificate BC/18/768
Arthur Ralph CurtisBirth Certificate BC/18/769
Rhiannon Catherine Glynis RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/770
Rachael Justine RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/771
Quinn Brendon McCabeBirth Certificate BC/18/772
damian patrick monaghanBirth Certificate BC/18/773
SCOTT JAMES CATLEYBirth Certificate BC/18/774
Damon Wendell MackinsBirth Certificate BC/18/776
Tracy OGradyBirth Certificate BC/18/779
Keith JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/780
john of the family taylorBirth Certificate BC/18/781
George Antony JuryBirth Certificate BC/18/782
lynn tuckwoodBirth Certificate BC/18/783
Maria RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/18/784
Olajide Robert ShodeindeBirth Certificate BC/18/785
Sadhana Dolly ChaudhariBirth Certificate BC/18/786
Victoria CraneBirth Certificate BC/18/787
Sam, And McKelveyBirth Certificate BC/18/789
kevin frederick - of the blackburn clan familyBirth Certificate BC/18/791
Michael C BrodieBirth Certificate BC/18/792
Micheal Vincent PerryBirth Certificate BC/18/793
lee david smithBirth Certificate BC/18/795
GavinBirth Certificate BC/18/796
Sonia patriciaBirth Certificate BC/18/797
Ian david surmanBirth Certificate BC/18/798
Vincent DaviesBirth Certificate BC/18/799
Catherine Anne BarlowBirth Certificate BC/18/800
Daniel Evrol Anthony CHAMBERSBirth Certificate BC/18/801
Ian GardnerBirth Certificate BC/18/802
Hardeep SidhuBirth Certificate BC/18/804
billyBirth Certificate BC/18/805
Billy McGachyBirth Certificate BC/18/806
tamara marie eatonBirth Certificate BC/18/807
anita huggonBirth Certificate BC/18/808
marlene hindleyBirth Certificate BC/18/809
Jason Ryan HartBirth Certificate BC/18/810
Willow Aubrey ChatwinBirth Certificate BC/18/811
Faeryn Grace ChatwinBirth Certificate BC/18/812
Lilian BurtonBirth Certificate BC/18/813
linda burtonBirth Certificate BC/18/814
MISS JEAN MAUREEN STEWARTBirth Certificate BC/18/815
Madison Lucy PooleBirth Certificate BC/18/817
Joanne SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/819
kealey ann emminsBirth Certificate BC/18/820
paul david sandisonBirth Certificate BC/18/821
terry of the sandison familyBirth Certificate BC/18/822
IAN JASONBirth Certificate BC/18/823
Andrew StubbinsBirth Certificate BC/18/824
peter anthony newbyBirth Certificate BC/18/825
DAVIDBirth Certificate BC/18/826
Monica McdonaldBirth Certificate BC/18/827
EDWARD MICHAEL COPEBirth Certificate BC/18/828
AlanBirth Certificate BC/18/829
Fadi ChalfounBirth Certificate BC/18/830
John Anthony GuyBirth Certificate BC/18/831
Anthony John Stevenson McCannBirth Certificate BC/18/832
Alexander Allardice DonisBirth Certificate BC/18/833
Andrew StubbinsBirth Certificate BC/18/834
Alan MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/18/835
Paul Michael HowardBirth Certificate BC/18/836
Waveney Jeanne BroughtonBirth Certificate BC/18/837
bettyBirth Certificate BC/18/839
David Marc Napier BateBirth Certificate BC/18/840
LATONYA RENEE CHATMANBirth Certificate BC/18/841
Kumali BateBirth Certificate BC/18/842
Jakob Mirek BackhouseBirth Certificate BC/18/843
June WintonBirth Certificate BC/18/844
terence anthony seereyBirth Certificate BC/18/845
Gareth John SheppardBirth Certificate BC/18/846
Mary StephanieBirth Certificate BC/18/847
Sheila InghamBirth Certificate BC/18/848
Terry of The Family BlackburnBirth Certificate BC/18/849
Nigel Raymond Of The Family BlackburnBirth Certificate BC/18/850
Daniel Paul boothBirth Certificate BC/18/851
Callum James boothBirth Certificate BC/18/852
Alicecia jayne boothBirth Certificate BC/18/853
Chloe jenny Marie CarpenterBirth Certificate BC/18/854
siobhan lorena fawlBirth Certificate BC/18/855
Leigha jade carpenterBirth Certificate BC/18/856
Randolph CharlesBirth Certificate BC/18/857
Heather Lileath McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/18/858
Lewis James DonohueBirth Certificate BC/18/859
ODDY ANDREA GNAKALEBirth Certificate BC/18/860
Eboni Rose KnottBirth Certificate BC/18/861
Jack KnottBirth Certificate BC/18/862
Alison BlackburnBirth Certificate BC/18/864
Kim Julie GibbsBirth Certificate BC/18/865
Hollie Lyn WalkerBirth Certificate BC/18/867
Nicholas RundleBirth Certificate BC/18/868
Tracey brammerBirth Certificate BC/18/869
Erik Jordan WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/870
Donna RailtonBirth Certificate BC/18/871
James Ernest RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/872
ThomasBirth Certificate BC/18/873
Ewan PetersBirth Certificate BC/18/874
Abigail Freya PottsBirth Certificate BC/18/875
HICKMANBirth Certificate BC/18/876
Elizabeth Eloise BrainBirth Certificate BC/18/877
Rebecca louise PottsBirth Certificate BC/18/878
Susan Ann HughesBirth Certificate BC/18/879
Eric David PercivalBirth Certificate BC/18/880
Denis Ernest HounsomeBirth Certificate BC/18/881
Clifford Wilfred John Akinshola WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/882
Stephen RussellBirth Certificate BC/18/883
PAUL VINCENT MATTHEWSBirth Certificate BC/18/884
Sandra Dorothy HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/18/886
john taylorBirth Certificate BC/18/887
colin micheal vinallBirth Certificate BC/18/888
brian keith williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/889
alfie charlee williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/890
david binnsBirth Certificate BC/18/891
Colin Michael VinallBirth Certificate BC/18/893
Charlie WilmotBirth Certificate BC/18/894
KevPendleburyBirth Certificate BC/18/895
Martin ChatwinBirth Certificate BC/18/896
Michael John hughesBirth Certificate BC/18/897
amy beth of the family dalla muraBirth Certificate BC/18/898
Trevor GloverBirth Certificate BC/18/899
Charles Allensworth FisherBirth Certificate BC/18/900
loren anthony pageBirth Certificate BC/18/901
IGORS SAVICSBirth Certificate BC/18/902
Philip Stephen RoutledgeBirth Certificate BC/18/903
thomas pembertonBirth Certificate BC/18/904
tommy james of the duffy-vehmeier familyBirth Certificate BC/18/905
Paul Arnold CreightonBirth Certificate BC/18/908
michael andrew leachBirth Certificate BC/18/909
Kevin of englandBirth Certificate BC/18/910
sharon pauline kileyBirth Certificate BC/18/911
john downingBirth Certificate BC/18/912
paul of the clan AllenBirth Certificate BC/18/913
Christine BlatchfordBirth Certificate BC/18/914
Ewan PeterBirth Certificate BC/18/915
David Henry TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/916
Craig DouglasBirth Certificate BC/18/917
andrew coatesBirth Certificate BC/18/918
JAMES DINGIVANBirth Certificate BC/18/919
Stephen John AustinBirth Certificate BC/18/920
nicola conlonBirth Certificate BC/18/921
Daniel BoothBirth Certificate BC/18/922
callum boothBirth Certificate BC/18/923
Alicecia BoothBirth Certificate BC/18/924
Lisa BewickBirth Certificate BC/18/927
francis martin .parkerBirth Certificate BC/18/928
Julian DanielsBirth Certificate BC/18/929
Donna RailtonBirth Certificate BC/18/930
Leslie John GreenBirth Certificate BC/18/931
maregaret elizabeth painterBirth Certificate BC/18/932
Judith Ann Darnell OxleyBirth Certificate BC/18/933
Desmond BestBirth Certificate BC/18/935
JUDITH ANN DARNELL OXLEYBirth Certificate BC/18/936
Ian James HendrenBirth Certificate BC/18/937
COSWALDE DUJUANE RODNEYBirth Certificate BC/18/938
Carole DaweBirth Certificate BC/18/939
Karen Jean StevensBirth Certificate BC/18/940
Karen Jean MartinBirth Certificate BC/18/941
Morgan-James Christopher WaiteBirth Certificate BC/18/942
sally-ann elizabeth ebsworthBirth Certificate BC/18/943
China-Li Angel Pearl CHAMBERSBirth Certificate BC/18/944
DonnavinBirth Certificate BC/18/946
Steven Joseph Duncan BeattieBirth Certificate BC/18/947
Sharon Ann [ROSE]Birth Certificate BC/18/948
Belinda Suzanna HightonBirth Certificate BC/18/949
Allan Roy HayleBirth Certificate BC/18/950
Bailey Jay Ritson SaywellBirth Certificate BC/18/951
Paige Amber Skye SaywellBirth Certificate BC/18/952
Sarah Louise Lillian YoungBirth Certificate BC/18/953
Stephanie Amanda Suson ChaplinBirth Certificate BC/18/954
Barry John BrooksBirth Certificate BC/18/955
Sheila Valerie YoungBirth Certificate BC/18/956
Sophie Elizabeth Angel ChaplinBirth Certificate BC/18/957
Paul Andrew William ChaplinBirth Certificate BC/18/958
Katie Ann Charlotte ChaplinBirth Certificate BC/18/959
Tony Ross Junior SaywellBirth Certificate BC/18/960
Adele louise WorrallBirth Certificate BC/18/961
Andrea Marie BennettBirth Certificate BC/18/962
Michael JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/18/963
Kyle ridleyBirth Certificate BC/18/964
kieran-lewis mark vanrensburgBirth Certificate BC/18/966
Helen RossBirth Certificate BC/18/967
Adam CarbuttBirth Certificate BC/18/968
Deborah Hazel FarmerBirth Certificate BC/18/969
Craig Brendon CarrollBirth Certificate BC/18/970
darren butterfieldBirth Certificate BC/18/971
stephen toddBirth Certificate BC/18/972
James FoyBirth Certificate BC/18/973
Matthew James BlackburnBirth Certificate BC/18/974
Karl MchughBirth Certificate BC/18/975
SAMANTHA ELAINE HUBBARDBirth Certificate BC/18/976
Steven Andrew ChriscoleBirth Certificate BC/18/977
Ross William CrombieBirth Certificate BC/18/978
Shaun Elliott WilkinsBirth Certificate BC/18/979
ANDREW JARDINE BESHARABirth Certificate BC/18/980
michael daniel sherrieBirth Certificate BC/18/981
Jamie Andrew HampsonBirth Certificate BC/18/982
BiBi BacchusBirth Certificate BC/18/983
Bradley Neil SiddallBirth Certificate BC/18/984
Simon donovanBirth Certificate BC/18/986
Tania Louise SHERGILLBirth Certificate BC/18/987
seereyBirth Certificate BC/18/988
Ian BaxterBirth Certificate BC/18/989
jacqueline steeleBirth Certificate BC/18/990
Jenson Jax CarrollBirth Certificate BC/18/991
Harrison Leon CarrollBirth Certificate BC/18/992
Candice WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/993
Jennifer Lea GardnerBirth Certificate BC/18/994
Allyson Mary GardnerBirth Certificate BC/18/995
Jacqueline Annette SorrellBirth Certificate BC/18/996
Pete GannonBirth Certificate BC/18/997
Michelle CampsBirth Certificate BC/18/998
Lisa Danielle GannonBirth Certificate BC/18/999
Christopher David HortonBirth Certificate BC/18/1000
Isabel Maria Neto de FariaBirth Certificate BC/18/1001
diane hallsworthBirth Certificate BC/18/1002
Carol HarperBirth Certificate BC/18/1003
David ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1004
Rob ThomasBirth Certificate BC/18/1005
Neil James McKechnieBirth Certificate BC/18/1007
Curtis David AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/18/1008
Samuel BreamBirth Certificate BC/18/1010
Bridget Helen RimesBirth Certificate BC/18/1011
mark anthony savageBirth Certificate BC/18/1012
Anthony LivingstoneBirth Certificate BC/18/1013
colin vincent mullenBirth Certificate BC/18/1014
Lewis James DonohueBirth Certificate BC/18/1015
Nadia Gwenda ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1016
Callam Morgan ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1017
Florence JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/1018
Walter Ivan GrahamBirth Certificate BC/18/1019
Denise Jayne BevingtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1020
maria neulistBirth Certificate BC/18/1021
Alex CrombieBirth Certificate BC/18/1022
Andi Marion CrombieBirth Certificate BC/18/1023
Esme Kate CrombieBirth Certificate BC/18/1024
Ross William CrombieBirth Certificate BC/18/1025
Paul David DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/18/1026
Gurjit SinghBirth Certificate BC/18/1027
Dylan James TarrBirth Certificate BC/18/1028
Katie Jade WrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1029
Corie Dean RenshawBirth Certificate BC/18/1030
Reece Roy RenshawBirth Certificate BC/18/1031
Kurdja [McGregor; Eric]Birth Certificate BC/18/1032
Amera AtchaBirth Certificate BC/18/1033
Jameel HussainBirth Certificate BC/18/1034
Mariam HussainBirth Certificate BC/18/1035
Zahra HussainBirth Certificate BC/18/1036
Jamaal HussainBirth Certificate BC/18/1037
Ann Marie RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1038
Jamie-kenneth Wilson-pearsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1039
Leo-jacob Wilson-pearsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1040
Sara Ishtar LoxleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1041
Yamaya Best LoxleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1042
Angela Louise WilesBirth Certificate BC/18/1043
LewthwaiteBirth Certificate BC/18/1044
Neil HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1045
Margaret Elizabeth PainterBirth Certificate BC/18/1046
Andrew DevineBirth Certificate BC/18/1047
Neil Andrew JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/1049
Douglas Albert KingBirth Certificate BC/18/1050
Nicholas Connor BeavanBirth Certificate BC/18/1051
ROBERT HARRISONBirth Certificate BC/18/1052
Amy MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/18/1053
Dee Anne Stuart CameronBirth Certificate BC/18/1054
Lisa Marie FugeBirth Certificate BC/18/1054
Lynne challenerBirth Certificate BC/18/1055
Annette MorrisonBirth Certificate BC/18/1056
leanneBirth Certificate BC/18/1057
brian williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1058
Jaime HughesBirth Certificate BC/18/1059
Andrew NicholasBirth Certificate BC/18/1060
davidBirth Certificate BC/18/1061
Richard John LawtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1062
Kaitlyn Louise LawtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1063
kyle mullenBirth Certificate BC/18/1064
Hallie StandingBirth Certificate BC/18/1065
Jacob Alan LawtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1066
Cameron James LawtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1067
Erin Audrey Rose LawtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1068
Emma Nicola OneilBirth Certificate BC/18/1069
Gary Shaun RidleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1070
RYAN GORDON DEACONBirth Certificate BC/18/1071
Ines Matilde BarreraBirth Certificate BC/18/1073
William DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1074
Michael DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1075
Jane ClohessyBirth Certificate BC/18/1076
Angela Jacqueline VerdenBirth Certificate BC/18/1077
Rajae NakhliBirth Certificate BC/18/1078
Hud Ohanes NakhliBirth Certificate BC/18/1079
BevenBirth Certificate BC/18/1080
kelly wardBirth Certificate BC/18/1081
mason wardBirth Certificate BC/18/1082
Sarah lynn cardwellBirth Certificate BC/18/1083
anais lily wilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1084
MaughanBirth Certificate BC/18/1085
callum wilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1086
cheryl jane nyeBirth Certificate BC/18/1087
James Michael Peck - JohnstonBirth Certificate BC/18/1088
ronnie anthony peter nyeBirth Certificate BC/18/1089
SUSAN TERRY JULIANBirth Certificate BC/18/1090
ALAN BURFIELDBirth Certificate BC/18/1091
Peter DaviesBirth Certificate BC/18/1092
Sharon Leoney BowenBirth Certificate BC/18/1093
Brooke mark normanBirth Certificate BC/18/1094
ANGELA MARIE BATEMANBirth Certificate BC/18/1095
Percival John EwanBirth Certificate BC/18/1096
CLIVE GEOFFREY ASHMOREBirth Certificate BC/18/1097
Steven John OakeyBirth Certificate BC/18/1098
IngaBirth Certificate BC/18/1099
Michelle Mary Karen summerhillBirth Certificate BC/18/1100
Isabella Roberta summerhill-morganBirth Certificate BC/18/1101
Keira Laura cattellBirth Certificate BC/18/1102
Eric thomas albert heapsBirth Certificate BC/18/1103
Janet Patricia SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1104
Donna GarnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1105
JOHN HARPERBirth Certificate BC/18/1106
Philip Anthony HillBirth Certificate BC/18/1107
Stuart DavidBirth Certificate BC/18/1108
Ieuan Mark chivertonBirth Certificate BC/18/1109
Luke MaguireBirth Certificate BC/18/1110
Byron Vincent Wayne PrestonBirth Certificate BC/18/1111
Ethan James rotheramBirth Certificate BC/18/1112
Hassan AkhtarBirth Certificate BC/18/1113
elis lee alexanda daviesBirth Certificate BC/18/1114
ruby avalon daviesBirth Certificate BC/18/1115
Christine Emily Margaret vealBirth Certificate BC/18/1116
pearl Margaret cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1117
John Edward cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1118
Emily Ann cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1119
Crystal Marie cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1120
Katelyn dollars Josephine Elizabeth cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1121
Patrick Anthony cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1122
Noreen cawleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1123
Chelsea dawsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1124
Zelda MclaughlinBirth Certificate BC/18/1125
Tamara marieBirth Certificate BC/18/1126
Carl Adam EldridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/1127
adrian beswickBirth Certificate BC/18/1128
Angela Patricia BishopBirth Certificate BC/18/1129
Denis Ernest HounsomeBirth Certificate BC/18/1130
Craige William McGonigleBirth Certificate BC/18/1131
CHLOE MEGAN BILYNSKYJBirth Certificate BC/18/1132
Ellen Mc MeelBirth Certificate BC/18/1133
Rowan Oisin LoxleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1134
Michelle Maria RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1135
Percival John EwanBirth Certificate BC/18/1136
David-JohnBirth Certificate BC/18/1137
Helen RossBirth Certificate BC/18/1138
Steven HodderBirth Certificate BC/18/1140
William Bernard CharltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1141
Andrew Nicholas PurchaseBirth Certificate BC/18/1142
William RingBirth Certificate BC/18/1143
Phillip LlewellynBirth Certificate BC/18/1145
Kevin Duane BevanBirth Certificate BC/18/1146
Thomas WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1147
Winston Fitzpatrick ConnellBirth Certificate BC/18/1148
Peter Christopher FrankeBirth Certificate BC/18/1149
Steven charlesworthBirth Certificate BC/18/1150
Debra Louise FrenchBirth Certificate BC/18/1151
Geoff GallacherBirth Certificate BC/18/1152
Steven Ramon RomeroBirth Certificate BC/18/1153
Yods PetriBirth Certificate BC/18/1154
jane ann longBirth Certificate BC/18/1155
David GillanBirth Certificate BC/18/1156
shaun williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1158
Andrew WilcoxBirth Certificate BC/18/1159
Chris DillonBirth Certificate BC/18/1160
dean hamshawBirth Certificate BC/18/1161
Tommy Vincent AnglishBirth Certificate BC/18/1162
Jane June CelaschiBirth Certificate BC/18/1163
Alfie Liam AnglishBirth Certificate BC/18/1164
Rebecca Victoria CarpenterBirth Certificate BC/18/1165
Zoe Jane HallBirth Certificate BC/18/1166
Helen DinsdaleBirth Certificate BC/18/1167
Neil CarltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1168
Lorraine PhelpsBirth Certificate BC/18/1169
Lauren Amanda BlackburnBirth Certificate BC/18/1170
Gregg Toal-ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1171
Billy ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1172
Shannon Mary ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1173
Dylan StewartBirth Certificate BC/18/1174
M bownBirth Certificate BC/18/1175
Luke Alexander MelanieBirth Certificate BC/18/1176
Harley-lee adamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1177
David Alexander StewartBirth Certificate BC/18/1178
Lisa-Marie Elizabeth McEvoyBirth Certificate BC/18/1179
Robin Edward WalmsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1180
Martin John WoollsBirth Certificate BC/18/1181
Anne Gillian GreenhalghBirth Certificate BC/18/1182
Traceyanne BurnapBirth Certificate BC/18/1183
Marites Tolentino ReyesBirth Certificate BC/18/1184
Donna MARIE garnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1185
Carl FergusonBirth Certificate BC/18/1186
Robin Edward WalmsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1187
Peter BrewsterBirth Certificate BC/18/1188
Sheila Andre GilletteBirth Certificate BC/18/1189
Karen ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1190
Ryan Thomas MunroBirth Certificate BC/18/1191
Marina PremBirth Certificate BC/18/1192
Aaron Christopher DriverBirth Certificate BC/18/1193
Owen Francis DriverBirth Certificate BC/18/1194
Tammy Louise DriverBirth Certificate BC/18/1195
Janine Elizabeth WinterburnBirth Certificate BC/18/1196
Janine mooreBirth Certificate BC/18/1197
Lewis Peter David clarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1198
Conall cael Mathieu mooreBirth Certificate BC/18/1199
Abigail Pauline Elizabeth mooreBirth Certificate BC/18/1200
Jeffrey Paul TomlinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1201
Simon WillansBirth Certificate BC/18/1202
Ian BeattieBirth Certificate BC/18/1203
Christine PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/1204
Jamie-kenneth-Kenneth Wilson-pearsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1206
Leo -Jacob Wilson-PearsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1207
Mick DagnallBirth Certificate BC/18/1208
Christian Mark BarhamBirth Certificate BC/18/1209
Gavin James BarhamBirth Certificate BC/18/1210
Euphemia fairgrieve falconer campbellBirth Certificate BC/18/1211
sean ellis richardsBirth Certificate BC/18/1212
andrew peckBirth Certificate BC/18/1213
KAREN AVIS McLEODBirth Certificate BC/18/1214
Colin Alexander KellBirth Certificate BC/18/1215
JillBirth Certificate BC/18/1216
Brendon James EnglishBirth Certificate BC/18/1217
Karen JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/1218
Michael Stelios KoulloumbrasBirth Certificate BC/18/1219
IanBirth Certificate BC/18/1220
Lee David SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1221
Tammy Christy PowellBirth Certificate BC/18/1222
Jessica CanivetBirth Certificate BC/18/1223
John SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1224
Gary Roy Lawrence HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1225
Poppy-jai Gillian HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1226
Wendy EdwardBirth Certificate BC/18/1227
Tracy Michelle GriffinBirth Certificate BC/18/1228
MISS KERRI BEERBirth Certificate BC/18/1229
Angela Margaret RogersBirth Certificate BC/18/1230
eugene mcfallBirth Certificate BC/18/1231
sophia-Louise Ruth Susan millerBirth Certificate BC/18/1233
Macauley richardsBirth Certificate BC/18/1234
Samantha-jane RichardsBirth Certificate BC/18/1235
Tee-Jay RichardsBirth Certificate BC/18/1236
Anthony Paul MorseBirth Certificate BC/18/1237
Angelina Margaret ReevesBirth Certificate BC/18/1238
George Harry ReevesBirth Certificate BC/18/1239
Stephen WattonBirth Certificate BC/18/1240
Zoe Elizabeth MumbyBirth Certificate BC/18/1241
Rekhaben-Jerambhai PATELBirth Certificate BC/18/1243
ImadeddinBirth Certificate BC/18/1244
Stephen ThomsBirth Certificate BC/18/1245
casie-jane jorden butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1246
Angela VerdenBirth Certificate BC/18/1247
aj ashton butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1248
tj josh william butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1249
Katie-Jayne SwallowBirth Certificate BC/18/1250
Donna Samanthia SpenceBirth Certificate BC/18/1251
Nicola Michelle Mahon VarneyBirth Certificate BC/18/1253
Stacey Carla VarneyBirth Certificate BC/18/1254
Michael-Joseph Mc GeeBirth Certificate BC/18/1255
James Daniel SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1256
Jacqueline PatriciaBirth Certificate BC/18/1257
Aidan John David RedpathBirth Certificate BC/18/1258
Margaret Janet BrandBirth Certificate BC/18/1259
Charlie Ashley furnissBirth Certificate BC/18/1260
Darcey Jon Alan furnissBirth Certificate BC/18/1261
Bobby Brooklyn FurnissBirth Certificate BC/18/1262
Macey Katrina Wendy Sophie FurnissBirth Certificate BC/18/1263
Melvyn Peter CoxallBirth Certificate BC/18/1264
ellie gypsy megan butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1265
Charlotte Melissa WindleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1266
angel gypsy butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1267
zain alfie butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1268
mason alfie butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1269
lexi-molly jade pride butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1270
leelan-nico decota butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1271
Michael Christopher FrankeBirth Certificate BC/18/1272
Joan WildBirth Certificate BC/18/1273
Claudette-elaine Parkins.Birth Certificate BC/18/1277
John robertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1278
Adam Luke TarrBirth Certificate BC/18/1279
Carly Patricia LeahyBirth Certificate BC/18/1280
Neil Vincent FreshBirth Certificate BC/18/1281
Stephen Raymond BURNSBirth Certificate BC/18/1282
Harry Louis RiceBirth Certificate BC/18/1283
Emily Louisa May RiceBirth Certificate BC/18/1284
paul clarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1285
Lee stanbridge bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1287
Lynn Jeanette MetcalfBirth Certificate BC/18/1288
Debra SpencerBirth Certificate BC/18/1289
Jonathan Andrew robertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1290
Ian Leslie HannafordBirth Certificate BC/18/1291
David Roger VinesBirth Certificate BC/18/1292
Judith MaxeyBirth Certificate BC/18/1293
Maria Ubeira Laguna-RicoBirth Certificate BC/18/1294
Peaches Joy WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1295
juke ace asquithBirth Certificate BC/18/1297
Mohamed Ayube KhanBirth Certificate BC/18/1298
John Grant DurkinBirth Certificate BC/18/1299
jason paul warrBirth Certificate BC/18/1300
Karl CurtisBirth Certificate BC/18/1300
Paul BighamBirth Certificate BC/18/1301
DEBORAH ELLA LOUISE COFFIBirth Certificate BC/18/1302
Rosalind de ReyerBirth Certificate BC/18/1303
INCI HALIL AHMETBirth Certificate BC/18/1304
DAVE SHARPEBirth Certificate BC/18/1305
Julie brownBirth Certificate BC/18/1306
darran BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1307
andrew joseph portelliBirth Certificate BC/18/1308
philip dobson queenBirth Certificate BC/18/1309
Liam CostelloeBirth Certificate BC/18/1310
Hermine MuhammadBirth Certificate BC/18/1311
DANIIL KHOROSHKOBirth Certificate BC/18/1312
Joinub MeahBirth Certificate BC/18/1313
Colin MaloneBirth Certificate BC/18/1314
Steven Alexander RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1315
Julian PowellBirth Certificate BC/18/1316
Alliyah Mae Drennan-PowellBirth Certificate BC/18/1317
Shayla Jade PearmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1318
Angel Millie ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1319
Benjamin McKenzie ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1320
Lisa Jade ScottBirth Certificate BC/18/1321
Hayley Jane EadyBirth Certificate BC/18/1322
Abbie Louise PearmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1323
Jesse Walter PearmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1324
Amy-Catherine Margie Amber PearmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1325
francis owen mcmorrowBirth Certificate BC/18/1326
DENISE DEMPSTERBirth Certificate BC/18/1327
Victoria OCallaghanBirth Certificate BC/18/1328
TAYLOR LANELLE REEDBirth Certificate BC/18/1329
mik caineBirth Certificate BC/18/1331
Harriet ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1332
Kelsey Mary Kim Clark ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1333
Paul Williams James Stoddart-ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1334
Keeleigh Anne Jane Stoddart-ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1335
CHRISTOPHER JAMES INGRAMBirth Certificate BC/18/1336
NATHAN CHARLES WOOLCOCKBirth Certificate BC/18/1337
TALAY YONTEMBirth Certificate BC/18/1338
ETHEL SUSANNE FITZGERALDBirth Certificate BC/18/1339
Paul Luke TarrBirth Certificate BC/18/1341
Roderic Eric GreenBirth Certificate BC/18/1342
James Luke TarrBirth Certificate BC/18/1343
Tina WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1344
Kathleen WallaceBirth Certificate BC/18/1345
Anthony Phillip RossBirth Certificate BC/18/1346
MR Anthony HickmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1347
Miss Susan CannonBirth Certificate BC/18/1349
Samuel WoodsBirth Certificate BC/18/1350
Chealsea Louise HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1351
Bianca Sieglinde CarewBirth Certificate BC/18/1352
Donald WilliamsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1353
Robert Alan KingBirth Certificate BC/18/1354
Stephen lennoxBirth Certificate BC/18/1355
lee cantBirth Certificate BC/18/1356
Diane HeavenBirth Certificate BC/18/1357
albert ofthefamilykirkBirth Certificate BC/18/1358
Kathleen Ann ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1359
Ava May VassilisBirth Certificate BC/18/1360
Bernadette Gemma champkinsBirth Certificate BC/18/1361
Angela KellyBirth Certificate BC/18/1362
liam gouldBirth Certificate BC/18/1363
Valerie Lillian RentonBirth Certificate BC/18/1364
Jake HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1365
Zack HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1366
Vincent Robert ClarkBirth Certificate BC/18/1367
Marisha Cleo CrooksBirth Certificate BC/18/1368
Lily Mae BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1369
Mandy Jane TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/1370
Jenna Elizabeth JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/1371
Michael John BarberBirth Certificate BC/18/1372
Christie Sandra Marie gamblesBirth Certificate BC/18/1373
Vincent CawthronBirth Certificate BC/18/1375
steve leslie collinsBirth Certificate BC/18/1376
Stephen DelahuntyBirth Certificate BC/18/1377
Jonathan Charles BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1378
Jason John PaulBirth Certificate BC/18/1380
Jason GilbertBirth Certificate BC/18/1381
Joseph James Gary Roy HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1382
Frankie HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1383
Louis Stephen Gary Roy HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1384
Charlie Joshua HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1385
Daisy Angela Sarah HilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1386
Steven William CharlesworthBirth Certificate BC/18/1387
Buster Lee Teddy McCreadyBirth Certificate BC/18/1388
Lola Mae Ava GriffinBirth Certificate BC/18/1389
Jenna Elizabeth JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/1390
Genene Marie BatesBirth Certificate BC/18/1391
Haydn CordingleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1392
McKenna James BatesBirth Certificate BC/18/1393
McKinley Jack BatesBirth Certificate BC/18/1394
ALISON BIRLEYBirth Certificate BC/18/1395
John Mary DuaneBirth Certificate BC/18/1397
Mark Brendan RayBirth Certificate BC/18/1398
Kyle Leon RayBirth Certificate BC/18/1399
Kelsey Leigha RayBirth Certificate BC/18/1400
Owen Francis DriverBirth Certificate BC/18/1401
Terence OSullivanBirth Certificate BC/18/1402
Craig Ottar-KhanBirth Certificate BC/18/1405
Kal MalikBirth Certificate BC/18/1406
Kelly Joanne ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1407
Sheena Kathleen WyattBirth Certificate BC/18/1408
Robert George AdamsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1409
Belinda Margart Knope (Lambert)Birth Certificate BC/18/1410
Saskia Grace Collins-CharlesBirth Certificate BC/18/1411
JAMIE ANDREW HAMPSONBirth Certificate BC/18/1412
DUNCAN CHARLES STEWARTBirth Certificate BC/18/1413
Janice margaret probertBirth Certificate BC/18/1415
david barkerBirth Certificate BC/18/1416
Laura Rachel WattsBirth Certificate BC/18/1417
Christina Jacqueline Allison gartshoreBirth Certificate BC/18/1418
Leo Gullotti RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1419
Yesha Winifred SaraiyaBirth Certificate BC/18/1420
Yash Dharmesh SaraiyaBirth Certificate BC/18/1421
Sam Dharmesh Kumar SaraiyaBirth Certificate BC/18/1422
Phoebe-melissa maire Louise Turner-hiltonBirth Certificate BC/18/1423
April-Mae Emily KirbyBirth Certificate BC/18/1424
Junior William Charles kirbyBirth Certificate BC/18/1425
Cayden murphyBirth Certificate BC/18/1426
Mia lexi murphyBirth Certificate BC/18/1427
Miss Deanna Marie WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1428
Boston frank barnesBirth Certificate BC/18/1429
Leigh Stacey Britney barnesBirth Certificate BC/18/1430
Jayden Leo arther george forresterBirth Certificate BC/18/1432
Elora Ronnais RogersBirth Certificate BC/18/1434
Erron Hayden Wesley RogersBirth Certificate BC/18/1435
Stacie Lesley Eleanor JamesBirth Certificate BC/18/1436
Wesley Thomas Gary Albert Leslie wayne jamesBirth Certificate BC/18/1437
Bethany Margeret Sylvia Connie Ellouise JamesBirth Certificate BC/18/1438
Ellouise Ruth sharpleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1439
CHRISTINE CAROL EDITH ANNBirth Certificate BC/18/1440
Elora Ronnais RogersBirth Certificate BC/18/1441
JOHN FRANCIS PORTELLIBirth Certificate BC/18/1442
Anna Joe HawkesBirth Certificate BC/18/1443
Poppy Rebecca CheshireBirth Certificate BC/18/1444
Charlotte Cariad Cheshire-FrancisBirth Certificate BC/18/1445
Millie yeomansBirth Certificate BC/18/1446
Louis DagBirth Certificate BC/18/1447
Louise McMurdoBirth Certificate BC/18/1448
Rosemarie Robyn heffernanBirth Certificate BC/18/1449
Dianne Hope NickissonBirth Certificate BC/18/1450
Alexander Vincent NickissonBirth Certificate BC/18/1451
Dilan oswell VaughanBirth Certificate BC/18/1452
Miss April Ann yeomansBirth Certificate BC/18/1453
Lucy Jayne heffernanBirth Certificate BC/18/1454
Brooklyn Daniel Anthony John Derrick Lee Morris evansBirth Certificate BC/18/1455
Sarah yeomansBirth Certificate BC/18/1456
Melanie beechBirth Certificate BC/18/1457
Jayden Lee Horace JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1459
Nevaeh Skye louise Gwenllian johnsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1460
Catherine louise fallonBirth Certificate BC/18/1461
PETER JOHN BARRINGTONBirth Certificate BC/18/1462
Chase Oscar Theo AndersonBirth Certificate BC/18/1463
Madison Deb DesmondBirth Certificate BC/18/1464
Theo Dio Lee DesmondBirth Certificate BC/18/1465
Marshall Lee DesmondBirth Certificate BC/18/1466
DANIELA ROSA GULLOTTIBirth Certificate BC/18/1467
Timothy SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1468
Peter McgeeBirth Certificate BC/18/1469
jj collier smartBirth Certificate BC/18/1470
Avena CollierBirth Certificate BC/18/1471
samantha kirsty jonesBirth Certificate BC/18/1472
Amanda Mary EllesBirth Certificate BC/18/1473
Rachel ZamlynnyBirth Certificate BC/18/1474
Rueben Harley LovelockBirth Certificate BC/18/1475
Harmony Lilly-Rose EllesBirth Certificate BC/18/1476
Alanta Aime EllesBirth Certificate BC/18/1477
Gregory Reece StanleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1478
John Kieran StanleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1479
Sherrie Evelyn ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1480
Levi Charles James CHAPMANBirth Certificate BC/18/1481
Daisy leigh Madson WrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1484
Tulisia_Tina_ Maria StavridesBirth Certificate BC/18/1485
Tyler Andrew barnabi childsBirth Certificate BC/18/1486
NADINE DANELLA SLACKBirth Certificate BC/18/1487
SHANAE MONIQUE MCKENZIEBirth Certificate BC/18/1488
Miss Kyla OREARDONBirth Certificate BC/18/1489
Zelah melissa corbinBirth Certificate BC/18/1490
Aiden jay David eppsBirth Certificate BC/18/1491
Wendy Jane HeathBirth Certificate BC/18/1492
Mia may brownBirth Certificate BC/18/1493
Jamie Anthony darran BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1494
Shane Shabazz RickettsBirth Certificate BC/18/1495
skye warrBirth Certificate BC/18/1496
susan joyce simcoxBirth Certificate BC/18/1497
luke knowlesBirth Certificate BC/18/1498
william nigel thompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1499
Jackie PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/1500
Robert Anthony Harry PickeringBirth Certificate BC/18/1501
Lucas John GilliganBirth Certificate BC/18/1502
Jean Louise pickeringBirth Certificate BC/18/1503
Laura marina hanfordBirth Certificate BC/18/1504
Skylah-Rose eve kathleen rossBirth Certificate BC/18/1505
Simon John Anthony culshawBirth Certificate BC/18/1506
Dominic Reese LochinvarBirth Certificate BC/18/1507
Ebanyrose Lucy partridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/1508
Stephen John partridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/1509
Dana marie PARTRIDGEBirth Certificate BC/18/1510
Samuel James partridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/1511
katie brianna truemanBirth Certificate BC/18/1512
warren joseph truemanBirth Certificate BC/18/1513
ruby jean truemanBirth Certificate BC/18/1514
Heidi Susan PoradaBirth Certificate BC/18/1515
Mason ap cadwalladerBirth Certificate BC/18/1516
joanna katie gornallBirth Certificate BC/18/1517
Melanie Anne jade beechBirth Certificate BC/18/1518
Kylan Julian Gordon beechBirth Certificate BC/18/1519
LouArnah Catalina Issabella-Mai MorganBirth Certificate BC/18/1520
Lauran greenshieldsBirth Certificate BC/18/1521
Kenzie John McKinnon dicksonBirth Certificate BC/18/1522
AudroneBirth Certificate BC/18/1523
Marlene Patrisia FraserBirth Certificate BC/18/1524
Susan Phylis Olwen WindowBirth Certificate BC/18/1525
Kelly Marie hutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1527
Carli Estelle turnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1529
Morgan bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1530
Ella May TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1531
Summer bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1532
Daniel Ray TunerBirth Certificate BC/18/1533
Thomas Paul TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1534
Ashley James TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1535
Kailum Scott WattsBirth Certificate BC/18/1536
Ollie Luther WattsBirth Certificate BC/18/1537
Lyndsey Michelle maddisonBirth Certificate BC/18/1538
Michelle Lesley GilbertBirth Certificate BC/18/1539
Kyion Elohm PunchBirth Certificate BC/18/1540
William Ingram Murdoch HepburnBirth Certificate BC/18/1541
jim orrBirth Certificate BC/18/1542
Vicky Marie HughesBirth Certificate BC/18/1543
Stephen Patrick ConnaughtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1544
joe mark goodallBirth Certificate BC/18/1546
ISOBEL COWDREYBirth Certificate BC/18/1547
meisha wrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1548
jason berryBirth Certificate BC/18/1549
Leilah wrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1550
Luke wrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1551
Kiron wrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1552
Laura petersBirth Certificate BC/18/1553
Anthony MalpasBirth Certificate BC/18/1554
David berryBirth Certificate BC/18/1555
Melissa BerryBirth Certificate BC/18/1556
Matthew BerryBirth Certificate BC/18/1557
Corey James BakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1558
Roxanne Josephine Marion BakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1559
norma gwenneth crellinBirth Certificate BC/18/1560
Nicholas william TateBirth Certificate BC/18/1561
Emma-Rose LynnBirth Certificate BC/18/1562
Lucy Marie LynnBirth Certificate BC/18/1563
Zander LynnBirth Certificate BC/18/1564
abel edward john craneBirth Certificate BC/18/1565
Lucy Marie LynnBirth Certificate BC/18/1566
Angela jane whiteBirth Certificate BC/18/1567
Michael Brent KnowlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1568
david michael crockfordBirth Certificate BC/18/1569
ENYA MARIE DOYLEBirth Certificate BC/18/1570
Paul DunlopBirth Certificate BC/18/1571
Mark David McGregorBirth Certificate BC/18/1574
TRACYBirth Certificate BC/18/1575
Carl Raymond JacksonBirth Certificate BC/18/1576
Jeannette AliBirth Certificate BC/18/1577
Tia Louise kelseyBirth Certificate BC/18/1581
Makayla jay flynnBirth Certificate BC/18/1582
Mortis William SpencerBirth Certificate BC/18/1583
Carl mcalindonBirth Certificate BC/18/1584
Anita Judith RoundBirth Certificate BC/18/1585
Tracey OfficerBirth Certificate BC/18/1586
Milvia Manuela Monteiro GoncalvesBirth Certificate BC/18/1587
Michael Mpuga Goncalves SeruyangeBirth Certificate BC/18/1588
Romeo Luca Goncalves SeruyangeBirth Certificate BC/18/1589
Omniyah Mohamed Elsayed Abdelhalim AbounawaregBirth Certificate BC/18/1590
Shady Mohamed Elsayed Abdelhalim AbounawaregBirth Certificate BC/18/1591
James John IsaacBirth Certificate BC/18/1592
Scott Thomas DennisonBirth Certificate BC/18/1594
Samantha Louise DennisonBirth Certificate BC/18/1595
David LucasBirth Certificate BC/18/1599
Hannah-Lee Malika Muhammad WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1600
ARTHUR MARTIN CORBETTBirth Certificate BC/18/1601
Susan Margaret HeathBirth Certificate BC/18/1604
Williamina Sybil CarterBirth Certificate BC/18/1605
PETER JOHN PINCKSTONBirth Certificate BC/18/1606
Maureen Anetta KnightBirth Certificate BC/18/1639
Liam J CostelloeBirth Certificate BC/18/1640
Melvin Andrew PunchBirth Certificate BC/18/1641
Skylah-Rose Eve Kathleen RossBirth Certificate BC/18/1642
Coral Androula MacdonaldBirth Certificate BC/18/1643
Liam Constantine RossBirth Certificate BC/18/1644
Elizabeth PetersBirth Certificate BC/18/1645
Frederick George ShellockBirth Certificate BC/18/1646
donna louise murphyBirth Certificate BC/18/1647
Lynn CarrollBirth Certificate BC/18/1700
Lucy Jayne heffernanBirth Certificate BC/18/1701
Angus Lee Raymond ParrishBirth Certificate BC/18/1702
Matthew peter doyleBirth Certificate BC/18/1703
John Charles wardBirth Certificate BC/18/1704
Lynette Anne adawayBirth Certificate BC/18/1705
Lynette Anne adawayBirth Certificate BC/18/1705
Craig vincent TateBirth Certificate BC/18/1706
Kyron wrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1707
George Emmanuel MarriotBirth Certificate BC/18/1708
Dionne ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1709
Sally Ann wardBirth Certificate BC/18/1710
susan cattellBirth Certificate BC/18/1711
Patricia NooneBirth Certificate BC/18/1712
Millie Sophiea newBirth Certificate BC/18/1713
Angela newBirth Certificate BC/18/1714
Lewis patrick newBirth Certificate BC/18/1715
nigel peter butlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1716
Max Joseph SwirlesBirth Certificate BC/18/1718
Robert FlanneryBirth Certificate BC/18/1719
Janice PageBirth Certificate BC/18/1720
John MaloneBirth Certificate BC/18/1721
Gaelle Anne MarieBirth Certificate BC/18/1722
Lady Monika KrayBirth Certificate BC/18/1723
Cheryl Ellen PhippsBirth Certificate BC/18/1724
Eirik Robert FowlerBirth Certificate BC/18/1725
Hollie Freyja HowellBirth Certificate BC/18/1726
Martin HowellBirth Certificate BC/18/1727
Arthur NordanBirth Certificate BC/18/1728
William Paterson Gordon MitchellBirth Certificate BC/18/1729
Brian MeehanBirth Certificate BC/18/1730
Judith RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1731
MartinBirth Certificate BC/18/1732
Clare HoughtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1733
Matthew paul cunninghamBirth Certificate BC/18/1734
Katie-Jayne SwallowBirth Certificate BC/18/1735
Liam Seamas GamblesBirth Certificate BC/18/1736
Christie Sandra Marie GamblesBirth Certificate BC/18/1737
Angela Jean MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/18/1739
CorriganBirth Certificate BC/18/1740
Gordon CurrieBirth Certificate BC/18/1741
Brian WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1742
Charmaine Joan Rhona mulliganBirth Certificate BC/18/1743
ann maceBirth Certificate BC/18/1744
Kylie CorriganBirth Certificate BC/18/1745
maisyBirth Certificate BC/18/1746
melanieBirth Certificate BC/18/1747
emmaBirth Certificate BC/18/1748
Keegan George luis CurrieBirth Certificate BC/18/1749
Tillie Bou CurrieBirth Certificate BC/18/1750
David John BoylingBirth Certificate BC/18/1751
keith of the brownsword familyBirth Certificate BC/18/1752
jane kathryn burrowsBirth Certificate BC/18/1753
BONDBirth Certificate BC/18/1754
Paul HartBirth Certificate BC/18/1755
Judith Ann Darnell OxleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1756
Suzanne LockwoodBirth Certificate BC/18/1757
Danny ByrneBirth Certificate BC/18/1759
peter whiteheadBirth Certificate BC/18/1760
David Keith bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1761
BetteridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/1762
CerasoliBirth Certificate BC/18/1763
Tracy Diana evansBirth Certificate BC/18/1764
Luke Thomas bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1765
Morgan David bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1766
Summer Louise bakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1767
Graham Robert StevensBirth Certificate BC/18/1768
Patricia Ann ShreeveBirth Certificate BC/18/1769
Sheila HarperBirth Certificate BC/18/1771
Gary PetersBirth Certificate BC/18/1772
Cara Zchigane DunbarBirth Certificate BC/18/1773
warren whiteleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1774
Lorraine Anne OsborneBirth Certificate BC/18/1775
Dean Ryan DaleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1776
Heidi CutterBirth Certificate BC/18/1777
Elise Jade DavisBirth Certificate BC/18/1778
Dominic Robert Mackenzie SinclairBirth Certificate BC/18/1779
Phillip Robin SurridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/1780
Margatet Isabel MurrayBirth Certificate BC/18/1780
Tyler-Lee PreeceBirth Certificate BC/18/1781
James Lee BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1782
Dolly Jane stokes clarkeBirth Certificate BC/18/1782
JAMES ATKINSONBirth Certificate BC/18/1783
Brian Robert LeeBirth Certificate BC/18/1783
Jason Neil SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1784
Olivia Denise DaviesBirth Certificate BC/18/1784
James MichaelsBirth Certificate BC/18/1785
David AlcockBirth Certificate BC/18/1786
rob byrneBirth Certificate BC/18/1786
Marilyn Robertta AmosBirth Certificate BC/18/1787
PurchonBirth Certificate BC/18/1788
Kari-anne rogersBirth Certificate BC/18/1788
Tony Ross Junior SaywellBirth Certificate BC/18/1789
Susan AprilBirth Certificate BC/18/1789
Nigel Paul fitchBirth Certificate BC/18/1790
Robert Henry ThomasBirth Certificate BC/18/1791
Nicholas William TateBirth Certificate BC/18/1791
albert ofthefamilykirkBirth Certificate BC/18/1792
graeme mcgearyBirth Certificate BC/18/1792
Kathleen annBirth Certificate BC/18/1793
John WrightBirth Certificate BC/18/1793
Stephen James robertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1794
George DowBirth Certificate BC/18/1794
maisyBirth Certificate BC/18/1795
Lee Matthew John MessengerBirth Certificate BC/18/1795
melanieBirth Certificate BC/18/1796
youssef nassehBirth Certificate BC/18/1796
Emma lyviaBirth Certificate BC/18/1797
Andrew Wallace LeggeBirth Certificate BC/18/1797
Maureen Ellen CannBirth Certificate BC/18/1798
andrew jardine fayek besharaBirth Certificate BC/18/1799
Lorraine phelpsBirth Certificate BC/18/1800
Steven DoyleBirth Certificate BC/18/1801
Lee Russell SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1802
Peter, Kevin GallagherBirth Certificate BC/18/1803
Araya Hope DoigBirth Certificate BC/18/1805
sally-ann scottBirth Certificate BC/18/1807
Miss lillybell nailenBirth Certificate BC/18/1808
Ryan David DoigBirth Certificate BC/18/1809
Tracey JohannsenBirth Certificate BC/18/1810
Eric GoldbergBirth Certificate BC/18/1811
anthony jamesBirth Certificate BC/18/1812
DAVID NEIL MAKEPEACEBirth Certificate BC/18/1814
mark of the clan ClewlowBirth Certificate BC/18/1815
Craig Waldo PruessBirth Certificate BC/18/1816
Lisa Anthea BakerBirth Certificate BC/18/1817
Deborah Elaine GordonBirth Certificate BC/18/1818
Drew-Baker DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1819
Dionne ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1820
Shirley Irene IsenbergBirth Certificate BC/18/1821
MichaelBirth Certificate BC/18/1822
Rachael Ottar-KahnBirth Certificate BC/18/1823
Elaine Carol RentonBirth Certificate BC/18/1824
Adele dawn GreenhalghBirth Certificate BC/18/1826
Logan Daryl McmillianBirth Certificate BC/18/1827
Dean Thomas McmillanBirth Certificate BC/18/1828
Gemma Tracey WattsBirth Certificate BC/18/1829
Kerry Anne SandfordBirth Certificate BC/18/1830
Jake Stephen Neil JoinerBirth Certificate BC/18/1831
Carli Estelle TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1832
Ella May TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1833
Daniel Ray TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1834
Thomas Paul TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1835
Ashley James TurnerBirth Certificate BC/18/1836
Kailum Scott WattsBirth Certificate BC/18/1837
Ollie Luther WattsBirth Certificate BC/18/1838
matthew lee michael derhamBirth Certificate BC/18/1839
Wiliam Thomas DebideenBirth Certificate BC/18/1841
Kelvin DebideenBirth Certificate BC/18/1842
Nathan Alan StuartBirth Certificate BC/18/1843
Tanya Marie TapperBirth Certificate BC/18/1844
Geraint Charles KirbyBirth Certificate BC/18/1845
Sharon Carolyn McKenzieBirth Certificate BC/18/1846
Emma Kimberley WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/18/1847
Mason ap cadwalladerBirth Certificate BC/18/1848
Evie Mary FrancisBirth Certificate BC/18/1849
JOANNE RIMMERBirth Certificate BC/18/1850
Kenny AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/18/1851
louisa rose newtonBirth Certificate BC/18/1852
Sharon Carolyn RosineBirth Certificate BC/18/1853
Steve wooldburnBirth Certificate BC/18/1854
Damien Marcus Lee wyllieBirth Certificate BC/18/1855
anthony raymond williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1856
Finlay David Logan Rain MalikBirth Certificate BC/18/1857
Ann MaceBirth Certificate BC/18/1858
Stella Esme FairbairnBirth Certificate BC/18/1859
CORY TYLER LAWRENCE COOKBirth Certificate BC/18/1860
Christopher James WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1861
Andrew John BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1862
Sharon Carolyn RosineBirth Certificate BC/18/1863
stacey elizabeth mccannBirth Certificate BC/18/1864
Liam marcus wyllieBirth Certificate BC/18/1865
brooke megan wyllieBirth Certificate BC/18/1866
damien marcus lee wyllieBirth Certificate BC/18/1867
Diane HydeBirth Certificate BC/18/1868
Yalinarose malaBirth Certificate BC/18/1869
Daniel shaun sibleyBirth Certificate BC/18/1870
Noah Mohammed malaBirth Certificate BC/18/1871
Leah Anne woodBirth Certificate BC/18/1872
Lucas Joe woodBirth Certificate BC/18/1873
Davide LongoBirth Certificate BC/18/1874
Guy Stewart RaynesBirth Certificate BC/18/1875
Pharon Stuart AmysBirth Certificate BC/18/1876
mark of the family clewlowBirth Certificate BC/18/1878
Simon Mathew MeadowcroftBirth Certificate BC/18/1900
Margaret Constance MartinBirth Certificate BC/18/1901
David GreenBirth Certificate BC/18/1902
Heather HopperBirth Certificate BC/18/1903
Master John A H EssonBirth Certificate BC/18/1905
Miss Courtney Jo-Marie EssonBirth Certificate BC/18/1906
Lisa Anthea EssonBirth Certificate BC/18/1907
Isla Ava Marie LockBirth Certificate BC/18/1908
Charlotte Lavinia HermittBirth Certificate BC/18/1909
Charlotte Lavinia HermittBirth Certificate BC/18/1909
Miss Katie S PoradaBirth Certificate BC/18/1910
IRENE OUIDA SCHLEINERBirth Certificate BC/18/1911
LOUISE MACKENZIEBirth Certificate BC/18/1912
NATHAN MACKENZIEBirth Certificate BC/18/1913
Angela newBirth Certificate BC/18/1914
lydia jenette millerBirth Certificate BC/18/1915
nicolas micholas michael luke johnBirth Certificate BC/18/1916
destiny-jade susan johnBirth Certificate BC/18/1917
THOMAS BRIAN RICHARD JOHNBirth Certificate BC/18/1918
Janette m cunninghamBirth Certificate BC/18/1919
Michael WatsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1920
Andrew WalkerBirth Certificate BC/18/1922
Darren Lee SiviterBirth Certificate BC/18/1923
TanyaBirth Certificate BC/18/1924
Jaxon CliftonBirth Certificate BC/18/1925
Robyn jane cadywoldBirth Certificate BC/18/1926
Viola Lilly CadywoldBirth Certificate BC/18/1927
Rowan Jane CadywoldBirth Certificate BC/18/1928
Milo Robert Jonathon CadywoldBirth Certificate BC/18/1929
Jaxon Michael Harvey McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/18/1930
jillian benetBirth Certificate BC/18/1931
Ryan daniel HodkinsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1932
Harley christopher DooganBirth Certificate BC/18/1933
natalie jacksonBirth Certificate BC/18/1934
stephen doyleBirth Certificate BC/18/1935
Cole Alexander VennardBirth Certificate BC/18/1936
Dominic Reese LochinvarBirth Certificate BC/18/1937
Phillippa LochinvarBirth Certificate BC/18/1938
Reggie SweeneyBirth Certificate BC/18/1939
Summer Louise wildmanBirth Certificate BC/18/1940
Lewis juniorBirth Certificate BC/18/1941
Serenity alyssaBirth Certificate BC/18/1942
Alfie WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/1943
Gail fosterBirth Certificate BC/18/1944
Alexandria May NelsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1945
India HugginsBirth Certificate BC/18/1946
callum richard parkBirth Certificate BC/18/1947
Marranello RoundBirth Certificate BC/18/1948
Keira RoundBirth Certificate BC/18/1949
shannon thompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/1950
Sonya Marie HomerBirth Certificate BC/18/1951
Charlie Osric StretchBirth Certificate BC/18/1952
james holyoakBirth Certificate BC/18/1953
Richard Charles parkBirth Certificate BC/18/1956
ryan john mcinerneyBirth Certificate BC/18/1957
leeanne marie duffyBirth Certificate BC/18/1958
David GillanBirth Certificate BC/18/1959
Mark of the CosmosBirth Certificate BC/18/1960
daniel-thomasmullinBirth Certificate BC/18/1961
Lucy Jean PoradaBirth Certificate BC/18/1962
Lawrence Williams DaviesBirth Certificate BC/18/1963
Amanda Joy SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/1964
Kyla OREARDONBirth Certificate BC/18/1965
Carly michelle hallBirth Certificate BC/18/1966
JOEL ALEXIS VAUGHANBirth Certificate BC/18/1967
Diane HilesBirth Certificate BC/18/1968
Stephen James RedheadBirth Certificate BC/18/1969
Barbara, Rosa BellBirth Certificate BC/18/1970
Clare Louise McGrathBirth Certificate BC/18/1971
Conor Micheal McGrathBirth Certificate BC/18/1972
Daniel SiviterBirth Certificate BC/18/1973
RAYMONDBirth Certificate BC/18/1975
Janet HawkinsBirth Certificate BC/18/1976
PETER AUGUSTUS HYACIENTHBirth Certificate BC/18/1977
marie yvette soanesBirth Certificate BC/18/1978
michael robert barton-hansonBirth Certificate BC/18/1979
ann maceBirth Certificate BC/18/1980
Roxana Sofie RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1981
Sarah RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/1982
Chanelle Alexander BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/1983
Peter Robert MorrissBirth Certificate BC/18/1984
Katie Susan PoradaBirth Certificate BC/18/1985
hrh Isaac darren of the family dennisonclcBirth Certificate BC/18/1986
Daniel Sean StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/1987
Sharon May StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/1988
Scott Robert HayesBirth Certificate BC/18/1989
Bobby MaguireBirth Certificate BC/18/1990
Luke MaguireBirth Certificate BC/18/1991
KARA FORDBirth Certificate BC/18/1992
Adrian LewisBirth Certificate BC/18/1993
Paige Lee HinksBirth Certificate BC/18/1994
Janette Angela HayesBirth Certificate BC/18/1995
Peter Eric DaviesBirth Certificate BC/18/1996
Heidi Susan PoradaBirth Certificate BC/18/1997
charlie morgon bilynskyjBirth Certificate BC/18/1998
john paul eddlestonBirth Certificate BC/18/1999
hrh samantha louise of the family dennisonclcBirth Certificate BC/18/2000
Daley Jay StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2004
Daryl Mark StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2005
NICHOLAS MICHAEL LUKE JOHNBirth Certificate BC/18/2006
Derry Raine StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2007
Trevor AlanBirth Certificate BC/18/2009
Tracey spoonerBirth Certificate BC/18/2010
Emily Louise BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/2011
Ryan Thomas WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/18/2012
Louise MckeverBirth Certificate BC/18/2013
Sharla Skye StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2014
Tia SpoonerBirth Certificate BC/18/2015
Devon May StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2016
Brandon Carl StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2017
Joan Winifred HigginBirth Certificate BC/18/2018
Summer Rose BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/2019
Robert Louis LarkinBirth Certificate BC/18/2020
hrh scott thomas of the family dennisonclcBirth Certificate BC/18/2021
Blake Ethan StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2022
stephen arthur fisherBirth Certificate BC/18/2025
Dianne June JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/18/2026
Conner Ashton RobertsBirth Certificate BC/18/2027
Mike hodgsonBirth Certificate BC/18/2028
Jack williamsBirth Certificate BC/18/2029
Taylor James StrawBirth Certificate BC/18/2030
Nicola IngramBirth Certificate BC/18/2031
Tammy Christy PowellBirth Certificate BC/18/2032
Tarik Lee CetinBirth Certificate BC/18/2033
Mark FarmerBirth Certificate BC/18/2034
John David HollowayBirth Certificate BC/18/2035
Chealsea Louise HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/18/2037
Connor, Robert GallagherBirth Certificate BC/18/2038
BLAISE TCHOULA TCHOUAMOBirth Certificate BC/18/2039
james toalBirth Certificate BC/18/2040
Peter stewartBirth Certificate BC/18/2041
JENNY FRANCIS FORDBirth Certificate BC/18/2042
HOLLY HAZEL FORDBirth Certificate BC/18/2043
LILLY DAISY FORDBirth Certificate BC/18/2044
sharon loiuse priceBirth Certificate BC/18/2058
martyn robert whittleseyBirth Certificate BC/18/2059
danny jay whittleseyBirth Certificate BC/18/2060
jack daneil christopher priceBirth Certificate BC/18/2061
shakira tia priceBirth Certificate BC/18/2062
gabrellia lauren vineBirth Certificate BC/18/2063
Leighton StricklandBirth Certificate BC/18/2065
Alisha Shannon CetinBirth Certificate BC/18/2066
Brandon Vincent PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/2067
Jordan Richard PriceBirth Certificate BC/18/2068
Kai Steven beattieBirth Certificate BC/18/2069
(Berthold Konrad Hermann) Albert SpeerBirth Certificate BC/18/2070
Lorraine GillBirth Certificate BC/18/2071
Michael Howard-HarringtonBirth Certificate BC/18/2072
Ann MaceBirth Certificate BC/18/2073
Caroline UptonBirth Certificate BC/18/2074
Anderw Richard LewisBirth Certificate BC/18/2075
Gary Ian WalkerBirth Certificate BC/18/2076
Kathleen RoderickBirth Certificate BC/18/2077
Aleisha-Leigh RoderickBirth Certificate BC/18/2078
Peter RoderickBirth Certificate BC/18/2079
Rose Ann-marie RoderickBirth Certificate BC/18/2080
Mary Ellen EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/18/2081
Michael Herman SmitBirth Certificate BC/18/2083
SHARON LOIUSE PRICEBirth Certificate BC/18/2084
Nigel Paul HayesBirth Certificate BC/18/2085
Garey Anthony ReidBirth Certificate BC/18/2086
Keith son of AllanBirth Certificate BC/18/2087
Kenneth Kuken KarlssomBirth Certificate BC/18/2088
Kimpavita Ongono Tchoula TchouamoBirth Certificate BC/18/2089
Lee Richard CollinsBirth Certificate BC/18/2090
Dawn Anesta BrowneBirth Certificate BC/18/2091
KEDI CLAUDE FELICITE EWANEBirth Certificate BC/18/2092
Geoffrey Norman GreenhalghBirth Certificate BC/18/2098
Christopher Almond ReidBirth Certificate BC/18/2099
Kyle wrightBirth Certificate BC/18/2100
Rocco Jayden ReidBirth Certificate BC/18/2101
Anouska cheraile charlen youngBirth Certificate BC/18/2102
Aradia Isis casey-youngBirth Certificate BC/18/2103
Rio-ondo mark caseyBirth Certificate BC/18/2104
Ostara Isis casey-youngBirth Certificate BC/18/2105
Demeter avalon casey-youngBirth Certificate BC/18/2106
Maizi young-caseyBirth Certificate BC/18/2107
Charli-niquita youngBirth Certificate BC/18/2108
Joseph sihaBirth Certificate BC/18/2109
Monica Theresa Emerline CharlesBirth Certificate BC/18/3660
Marlon Leslington CharlesBirth Certificate BC/18/3661
Andell CharlesBirth Certificate BC/18/3662
GEMMA L STRICKLANDBirth Certificate BC/18/3663
BRODIE L STRICKLANDBirth Certificate BC/18/3664
OLIVIA GRACE STRICKLADBirth Certificate BC/18/3665
Cristina MangravitiBirth Certificate BC/18/3666
Wanda Maria BernabeBirth Certificate BC/18/3667
amanda - jayne langworthyBirth Certificate BC/18/3668
clio-nicole - judith - anne hughesBirth Certificate BC/18/3669
cody-rhys - peter hughesBirth Certificate BC/18/3670
Matthew Peter DoyleBirth Certificate BC/18/3671
Clive Albert DoddBirth Certificate BC/18/4367
Anthony BadalooBirth Certificate BC/18/4608
MANWARA BIBI CHOUDHURYBirth Certificate BC/18/5323
Sean McalindonBirth Certificate BC/18/5389
Pauline SmithBirth Certificate BC/17/5516
Andrew James buchanBirth Certificate BC/18/8237
Amanda Joy SmithBirth Certificate BC/18/8279
Janice Marie PageBirth Certificate BC/18/8285
JACK JOSHUA JAMIE MILLERBirth Certificate BC/18/8298
leanne fallon smartBirth Certificate BC/18/8309
stephanie scot smartBirth Certificate BC/18/8317
terrence carl peggBirth Certificate BC/18/8323
Nigel Paul fitchBirth Certificate BC/18/8526
Robin Edward WalmsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/8549
Christopher John HOGGBirth Certificate BC/18/8657
Melanie Jayne SOWTERBirth Certificate BC/18/8666
ROBERT CHRISTOPHER DIXONBirth Certificate BC/18/8675
SHERRIE EVELYN CHAPMANBirth Certificate BC/18/8717
Vicki Anne JohnstonBirth Certificate BC/18/8744
william nigel thompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/8787
lewis william avery thompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/8795
empress audrey petersBirth Certificate BC/18/8926
Steven Lawrence off the platt familyBirth Certificate BC/18/8947
Vyacheslav ShcherbakovBirth Certificate BC/18/8958
Jade McDillBirth Certificate BC/18/8997
Paul of the family NewtonBirth Certificate BC/18/8999
Jamie LilburnBirth Certificate BC/18/9001
Terry Lee Frazier Jr.Birth Certificate BC/18/9003
Sean HartBirth Certificate BC/18/9005
Shane Patrick Michael AndersonBirth Certificate BC/18/9006
kyle richie battBirth Certificate BC/18/9007
Owen Scott Michael TaylorBirth Certificate BC/18/9008
richardBirth Certificate BC/18/9009
Ivyu DevonBirth Certificate BC/18/9010
lewis william avery thompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/9011
peter gary brimelowBirth Certificate BC/18/9012
Jamie Rachel of the family MullinBirth Certificate BC/18/9013
David HarperBirth Certificate BC/18/9014
Thomas McleisterBirth Certificate BC/18/9126
mark groganBirth Certificate BC/18/9135
Paul NewtonBirth Certificate BC/18/9150
vincent cawthronBirth Certificate BC/18/9257
Stephen DelahuntyBirth Certificate BC/18/9282
campbell stewartBirth Certificate BC/18/9310
Paige MooreBirth Certificate BC/18/9366
David BainBirth Certificate BC/18/9376
Alexander Gary WilsonBirth Certificate BC/18/9386
aldridgeBirth Certificate BC/18/9394
Dolly dawn MetsonBirth Certificate BC/18/9425
Stacy Louise griffinBirth Certificate BC/18/9463
Osmond RoacheBirth Certificate BC/18/9505
Taylor Louise bettsBirth Certificate BC/18/9568
Scott Lee RenehanBirth Certificate BC/18/9580
Elsie Mai WrightBirth Certificate BC/18/9612
Dannielle GreenBirth Certificate BC/18/9621
Aradia Isis CASEY - YOUNGBirth Certificate BC/18/9640
Ostara Isis CASEY - YOUNGBirth Certificate BC/18/9649
Anouska cheraile charlen YoungBirth Certificate BC/18/9658
Judith Ann Darnell OxleyBirth Certificate BC/18/9667
ROY CARLOS RONALDOBirth Certificate BC/18/9681
Alfie Edwin Blake CoupeBirth Certificate BC/18/9721
John WardBirth Certificate BC/18/9732
June Helen websterBirth Certificate BC/18/9756
Malcolm son of Andrew of Clan FergusonBirth Certificate BC/18/9777
Teresa louise taylorBirth Certificate BC/18/9796
sharon laidlerBirth Certificate BC/18/9819
kirsty ryanBirth Certificate BC/18/9830
samantha burnsBirth Certificate BC/18/9841
eugene mcfallBirth Certificate BC/18/9891
Steven greenwoodBirth Certificate BC/18/9903
Joy Marie LarsonBirth Certificate BC/18/9911
David HarperBirth Certificate BC/18/9944
trevorBirth Certificate BC/18/9971
Melisa Enza MarinoBirth Certificate BC/18/9997
Chelsea Ellen Louise JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/10004
Shania Mary jonesBirth Certificate BC/18/10011
Levi Travis Steven jonesBirth Certificate BC/18/10017
Amelia Lily Charlotte jonesBirth Certificate BC/18/10021
Dylan Morgan JonesBirth Certificate BC/18/10025
Jaxson Thomas Keaton griffinBirth Certificate BC/18/10029
Marc MawdsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/10037
Kieron BreganBirth Certificate BC/18/10071
Lynn CarrollBirth Certificate BC/18/10080
Norman PattersonBirth Certificate BC/18/10089
Paul Michael HowardBirth Certificate BC/18/10121
Annmarie SarsfieldBirth Certificate BC/18/10138
Evan Marc WhalenBirth Certificate BC/18/10150
Anthony John DoranBirth Certificate BC/18/10156
Maizis Young-caseyBirth Certificate BC/18/10178
Demeter Avalon CASEY - YOUNGBirth Certificate BC/18/10193
Stephen Peter CASEYBirth Certificate BC/18/10204
Kieran Thomas david robothamBirth Certificate BC/18/10208
Roman love slater robothamBirth Certificate BC/18/10216
Trudy NealBirth Certificate BC/18/10290
Charlotte Ashleigh Wayland PeckBirth Certificate BC/18/10299
Caroline Jane GoodwinBirth Certificate BC/18/10308
Harry ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/18/10418
June Helen websterBirth Certificate BC/18/10434
sharon loiuse priceBirth Certificate BC/18/10444
isaac darren dennisonBirth Certificate BC/18/10451
martyn robert whittleseyBirth Certificate BC/18/10459
matthew wayne of the eddleston familyclcBirth Certificate BC/18/10463
alexa christine glyptisBirth Certificate BC/18/10469
Graeme Bruce McLarenBirth Certificate BC/18/10486
Laura may BraddockBirth Certificate BC/18/10515
Ethan Christopher Thomas Braddock-KeenanBirth Certificate BC/18/10530
Tracy saulBirth Certificate BC/18/10580
Catherine ShawBirth Certificate BC/18/10589
Julian-anthony FernandesBirth Certificate BC/18/10602
Malcolm trevor mayburyBirth Certificate BC/18/10613
Samantha WelchBirth Certificate BC/18/10629
Marie Sylvia PratleyBirth Certificate BC/18/10638
Catherine Marie smethurstBirth Certificate BC/18/10662
matthew knightBirth Certificate BC/18/10672
Patricia Anne CopestickBirth Certificate BC/18/10729
Michaela Su00e1decku00e1Birth Certificate BC/18/10758
David Grant ForresterBirth Certificate BC/18/10773
James Charles GreenBirth Certificate BC/18/10787
Sandra Jane BrooksBirth Certificate BC/18/10797
Tender Regnier MacFarlaneBirth Certificate BC/18/10812
BrendaBirth Certificate BC/18/10853
Eddy Joseph of the Alder familyBirth Certificate BC/18/10863
Eddy Joseph of the Alder familyBirth Certificate BC/18/10871
gabrellia laurn vineBirth Certificate BC/18/10884
adam james priceBirth Certificate BC/18/10888
shakira tia priceBirth Certificate BC/18/10895
jack daniel christopher priceBirth Certificate BC/18/10901
dannyjay martyn whittleseyBirth Certificate BC/18/10905
martin newtonBirth Certificate BC/18/10937
adam james priceBirth Certificate BC/18/10953
martyn robert whittleseyBirth Certificate BC/18/10961
Kenneth Alexander CooperBirth Certificate BC/18/10978
penelope jane martinBirth Certificate BC/18/10987
Trevor alan HowarthBirth Certificate BC/18/11002
Devan Graceann of the Jones familyBirth Certificate BC/18/11012
Patricia Anne PringleBirth Certificate BC/18/11026
Clair ClancyBirth Certificate BC/18/11050
Andrea DavisonBirth Certificate BC/18/11059
colin beaumontBirth Certificate BC/18/11093
Jayne Monique BrownBirth Certificate BC/18/11139
kevin james doyleBirth Certificate BC/18/11154
Richard LeslieBirth Certificate BC/18/11165
Simone clarkBirth Certificate BC/18/11178
Simon David RiversBirth Certificate BC/18/11184
Kevin GladmanBirth Certificate BC/18/11199
Christine WinnanBirth Certificate BC/18/11205
emmaBirth Certificate BC/18/11249
Mark Leonard WaldbyBirth Certificate BC/18/11280
Jacqueline Suzanne winnBirth Certificate BC/18/11289
colin beaumontBirth Certificate BC/18/11307
Maureen annBirth Certificate BC/18/11322
corrado decland peter alexBirth Certificate BC/18/11328
David Vincent PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/18/11336
Esther CarpenterBirth Certificate BC/18/11353
Jayne Louise PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/18/11366
Alfie Benjamin HoltBirth Certificate BC/18/11394
ShaniBirth Certificate BC/18/11402
Sukhdeep Singh GiddaBirth Certificate BC/18/11429
Shannon Doreen REES-BOWDITCHBirth Certificate BC/18/11468
claire suzanne hallBirth Certificate BC/18/11479
Jason Junior Parisot REES-BOWDITCHBirth Certificate BC/18/11491
colin beaumontBirth Certificate BC/18/11495
Maisie marie taylorBirth Certificate BC/18/11519
Peter John RoweBirth Certificate BC/18/11536
james frederick nottBirth Certificate BC/18/11590
Jennifer Mary MeadeBirth Certificate BC/18/11600
Nigel Mark HancockBirth Certificate BC/18/11675
Anthony Robert HepperBirth Certificate BC/18/11703
Patricia Ann ShreeveBirth Certificate BC/18/11721
Mark Roeland SpiekmanBirth Certificate BC/18/11748
Annette PetersBirth Certificate BC/18/11816
Sylvia McclellandBirth Certificate BC/18/11827
Pamela horsleyBirth Certificate BC/18/11861
John savageBirth Certificate BC/18/11867
Jasmine Alice jayne mcleodBirth Certificate BC/18/11877
Rhianna nicole billie joe mcleodBirth Certificate BC/18/11883
Geraldine Anne MeldrumBirth Certificate BC/18/12000
Lisa caroline connellBirth Certificate BC/18/12206
Richard mark jacsonBirth Certificate BC/18/12252
Gael Rosalind BageBirth Certificate BC/18/12262
Paul RushtonBirth Certificate BC/18/12271
MICHAEL ALEXANDER DIXONBirth Certificate BC/18/12282
TATIANA GRACE DIXONBirth Certificate BC/18/12289
ROCHELLE NAYANA DIXONBirth Certificate BC/18/12295
lady jean dennisonBirth Certificate BC/18/12338
scott thomas dennisonBirth Certificate BC/18/12361
john paul eddlestonclcBirth Certificate BC/18/12372
Eileen Christina Ou2019ConnorBirth Certificate BC/18/12500
James Gordon NeameBirth Certificate BC/19/12548
Rachel Noeleen BarrettBirth Certificate BC/19/12559
Adrian Paul MayBirth Certificate BC/19/12578
keith shawBirth Certificate BC/19/12643
JANET ANGELABirth Certificate BC/19/12665
Matthew RamsdenBirth Certificate BC/19/12690
susan cattellBirth Certificate BC/19/12704
Sheena Bridget SuzanneBirth Certificate BC/19/12800
Sheena KathleenBirth Certificate BC/19/12806
William Leslie EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/19/12836
Keith AshleyBirth Certificate BC/19/12948
steven jonesBirth Certificate BC/19/13080
Darcey-May RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/19/13110
Vincent Robert DiCostanzoBirth Certificate BC/19/13156
Vincent priceBirth Certificate BC/19/13171
Keith DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/13179
Raven Jay Daniel Lee Eligh Billybob,conner FosherBirth Certificate BC/19/13204
Elly-Mai Sophie Rose Octavia Phoebe Kathleen Alicia Pebbles FosherBirth Certificate BC/19/13213
William JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/13308
Sarah DugganBirth Certificate BC/19/13373
Jack KnottBirth Certificate BC/19/13381
Maria Belen Susana Montero-CowellBirth Certificate BC/19/13398
Michael HillBirth Certificate BC/19/13437
MR CERI CARTERBirth Certificate BC/19/13455
Angela smithBirth Certificate BC/19/13544
Luke Joseph Charles Anthony smithBirth Certificate BC/19/13553
Karen Louise BrownBirth Certificate BC/19/13564
Kyle Bryan DavenportBirth Certificate BC/19/13575
Paul Michael CookBirth Certificate BC/19/13585
Paul Edward QuinnBirth Certificate BC/19/13595
Michael Bernard Fredrick ColesBirth Certificate BC/19/13607
Amarri Isaiah CharlesBirth Certificate BC/19/13614
Lydia Maria PereiraBirth Certificate BC/19/13633
Josip KnezBirth Certificate BC/19/13640
Jane Margaret WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/13714
Ian WelchBirth Certificate BC/19/13732
Susan Marina BarnesBirth Certificate BC/19/13745
Jack Thomas CarterBirth Certificate BC/19/13779
DAVID IZZARDBirth Certificate BC/19/13809
Amu00e9 Isis CharlesBirth Certificate BC/19/13815
Maia Indiana CharlesBirth Certificate BC/19/13822
Valerie Olive HaxellBirth Certificate BC/19/13840
Michael Charles ShirleyBirth Certificate BC/19/13866
Olivia Denise DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/13898
Harold WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/13909
Jean NaismithBirth Certificate BC/19/13987
Stuart Scott TeeseBirth Certificate BC/19/13998
Christopher Alan UneyBirth Certificate BC/19/14015
Tracy WilkieBirth Certificate BC/19/14103
Christine Lilian WrightBirth Certificate BC/19/14144
Brian Lyndon SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/14153
william kevin dunnBirth Certificate BC/19/14160
Zakariya nazirBirth Certificate BC/19/14170
Lee Edward John ThorogoodBirth Certificate BC/19/14192
Ashley DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/14210
Jaime HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/14263
Michael EntwistleBirth Certificate BC/19/14319
Emma dixonBirth Certificate BC/19/14341
ebony darrel danso ASANTEBirth Certificate BC/19/14354
Toni kerri dixonBirth Certificate BC/19/14363
Mason Michael st clair brineBirth Certificate BC/19/14372
Kimberley Elizabeth Frances GillsonBirth Certificate BC/19/14381
John BarclayBirth Certificate BC/19/14429
BettyBirth Certificate BC/19/14476
Tracy jane carrBirth Certificate BC/19/14523
Rasna paneserBirth Certificate BC/19/14530
MISS ZOYA NAZIRBirth Certificate BC/19/14547
June wrayBirth Certificate BC/19/14557
Claire Louise winterbottomBirth Certificate BC/19/14563
John (Ian) Russell WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/14583
Andy of the family of BarlowBirth Certificate BC/19/14613
Samantha CranstonBirth Certificate BC/19/14625
Nicola SalesBirth Certificate BC/19/14639
RANER Ju00d5EKu00c4u00c4RABirth Certificate BC/19/14689
Hazel StewartBirth Certificate BC/19/14742
Derek Peter ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/19/14759
Keith JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/14824
Susan Elizabeth HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/14894
Valerie Lilian WestwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/14915
david connorBirth Certificate BC/19/14936
Michael Sidney HollowayBirth Certificate BC/19/14976
Samantha Elizabeth CatlingBirth Certificate BC/19/15011
lee anthony keith carpenterBirth Certificate BC/19/15043
Ronald HoughtonBirth Certificate BC/19/15060
Morgan Steven Kevin DoyleBirth Certificate BC/19/15077
Stan AnastasiosBirth Certificate BC/19/15127
Savannah Apsara CharlesBirth Certificate BC/19/15140
Uthman nazirBirth Certificate BC/19/15351
Sharron Evangaline Stephanie ShawBirth Certificate BC/19/15415
Cole AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/19/15427
Christian Dee ChurchBirth Certificate BC/19/15442
David ALCOCKBirth Certificate BC/19/15450
Ruth CooperBirth Certificate BC/19/15470
LISA MARIE BRADLEYBirth Certificate BC/19/15482
KEVIN MICHAEL RYANBirth Certificate BC/19/15486
JAMIE ELLEN BASSETTBirth Certificate BC/19/15490
Vincent Robert DiCostanzoBirth Certificate BC/19/15581
Sharon Anita HarrisBirth Certificate BC/19/15689
Gavin Lee of the family GriffithsBirth Certificate BC/19/15699
Donna Marie HopkinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/15783
David Peter ProctorBirth Certificate BC/19/15792
Robert ElliottBirth Certificate BC/19/15801
Samantha DurkinBirth Certificate BC/19/15811
Stephen WalesBirth Certificate BC/19/15819
David MarcusBirth Certificate BC/19/15825
Tracy HarveyBirth Certificate BC/19/15835
rae heather annette-normanBirth Certificate BC/19/15860
Kreete TriikBirth Certificate BC/19/15873
Janice Lynne ArmstrongBirth Certificate BC/19/15879
Frances Gillian FinlayBirth Certificate BC/19/15896
Grant NewtonBirth Certificate BC/19/15908
JOANNE MARIE STUBBSBirth Certificate BC/19/15938
c littleBirth Certificate BC/19/15947
Jason AllisonBirth Certificate BC/19/15960
Tony BarkerBirth Certificate BC/19/15988
Brenda Lesley VircoBirth Certificate BC/19/16000
Michael James ByrneBirth Certificate BC/19/16012
Margaret Alexis Macintosh Dickinson NixonBirth Certificate BC/19/16021
lee isabella mathersBirth Certificate BC/19/16042
Sabrina GinesiBirth Certificate BC/19/16052
Jacqueline PhoenixBirth Certificate BC/19/16074
Michael John HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/16083
Orion Sirius HunterBirth Certificate BC/19/16098
Jill benetBirth Certificate BC/19/16125
Gordon Arthur HunterBirth Certificate BC/19/16138
Reginald AustinBirth Certificate BC/19/16163
ivoryBirth Certificate BC/19/16172
Alan BurfieldBirth Certificate BC/19/16190
Clive Robert HolfordBirth Certificate BC/19/16217
Tim JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/16348
ERNEST WENDALL ROSEBirth Certificate BC/19/16390
Ernest Wendell Rose, Jr.Birth Certificate BC/19/16403
Janice margaret probertBirth Certificate BC/19/16530
VeraBirth Certificate BC/19/16614
Keeley GreenwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/16634
Anna Sergeevna PonomarevaBirth Certificate BC/19/16653
Vitalii Aleksandrovich PonomarevBirth Certificate BC/19/16674
Vyacheslav Valentinovich ShcherbakovBirth Certificate BC/19/16716
William lewis murchBirth Certificate BC/19/16738
stuart ian dinningBirth Certificate BC/19/16766
Kizzi-Sampsona Ayan Sharifa Connell-CorbinBirth Certificate BC/19/16781
Carla Amber PeplerBirth Certificate BC/19/16815
Raivo OrgusaarBirth Certificate BC/19/16827
Michael Charles McgrathBirth Certificate BC/19/16869
Stacey hennesseyBirth Certificate BC/19/16906
Daniel brookesBirth Certificate BC/19/16915
Nigel FearnleyBirth Certificate BC/19/16924
Maria Margaret June CherryBirth Certificate BC/19/16998
Tommy Edward Stevens cherryBirth Certificate BC/19/17007
Caroline Anne TobinBirth Certificate BC/19/17046
Yvonne Haveloch-JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/17055
RichardBirth Certificate BC/19/17064
Jacques Elizabeth ConnellBirth Certificate BC/19/17121
Stephen Paul WalkdenBirth Certificate BC/19/17149
Aigi KivinukkBirth Certificate BC/19/17159
Patricia Doris clarkBirth Certificate BC/19/17173
Ethan Joey PattisonBirth Certificate BC/19/17180
Katylin Mia millsBirth Certificate BC/19/17186
DEVIN TREMAINE SWANSONBirth Certificate BC/19/17193
Devin Tremaine SwansonBirth Certificate BC/19/17200
Richard Mathew WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/17274
Jacqueline Lorraine BurtonBirth Certificate BC/19/17309
Steven george woodburnBirth Certificate BC/19/17364
Amanda EllesBirth Certificate BC/19/17383
Harmony lilly-Rose EllesBirth Certificate BC/19/17391
Raivo VarikBirth Certificate BC/19/17399
JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/17467
Lembit Ku00fcnnapasBirth Certificate BC/19/17511
peter daviesBirth Certificate BC/19/17548
Andrea Sharon NewellBirth Certificate BC/19/17558
Emma ORourkeBirth Certificate BC/19/17572
Zaya Tymira NubiaBirth Certificate BC/19/17613
Sheila HarperBirth Certificate BC/19/17683
Mark John GrundyBirth Certificate BC/19/17725
Emma dixonBirth Certificate BC/19/17754
Sheldan stclair-brineBirth Certificate BC/19/17761
Christopher Jeremiah OBrienBirth Certificate BC/19/17768
SheldanBirth Certificate BC/19/17772
RichardBirth Certificate BC/19/17778
timothy michael cawstonBirth Certificate BC/19/17796
NEIL FRASER GIBBBirth Certificate BC/19/17835
Christine Ou2019SullivanBirth Certificate BC/19/17853
Omega CLEO Daphne MyrieBirth Certificate BC/19/17922
Raheem Menelik MyrieBirth Certificate BC/19/17928
Negus Levi MyrieBirth Certificate BC/19/17932
Merike KiisBirth Certificate BC/19/18032
John SadlerBirth Certificate BC/19/18087
Jaan Ku00e4u00e4rmannBirth Certificate BC/19/18127
David CollinsBirth Certificate BC/19/18137
Hope AdamsBirth Certificate BC/19/18158
Katharine RaceBirth Certificate BC/19/18184
Stuart FoxBirth Certificate BC/19/18192
Anne Trevorrow HendersonBirth Certificate BC/19/18198
Ella KEARNS-CONCANNONBirth Certificate BC/19/18308
Rylan mark RansleyBirth Certificate BC/19/18336
Robert James JeffsBirth Certificate BC/19/18365
Donald Robertson MacleanBirth Certificate BC/19/18420
michael thomas powersBirth Certificate BC/19/18454
Tom JamesBirth Certificate BC/19/18493
Linda margaret BaldwinBirth Certificate BC/19/18505
Marie Danielle MorganBirth Certificate BC/19/18528
dean ryan DALEYBirth Certificate BC/19/18545
Daniella Carol SangwinBirth Certificate BC/19/18565
Ranelle Joginder BainsBirth Certificate BC/19/18587
Bashir Hassam OkhaiBirth Certificate BC/19/18596
Rachida Bashir OkhaiBirth Certificate BC/19/18602
Muhammed Bashir OkhaiBirth Certificate BC/19/18624
Aamira Bashir OkhaiBirth Certificate BC/19/18630
scott michael of the coulson familyBirth Certificate BC/19/18673
ellie-may of the coulson familyBirth Certificate BC/19/18698
Martin Andrew DugganBirth Certificate BC/19/18710
Kennet LiivBirth Certificate BC/19/18800
THEODORE MELVIN JETERBirth Certificate BC/19/18831
Ella-Mai Penfold SadlerBirth Certificate BC/19/18849
Adele shawBirth Certificate BC/19/18881
Finley butlerBirth Certificate BC/19/18890
Sheila Citrasari Maria SwerissenBirth Certificate BC/19/18898
Nina Yurievna RusinovaBirth Certificate BC/19/18931
Angela DuffyBirth Certificate BC/19/18943
Debbie Ellen macdonaldBirth Certificate BC/19/19003
Paul David WorrallBirth Certificate BC/19/19009
Richelle Sylvia DownBirth Certificate BC/19/19031
Ricky Ewart DownBirth Certificate BC/19/19038
John wilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/19102
Anthony Leslie HickmanBirth Certificate BC/19/19127
samantha jane JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/19190
Kara Dee DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/19208
Terry PetersBirth Certificate BC/19/19218
Tommy Francis burnsBirth Certificate BC/19/19247
Julie BallanceBirth Certificate BC/19/19253
Glenroy SamuelBirth Certificate BC/19/19259
Heinrich pauline martineBirth Certificate BC/19/19268
Ranelle Joginder BainsBirth Certificate BC/19/19275
Rylan mark RansleyBirth Certificate BC/19/19282
Richelle Sylvia DownBirth Certificate BC/19/19300
Geoffrey Peter TonnetBirth Certificate BC/19/19310
BARBARA LYNNE ROSSBirth Certificate BC/19/19319
Vivian Francis sandersBirth Certificate BC/19/19336
MANDY GARLANDBirth Certificate BC/19/19346
John Anthony FarrellBirth Certificate BC/19/19355
Gary HilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/19370
shaun david cottonBirth Certificate BC/19/19385
Benjamin Slade PorterBirth Certificate BC/19/19395
Christopher James OConnellBirth Certificate BC/19/19411
Matthew William StokesBirth Certificate BC/19/19421
Dagmar Johanna of ThomasBirth Certificate BC/19/19430
Chris wardBirth Certificate BC/19/19441
Peter SimmBirth Certificate BC/19/19471
Riley astin Lee goodsonBirth Certificate BC/19/19481
Elise Mari Luis GoodsonBirth Certificate BC/19/19490
Luna loweBirth Certificate BC/19/19511
TERENCE DWYERBirth Certificate BC/19/19525
Denise MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/19/19551
natasha jane of the cooper familyBirth Certificate BC/19/19596
jade louise of the coulson familyBirth Certificate BC/19/19604
Robert Leslie LeeBirth Certificate BC/19/19614
MARIO, ANDREA, DOMENICO, POLLEDRIBirth Certificate BC/19/19630
ANDREA, GISEPPE, PAOLABirth Certificate BC/19/19639
Remo, Marino, StefanoBirth Certificate BC/19/19647
Angus Lee Raymond ParrishBirth Certificate BC/19/19703
Tracey AnnBirth Certificate BC/19/19719
AngusBirth Certificate BC/19/19742
Anjali WieseBirth Certificate BC/19/19748
Edward James PughBirth Certificate BC/19/19787
Demeter avalon casey-youngBirth Certificate BC/19/19820
OZZIE EZEKEIL MORALESBirth Certificate BC/19/19845
David john reynoldsBirth Certificate BC/19/19859
Norman-AnthonyStephensBirth Certificate BC/19/19868
KissBirth Certificate BC/19/19897
Sean Patrick OconnorBirth Certificate BC/19/19906
Harry William UlijnBirth Certificate BC/19/19922
Lurline HudsonBirth Certificate BC/19/19979
Kevin Raymond LonsdaleBirth Certificate BC/19/19989
Graham Paul GallagherBirth Certificate BC/19/20008
Paul Denis SheltonBirth Certificate BC/19/20037
Ian BeedlesBirth Certificate BC/19/20069
TONY DOUGLAS ALLENBirth Certificate BC/19/20079
Robin Neil KleinigBirth Certificate BC/19/20090
David Ian WighamBirth Certificate BC/19/20099
keith martinBirth Certificate BC/19/20124
Francis John LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/19/20173
Zaya Tymira NubiaBirth Certificate BC/19/20205
james christopher ruaneBirth Certificate BC/19/20242
Kathleen SuthersBirth Certificate BC/19/20253
Tamara MarieBirth Certificate BC/19/20275
Nicola Vrani PageBirth Certificate BC/19/20283
hunter-lee john barnesBirth Certificate BC/19/20308
Melanie Jane LuntzBirth Certificate BC/19/20336
Suzanne Patricia goverBirth Certificate BC/19/20363
Joanne Mary SmartBirth Certificate BC/19/20401
Leanne Fallon SmartBirth Certificate BC/19/20408
Stephanie Scot smartBirth Certificate BC/19/20414
terrance carl peggBirth Certificate BC/19/20424
david neil and the makepeace clanBirth Certificate BC/19/20428
Louise HartwellBirth Certificate BC/19/20434
Calvin Philip hartwellBirth Certificate BC/19/20441
Jayden Michael HartwellBirth Certificate BC/19/20447
Nicola-Ann PearsonBirth Certificate BC/19/20455
Shane mark trubridgeBirth Certificate BC/19/20497
lianna-rose irene mary colesBirth Certificate BC/19/20512
caroline louise clancyBirth Certificate BC/19/20537
Helen Christine NightingaleBirth Certificate BC/19/20613
Chinelle lordBirth Certificate BC/19/20628
Roydel James WebleyBirth Certificate BC/19/20668
Tamara Marie of the family eatonBirth Certificate BC/19/20676
Mavis Jones of the family jonesBirth Certificate BC/19/20686
Ana Maria Chavez OrozcoBirth Certificate BC/19/20716
Darrin Anthony LeachBirth Certificate BC/19/20794
JUSTIN DANIEL CLARKEBirth Certificate BC/19/20808
Michelle Kelly GardnerBirth Certificate BC/19/20825
Brendan-LeeBirth Certificate BC/19/20839
kevin shepherdBirth Certificate BC/19/20853
Anthony Jonathan AdamsBirth Certificate BC/19/20872
Raymond Trevor ChiversBirth Certificate BC/19/20893
Stephanie LucsBirth Certificate BC/19/20908
jeremiah o flynnBirth Certificate BC/19/20967
Dean Kevin KnightBirth Certificate BC/19/20979
Elwyn JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/21004
Janice Margaret probertBirth Certificate BC/19/21020
Aeryn George ConnaughtonBirth Certificate BC/19/21108
Trevor YoungBirth Certificate BC/19/21132
evie of the family williamsBirth Certificate BC/19/21142
Paltiel-Yahudah YisraELBirth Certificate BC/19/21170
Derick Richard RamseyBirth Certificate BC/19/21228
Julia Ann MoranBirth Certificate BC/19/21265
Kenneth Grant StewartBirth Certificate BC/19/21291
Rachel Nicole ShugarBirth Certificate BC/19/21308
Catherine Marie Jeanne WhiteBirth Certificate BC/19/21314
Deborah Ann RobbinsBirth Certificate BC/19/21323
Tammy Rose-Anne DelineBirth Certificate BC/19/21341
Carol-Anne Marie LeBlancBirth Certificate BC/19/21347
David James Robert ClarkBirth Certificate BC/19/21356
Andrea JoneleBirth Certificate BC/19/21364
Riccardo LorenziniBirth Certificate BC/19/21371
Dominique Hannah MorganBirth Certificate BC/19/21378
Alexander Joshua MorganBirth Certificate BC/19/21385
Daniel Ross MorganBirth Certificate BC/19/21391
John Patrick JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/21415
Trudel Lise Irene MarieBirth Certificate BC/19/21426
Marie Hu00e9lu00e8ne Patricia Suzanne LangloisBirth Certificate BC/19/21442
wayne douglas archerBirth Certificate BC/19/21448
Wendy st.claire wrayBirth Certificate BC/19/21464
lottie lynn fraserBirth Certificate BC/19/21471
Gilles Lucien GauthierBirth Certificate BC/19/21482
Marianne MinniceBirth Certificate BC/19/21498
Charlene SpagnuoloBirth Certificate BC/19/21507
Janet christina HansenBirth Certificate BC/19/21515
MarcusBirth Certificate BC/19/21548
Rene Hannah Marlene RicherBirth Certificate BC/19/21557
Theoret DanielBirth Certificate BC/19/21576
Cindy-Lee MobbsBirth Certificate BC/19/21591
Nicolette Mary fowlerBirth Certificate BC/19/21604
Timothy Francis BatesBirth Certificate BC/19/21617
Thelma Elaine ParkerBirth Certificate BC/19/21623
David Ashton HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/21632
Shani dawn bignallBirth Certificate BC/19/21661
Steven Michael EggingtonBirth Certificate BC/19/21697
Janie M TallmanBirth Certificate BC/19/21704
Thomas James YatesBirth Certificate BC/19/21712
Sally Anne WoodhouseBirth Certificate BC/19/21721
Kevin bryceBirth Certificate BC/19/21729
Brenda Pearl SayerBirth Certificate BC/19/21766
Hamilton Samson de GaleBirth Certificate BC/19/21776
Danielle jacksonBirth Certificate BC/19/21793
Lorraine OsborneBirth Certificate BC/19/21815
Anastasia Anatolievna SergeevaBirth Certificate BC/19/21827
Glyn EvansBirth Certificate BC/19/21901
Dennis ManfredBirth Certificate BC/19/21917
Sandi Frances StoutBirth Certificate BC/19/21925
Katrin TambergBirth Certificate BC/19/21988
Laura AasmaaBirth Certificate BC/19/22000
LiudmilaBirth Certificate BC/19/22008
Laureta Lili AasmaaBirth Certificate BC/19/22017
Sally Claire GliddonBirth Certificate BC/19/22047
Richard Daniel FraserBirth Certificate BC/19/22056
Aiden Kopperstad CritchlowBirth Certificate BC/19/22068
Willow Storm Buttercup Hill ValleyBirth Certificate BC/19/22150
Penelope Dawn HootonBirth Certificate BC/19/22164
Dayna Bonnie Dena ShugarBirth Certificate BC/19/22172
Sandra Frances StoutBirth Certificate BC/19/22181
Loretta May EngeBirth Certificate BC/19/22228
Gerald James Adam WhitemanBirth Certificate BC/19/22242
robert johnBirth Certificate BC/19/22251
KOVu00c1CS IMRE Ru00d3BERTBirth Certificate BC/19/22294
JaanBirth Certificate BC/19/22326
adam lee wildeBirth Certificate BC/19/22339
ELVY GALAN CRUZBirth Certificate BC/19/22379
Karen Ilaina SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/22417
Saskia Carole FreemanBirth Certificate BC/19/22447
Pamela ThorpeBirth Certificate BC/19/22471
mark anthony foxBirth Certificate BC/19/22483
antonio mcgrandlesBirth Certificate BC/19/22500
Sonja HearnBirth Certificate BC/19/22515
Donal Plunkett MurphyBirth Certificate BC/19/22530
Hanif ishaq Leopold maylorBirth Certificate BC/19/22574
Sheila Citrasari Maria SwerissenBirth Certificate BC/19/22675
Reece Alexander doyleBirth Certificate BC/19/22730
Edmont CookBirth Certificate BC/19/22802
Paul EdwardBirth Certificate BC/19/22826
John Anthony GuyBirth Certificate BC/19/22880
John ParkinBirth Certificate BC/19/22889
Julie Anne HumphreyBirth Certificate BC/19/22898
Svetlana BuchinskayaBirth Certificate BC/19/22974
Emma Lucy ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/19/22995
Geoffrey PeterBirth Certificate BC/19/23010
Stephen Cornelius MooreBirth Certificate BC/19/23031
Lansford LloydBirth Certificate BC/19/23078
Millie-Rose LynnBirth Certificate BC/19/23099
Melanie HonybunBirth Certificate BC/19/23108
Edmont CookBirth Certificate BC/19/23125
Graham Robert StevensBirth Certificate BC/19/23179
Mohammed Farook Hassam OkhaiBirth Certificate BC/19/23196
Aurelia Daligdig OkhaiBirth Certificate BC/19/23205
Alex RightBirth Certificate BC/19/23213
Thomas William BroadhurstBirth Certificate BC/19/23244
Matthew Alexander Lloyd MillingtonBirth Certificate BC/19/23263
MarcoBirth Certificate BC/19/23292
Jennifer Susanne FagaBirth Certificate BC/19/23325
Kamari Coswalde RodneyBirth Certificate BC/19/23347
Kashif MahmoodBirth Certificate BC/19/23398
Mohammed MahmoodBirth Certificate BC/19/23405
Vincent MicallefBirth Certificate BC/19/23446
melissa-jo barnesBirth Certificate BC/19/23465
Karen Ann LeitchBirth Certificate BC/19/23485
Daniel Stephen NorthBirth Certificate BC/19/23495
Daniel Pascoe CarpenterBirth Certificate BC/19/23548
Bernadette Donna JobBirth Certificate BC/19/23556
Julette Mary Retia DionneBirth Certificate BC/19/23562
Steven Charles DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/23611
Paul Michael CookBirth Certificate BC/19/23626
Emma SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/23640
KieronBirth Certificate BC/19/23654
Clarice Machia GutmannBirth Certificate BC/19/23663
Nigel Andrew hudsonBirth Certificate BC/19/23672
Stephen WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/23705
Darren Simon johnBirth Certificate BC/19/23724
daniel shawBirth Certificate BC/19/23749
Terrence Carl PeggBirth Certificate BC/19/23779
adam richard cheltonBirth Certificate BC/19/23835
kerry anne duvalBirth Certificate BC/19/23844
Therese Charlotte HarrisBirth Certificate BC/19/23852
katie louise sandhamBirth Certificate BC/19/23885
lucas scott cheltonBirth Certificate BC/19/23891
tegan may cheltonBirth Certificate BC/19/23897
Laura JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/23951
Garry Samuel CyrBirth Certificate BC/19/23960
Julie Ann ScimoneBirth Certificate BC/19/23968
Emil RutikuBirth Certificate BC/19/23977
Lan WinterBirth Certificate BC/19/24005
Louise joanna dawn jamesBirth Certificate BC/19/24015
Spencer John William walkerBirth Certificate BC/19/24054
Eric Lloyd SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/24107
Clifford Gordon MillerBirth Certificate BC/19/24126
Fynn Michael GilbertBirth Certificate BC/19/24142
Olivia Grace GilbertBirth Certificate BC/19/24151
Su0103ndulescu Constantin GabrielBirth Certificate BC/19/24210
Daniel BuseBirth Certificate BC/19/24219
michael josephBirth Certificate BC/19/24280
Roland Norbert AlfredBirth Certificate BC/19/24287
Neil Dean CleverleyBirth Certificate BC/19/24302
Sarah AllenBirth Certificate BC/19/24312
Michael WalkerBirth Certificate BC/19/24321
Robert Sten OlofBirth Certificate BC/19/24348
Amanda BurrusBirth Certificate BC/19/24360
Paul YeomansBirth Certificate BC/19/24371
Mikael Ingemar HagenboBirth Certificate BC/19/24409
Ateeq HussainBirth Certificate BC/19/24424
George Nathanial Winston BholoBirth Certificate BC/19/24452
Dorothy jean HendersonBirth Certificate BC/19/24513
Isla Ava Marie LockBirth Certificate BC/19/24588
Samuel Thomas cooperBirth Certificate BC/19/24605
Danielle Elizabeth FergusonBirth Certificate BC/19/24614
Andrew DempseyBirth Certificate BC/19/24663
Martin Alan GreenBirth Certificate BC/19/24690
EllenBirth Certificate BC/19/24700
kieren of the family mcwilliamBirth Certificate BC/19/24719
Antony Gary PerksBirth Certificate BC/19/24729
Benn NICHOLLSBirth Certificate BC/19/24738
Kimberly Faye ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/19/24755
Jean ParkinBirth Certificate BC/19/24764
Christine Ou2019SullivanBirth Certificate BC/19/24774
Douglas Ray HaynesBirth Certificate BC/19/24783
Aundra Denise OwensBirth Certificate BC/19/24797
Philip WalkerBirth Certificate BC/19/24812
David-john ParrotteBirth Certificate BC/19/24818
Gregers BrinchBirth Certificate BC/19/24856
Diane BruceBirth Certificate BC/19/24881
LegaultBirth Certificate BC/19/24890
Raymond John SavageBirth Certificate BC/19/24899
Hayden ChiversBirth Certificate BC/19/24908
David Alan KightleyBirth Certificate BC/19/24917
Melvyn Richard RHODESBirth Certificate BC/19/25005
Lynn Rosemary ColecloughBirth Certificate BC/19/25015
Caroline Leigh greenfieldBirth Certificate BC/19/25031
Leif Erling GunnarBirth Certificate BC/19/25041
Jason Al Martino GordonBirth Certificate BC/19/25090
Dariusz MuchaBirth Certificate BC/19/25099
Kelly Marie RileyBirth Certificate BC/19/25156
Rebecca Sarah RileyBirth Certificate BC/19/25163
Molly Isabella RileyBirth Certificate BC/19/25168
Stelios PapadopoullosBirth Certificate BC/19/25175
Vaughn Keith BoastBirth Certificate BC/19/25185
Julia Marie CollingsBirth Certificate BC/19/25211
Susan Tracy BrettBirth Certificate BC/19/25231
GRAHAM SMITHBirth Certificate BC/19/25262
Shane Christopher David SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/25342
Garrie lee peck.Birth Certificate BC/19/25351
Trisha DeMottBirth Certificate BC/19/25445
Zeid Arnes och Ingas dotterBirth Certificate BC/19/25478
Anthony John UptonBirth Certificate BC/19/25486
Anneli NeiBirth Certificate BC/19/25501
Richard Andrew RhodesBirth Certificate BC/19/25538
Zion Anthony HenryBirth Certificate BC/19/25545
Julian CoxBirth Certificate BC/19/25589
zion anthony henryBirth Certificate BC/19/25644
Marcus Hazel-McGownBirth Certificate BC/19/25676
Rebecca Jayne BuftonBirth Certificate BC/19/25685
Mu00f3nica.Birth Certificate BC/19/25696
Clive Alexander WatsonBirth Certificate BC/19/25703
Fraser john innesBirth Certificate BC/19/25721
Rudolf Nico PenninkhofBirth Certificate BC/19/25744
john jeremy francis kitsonBirth Certificate BC/19/25753
Emma FelsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25769
Anthony ForkinBirth Certificate BC/19/25778
Stavros Christian EconomouBirth Certificate BC/19/25787
David Paul witcherBirth Certificate BC/19/25798
Eddie roger felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25805
Toby martyn roger felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25811
Charley jo felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25815
Sophie grace felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25819
Kerri felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25823
Anna-may Parker PattersonBirth Certificate BC/19/25838
Rebecca-lynn Jane pattersonBirth Certificate BC/19/25851
Niamh Annie ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/19/25855
Colum-paul ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/19/25859
Megan mary-rose PattersonBirth Certificate BC/19/25866
Emma felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25899
Eddie roger felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25906
Toby martyn roger felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25912
Charley jo felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25916
Kerri Gillian felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25920
Sophie grace felsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/25924
Kevin-francis of Brady familyBirth Certificate BC/19/25973
benjamin james walbyBirth Certificate BC/19/26005
David NoakesBirth Certificate BC/19/26026
Daniel TitchmarshBirth Certificate BC/19/26040
Lynda BanksBirth Certificate BC/19/26065
John wilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/26080
Jaya Shivani KrachtBirth Certificate BC/19/26091
Arvo RaasukeBirth Certificate BC/19/26105
Maarja MeldreBirth Certificate BC/19/26121
Gerli JaksenBirth Certificate BC/19/26135
Kristjan KukkurBirth Certificate BC/19/26145
Nigel Ian WattBirth Certificate BC/19/26155
Lea Pu00e4rtBirth Certificate BC/19/26164
Sharla Louise Marie AliBirth Certificate BC/19/26197
Sharla Louise Marie AliBirth Certificate BC/19/26209
vladimirBirth Certificate BC/19/26256
Jacqueline leveneBirth Certificate BC/19/26269
Gary CaineBirth Certificate BC/19/26278
Jessica Jane GambleBirth Certificate BC/19/26286
Anne Pieter BoonstraBirth Certificate BC/19/26316
Judith Lillian RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/26372
Gavin William JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/26381
gary stephen tyersBirth Certificate BC/19/26399
Gavin William JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/26415
Dwayne LewisBirth Certificate BC/19/26459
Alvaro Javier MartinezBirth Certificate BC/19/26486
Freya NEWINGTONBirth Certificate BC/19/26509
Louie NEWINGTONBirth Certificate BC/19/26523
Tia NEWINGTONBirth Certificate BC/19/26541
Lavaeya Chloe fitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/19/26550
Marko VeideBirth Certificate BC/19/26579
Sharonea Louise FitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/19/26593
Lavaeya Chloe fitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/19/26633
Kimani Naomi CrouchBirth Certificate BC/19/26665
Jamie David Leslie BENNETTBirth Certificate BC/19/26671
JaneBirth Certificate BC/19/26689
Markus Levi DaleBirth Certificate BC/19/26694
Susannah Irene BarrettBirth Certificate BC/19/26740
TRACY ELIZABETH BOGGBirth Certificate BC/19/26769
Jean Lesley PeersBirth Certificate BC/19/26813
Barbara Anne MorelandBirth Certificate BC/19/26822
Elizabeth leanne BirdBirth Certificate BC/19/26831
Emma Louise SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/26844
Markus Levi DaleBirth Certificate BC/19/26881
Caroline Elizabeth SwindallBirth Certificate BC/19/26890
ANDREW MCCALLUMBirth Certificate BC/19/26913
Anthony Mario ShartzerBirth Certificate BC/19/26921
Oliver James McgregorBirth Certificate BC/19/26940
Fred billyBirth Certificate BC/19/26949
Sarah Caroline KemmBirth Certificate BC/19/26965
Samantha JamesBirth Certificate BC/19/26984
Stephen CorneliusBirth Certificate BC/19/27066
Aaron franceBirth Certificate BC/19/27112
Daniel hunterBirth Certificate BC/19/27174
Samantha Jane KerrBirth Certificate BC/19/27199
Shaun OrmeBirth Certificate BC/19/27243
Ronald James BaileyBirth Certificate BC/19/27264
Morrigan Elizabeth ShackletonBirth Certificate BC/19/27270
John GomanBirth Certificate BC/19/27320
Simone Helen CosgroveBirth Certificate BC/19/27339
Brooklyn Leigh Cosgrove-BarrBirth Certificate BC/19/27348
Jayden Jimmy Cosgrove-PotterBirth Certificate BC/19/27356
NasimBirth Certificate BC/19/27372
Clifford Lee MooreBirth Certificate BC/19/27379
Jenny LynnBirth Certificate BC/19/27385
william henry kearfordBirth Certificate BC/19/27409
John Michael LedgisterBirth Certificate BC/19/27415
Lubica BugarovaBirth Certificate BC/19/27430
Nicola Ann GoldingBirth Certificate BC/19/27459
Heidi Susan PoradaBirth Certificate BC/19/27493
Charles Joseph SandemanBirth Certificate BC/19/27503
Shannon Dawn RogersBirth Certificate BC/19/27535
Kenton John TorreyBirth Certificate BC/19/27544
Wendy ShillcockBirth Certificate BC/19/27563
Andrew Cameron MerrikinBirth Certificate BC/19/27588
JULIE ANN DAYBirth Certificate BC/19/27598
Gillian Ann DymondBirth Certificate BC/19/27610
Anthony BibbyBirth Certificate BC/19/27616
Paul William LiversuchBirth Certificate BC/19/27622
Peter John DrabbleBirth Certificate BC/19/27628
Maria WalkerBirth Certificate BC/19/27637
Janet BakerBirth Certificate BC/19/27648
Lynn ManningBirth Certificate BC/19/27667
Robert peter HearnBirth Certificate BC/19/27685
Michael john brownBirth Certificate BC/19/27695
Margaret MarshBirth Certificate BC/19/27711
Darren Roy AnnettsBirth Certificate BC/19/27721
Ray JenkinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/27727
Haroulla FanosBirth Certificate BC/19/27747
Claire Anne HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/27752
Paul Joseph AfflickBirth Certificate BC/19/27762
Marcus John HolmesBirth Certificate BC/19/27775
James Allan ThorntonBirth Certificate BC/19/27791
Kathleen Ann HuntleyBirth Certificate BC/19/27803
Margaret LumsdenBirth Certificate BC/19/27811
Lucia Kathleen Franka AlfonsiBirth Certificate BC/19/27820
Paul GoldrickBirth Certificate BC/19/27835
Francis Lea CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/27841
MOLLY ROBERTA TUCKBirth Certificate BC/19/27859
Margaret Pamela HaylesBirth Certificate BC/19/27873
Jean Marie von EndeBirth Certificate BC/19/27906
Angela FiddesBirth Certificate BC/19/27920
Jane DavisBirth Certificate BC/19/27938
MichaEL BlackwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/27944
Nigel spud farrelBirth Certificate BC/19/27981
Robert SpreadboroughBirth Certificate BC/19/28004
Josephine ClairmontBirth Certificate BC/19/28014
Nicholas HuntBirth Certificate BC/19/28022
Richard James StuddBirth Certificate BC/19/28028
Paul Ian WhiteBirth Certificate BC/19/28034
Phil HeathBirth Certificate BC/19/28045
Johanna Hendrika KooistraBirth Certificate BC/19/28050
Martin LeeBirth Certificate BC/19/28056
June BertramBirth Certificate BC/19/28078
Rebecca OttewellBirth Certificate BC/19/28084
Veronica PirieBirth Certificate BC/19/28093
Andrzej Ksawery Tomasz LissowskiBirth Certificate BC/19/28101
Mark Julian ZacchiaBirth Certificate BC/19/28110
Mary Kathleen GregoryBirth Certificate BC/19/28116
Anna Maria BrookBirth Certificate BC/19/28127
Ronald Paul ConstableBirth Certificate BC/19/28136
paul antony lilleyBirth Certificate BC/19/28143
Roger Kingsley SolomonBirth Certificate BC/19/28149
Linda LauderdaleBirth Certificate BC/19/28158
LeanneBirth Certificate BC/19/28167
Bruce Robert LambBirth Certificate BC/19/28176
Christian HendleBirth Certificate BC/19/28185
William James SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/28202
Jillian Dawn ClarksonBirth Certificate BC/19/28240
Ronald Stanley HillBirth Certificate BC/19/28247
Ursula Nu00fcsgenBirth Certificate BC/19/28256
Oliver Peter FentonBirth Certificate BC/19/28264
susan boardleyBirth Certificate BC/19/28271
Geoffrey Charles PerkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/28277
Kevin StevensonBirth Certificate BC/19/28283
Keith BrasingtonBirth Certificate BC/19/28289
david richardsBirth Certificate BC/19/28296
Stephen Paul BarnesBirth Certificate BC/19/28311
Declan JoyceBirth Certificate BC/19/28317
Kevin Alan ChadwickBirth Certificate BC/19/28323
Leroy Paul DevonshireBirth Certificate BC/19/28329
Bernard CarneyBirth Certificate BC/19/28340
Susan Jane MaybeeBirth Certificate BC/19/28366
Eric John HendleBirth Certificate BC/19/28377
Andrew SambrooksBirth Certificate BC/19/28385
Irene Patricia RouenBirth Certificate BC/19/28394
angelaBirth Certificate BC/19/28402
Christine Leigh griffithsBirth Certificate BC/19/28408
Darren ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/19/28414
Joseph myles kirbyBirth Certificate BC/19/28420
Clive RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/19/28426
Andrew David FosterBirth Certificate BC/19/28433
Miranda van HalenBirth Certificate BC/19/28440
harriet Jane halcrowBirth Certificate BC/19/28448
Richard StreetBirth Certificate BC/19/28458
David BorthwickBirth Certificate BC/19/28469
Susan Joanna WalshBirth Certificate BC/19/28486
Philip Graham SpoonerBirth Certificate BC/19/28496
Carol WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/28507
Derek FarrellBirth Certificate BC/19/28513
ROBERT ARTHUR WARREN DARLEYBirth Certificate BC/19/28520
Joseph myles kirbyBirth Certificate BC/19/28528
ailsa catrina macduffBirth Certificate BC/19/28548
Rachel Anne CarterBirth Certificate BC/19/28556
Christopher James RickettsBirth Certificate BC/19/28564
Richard Alexander LoughBirth Certificate BC/19/28570
Michael Carlene WalkerBirth Certificate BC/19/28576
Glen PanayiBirth Certificate BC/19/28586
John GarrettBirth Certificate BC/19/28592
Richard Arthur PearsonBirth Certificate BC/19/28601
Thomas Arthur Noel Langton-LocktonBirth Certificate BC/19/28609
David Alan BlochBirth Certificate BC/19/28617
Bruce Nowell RobeyBirth Certificate BC/19/28625
Glen SanterBirth Certificate BC/19/28631
Yvonne Anne CuttingBirth Certificate BC/19/28640
JOHN RICHARD HUDSONBirth Certificate BC/19/28648
Dene Anthony CarringtonBirth Certificate BC/19/28658
stella bergBirth Certificate BC/19/28666
MeijereBirth Certificate BC/19/28672
michael john kempBirth Certificate BC/19/28707
shaun terrance donachieBirth Certificate BC/19/28744
Wendy RuthBirth Certificate BC/19/28751
Elaine SlevinBirth Certificate BC/19/28757
Michael Edward Francis StephensBirth Certificate BC/19/28763
Vijay MahrraBirth Certificate BC/19/28780
Susannah Mary AcworthBirth Certificate BC/19/28784
Peter Dominic ThorneycroftBirth Certificate BC/19/28790
Robert William LeeBirth Certificate BC/19/28806
anthony david wilson shawBirth Certificate BC/19/28813
Daniel GambleBirth Certificate BC/19/28819
James Alfred Keith MillarBirth Certificate BC/19/28825
Diana Lynda u00d3ShaughnessyBirth Certificate BC/19/28834
Julian Edward PatriceBirth Certificate BC/19/28847
Eugene MoreauBirth Certificate BC/19/28856
Royston John SimmonsBirth Certificate BC/19/28871
Gillian Claire BrownBirth Certificate BC/19/28893
Darren Carl RobertsBirth Certificate BC/19/28900
Darren Lee McGuinnessBirth Certificate BC/19/28910
Emily Grace WoodhouseBirth Certificate BC/19/28916
Christine DavisonBirth Certificate BC/19/28926
Marianne Bonneta siddonsBirth Certificate BC/19/28940
Janis MuirBirth Certificate BC/19/28954
Steven Duncan AllanBirth Certificate BC/19/28962
Bruce Edward BakerBirth Certificate BC/19/28975
Dargma Johanna ThomasBirth Certificate BC/19/28984
Germaine Guinevere LudikBirth Certificate BC/19/29014
JayneBirth Certificate BC/19/29026
Andrew Peter SloanBirth Certificate BC/19/29035
Eugene Patrick GuilfoyleBirth Certificate BC/19/29043
Debra Jane WestmorelandBirth Certificate BC/19/29049
Huw Rhys WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/29066
Porl E CasperBirth Certificate BC/19/29074
Irene Mara MoreauBirth Certificate BC/19/29087
Louise TempletonBirth Certificate BC/19/29093
Richard James SwinglerBirth Certificate BC/19/29099
Emma Louise StearnBirth Certificate BC/19/29110
Sarah Jane JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/29118
Helen Louise PickettBirth Certificate BC/19/29133
alisterBirth Certificate BC/19/29143
John mcfarlaneBirth Certificate BC/19/29152
Philip John McGrathBirth Certificate BC/19/29175
Bju00f6rn Olof Wikund-HanssonBirth Certificate BC/19/29183
Paul JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/29189
Hazel RodriguesBirth Certificate BC/19/29201
Robert HunstonBirth Certificate BC/19/29208
Paul-JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/29214
Shayne James deanBirth Certificate BC/19/29221
Chris. AllenBirth Certificate BC/19/29227
DOUGLAS RUTHERFORDBirth Certificate BC/19/29233
Vivienne JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/29242
Gordon Charles BurgessBirth Certificate BC/19/29252
Shulie Jane Katherine BannisterBirth Certificate BC/19/29258
Stephen BoocockBirth Certificate BC/19/29264
linda ann scrannageBirth Certificate BC/19/29270
Steve HardyBirth Certificate BC/19/29306
Davies AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/19/29314
William George ScottBirth Certificate BC/19/29320
mark william vernonBirth Certificate BC/19/29337
Keith Roger BassengerBirth Certificate BC/19/29343
Lisa Suzanne RaymentBirth Certificate BC/19/29357
Cheryl Annette JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/29366
Sebastian BennisonBirth Certificate BC/19/29374
Sheila McVeighBirth Certificate BC/19/29386
Stuart Thomas ForsythBirth Certificate BC/19/29395
Tracy JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/29408
Paul Richard John dillyBirth Certificate BC/19/29414
Chris HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/19/29429
Kent JoachimBirth Certificate BC/19/29435
Marina Mary JordanBirth Certificate BC/19/29444
William Anthony DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/29453
Sigune Johanna GrosseBirth Certificate BC/19/29464
McParlandBirth Certificate BC/19/29476
Teresa McCormackBirth Certificate BC/19/29482
Andrew of WelwynBirth Certificate BC/19/29491
Alison Jane PearsonBirth Certificate BC/19/29521
Paul RobothamBirth Certificate BC/19/29530
Robert HounsellBirth Certificate BC/19/29539
Ian Robert McKenzieBirth Certificate BC/19/29555
Mark Laurence LeaBirth Certificate BC/19/29568
Andrew David BellBirth Certificate BC/19/29577
PatrickBirth Certificate BC/19/29584
David Gresham ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/19/29593
Ciaran Patrick PhelanBirth Certificate BC/19/29599
Angela Mary McClearyBirth Certificate BC/19/29609
Alex MonkBirth Certificate BC/19/29646
Valerie Ann MillerBirth Certificate BC/19/29658
Philip Anthony sinnottBirth Certificate BC/19/29671
Alexandra Hendle (formally Moliva)Birth Certificate BC/19/29679
Haydn JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/29685
Mc ClurkinBirth Certificate BC/19/29691
Ann WalshBirth Certificate BC/19/29701
Fraser Walter JackBirth Certificate BC/19/29716
warren thomas john knightBirth Certificate BC/19/29754
Sherril Jean FlandersBirth Certificate BC/19/29764
Nora BurgessBirth Certificate BC/19/29772
Felix Alexander Darius BrinchBirth Certificate BC/19/29779
Andrew John AdamsBirth Certificate BC/19/29785
angus robert maccallum sinclairBirth Certificate BC/19/29791
Linda Jane RiveBirth Certificate BC/19/29797
Selina Joya Rahel BrinchBirth Certificate BC/19/29805
Eric Paul JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/29821
Marigold Jane TippleBirth Certificate BC/19/29827
Richard Adrian RushmerBirth Certificate BC/19/29833
Kate JakobssonBirth Certificate BC/19/29840
jamie donachieBirth Certificate BC/19/29847
Juliet Kate RobeyBirth Certificate BC/19/29881
Cynthia Jean CreamerBirth Certificate BC/19/29890
Paul John ChaplinBirth Certificate BC/19/29896
Jane Sherrard-SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/29902
Roger Bruce BartleBirth Certificate BC/19/29915
David Francis PalfremanBirth Certificate BC/19/29934
nicholas turnerBirth Certificate BC/19/29943
James birkettBirth Certificate BC/19/29963
Robert William BirtleBirth Certificate BC/19/29974
stuart wheelerBirth Certificate BC/19/29982
Fiona Snow PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/19/29988
Shaun Anthony HateleyBirth Certificate BC/19/29995
Paula JeanBirth Certificate BC/19/30024
John BroadbentBirth Certificate BC/19/30035
Jim BannellBirth Certificate BC/19/30059
Karen BainesBirth Certificate BC/19/30068
Rodney William LeonardBirth Certificate BC/19/30078
Charles GusmanBirth Certificate BC/19/30087
charlie sweeneyBirth Certificate BC/19/30142
christopher werner johnBirth Certificate BC/19/30154
Mike KeoghBirth Certificate BC/19/30177
Candice Jane CalhounBirth Certificate BC/19/30183
Astrid VaiksaarBirth Certificate BC/19/30213
Graham PearceBirth Certificate BC/19/30248
David ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/19/30259
Philip David McCauley-RoweBirth Certificate BC/19/30283
Laura Brannan, now GilmartinBirth Certificate BC/19/30290
JACK Ou2019NEILLBirth Certificate BC/19/30298
Warren-of-ArthurAD579Birth Certificate BC/19/30304
Martin SpencerBirth Certificate BC/19/30317
Wayne KozlowskiBirth Certificate BC/19/30332
Jack HudsonBirth Certificate BC/19/30353
Emily BlakeBirth Certificate BC/19/30361
Michael John HaslamBirth Certificate BC/19/30370
Carolyn Frazer HandleyBirth Certificate BC/19/30380
Leo Joseph CavanaghBirth Certificate BC/19/30388
Ian AndersonBirth Certificate BC/19/30437
Patricia Adele BailieBirth Certificate BC/19/30479
Kelly Chantel PearceBirth Certificate BC/19/30492
Jeffrey of the family NilsenBirth Certificate BC/19/30504
Anthont Edward SampsonBirth Certificate BC/19/30524
Keith Dennis BennettBirth Certificate BC/19/30542
kieran elric bennettBirth Certificate BC/19/30548
Daniel Osiris Kieron FulcherBirth Certificate BC/19/30557
Nicola Fredrica Madeline WaehamBirth Certificate BC/19/30566
Sebastian-FlorinBirth Certificate BC/19/30585
Annelise FranckBirth Certificate BC/19/30598
FabianBirth Certificate BC/19/30606
Suzanne parkBirth Certificate BC/19/30617
CROSSON Catherine JacquelineBirth Certificate BC/19/30626
Philip Andrew BeedlesBirth Certificate BC/19/30634
Barry-claytonBirth Certificate BC/19/30644
Frank KargBirth Certificate BC/19/30650
Sasha WhyattBirth Certificate BC/19/30665
Alexandra KakoulidouBirth Certificate BC/19/30682
Steven john of the house of HamlinBirth Certificate BC/19/30694
Anna ZimmermanBirth Certificate BC/19/30702
Helena Frances Alexandra MulhollandBirth Certificate BC/19/30714
Ronald FrankBirth Certificate BC/19/30728
Margaret Lillian BettanyBirth Certificate BC/19/30734
Tristen Phyllis BailieBirth Certificate BC/19/30764
JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/30771
Paul SouthamBirth Certificate BC/19/30778
Joanne SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/30787
Ian George ScrimgeourBirth Certificate BC/19/30826
Susan AshtonBirth Certificate BC/19/30835
Alastair HobbsBirth Certificate BC/19/30846
Lynn LeedhamBirth Certificate BC/19/30852
Joanna BycroftBirth Certificate BC/19/30861
Simon William HurstBirth Certificate BC/19/30870
Joseph valladoresBirth Certificate BC/19/30882
Wayne gilmourBirth Certificate BC/19/30891
Oliver Martin BrentonBirth Certificate BC/19/30899
Sabine Heike KeilBirth Certificate BC/19/30906
Brian Leslie ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/19/30934
aivarasBirth Certificate BC/19/30959
Lee David MillerBirth Certificate BC/19/30968
GERALD ROBERT SILLETTBirth Certificate BC/19/30980
Paul John Anthony TalbotBirth Certificate BC/19/30989
Gertrude Lindsay DiazBirth Certificate BC/19/30995
Deborah Ann SpaldingBirth Certificate BC/19/31005
Deborah Kathleen WaterhouseBirth Certificate BC/19/31014
Stuart DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/31029
Rebeka Molly Jean da GamaBirth Certificate BC/19/31039
David Alan ClarkBirth Certificate BC/19/31048
rachel dawn broadbentBirth Certificate BC/19/31057
Christine ONeillBirth Certificate BC/19/31067
Jason VanbesienBirth Certificate BC/19/31077
Howard MarriottBirth Certificate BC/19/31106
Mirela-Gabriela Nitu.Birth Certificate BC/19/31130
Jak LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/19/31157
Wayne Vernon LevingsBirth Certificate BC/19/31170
Kay RothnieBirth Certificate BC/19/31197
John Robert HartleyBirth Certificate BC/19/31203
Thomas McConkeyBirth Certificate BC/19/31209
Michaela Winifred Ou2019ConnellBirth Certificate BC/19/31233
Patricia JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/31245
John RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/31294
Sean Michael Peter BloomfieldBirth Certificate BC/19/31303
simon jean-pierre millsBirth Certificate BC/19/31310
Christopher Steven WoodBirth Certificate BC/19/31356
Jeffrey Robert MooreBirth Certificate BC/19/31363
john of the family taylorBirth Certificate BC/19/31388
Michael WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/31396
Julie MaughanBirth Certificate BC/19/31415
Ralph Peter SephtonBirth Certificate BC/19/31431
David John WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/31438
James Currie McPhailBirth Certificate BC/19/31453
Anthena EllisBirth Certificate BC/19/31463
Fraser of the Keltie HeritageBirth Certificate BC/19/31478
Timothy Richard WebbBirth Certificate BC/19/31488
Elizabeth Alice JordanBirth Certificate BC/19/31494
John MorrisonBirth Certificate BC/19/31505
PAMELA ANNA THOMASBirth Certificate BC/19/31525
Peter JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/31536
Lynda Margaret BissetBirth Certificate BC/19/31549
markBirth Certificate BC/20/31558
pearl ann parkBirth Certificate BC/19/31566
Michael John HolmesBirth Certificate BC/19/31597
Harmail KandolaBirth Certificate BC/19/31614
Robert MasonBirth Certificate BC/19/31625
Geoffrey Stuart VaizeyBirth Certificate BC/19/31639
Kenneth Gary HarbourBirth Certificate BC/19/31648
Joseph Brent AllisonBirth Certificate BC/19/31656
William DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/19/31662
Thomas John MooneyBirth Certificate BC/19/31680
anthony crossBirth Certificate BC/19/31689
Ade EwenkhareBirth Certificate BC/19/31695
John Stuart GordonBirth Certificate BC/19/31712
Ashley BristowBirth Certificate BC/19/31746
Duncan Charles StewartBirth Certificate BC/19/31782
Max MurphyBirth Certificate BC/19/31796
Florence Marlene GoodmanBirth Certificate BC/19/31810
Hannah Victoria CurrierBirth Certificate BC/19/31869
Donald Joseph KrudaBirth Certificate BC/19/31876
Peter Henry LeadbetterBirth Certificate BC/19/31925
PETER PAUL PEREABirth Certificate BC/19/31940
Tierre Cortez Ackerman JrBirth Certificate BC/19/31946
Debra Kay JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/31955
john coventree MoncrieffBirth Certificate BC/19/31963
Alexander Ivan MuzyczkaBirth Certificate BC/19/31972
Alison Sarah WiltshireBirth Certificate BC/19/31980
Allen Joseph SteinBirth Certificate BC/19/32000
Maurice Alexander RobsonBirth Certificate BC/19/32021
Katrina HoldsworthBirth Certificate BC/19/32057
Theresa Anne HigginsBirth Certificate BC/19/32071
Lucie Belle McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/19/32075
Aimee Louise McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/19/32079
julian RowlandsBirth Certificate BC/19/32106
Jtton Edward WatsonBirth Certificate BC/19/32128
Theresa Mary WhiteBirth Certificate BC/19/32162
Kim SpreadboroughBirth Certificate BC/19/32171
Jane Lindsey Victoria MilesBirth Certificate BC/19/32188
Stephen DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/19/32194
Tina Louise GogginBirth Certificate BC/19/32200
matthewBirth Certificate BC/19/32207
Steven Terence CallaghanBirth Certificate BC/19/32213
Gary Clifford BayleyBirth Certificate BC/19/32219
BrendonBirth Certificate BC/19/32229
Kenneth Eric ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/19/32235
Fiona HendersonBirth Certificate BC/19/32241
Mark christopher AckroydBirth Certificate BC/19/32247
Brian Norman Gary WatsonBirth Certificate BC/19/32253
Lee Edward George RickettsBirth Certificate BC/19/32259
Catherine Ann HarveyBirth Certificate BC/19/32267
Lloyd Darren OwenBirth Certificate BC/19/32270
TERESA SHEPHARDBirth Certificate BC/19/32284
Christopher Colin GibsonBirth Certificate BC/19/32292
Michele josephine HoldingBirth Certificate BC/19/32298
Alfred John ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/19/32304
Anthony David HeslopBirth Certificate BC/19/32310
Julie Ann DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/19/32317
JOwen Austin DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/19/32323
Susan Olwyn KayBirth Certificate BC/19/32330
geoffrey faulknerBirth Certificate BC/19/32338
Owen Austin DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/19/32339
Oscar Charles DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/19/32352
John HaynesBirth Certificate BC/19/32358
Peter James - YoungBirth Certificate BC/19/32364
Sheila Mary Ou2019NeillBirth Certificate BC/19/32375
Garry Ian Fitgerald HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/19/32382
Peter James - YoungBirth Certificate BC/19/32386
Richard ByrnesBirth Certificate BC/19/32394
Paul CoulthardBirth Certificate BC/19/32403
Allison SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/32414
Nigel CleggBirth Certificate BC/19/32426
JulieBirth Certificate BC/19/32432
Ronnie GeddesBirth Certificate BC/19/32438
Janet Mary PaynBirth Certificate BC/19/32444
Christine AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/19/32450
Michael john BehanBirth Certificate BC/19/32456
Koren EllisBirth Certificate BC/19/32463
Antony Francis RatcliffeBirth Certificate BC/19/32477
Mathew Bowen EvansBirth Certificate BC/19/32483
Theresa AllsopBirth Certificate BC/19/32489
Guy Andrew ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/19/32497
Linda susan collisBirth Certificate BC/19/32508
Michael ReesBirth Certificate BC/19/32516
Anthony John CurnowBirth Certificate BC/19/32522
margo jean ferguson mcphateBirth Certificate BC/19/32528
James Reginald PorterBirth Certificate BC/19/32534
john husarekBirth Certificate BC/19/32540
John David InglesonBirth Certificate BC/19/32546
Iain Trevor Robert LewisBirth Certificate BC/19/32563
Maureen TomlinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/32569
james barnet dunneBirth Certificate BC/19/32576
irene george stirlingBirth Certificate BC/19/32587
Ayesha Maria St Quentin SprouleBirth Certificate BC/19/32596
allan brownBirth Certificate BC/19/32602
Richard Elliot De-AndradeBirth Certificate BC/19/32610
Karen Naismith RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/19/32621
Martin James TohillBirth Certificate BC/19/32639
Helen Grainger SteelBirth Certificate BC/19/32657
Keith AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/19/32665
Mary Philomena GaffneyBirth Certificate BC/19/32675
Leon Brenchley HortonBirth Certificate BC/19/32682
Marie Anne ReynoldsBirth Certificate BC/19/32712
Mark Philip SavageBirth Certificate BC/19/32738
Bonita Georgia WebbBirth Certificate BC/19/32750
Jonathan Michael CarrBirth Certificate BC/19/32796
Angela Jayne WhiteBirth Certificate BC/19/32805
Mark DrewBirth Certificate BC/19/32811
Stephen Alan DeanBirth Certificate BC/19/32818
Derek Anthony Temple GriffithsBirth Certificate BC/19/32825
Jacqueline Ann PritchardBirth Certificate BC/19/32835
Diane GurneyBirth Certificate BC/19/32844
angela lorraine of the mclauchlin familyBirth Certificate BC/19/32855
Michael HortonBirth Certificate BC/19/32870
Thomas HayesBirth Certificate BC/19/32879
James Robert George BoucherBirth Certificate BC/19/32885
Patrick BrowneBirth Certificate BC/19/32891
Francis SmythBirth Certificate BC/19/32897
Kathleen Joyce WoodBirth Certificate BC/19/32906
Sheilaigh Irene AllanBirth Certificate BC/19/32914
Doris Gaye RobeyBirth Certificate BC/19/32925
Kazimierz PientakBirth Certificate BC/19/32933
Lee conlonBirth Certificate BC/19/32939
graham hartBirth Certificate BC/19/32947
Bronwen PayneBirth Certificate BC/19/32959
Patrick Michael walshBirth Certificate BC/19/32995
Matthew Eyre Patrick GibbBirth Certificate BC/19/33004
Valerie Ann PierceBirth Certificate BC/19/33019
David DavisonBirth Certificate BC/19/33025
Jason hipkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/33037
Edward, Martin, FreemanBirth Certificate BC/19/33047
LawsonBirth Certificate BC/19/33065
thomas mcneeBirth Certificate BC/19/33084
Linda Eleanor Lilian ElcockBirth Certificate BC/19/33131
Darren kemal thomas muratBirth Certificate BC/19/33139
Kevin Robert BowlesBirth Certificate BC/19/33156
John Byron DarrellBirth Certificate BC/19/33201
Christian OeschBirth Certificate BC/19/33217
Lillian Ann GarnerBirth Certificate BC/19/33229
Barry NightingaleBirth Certificate BC/19/33235
Terence Andrew GuilleBirth Certificate BC/19/33268
Simon PhippsBirth Certificate BC/19/33279
Adam Richard MillardBirth Certificate BC/19/33285
michalBirth Certificate BC/19/33292
David Charles ReesBirth Certificate BC/19/33301
Karen Dawn ProsserBirth Certificate BC/19/33309
Michael John AddisonBirth Certificate BC/19/33315
Daniel Joshua ReesBirth Certificate BC/19/33321
William Jack ReesBirth Certificate BC/19/33333
David Charles ReesBirth Certificate BC/19/33343
Paul Anthony BerryBirth Certificate BC/19/33354
Richard GrayBirth Certificate BC/19/33361
LOUIS DE GALEBirth Certificate BC/19/33367
Gerard Thomas EnglandBirth Certificate BC/19/33379
Thomas SwirlesBirth Certificate BC/19/33387
Russell SwirlesBirth Certificate BC/19/33394
Alan LaidlerBirth Certificate BC/19/33404
Dinah Carolyn LustigBirth Certificate BC/19/33411
David CollinsBirth Certificate BC/19/33454
David MorrisBirth Certificate BC/19/33464
Dawn HuntBirth Certificate BC/19/33473
kevin mcilduffBirth Certificate BC/19/33489
Diana HarringtonBirth Certificate BC/19/33498
Judith HeadingBirth Certificate BC/19/33523
Martin Roy HammerBirth Certificate BC/19/33530
Robert Norman HODGSONBirth Certificate BC/19/33545
Peter David GrayBirth Certificate BC/19/33559
Adrian Roy Stratton-SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/33589
andrew mark linehamBirth Certificate BC/19/33595
Isabella Amelia Stratton SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/33608
Bernardete Palmira Ringler-SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/33617
alexander macfarlaneBirth Certificate BC/19/33625
Jacob Roy Stratton SmithBirth Certificate BC/19/33631
colin ross mcnivenBirth Certificate BC/19/33637
Virpi-Birgitta of the House KivipuroBirth Certificate BC/19/33646
Robina Judith ChambersBirth Certificate BC/19/33660
Arthur Brian GreenBirth Certificate BC/19/33666
Celia Ann AllenBirth Certificate BC/19/33675
Florence WycherleyBirth Certificate BC/19/33719
Neal SherriffBirth Certificate BC/19/33744
Julian Paul Marchant Clive SowdenBirth Certificate BC/19/33753
Mary McMahonBirth Certificate BC/19/33763
Andrew WalkerBirth Certificate BC/19/33769
Evelyn TunbullBirth Certificate BC/19/33773
Richard MCConnellBirth Certificate BC/19/33818
Dean SebastianBirth Certificate BC/19/33840
Karen Ann PurcellBirth Certificate BC/19/33874
Henrik ViggoBirth Certificate BC/19/33884
Deborah Josephine powerBirth Certificate BC/19/33921
Sungano Macandrew Severiano AisamBirth Certificate BC/19/33963
graham keith tolhurstBirth Certificate BC/19/33985
LeeBirth Certificate BC/19/33998
Alun Andrew TalbotBirth Certificate BC/19/34035
Ellen HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/34046
Poppy willow Angelina McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/19/34058
Winston junior mcintoshBirth Certificate BC/19/34063
Christina NorthBirth Certificate BC/19/34074
stuart john pattenBirth Certificate BC/19/34089
ErichBirth Certificate BC/19/34102
Martin ReapeBirth Certificate BC/19/34116
Josie Margaret PenalverBirth Certificate BC/19/34140
Michael Joe WOODSBirth Certificate BC/19/34162
KarinBirth Certificate BC/19/34198
Michael Anthony James PerryBirth Certificate BC/19/34217
ChrisBirth Certificate BC/19/34228
Donna-Marie MoyBirth Certificate BC/19/34240
Aliah Nadia GindiBirth Certificate BC/19/34245
Andy WalkerBirth Certificate BC/19/34264
desmond williamBirth Certificate BC/19/34272
Darral PinchBirth Certificate BC/19/34278
Jefferson BrennanBirth Certificate BC/19/34290
David coundleyBirth Certificate BC/19/34337
David Gordon WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/34351
Theresa Anne MillwardBirth Certificate BC/19/34358
Elizabeth Tara Lennon WellesleyBirth Certificate BC/19/34370
Rachel of the family AnstisBirth Certificate BC/19/34379
duncan barron swanBirth Certificate BC/19/34390
Duncan. Robert WordeyBirth Certificate BC/19/34399
Lance Raymond FrizzellBirth Certificate BC/19/34417
Anita RussellBirth Certificate BC/19/34426
Richard Stephen GunterBirth Certificate BC/19/34434
Richard Lloyd HOWARDBirth Certificate BC/19/34440
Michael Thomas of the House HoltBirth Certificate BC/19/34449
Joanne Patricia LewisBirth Certificate BC/19/34457
Jan-Sander SimmermanBirth Certificate BC/19/34466
Braiden John Lewis DaleBirth Certificate BC/19/34472
Skyla Lily EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/19/34477
Kalel James LewisBirth Certificate BC/19/34485
JorgensenBirth Certificate BC/19/34495
Joanne McClutchieBirth Certificate BC/19/34503
Wayne, Steven, Griffiths.Birth Certificate BC/19/34517
gregory hayBirth Certificate BC/19/34523
Kemo ( Ken )Birth Certificate BC/19/34542
Jeffrey ArmitageBirth Certificate BC/19/34570
Matthew WarrenBirth Certificate BC/19/34576
Paul James TaylorBirth Certificate BC/19/34588
steven george woodburnBirth Certificate BC/19/34601
john glennBirth Certificate BC/19/34612
DAVID WATKINSONBirth Certificate BC/19/34641
AnneBirth Certificate BC/19/34647
angela jean matthewsBirth Certificate BC/19/34659
sharonBirth Certificate BC/19/34675
Jemma NewshamBirth Certificate BC/19/34689
Ciaran Patrick LeeperBirth Certificate BC/19/34698
William Scott JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/34706
Brook hammettBirth Certificate BC/19/34720
Laura Jane BlackmoreBirth Certificate BC/19/34747
Michael Henley Llewelyn BondBirth Certificate BC/19/34766
Laraine Kathryn ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/19/34776
Shaun Duncan McGillivrayBirth Certificate BC/19/34798
Pamela Annette RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/19/34816
Michael Herny FurlongBirth Certificate BC/19/34833
pierre bilicBirth Certificate BC/19/34851
GARRY LEE MARSHALLBirth Certificate BC/19/34884
William Robert TaylorBirth Certificate BC/19/34904
Andrus Bu00f5strovBirth Certificate BC/19/34924
Brtan JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/34933
STEPHEN PAUL RAMPTONBirth Certificate BC/19/34939
Jill AngelaBirth Certificate BC/19/34948
Anthony Junior BarrettBirth Certificate BC/19/34967
Paul William RingwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/34984
Shawn Patrick BolandBirth Certificate BC/19/35020
Tanya GibbsBirth Certificate BC/19/35026
Paul WainmanBirth Certificate BC/19/35032
Sioned Ann Bennet JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/35105
Martin RossBirth Certificate BC/19/35130
darren tomlinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/35152
stephen William GarnettBirth Certificate BC/19/35161
David Mark AdelmanBirth Certificate BC/19/35184
Irving Lincoln Lionel GreenBirth Certificate BC/19/35195
Wayne Edward RutterBirth Certificate BC/19/35244
David Haunui TuwhangaiBirth Certificate BC/19/35260
HaunuiBirth Certificate BC/19/35274
Farhana ShaheenBirth Certificate BC/19/35287
Nuno Miguel Pedrosa de Alfaro e Cordeiro Simu00f5esBirth Certificate BC/19/35305
David Robert PayneBirth Certificate BC/19/35320
JOHN RICHARD IVENSBirth Certificate BC/19/35362
Francis Hugh cunninghamBirth Certificate BC/19/35377
John William Rife IIBirth Certificate BC/19/35389
Anne-Marie LundBirth Certificate BC/19/35398
SHAUN NIXONBirth Certificate BC/19/35416
Angela Mary KlaassenBirth Certificate BC/19/35447
Elizabeth Anne ChildsBirth Certificate BC/19/35456
Michael Paul WainmanBirth Certificate BC/19/35466
Michael George MorantBirth Certificate BC/19/35688
michael arthur upstoneBirth Certificate BC/19/35700
Michelle Denise, of the house of HallBirth Certificate BC/19/35804
Hilary SerridgeBirth Certificate BC/19/35821
Graeme Richard SandwithBirth Certificate BC/19/35856
Richard Michael DuffyBirth Certificate BC/19/35883
Rose DudleyBirth Certificate BC/19/35892
Frances AmarouxBirth Certificate BC/19/35901
Denise MargaretBirth Certificate BC/19/35933
Byrnice Margaret Ritchie WhaleyBirth Certificate BC/19/35939
Robert MckennaBirth Certificate BC/19/35979
Corey James YarntonBirth Certificate BC/19/35991
Anne-MarieBirth Certificate BC/19/35997
William Maurice HumphreyBirth Certificate BC/19/36009
John Anthony Aaron RuddockBirth Certificate BC/19/36015
Colin Leslie Derek RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/36024
Mark Andrew CulblaithBirth Certificate BC/19/36032
Marie Elizabeth DuncanBirth Certificate BC/19/36040
Alan Headley CrispBirth Certificate BC/19/36070
Shelagh Patricia FalconerBirth Certificate BC/19/36092
Lee Charles WilkinBirth Certificate BC/19/36101
Seu00e1n u00d3 BroinBirth Certificate BC/19/36125
Alexander James Owen Neves HornBirth Certificate BC/19/36138
Mark ProcterBirth Certificate BC/19/36150
Hazel Mary JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/36198
Mark Anthony BULLBirth Certificate BC/19/36220
Maxine stuartBirth Certificate BC/19/36265
Oliver-Sebastian.Birth Certificate BC/19/36271
Alan Michael mossBirth Certificate BC/19/36292
Jennifer JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/36306
Angela Jayne TaylorBirth Certificate BC/19/36332
Russell David GreenBirth Certificate BC/19/36390
Liam NolanBirth Certificate BC/19/36398
Dawn Marie HuberBirth Certificate BC/19/36417
JASON NICHOLAS PLACEBirth Certificate BC/19/36426
MICHAEL DUNNBirth Certificate BC/19/36434
Billy WhittleBirth Certificate BC/19/36446
Clive-AlphonsoBirth Certificate BC/19/36457
Connie Elfreda PelleBirth Certificate BC/19/36465
Jonathan Antony GentlesBirth Certificate BC/19/36475
Karoline rose damsteadBirth Certificate BC/19/36532
Madison Shannon SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/36559
Warren JacksonBirth Certificate BC/19/36574
John wagstaffBirth Certificate BC/19/36602
Robert TurnerBirth Certificate BC/19/36654
Helen MaherBirth Certificate BC/19/36663
Dobson KennethBirth Certificate BC/19/36671
Christine Dorothy HerbertBirth Certificate BC/19/36695
Graham Stephen John BambrookBirth Certificate BC/19/36724
Hilary Rosalind StrickerBirth Certificate BC/19/36735
Kerttu KaasikBirth Certificate BC/19/36758
Ayrton Nathaniel RamseyBirth Certificate BC/19/36765
serenity ennisBirth Certificate BC/19/36777
Stefan Joseph MorozgalskiBirth Certificate BC/19/36831
Jayden-James Walker WainmanBirth Certificate BC/19/36838
Nigel HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/36858
Andreas JellBirth Certificate BC/19/36878
Ian Stewart HendersonBirth Certificate BC/19/36913
Gavin HarrisBirth Certificate BC/19/36956
PETER BROUGHTONBirth Certificate BC/19/37003
DaveBirth Certificate BC/19/37019
Charlene CooperBirth Certificate BC/19/37033
David Merle MillerBirth Certificate BC/19/37039
Paul Stephen ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/19/37048
Daniel Kevin LawsBirth Certificate BC/19/37070
Russell WitteBirth Certificate BC/19/37137
Amanda JaneBirth Certificate BC/19/37153
Justene Ellen HoneBirth Certificate BC/19/37165
Colin BelfieldBirth Certificate BC/19/37174
Mandy Katrina wrayBirth Certificate BC/19/37185
Michael Jay TateBirth Certificate BC/19/37220
Martine Francoise SweeneyBirth Certificate BC/19/37241
David Richard ScottBirth Certificate BC/19/37250
Mary Campbell ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/19/37258
Diana Newling WardBirth Certificate BC/19/37264
Stephen Patrick WhitelockBirth Certificate BC/19/37270
Lionel NazarioBirth Certificate BC/19/37295
David Charles LAITYBirth Certificate BC/19/37303
William HartBirth Certificate BC/19/37322
Cormac HallahanBirth Certificate BC/19/37358
Linda Jean MurrayBirth Certificate BC/19/37380
Anthony Phillip RossBirth Certificate BC/19/37407
Caspar Gerardus Marinus de RijkBirth Certificate BC/19/37416
Neil HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/19/37423
Paola BrunettiBirth Certificate BC/19/37432
Christos EconomouBirth Certificate BC/19/37450
Sara TayntonBirth Certificate BC/19/37493
Clodagh Joan TobinBirth Certificate BC/19/37500
Julia Louise FeldmanBirth Certificate BC/19/37522
Callum Matthew TayntonBirth Certificate BC/19/37540
Allen JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/37597
Janice JacobsBirth Certificate BC/19/37667
irene george stirlingBirth Certificate BC/19/37672
Leigh SearleBirth Certificate BC/19/37679
Inderjit Kaur BirdeeBirth Certificate BC/19/37694
Nadjib AmourBirth Certificate BC/19/37721
Saul Andrew RomeroBirth Certificate BC/19/37744
Robert MckennaBirth Certificate BC/19/37755
Linda Rae CustersonBirth Certificate BC/19/37767
Ken ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/19/37781
Kevin Bruce WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/37801
dave of the familyjenkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/37818
Ryan TorreyBirth Certificate BC/19/37827
Shane william TownsendBirth Certificate BC/19/37836
Kenton Bancroft RenshawBirth Certificate BC/19/37885
Brian reginald RogersBirth Certificate BC/19/37955
michael paul scottBirth Certificate BC/19/37980
Brandi Lee SmallarzBirth Certificate BC/19/38024
Jack SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/38036
Wendy Jo HeidebrechtBirth Certificate BC/19/38079
MarkusBirth Certificate BC/19/38085
Anthony John WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/38142
Harvey Leonard BankBirth Certificate BC/19/38185
Michael Chad ROBINSONBirth Certificate BC/19/38274
brian gibsonBirth Certificate BC/19/38304
Charles PallantBirth Certificate BC/19/38342
Jonathan Charles BrownBirth Certificate BC/19/38351
Lily Mae BrownBirth Certificate BC/19/38359
Brandon Trezavon Wright BeyBirth Certificate BC/19/38365
Rukhsana HussainBirth Certificate BC/19/38375
Sheena BurgettBirth Certificate BC/19/38384
clive alphonsoBirth Certificate BC/19/38393
Lez Subito-BurrowsBirth Certificate BC/19/38412
Dave KingBirth Certificate BC/19/38421
Mark WilliamBirth Certificate BC/19/38444
Tracey Gwendoline BurtBirth Certificate BC/19/38455
Judith Lee HarperBirth Certificate BC/19/38464
PaulBirth Certificate BC/19/38497
Kennedy Nicole Wright BeyBirth Certificate BC/19/38540
Jacquline mechele wheelerBirth Certificate BC/19/38594
Joanna Mary AitchisonBirth Certificate BC/19/38628
Derek Robert HydeBirth Certificate BC/19/38650
Evie Rose Hillier-TaylorBirth Certificate BC/19/38660
david of the family crockfordBirth Certificate BC/19/38688
Warren Thomas Beck rathBirth Certificate BC/19/38790
Michael George MorantBirth Certificate BC/19/38799
Hannah Maria oswaldBirth Certificate BC/19/38806
David Bernard RathBirth Certificate BC/19/38812
Robert Lee TowersBirth Certificate BC/19/38824
Anthony Joseph LovellBirth Certificate BC/19/38833
Michael GallagherBirth Certificate BC/19/38857
u042eu0440u0438u0439/YurijBirth Certificate BC/19/38866
igorBirth Certificate BC/19/38890
Dyllan JacobBirth Certificate BC/19/38909
Richard Smith spencerBirth Certificate BC/19/38931
Donna Louise WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/38940
Mason Barry rathBirth Certificate BC/19/38958
Allan Andrew DickBirth Certificate BC/19/38969
Neil OConnellBirth Certificate BC/19/39012
michael beckBirth Certificate BC/19/39021
NeilBirth Certificate BC/19/39030
Lee Robert StreetBirth Certificate BC/19/39040
Adam Thompson-MilneBirth Certificate BC/19/39049
Kim Simon UptonBirth Certificate BC/19/39069
Colman- Anthony Mc CarthyBirth Certificate BC/19/39078
Stanley IredaleBirth Certificate BC/19/39143
robert thomas william ashBirth Certificate BC/19/39165
Nicolette Mai SaubolleBirth Certificate BC/19/39181
Johan Gerhardus Petrus of the family MarneweckBirth Certificate BC/19/39196
Francois GervaisBirth Certificate BC/19/39221
te kaipara-meihanaBirth Certificate BC/19/39232
Marshall Robert WhistonBirth Certificate BC/19/39261
Phil beaumontBirth Certificate BC/19/39276
Abri, of the family, OosthuizenBirth Certificate BC/19/39285
Arley-rae hardmanBirth Certificate BC/19/39301
Tihoi TiniBirth Certificate BC/19/39365
Mark jaksonBirth Certificate BC/19/39374
john buckleyBirth Certificate BC/19/39384
Florian JaymeBirth Certificate BC/19/39393
u042eu0440u0438u0439 u041au0443u0437u044cu043cu0438u043d/Yurij KuzminBirth Certificate BC/19/39400
KenBirth Certificate BC/19/39428
Claire Lorraine PhilbrickBirth Certificate BC/19/39450
Dyllan Jacob, Hermida-HettingerBirth Certificate BC/19/39461
Charlotte Patricia DUTFIELDBirth Certificate BC/19/39498
Stuart, Joseph of the family MonkBirth Certificate BC/19/39513
Summer-Louise MurchBirth Certificate BC/19/39517
mark anthony vatsalooBirth Certificate BC/19/39536
Luca Ray VatsalooBirth Certificate BC/19/39547
Joseph DayBirth Certificate BC/19/39559
Brian Langley HARRISBirth Certificate BC/19/39569
Brian M GascoigneBirth Certificate BC/19/39584
Chris TovyBirth Certificate BC/19/39601
Maureen smithBirth Certificate BC/19/39610
LAURA ANNA RUXTONBirth Certificate BC/19/39622
Susan HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/39633
Heather AllansonBirth Certificate BC/19/39654
Stuart Michael NapierBirth Certificate BC/19/39662
Vicki Maree FooteBirth Certificate BC/19/39764
harry the 1st of oneillBirth Certificate BC/19/39782
JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/39791
WendyBirth Certificate BC/19/39800
Michael Colin TrusslerBirth Certificate BC/19/39823
Marley Morgan rathBirth Certificate BC/19/39852
Zane Alexander rathBirth Certificate BC/19/39868
Teylar Eleanor rathBirth Certificate BC/19/39878
Stephen John LawtonBirth Certificate BC/19/39909
John Martin RoosBirth Certificate BC/19/39928
Craig Warren LongstaffBirth Certificate BC/19/39959
Darren FranceBirth Certificate BC/19/40015
deniz karaogluBirth Certificate BC/19/40025
PaulBirth Certificate BC/19/40042
Cailin hallBirth Certificate BC/19/40049
Jamie Neville Bayes WrayBirth Certificate BC/19/40065
Jacqueline Marie KellyBirth Certificate BC/19/40071
Angus Revie BrazenallBirth Certificate BC/19/40090
Inge Paiso PetersonBirth Certificate BC/19/40115
Gareth Gwynfor ReesBirth Certificate BC/19/40121
Kaisa ValgeBirth Certificate BC/19/40134
Carol Ann MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/19/40190
Dennis Eric CheckleyBirth Certificate BC/19/40209
Willow DarlingBirth Certificate BC/19/40235
Cole DarlingBirth Certificate BC/19/40239
Bengt TorbjornBirth Certificate BC/19/40245
Brook DarlingBirth Certificate BC/19/40261
Ruth CooperBirth Certificate BC/19/40273
theodore william grocockBirth Certificate BC/19/40288
oscar alan grocockBirth Certificate BC/19/40292
JOHN CLAUDE SPENCER SOMERSBirth Certificate BC/19/40322
jason gregoryBirth Certificate BC/19/40340
Matthew Duane BosterBirth Certificate BC/19/40348
Dylan AllenBirth Certificate BC/19/40368
Timothy Peter JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/40380
Zoe Victoria RickardsBirth Certificate BC/19/40409
Robyn DarlingBirth Certificate BC/19/40422
Paul Eric Grenville CarterBirth Certificate BC/19/40436
Susan HoddinottBirth Certificate BC/19/40449
Luke Alan RyanBirth Certificate BC/19/40494
Adam of The Harvey familyBirth Certificate BC/19/40503
Christopher Kenneth MartenBirth Certificate BC/19/40511
Jonathan Peter HoareBirth Certificate BC/19/40520
Lozanna Edith ElwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/40618
JoAnna NicholsonBirth Certificate BC/19/40694
Michael LambertBirth Certificate BC/19/40722
CATHERINE ANN JANISCHBirth Certificate BC/19/40742
Graham PrestneyBirth Certificate BC/19/40752
Roy William EacupsBirth Certificate BC/19/40783
Diane PrestneyBirth Certificate BC/19/40804
Fiona Fraser JehuBirth Certificate BC/19/40829
Vicky Subito-BurrowsBirth Certificate BC/19/40930
Lembit Ju00fcrgensonBirth Certificate BC/19/40942
George Francis Joseph SinclairBirth Certificate BC/19/40961
Caroline Louise WoodBirth Certificate BC/19/40968
David James MobbsBirth Certificate BC/19/40977
Marco lopesBirth Certificate BC/19/41015
Brooke Mackenzie NeilBirth Certificate BC/19/41047
Stephen John OliverBirth Certificate BC/19/41066
Nigel John DavisBirth Certificate BC/19/41081
Shayne Michael PerryBirth Certificate BC/19/41103
JamieBirth Certificate BC/19/41117
Luke LongleyBirth Certificate BC/19/41126
Mark Edward DeBarbieriBirth Certificate BC/19/41176
Sven TomasBirth Certificate BC/19/41187
Nicole Rose PruettBirth Certificate BC/19/41196
emilee rose wattsBirth Certificate BC/19/41202
Jenny Michele SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/41216
Steven Douglas DOBBINBirth Certificate BC/19/41225
Akilah Addisa BonfieldBirth Certificate BC/19/41279
mark wishartBirth Certificate BC/19/41360
myrtle violaBirth Certificate BC/19/41370
Christopher Edward McAlindonBirth Certificate BC/19/41387
Mary Murphy Mulligan McAuleyBirth Certificate BC/19/41419
Martin Anthony CraneBirth Certificate BC/19/41425
Rene Hannah MarleneBirth Certificate BC/19/41444
Andrea HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/19/41483
Simon SzetoBirth Certificate BC/19/41497
Suoi Chio (George Szeto)Birth Certificate BC/19/41529
Sylvia RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/41561
John haggertyBirth Certificate BC/19/41570
Paula-jean Tucker.Birth Certificate BC/19/41610
Michal KRUKBirth Certificate BC/19/41622
Keiran NapierBirth Certificate BC/19/41642
Ellie NapierBirth Certificate BC/19/41651
Lorraine Patricia TattonBirth Certificate BC/19/41658
Lee Anthony DwyerBirth Certificate BC/19/41684
Desaree DeorleBirth Certificate BC/19/41698
LaurenceBirth Certificate BC/19/41730
Lee David PritchardBirth Certificate BC/19/41813
Karen Lynette IsomBirth Certificate BC/19/41860
Huw john williamsBirth Certificate BC/19/41875
Andrew George JamesonBirth Certificate BC/19/41898
Wayne AlbertBirth Certificate BC/19/41911
keith dennisBirth Certificate BC/19/41932
leslie alexandra RossBirth Certificate BC/19/41943
Terence geofrey fenwickBirth Certificate BC/19/41962
Jay Garner BernhardtBirth Certificate BC/19/41971
Denzil Owen Alexander FletcherBirth Certificate BC/19/42000
Erika You-Zhen ChenBirth Certificate BC/19/42006
Edward Alan ScottBirth Certificate BC/19/42026
Paul Darren MamigonianBirth Certificate BC/20/42094
Jennifer Annette ToddBirth Certificate BC/19/42142
DARYL WINSTON BLACKBirth Certificate BC/19/42170
colin vincentBirth Certificate BC/19/42184
steven cannonBirth Certificate BC/19/42194
Kim Edith GreenawayBirth Certificate BC/19/42203
Daniel Lloyd CoxBirth Certificate BC/19/42213
Leslie Robert randallBirth Certificate BC/19/42233
Christine Ann HeartyBirth Certificate BC/19/42242
Thomas James of the families Kerr and SwanBirth Certificate BC/20/42263
angela wrightBirth Certificate BC/19/42271
Daisy Wallis Mary RandallBirth Certificate BC/19/42285
Denise ClarkBirth Certificate BC/19/42301
Catherine vinciguerraBirth Certificate BC/19/42313
Brian HunterBirth Certificate BC/19/42323
Michael Theodore WrightBirth Certificate BC/19/42334
Xavier DelatteBirth Certificate BC/19/42343
Venford Ezekiel RouseBirth Certificate BC/19/42353
Jayden WrightBirth Certificate BC/19/42394
Stacy Marie StoverBirth Certificate BC/19/42405
Evette Jody, StarkBirth Certificate BC/19/42414
Frank Eberhard Willi WalterBirth Certificate BC/19/42428
Vanessa tereesa shereenBirth Certificate BC/19/42471
Alan Edward SearbyBirth Certificate BC/19/42517
Hilary Jane BarnesBirth Certificate BC/19/42554
thomas priceBirth Certificate BC/19/42567
Jack of the LandBirth Certificate BC/19/42587
Frederick Philip TameBirth Certificate BC/19/42623
Philip Michael SterlingBirth Certificate BC/19/42633
Jennifer ann MONTEITHBirth Certificate BC/19/42672
steven laurence of the family plattBirth Certificate BC/20/42698
Colin Richard ErringtonBirth Certificate BC/19/42778
Howard Peter GodfreyBirth Certificate BC/19/42807
Stevan Gordon FishBirth Certificate BC/19/42835
Michael SaltBirth Certificate BC/19/42883
Christopher Charles HobbsBirth Certificate BC/19/42894
Sheryl Jean FlandersBirth Certificate BC/19/42947
Reginald Dennis SummersBirth Certificate BC/19/42956
Barry David LyonBirth Certificate BC/19/42981
Robert JacksonBirth Certificate BC/19/43013
Sally Anne GoodwinBirth Certificate BC/19/43021
Louisa Rachael ThomasBirth Certificate BC/19/43028
Ian Ernest CosterBirth Certificate BC/19/43056
David Clement GearBirth Certificate BC/19/43075
Michael william johnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/43083
andrew munnBirth Certificate BC/19/43100
Ross McBrideBirth Certificate BC/19/43109
Juan Carlos Prieto GarciaBirth Certificate BC/19/43137
Paul SimsBirth Certificate BC/19/43143
Jason David BoardBirth Certificate BC/19/43235
derek john reynoldsBirth Certificate BC/19/43244
Elaine DesjardinsBirth Certificate BC/19/43267
Ellen WilliamsonBirth Certificate BC/19/43273
Amanda Jayne kingBirth Certificate BC/19/43290
NeilBirth Certificate BC/19/43315
Wayne Francis AtkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/43346
Terry WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/43377
Michael FlanaganBirth Certificate BC/19/43386
John martin of the family halvorsenBirth Certificate BC/19/43409
David Lee NaylorBirth Certificate BC/19/43454
Bernadette MartinBirth Certificate BC/19/43470
DuaneBirth Certificate BC/19/43481
Tracey Anne Rawlings/CassidyBirth Certificate BC/19/43491
Reagan Leigh Wallace RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/19/43518
Alfie Jamie Robertson GilliesBirth Certificate BC/19/43527
Dean of the clan john pithersBirth Certificate BC/19/43555
Brett Leslie GraceBirth Certificate BC/19/43568
Stephen Ritchie HirstBirth Certificate BC/19/43585
Ava Rose kerryBirth Certificate BC/19/43601
Taylor David kerryBirth Certificate BC/19/43607
Nicola Jane WinderBirth Certificate BC/19/43614
Alfie Edwin Blake CoupeBirth Certificate BC/19/43623
Maria Anna SulloBirth Certificate BC/19/43658
Jordan WatsonBirth Certificate BC/19/43669
Terence Michael HanleyBirth Certificate BC/19/43678
Lisel Karen DanielBirth Certificate BC/19/43733
Amanda BelsomBirth Certificate BC/19/43749
Natalie NightingaleBirth Certificate BC/19/43762
thomas-matthew-jamesjohnsonBirth Certificate BC/19/43771
Aaron Clark HuntBirth Certificate BC/19/43803
Jason Glen BreedloveBirth Certificate BC/19/43813
Cory Andrew SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/43857
Christopher James CromptonBirth Certificate BC/19/43863
Lorraine Elizabeth BurchBirth Certificate BC/19/43873
martin henriquesBirth Certificate BC/19/43933
Kay SawatzkyBirth Certificate BC/19/43958
Peter ChungBirth Certificate BC/19/43982
martin evansBirth Certificate BC/19/43991
Kaspar J. ZimmermannBirth Certificate BC/19/44056
michael-sidney watsonBirth Certificate BC/19/44065
Tina LittlechildBirth Certificate BC/19/44102
Andreas Christofer GubinskiBirth Certificate BC/19/44171
Christine Alexandra GubinskiBirth Certificate BC/19/44177
Ku00fcllike Gru00fcnbaumBirth Certificate BC/19/44208
Tiina EikBirth Certificate BC/19/44217
STEPHEN FRANK PARKESBirth Certificate BC/19/44263
Eileen BrophyBirth Certificate BC/19/44278
Leslie AllanBirth Certificate BC/19/44285
Jessica ColleyBirth Certificate BC/19/44291
Phil MitchellBirth Certificate BC/19/44314
WilliamBirth Certificate BC/19/44330
Katie Susan Of Porada familyBirth Certificate BC/19/44345
Kairi AasBirth Certificate BC/19/44379
Gabriel-Saxon WainrightBirth Certificate BC/19/44394
Andre PaluBirth Certificate BC/19/44406
Kathryn Anne McNamaraBirth Certificate BC/19/44432
John andrew mcatearBirth Certificate BC/19/44441
Michael Alexander Alan Mcdonald GillespieBirth Certificate BC/19/44452
allar rassmannBirth Certificate BC/19/44469
Mareliis RaidBirth Certificate BC/19/44486
Bobby Anthony PlattenBirth Certificate BC/19/44533
Freya Jade PlattenBirth Certificate BC/19/44543
Emma Lucy PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/19/44563
jan podrazilBirth Certificate BC/19/44603
Zena BagshawBirth Certificate BC/19/44625
PaulBirth Certificate BC/19/44709
Stacey Eloah BramhillBirth Certificate BC/19/44757
Susan maria dobbsBirth Certificate BC/19/44783
Amarnie grace watherstonBirth Certificate BC/19/44787
Michaela watherstonBirth Certificate BC/19/44797
Kersti UrbBirth Certificate BC/19/44824
Mark Antony AngellBirth Certificate BC/19/44872
Kaspar J. ZimmermannBirth Certificate BC/19/44895
Mark AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/19/44918
Deborah JeanBirth Certificate BC/19/44927
Annette Micheline Houle-TenbergenBirth Certificate BC/19/44954
Sumalee MalasriBirth Certificate BC/19/44963
Mick son of DavidBirth Certificate BC/19/44971
Shaunna Maureen BassBirth Certificate BC/19/44987
Jean Ruby JordanBirth Certificate BC/19/45020
Alan TeesaarBirth Certificate BC/19/45029
christopher werner johnBirth Certificate BC/19/45038
Christopher Werner John HartleyBirth Certificate BC/19/45045
Laura BramhillBirth Certificate BC/19/45073
David James MonkBirth Certificate BC/19/45114
CAROLINE BRESLINBirth Certificate BC/19/45120
Paul McDermottBirth Certificate BC/19/45132
Gail TownsBirth Certificate BC/19/45140
Birgit Vu00f5surBirth Certificate BC/19/45154
Martin Philip HollingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/45187
Jason Francis Cory Junior SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/45228
Maysie Grace Sarah BruzasBirth Certificate BC/19/45262
Julia BruzasBirth Certificate BC/19/45271
Sharon BarrBirth Certificate BC/19/45286
Kimberly Robin PowellBirth Certificate BC/19/45305
Isaac Robert ShaquilleBirth Certificate BC/19/45336
Thomas Edward BennettBirth Certificate BC/19/45352
Janet FlowersBirth Certificate BC/19/45360
Laura Jane BennettBirth Certificate BC/19/45370
Janet Rhoda Elizabeth Jane ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/19/45376
Henry Frederick Thomas NicholsBirth Certificate BC/19/45385
Oliver Henry James NicholsBirth Certificate BC/19/45393
Richard Henry Oliver NicholsBirth Certificate BC/19/45399
Jennifer Emma Jane BennettBirth Certificate BC/19/45408
Rebecca Louise WardBirth Certificate BC/19/45440
Raiko ValgeBirth Certificate BC/19/45447
Karen Margaret RoseBirth Certificate BC/19/45473
thomas edward naylorBirth Certificate BC/19/45482
christopher werner johnBirth Certificate BC/19/45511
James Edward BeckBirth Certificate BC/19/45536
philip marcusBirth Certificate BC/19/45586
Stephen John PatersonBirth Certificate BC/19/45595
Liis PaluBirth Certificate BC/19/45607
brian john hambletonBirth Certificate BC/19/45638
John Stanley Wickett, JrBirth Certificate BC/19/45686
Philip Andrew Jon naylorBirth Certificate BC/19/45695
Leho LindveeBirth Certificate BC/19/45705
Pille OttBirth Certificate BC/19/45714
Samantha JayneBirth Certificate BC/19/45722
gary andrew smithBirth Certificate BC/19/45731
John JamesBirth Certificate BC/19/45740
Kenneth Hamilton.Birth Certificate BC/19/45763
Camilla Helen Anne LuffBirth Certificate BC/19/45790
Geoffrey Charles PerkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/45824
Lisel Karen DanielBirth Certificate BC/19/45828
Bobby-DaleBirth Certificate BC/19/45839
CONSTANCE JEAN WALSHBirth Certificate BC/19/45855
Patricia Anne KellyBirth Certificate BC/19/45864
Wendy Margaret hoarBirth Certificate BC/19/45914
Paul FieldenBirth Certificate BC/19/45975
FlorinBirth Certificate BC/19/46018
Paul SamwaysBirth Certificate BC/19/46120
kurtis lauren babbBirth Certificate BC/19/46129
Jeff SchaeferBirth Certificate BC/19/46137
Ross Allen WilletteBirth Certificate BC/19/46153
Joyce Annette EvansBirth Certificate BC/19/46234
Ken ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/19/46265
Tania Ann McintoshBirth Certificate BC/19/46311
Kiel davisBirth Certificate BC/19/46362
Liam-John Martin BuchanBirth Certificate BC/19/46433
Angelika KiperBirth Certificate BC/19/46510
Lon Owens Duncan Jr.Birth Certificate BC/19/46516
Joseph GoveiaBirth Certificate BC/19/46529
MatthewBirth Certificate BC/19/46536
Elliot Vincent ShuttBirth Certificate BC/19/46545
steven - john Birth Certificate BC/19/46576
Joel KuluBirth Certificate BC/19/46585
Kiedis Anthony ShuttBirth Certificate BC/19/46594
Ester Mu00e4rtsimaaBirth Certificate BC/19/46611
rohit tanejaBirth Certificate BC/19/46664
stephen matthew glasgowBirth Certificate BC/19/46675
Sadie Naomi JarrattBirth Certificate BC/19/46682
Elizabeth Jane YoungBirth Certificate BC/19/46688
Logan John MurphyBirth Certificate BC/19/46734
Katie Louise MurphyBirth Certificate BC/19/46743
Tara Jane KingBirth Certificate BC/19/46752
Brodies Eugene Angelo MylesBirth Certificate BC/19/46812
CHRISTINE ELOISE MANNBirth Certificate BC/19/46843
Susan Jane MaybeeBirth Certificate BC/19/46862
raymond-gregoryBirth Certificate BC/19/46877
Gary CooperBirth Certificate BC/19/46885
Diane-HarperBirth Certificate BC/19/46894
Khalid Abdul Gaffar JussabBirth Certificate BC/19/46943
Catherine Anne HobbsBirth Certificate BC/19/46987
Gloria Ju00fcrgenfeldtBirth Certificate BC/19/46993
Kristopher Steven of LeavittBirth Certificate BC/19/47039
Nicholle Elizabeth SanfordBirth Certificate BC/19/47048
Nicholas David Kenneth CollinsBirth Certificate BC/19/47057
Tracy henryBirth Certificate BC/19/47158
christopher Andrew palmerBirth Certificate BC/19/47184
AlanStockwell.Birth Certificate BC/19/47193
Neil EddyBirth Certificate BC/19/47253
Trevor Owen JamesBirth Certificate BC/19/47303
ALFRED EUGENE COLVINBirth Certificate BC/19/47330
David Anthony ScottBirth Certificate BC/19/47354
Roger Arthur JoynesBirth Certificate BC/19/47371
Jermaine Micah KellyBirth Certificate BC/19/47386
Olly Daniel Alan HilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/47398
John Martin BaconBirth Certificate BC/19/47430
Beverley Zenabo WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/47454
neil oshaughnessyBirth Certificate BC/19/47463
Enrico LaivaBirth Certificate BC/19/47526
Warren Andre LaivaBirth Certificate BC/19/47533
Paul Darren CrabtreeBirth Certificate BC/19/47539
Craig WeberBirth Certificate BC/19/47575
Martin Ronald MattisonBirth Certificate BC/19/47595
stella leinonenBirth Certificate BC/19/47613
Jeffrey vernonBirth Certificate BC/19/47666
Carol Margaret AddisonBirth Certificate BC/19/47683
Les Blair jonesBirth Certificate BC/19/47693
Shaun kneeboneBirth Certificate BC/19/47720
John MurphyBirth Certificate BC/19/47812
ANDREW KEITH MCMORRINBirth Certificate BC/19/47867
Eva-Mari PriimannBirth Certificate BC/19/47876
Martin PriimanBirth Certificate BC/19/47884
Jayne JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/47890
Dave Seylyn.Birth Certificate BC/19/47896
u00d5ie MikfeldtBirth Certificate BC/19/47907
jessica louise norma taylorBirth Certificate BC/19/47946
zack christopher taylorBirth Certificate BC/19/47950
Roy john wildeBirth Certificate BC/19/47967
sandra christina hartleyBirth Certificate BC/19/47979
Maima AdamsonBirth Certificate BC/19/47986
Jayne Eveline Claire RickettsBirth Certificate BC/19/48001
JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/48007
Leo Joseph George Lavertu Jr.Birth Certificate BC/19/48016
Alison Karen WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/19/48025
Brett Kian GraceBirth Certificate BC/19/48047
Rika Ju00fcrgenfeldtBirth Certificate BC/19/48057
Shem JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/48102
Jones, Joki DeonBirth Certificate BC/19/48119
Joseph Gregory HallettBirth Certificate BC/19/48198
Jamie, of the family WrayBirth Certificate BC/19/48228
Leonard Lynn Washington Jr.Birth Certificate BC/19/48244
Janice GillespieBirth Certificate BC/19/48287
Christobella Deborah Ann Maria MunroBirth Certificate BC/19/48309
Sean-Michael, ForslandBirth Certificate BC/19/48328
Stephen karlBirth Certificate BC/19/48387
CrombieBirth Certificate BC/19/48412
JEREMY SPENCER LAKINBirth Certificate BC/19/48453
Margaret AllertonBirth Certificate BC/19/48487
john smithBirth Certificate BC/19/48533
Paul James McLachlanBirth Certificate BC/19/48543
Andres Mu00e4rgBirth Certificate BC/19/48554
Jessica Mu00e4rgBirth Certificate BC/19/48566
Ivor PowellBirth Certificate BC/19/48642
Max Jimi Carl StuartBirth Certificate BC/19/48698
William MoranBirth Certificate BC/19/48723
John Martin BanksBirth Certificate BC/19/48758
Mare IllakBirth Certificate BC/19/48768
Errol Anthony LuesingBirth Certificate BC/19/48817
paul clarkeBirth Certificate BC/19/48827
John Albert EganBirth Certificate BC/19/48853
Belinda Margaret BoswellBirth Certificate BC/19/48866
Paul Andrew NolanBirth Certificate BC/19/48879
Margaret Helen McMartinBirth Certificate BC/19/48888
Darren McLuckieBirth Certificate BC/19/48897
Troy-Steven NellBirth Certificate BC/19/48907
Lance Victor William ChallenorBirth Certificate BC/19/48937
Sally Ann RouseBirth Certificate BC/19/48947
Joel RaymondBirth Certificate BC/19/48997
Curtis David AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/19/49028
Charles Jack Edward RuskinBirth Certificate BC/19/49048
Farai JosephBirth Certificate BC/19/49062
David Mark FullardBirth Certificate BC/20/49101
JohnBirth Certificate BC/19/49109
Sher Ali KhanBirth Certificate BC/19/49118
David Edward BuglassBirth Certificate BC/19/49181
Dawn LowryBirth Certificate BC/19/49190
melissa sarah heenanBirth Certificate BC/19/49198
antony kevinBirth Certificate BC/19/49202
Nicholas Paul DaviesBirth Certificate BC/19/49208
Aivar SeinBirth Certificate BC/19/49293
Matt MurphyBirth Certificate BC/19/49420
andrew mcelhinneyBirth Certificate BC/19/49436
VanessaBirth Certificate BC/19/49446
Jerry-Lee-Parrish-JrBirth Certificate BC/19/49454
Philip Lenton HoldenBirth Certificate BC/19/49531
BlancaBirth Certificate BC/19/49574
BillyBirth Certificate BC/19/49625
Leesa Elaine KhanBirth Certificate BC/19/49699
Roberta Angela VatsalooBirth Certificate BC/19/49745
Quinn Jessica StephensonBirth Certificate BC/19/49766
Tegan StephensonBirth Certificate BC/19/49774
Steven Dennis BallBirth Certificate BC/19/49817
Andrew Paul GadsdenBirth Certificate BC/19/49823
Hugh Sydney ScottBirth Certificate BC/19/49833
Caleb Morgan Kayne BallBirth Certificate BC/19/49840
Madison Rose BallBirth Certificate BC/19/49847
Steven Dennis BallBirth Certificate BC/19/49853
Mark Brendan RayBirth Certificate BC/19/49893
lucky lucasBirth Certificate BC/19/49911
Candice-Sophie-Louise WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/49921
Peter BeckerBirth Certificate BC/19/49930
David HardmanBirth Certificate BC/19/49969
Thomas CousinsBirth Certificate BC/19/49976
Kertu BorkBirth Certificate BC/19/50004
jeremy lester beatonBirth Certificate BC/19/50016
Trevor Garfield SpeidBirth Certificate BC/19/50031
Lennart LaudBirth Certificate BC/19/50041
Alem.Birth Certificate BC/19/50096
Michael George ClarkBirth Certificate BC/19/50123
Katia Leitao Pereira da SilvaBirth Certificate BC/19/50140
Colette Louise PeacheyBirth Certificate BC/19/50158
Peter BeckerBirth Certificate BC/19/50175
Derek Sean ScottBirth Certificate BC/19/50182
Andrew Richard PerkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/50251
Kenneth BenjaminBirth Certificate BC/19/50281
Doreth Elizabeth CommockBirth Certificate BC/19/50316
Helen Amanda JagoBirth Certificate BC/19/50333
Patrick Joseph smithBirth Certificate BC/19/50345
C. M. of the family S.Birth Certificate BC/19/50354
Mark David McGregorBirth Certificate BC/19/50360
Patrick Joseph smithBirth Certificate BC/19/50364
Katie Frances McGregorBirth Certificate BC/19/50368
Patrick Joseph smithBirth Certificate BC/19/50372
Timo ValgeBirth Certificate BC/19/50383
Elis ValgeBirth Certificate BC/19/50393
Anthony Frank Joseph perkinsBirth Certificate BC/19/50404
Lorraine jumppBirth Certificate BC/19/50414
James Tyler KobeBirth Certificate BC/19/50459
Kenzie munroe kobeBirth Certificate BC/19/50468
Hunter james kobeBirth Certificate BC/19/50476
K. T. of the family S.Birth Certificate BC/19/50480
C. J. of the family S.Birth Certificate BC/19/50484
George Urquhart GunnBirth Certificate BC/19/50528
HooperBirth Certificate BC/19/50534
Maarja MeldreBirth Certificate BC/19/50556
Nuno Miguel Pedrosa de Alfaro e Cordeiro Simu00f5esBirth Certificate BC/19/50587
Roman AntonsBirth Certificate BC/19/50616
Stavros Christos EconomouBirth Certificate BC/19/50644
Ann Marie Baszczynska-SpeidBirth Certificate BC/19/50660
Marian TeresaBirth Certificate BC/19/50677
Michael Tracy GodboutBirth Certificate BC/19/50684
raina-robin horomona (solomon)Birth Certificate BC/19/50811
Deborah-MayBirth Certificate BC/19/50837
Nathan Oliver ShuttBirth Certificate BC/19/50900
Gary Thomas BallBirth Certificate BC/19/50921
wayne simpsonBirth Certificate BC/19/50939
Stephen Neville WorrellBirth Certificate BC/19/50959
Nathaniel Malcolm Charles TorrensBirth Certificate BC/19/50973
Devina LeeanneBirth Certificate BC/19/50979
knisha-rae-tiare pakiBirth Certificate BC/19/51013
chasana-sky-wikitoria pakiBirth Certificate BC/19/51019
shastel-peleise pakiBirth Certificate BC/19/51023
jayleal-john-tamati pakiBirth Certificate BC/19/51028
teina-aleksander-james claryBirth Certificate BC/19/51032
te-ariki-william-julius-jon claryBirth Certificate BC/19/51036
keira-areli-elizabeth-olive-ataahua claryBirth Certificate BC/19/51040
George Robert CosseyBirth Certificate BC/19/51082
ren schofieldBirth Certificate BC/19/51107
anthony - james millwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/51122
jane - portia millwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/51129
anthony - james millwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/51150
David GreenBirth Certificate BC/19/51224
Paula MasonBirth Certificate BC/19/51243
Lee MichaelBirth Certificate BC/19/51253
Kadri TilkBirth Certificate BC/19/51264
Leslie Stephen edwardsBirth Certificate BC/19/51281
Edward MclaughlinBirth Certificate BC/19/51290
Derran Jay KyleBirth Certificate BC/19/51361
louis kaan dagBirth Certificate BC/19/51373
Deborah-May of the TORRENS FamilyBirth Certificate BC/20/51384
Amy butlerBirth Certificate BC/19/51403
Christopher George LucyBirth Certificate BC/19/51426
Linda Jane VallasBirth Certificate BC/19/51450
solomanBirth Certificate BC/19/51489
Tina - aroha RioBirth Certificate BC/19/51546
Liono of the house Wakefield-Karl-Son-DadBirth Certificate BC/19/51555
Ashley Bruce WilsonBirth Certificate BC/19/51563
Vambola Ju00fcrgensonBirth Certificate BC/19/51572
Steven PaulBirth Certificate BC/19/51610
David William SharpBirth Certificate BC/19/51618
Abbiegail Sophia WardBirth Certificate BC/19/51640
Meelis SaarBirth Certificate BC/19/51667
Doreen May PlansonBirth Certificate BC/19/51701
ShayneBirth Certificate BC/19/51710
John Paul DrummondBirth Certificate BC/19/51754
Christopher FoxBirth Certificate BC/19/51763
Daniel RaissarBirth Certificate BC/19/51797
Jeffrey Mark WyattBirth Certificate BC/19/51822
Danielle Felicity CoomerBirth Certificate BC/19/51875
solBirth Certificate BC/19/51888
Roseanna Theresa RoseBirth Certificate BC/19/51946
Courtney Lauren Kate AustinBirth Certificate BC/19/51955
Errol EmmanuelBirth Certificate BC/19/51964
MarekBirth Certificate BC/19/51991
Zeeshan Haider KhanBirth Certificate BC/19/52000
Kristina BirkBirth Certificate BC/19/52009
WayneBirth Certificate BC/19/52038
Nadeu017eda AndrejevaBirth Certificate BC/19/52066
Tracy Lynette MassonBirth Certificate BC/19/52094
Jillian Deborah PlattBirth Certificate BC/19/52103
Simon David StJohn CottonBirth Certificate BC/19/52142
Simon David StJohn CottonBirth Certificate BC/19/52149
Andrew TruemanBirth Certificate BC/19/52192
Curtis-Lee-TruemanBirth Certificate BC/19/52230
Charlotte-amy PinchBirth Certificate BC/19/52311
Susan AnnBirth Certificate BC/19/52411
Josef ValcharBirth Certificate BC/19/52432
Nadeu017edaBirth Certificate BC/19/52462
David-WayneBirth Certificate BC/19/52468
Aile KaruBirth Certificate BC/19/52484
Tanel PaabosBirth Certificate BC/19/52498
floydBirth Certificate BC/19/52593
Debra dudleyBirth Certificate BC/19/52627
bea m r smithBirth Certificate BC/19/52697
Ira Winston MovenBirth Certificate BC/19/52716
Ryan DewsnapBirth Certificate BC/19/52724
AKOS ZOLTAN KIRICSIBirth Certificate BC/19/52769
Marek Nu00f5mmelaBirth Certificate BC/19/52782
Lee James FarmerBirth Certificate BC/19/52794
ADRIAN PHILIP PRIMEBirth Certificate BC/19/52814
Sharon-Ann WaltonBirth Certificate BC/19/52822
Troy BradshawBirth Certificate BC/19/52851
brian-carl humphreysBirth Certificate BC/19/52956
Steven DennisBirth Certificate BC/19/52963
Gary Robert CainesBirth Certificate BC/19/52973
Louise Elaine RichwoodBirth Certificate BC/19/53007
michael anthony fosterBirth Certificate BC/19/53034
Friedrich Gu00e1bor Mihu00e1lyBirth Certificate BC/19/53058
Brooky Ralph StocktonBirth Certificate BC/19/53099
Gemma Juliette MillerBirth Certificate BC/19/53119
alan l smithBirth Certificate BC/19/53156
Lee RainbowBirth Certificate BC/19/53191
Adam Ali MustafaBirth Certificate BC/19/53201
Damien Michael FosterBirth Certificate BC/19/53208
Catherine Elizabeth LittleBirth Certificate BC/19/53325
Alison Jane ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/19/53347
John KerswellBirth Certificate BC/19/53361
Robert DuvalBirth Certificate BC/19/53444
Arlo Tipaula HughesBirth Certificate BC/19/53464
Jessica HajekBirth Certificate BC/19/53470
Karmine Evander KapeteniBirth Certificate BC/19/53474
Terence LinehamBirth Certificate BC/19/53482
Devin-Tremaine Swanson-WrightBirth Certificate BC/19/53486
Andrew Mcdonald McKenzie PRESCODBirth Certificate BC/19/53509
Jessica HajekBirth Certificate BC/19/53571
Alwyn Stanley BrooksBirth Certificate BC/19/53611
Brian PaulBirth Certificate BC/19/53641
Wonita Marie Joanne Salina KatiBirth Certificate BC/19/53650
Alexander William FergusonBirth Certificate BC/19/53750
Angela GreyBirth Certificate BC/19/53803
thomas william fosterBirth Certificate BC/19/53854
Wayne Stuart GrocottBirth Certificate BC/19/53876
Ralph Martin DeaconBirth Certificate BC/19/53883
Eda TolentinoBirth Certificate BC/19/53894
Theodor Johannes BrinchBirth Certificate BC/19/53902
Benjamin Edward BaberBirth Certificate BC/19/53934
Denise Irene ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/19/53994
Caroline PenmanBirth Certificate BC/19/54016
Tracy SeymourBirth Certificate BC/19/54025
Roger Charles Lane-NottBirth Certificate BC/19/54041
Jayne PeggBirth Certificate BC/19/54048
Jenny Mary TurnerBirth Certificate BC/19/54054
Rosemary Ann HuntBirth Certificate BC/19/54076
kevintage jamesBirth Certificate BC/19/54091
Christine MacIverBirth Certificate BC/19/54106
Ross LennieBirth Certificate BC/19/54131
Lucy LennieBirth Certificate BC/19/54138
Raymond Ihaaka MccreadyBirth Certificate BC/19/54146
Adam Ronald HaighBirth Certificate BC/19/54168
ISAIAH OGUNDELEBirth Certificate BC/19/54187
Neriyah Oluwadarasimi OgundeleBirth Certificate BC/19/54191
George Anthony Jordain FieldBirth Certificate BC/19/54197
Merlin-Hans HiiekiviBirth Certificate BC/19/54207
Kelli Ann WhiteBirth Certificate BC/19/54241
Jaclyn TrainerBirth Certificate BC/19/54306
Jamie TrainerBirth Certificate BC/19/54315
Jake mathew HERBERTBirth Certificate BC/19/54325
Fenwick MoirBirth Certificate BC/19/54335
Evan UbelsBirth Certificate BC/19/54352
Richard Malcolm RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/19/54363
Mark Andrew OwenBirth Certificate BC/19/54380
Aiden Kyle PineBirth Certificate BC/19/54398
DIANA FRANCINE BONITZBirth Certificate BC/19/54408
Peter LeggettBirth Certificate BC/19/54417
Alan JonesBirth Certificate BC/19/54459
rut-johanna-angelica.Birth Certificate BC/19/54469
Siim KuusBirth Certificate BC/19/54505
Kristjan KuusBirth Certificate BC/19/54519
Aire HakmannBirth Certificate BC/19/54525
Sarindar SinghBirth Certificate BC/19/54544
Matthew David ShawBirth Certificate BC/19/54572
Maria Selina StannardBirth Certificate BC/19/54578
Jack Paul LAMBERTBirth Certificate BC/19/54607
Sheila HarperBirth Certificate BC/19/54625
Ronnie-Adam CloudBirth Certificate BC/19/54642
Lance Anthony KingstonBirth Certificate BC/19/54681
Michael SparkesBirth Certificate BC/19/54714
Richard John HuntBirth Certificate BC/20/54755
Rudolf Harm Frederic Jan WeyrichBirth Certificate BC/20/54777
Simon G N EadeBirth Certificate BC/20/54835
Henry OneillBirth Certificate BC/20/54873
August ErikBirth Certificate BC/20/54886
Jessica YatesBirth Certificate BC/20/54898
Sarina FitzpatrickBirth Certificate BC/20/54924
Jenny Robin SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/54933
Gavin John MarsichBirth Certificate BC/20/54965
Arikinui Kawenata CrownBirth Certificate BC/20/54974
Simon Trevor DawesBirth Certificate BC/20/55001
Stephan John ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/55031
Clifford Lance MowreaderBirth Certificate BC/20/55043
Andrew Dennis VaughanBirth Certificate BC/20/55058
u041du043eu0432u0438u043au043eu0432 u0412u0430u043bu0435u0440u0438u0439 u0410u043bu0435u043au0441u0430u043du0434u0440u043eu0432u0438u0447Birth Certificate BC/20/55067
delcharveen-mihiterina house of taitumuBirth Certificate BC/20/55077
Fay PumipiBirth Certificate BC/20/55085
Sara GabriellaBirth Certificate BC/20/55167
andrew leslie langfordBirth Certificate BC/20/55177
Sarina A FitzpatrickBirth Certificate BC/20/55191
Kawenata CrownBirth Certificate BC/20/55236
Michael Anthony CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/55249
Reimo TsepkinBirth Certificate BC/20/55274
ArdiBirth Certificate BC/20/55287
Cheryl Sue MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/55367
Kelly Elaine FerreiraBirth Certificate BC/20/55382
John Barclay EdmondsBirth Certificate BC/20/55389
Joyce Marie SteffesBirth Certificate BC/20/55395
Heli RihkrandBirth Certificate BC/20/55501
adrian anthony shaun grimesBirth Certificate BC/20/55509
Justin F.W. LoftonBirth Certificate BC/20/55520
Derin Robert AlperBirth Certificate BC/20/55556
Amy Serra AlperBirth Certificate BC/20/55563
Katrin Gru00fcnthalBirth Certificate BC/20/55588
Floyd Alexander SpencerBirth Certificate BC/20/55597
Thomas HeldalBirth Certificate BC/20/55624
Jardin Edward James TocherBirth Certificate BC/20/55655
Arthur Cleo JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/55679
Dorothy Annette DonaldsonBirth Certificate BC/20/55690
Donovan PatrickBirth Certificate BC/20/55706
Peter John MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/55713
Gloria Anne MossBirth Certificate BC/20/55752
Mark Hamilton Leonard DentonBirth Certificate BC/20/55787
Thomas HeldalBirth Certificate BC/20/55794
Paul Anthony Stafford BirchBirth Certificate BC/20/55866
Monique BeaudetteBirth Certificate BC/20/55949
Bernard Joseph MunroeBirth Certificate BC/20/56073
Jeffrey Robert NobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/56082
Michael John BurtBirth Certificate BC/20/56095
Paul Barry RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/56113
Roger Douglas NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/56134
JAANBirth Certificate BC/20/56164
Michael WhitbyBirth Certificate BC/20/56175
Raymond Leslie SpinksBirth Certificate BC/20/56193
James Edward of the family GreerBirth Certificate BC/20/56230
Christopher skafteBirth Certificate BC/20/56239
puriBirth Certificate BC/20/56248
Robert TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/56268
Ave LoikmannBirth Certificate BC/20/56283
Lee-ann BoneBirth Certificate BC/20/56292
GovanBirth Certificate BC/20/56309
Jaanar VaresBirth Certificate BC/20/56318
David Lewis MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/56326
Robert TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/56336
anthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/56362
Matthew James kirkhamBirth Certificate BC/20/56368
Louise MillingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/56386
Albert PinchBirth Certificate BC/20/56395
Damon Wendell MackinsBirth Certificate BC/20/56410
Keith ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/56419
Robert TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/56444
Rachel pillingBirth Certificate BC/20/56459
daniel mcintyreBirth Certificate BC/20/56470
Michael Anthony LyonsBirth Certificate BC/20/56511
John Douglas MurdockBirth Certificate BC/20/56524
Kimberly Maureen VanceBirth Certificate BC/20/56540
Helen TrewhellaBirth Certificate BC/20/56550
Melanie Joanne LittlejohnsBirth Certificate BC/20/56597
AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/56607
PiraBirth Certificate BC/20/56616
TiitBirth Certificate BC/20/56685
Victoria SteadBirth Certificate BC/20/56730
ruddyard thorpeBirth Certificate BC/20/56789
Barry Swan PearsonBirth Certificate BC/20/56820
Benjamin John William DolbyBirth Certificate BC/20/56846
Gordon Barry JamesonBirth Certificate BC/20/56865
Guido KrossBirth Certificate BC/20/56871
Katie Patricia ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/56880
Wendy HoarBirth Certificate BC/20/56912
Michael David JusticeBirth Certificate BC/20/57068
Katie davisBirth Certificate BC/20/57099
Vilma OrgBirth Certificate BC/20/57108
Athina Helene SchwentkeBirth Certificate BC/20/57138
robert andersonBirth Certificate BC/20/57163
Gary WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/57181
Amy Elizabeth ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/57216
Wendy SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/57278
Stephen Richard MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/57318
david chares lewisBirth Certificate BC/20/57324
Peter MashiterBirth Certificate BC/20/57330
brendan patrick mooreBirth Certificate BC/20/57341
stacey louise cookeBirth Certificate BC/20/57350
Dominic DoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/57388
Wendy Margaret hoarBirth Certificate BC/20/57431
MarekBirth Certificate BC/20/57496
Anni JohansenBirth Certificate BC/20/57523
andrzey.suiviuris.Birth Certificate BC/20/57539
Trevor-PhilipReneBirth Certificate BC/20/57572
Darren Dwayne PetersBirth Certificate BC/20/57595
Corina Patricia AbrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/57612
Vickie HawkesBirth Certificate BC/20/57622
Susan-AnnBirth Certificate BC/20/57631
Sandra Louise ShanleyBirth Certificate BC/20/57706
Trevor Michael MiedwieckiBirth Certificate BC/20/57720
Ian mchaffieBirth Certificate BC/20/57726
Amie Rose ComeauBirth Certificate BC/20/57732
Robert Edward DidcockBirth Certificate BC/20/57790
Miss Shelley ColcloughBirth Certificate BC/20/57797
Eileen RonksleyBirth Certificate BC/20/57810
Alison Jane TyrerBirth Certificate BC/20/57842
Jason Paul warrBirth Certificate BC/20/57855
GITTE DamBirth Certificate BC/20/57872
Yvonne Lorna StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/57887
Elizabeth Jean WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/57900
ALEXANDER BAXTER RITCHIEBirth Certificate BC/20/57911
Sarah June MoseleyBirth Certificate BC/20/57918
Derrick Laurence CharlesBirth Certificate BC/20/57927
Ismail A MuhammadBirth Certificate BC/20/57936
Susan RistovskiBirth Certificate BC/20/57949
Stephen MarvinBirth Certificate BC/20/57979
mary marvinBirth Certificate BC/20/57985
Raymond WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/58005
MR DAVID CHARLES LEWISBirth Certificate BC/20/58051
William ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/58079
martin devineBirth Certificate BC/20/58089
Monique Patrice DrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/58107
Monica Carleen DrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/58116
Ruth Inell LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/58122
Lily Caroline TobinBirth Certificate BC/20/58136
Jacobus Maria Cornelis Petronella van MilheesBirth Certificate BC/20/58142
Korena Margaret O HaraBirth Certificate BC/20/58174
Ester LitvakBirth Certificate BC/20/58183
Monique BeaudetteBirth Certificate BC/20/58216
David Roy MardenBirth Certificate BC/20/58237
Dorothy BoltonBirth Certificate BC/20/58246
George palmerBirth Certificate BC/20/58282
CATHERINE MARVINBirth Certificate BC/20/58292
Ruby IqbalBirth Certificate BC/20/58308
Peter HeapsBirth Certificate BC/20/58317
KEVIN WRAY MOUNTSBirth Certificate BC/20/58326
Helen Jane WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/58334
Bju00f6rn Olof WiklundBirth Certificate BC/20/58346
Piia Mu00e4esaarBirth Certificate BC/20/58377
Dylan Edward FiddesBirth Certificate BC/20/58414
Heather FiddesBirth Certificate BC/20/58423
Andrew WilcoxBirth Certificate BC/20/58431
Meghan Louise MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/58455
Morgan Lewis MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/58460
Logan Tom MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/58464
Shannon Arya MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/58468
Rhian Hope MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/58477
Zaya Rein MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/58485
Ovidiu-Florin CociubaBirth Certificate BC/20/58533
NIA GRACE MATHIEUBirth Certificate BC/20/58543
Nichola Jayne LakeBirth Certificate BC/20/58563
Leila AdlBirth Certificate BC/20/58574
Hugh dochertyBirth Certificate BC/20/58583
Mark-Anthony.Birth Certificate BC/20/58615
royston ermest naylorBirth Certificate BC/20/58624
Rory McLauchlanBirth Certificate BC/20/58687
Antony Francis SeddonBirth Certificate BC/20/58720
Andrew Steven CopeBirth Certificate BC/20/58766
George palmerBirth Certificate BC/20/58791
Jeffrey BrookfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/58805
Veiko LutsuBirth Certificate BC/20/58814
john smithBirth Certificate BC/20/58826
John Elliott Mayer JuniorBirth Certificate BC/20/58900
Robert GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/58923
mason . raineBirth Certificate BC/20/58952
Susan Linda JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/58961
Caitlyn Crystal Carol ScallyBirth Certificate BC/20/58970
Violet Sylvia Leigh ScallyBirth Certificate BC/20/58978
Peter-DavidBirth Certificate BC/20/58992
Lee Jason RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/59003
Robert-johnBirth Certificate BC/20/59013
Sabrina-PaulaBirth Certificate BC/20/59070
u00d5ie KirsipuuBirth Certificate BC/20/59076
Andres KirsipuuBirth Certificate BC/20/59082
Trevor Robert McCannBirth Certificate BC/20/59242
Darren James SkipperBirth Certificate BC/20/59265
Diana Eileen DelaneyBirth Certificate BC/20/59274
Karen-Therese of the Flynn FamilyBirth Certificate BC/20/59311
Christoper MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/59324
Ionie Jennifer BantonBirth Certificate BC/20/59361
Jane louise chandlerBirth Certificate BC/20/59404
Charlotte Christine FolkardBirth Certificate BC/20/59472
ernst manfred jachmannBirth Certificate BC/20/59485
Kieran diverBirth Certificate BC/20/59496
Ariane Sarah ChandlerBirth Certificate BC/20/59548
Willy, Jackson Kouogang-KenmogneBirth Certificate BC/20/59578
Nathan ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/59587
DIANE RUTH HERLANDBirth Certificate BC/20/59661
Stewart Andew Hans JohnstonBirth Certificate BC/20/59670
richard anton lockBirth Certificate BC/20/59684
Patricia Ann MallabyBirth Certificate BC/20/59698
Vita KaraliuteBirth Certificate BC/20/59707
jj o sullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/59736
Jacqueline BlackBirth Certificate BC/20/59773
Heather Janet GuyBirth Certificate BC/20/59806
Elisabeth Marie Thu00e9ru00e8se LebretonBirth Certificate BC/20/59828
Clara Serena MacleanBirth Certificate BC/20/59841
Errol TierneyBirth Certificate BC/20/59855
stanley davisBirth Certificate BC/20/59864
Judith Ann McGrayBirth Certificate BC/20/59875
martin devineBirth Certificate BC/20/59923
Dimitrios Kevin Emil DontsiosBirth Certificate BC/20/59954
George Michael BurtBirth Certificate BC/20/59998
jean miguelBirth Certificate BC/20/60018
RaboutotBirth Certificate BC/20/60027
Fay SmallwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/60044
Robert-Romeo MarchandBirth Certificate BC/20/60052
David Alan IddiolsBirth Certificate BC/20/60083
mark abrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/60105
Joann JourdanBirth Certificate BC/20/60124
Neil James McLanaghanBirth Certificate BC/20/60157
Aaron Marcus LambertBirth Certificate BC/20/60167
MohamedBirth Certificate BC/20/60245
Giuseppe AmanieraBirth Certificate BC/20/60254
Chris MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/60267
Wayne PeacheyBirth Certificate BC/20/60288
Sarah Marie PeacheyBirth Certificate BC/20/60297
Stuart CoatesBirth Certificate BC/20/60322
GarbariniBirth Certificate BC/20/60343
James Edward MunfordBirth Certificate BC/20/60386
Sebastien, VistorkyBirth Certificate BC/20/60418
Tauno SeppBirth Certificate BC/20/60439
Peter William hughesBirth Certificate BC/20/60453
Peter David family name of RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/60470
Travis Robert CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/60479
Eric Joseph GallettaBirth Certificate BC/20/60506
Kaitiaki Craig WerekakeBirth Certificate BC/20/60543
lemaireBirth Certificate BC/20/60560
Edison HerbertBirth Certificate BC/20/60609
Hu00e9lu00e8ne Anne Marie GateauBirth Certificate BC/20/60631
David WilcockBirth Certificate BC/20/60662
Jenny Robin SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/60720
NATASHA FIONA BICKERSTETHBirth Certificate BC/20/60737
Marc Aaron OReillyBirth Certificate BC/20/60743
Isaiah Leone Anthony Jacobs BickerstethBirth Certificate BC/20/60781
Kathy Maree WAKEMANBirth Certificate BC/20/60804
Christian Mario Philibert HouleBirth Certificate BC/20/60812
David Lochlin ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/60843
Flor de Maria Bosch SanchezBirth Certificate BC/20/60852
Alejandro Leslie Armbrister-ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/60860
Xochitl Alexandra ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/60866
christelle fireworkBirth Certificate BC/20/60903
caroline kamaloBirth Certificate BC/20/60909
Stephanie Elisha Christina CelestinBirth Certificate BC/20/60921
Mari RaidmaBirth Certificate BC/20/60980
Adam James OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/61001
Brian Francis McCarrickBirth Certificate BC/20/61010
Poppy Danielle MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/61019
Mark Timothy RaupBirth Certificate BC/20/61055
Hiwaiterangi Whetu CrownBirth Certificate BC/20/61081
Graham RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/61091
Joanne Louise GriffithsBirth Certificate BC/20/61136
Lucas Joseph ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/61143
Ben Ian KimberleyBirth Certificate BC/20/61222
oliver john feelyBirth Certificate BC/20/61232
Patricia Jean LundBirth Certificate BC/20/61298
Carlton Steven MillsBirth Certificate BC/20/61325
Nathan JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/61340
Jean Elizabeth GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/61347
daniel chungBirth Certificate BC/20/61402
Bobby KP WoodsBirth Certificate BC/20/61420
Stu00e9phane BachelierBirth Certificate BC/20/61466
Richard David PlantBirth Certificate BC/20/61677
David John HumphreysBirth Certificate BC/20/61685
Finbarr LiamBirth Certificate BC/20/61717
Daniel Byron KrevitskyBirth Certificate BC/20/61732
Dorota BartoszakBirth Certificate BC/20/61752
Rachel DysonBirth Certificate BC/20/61781
Graham JoughinBirth Certificate BC/20/61842
Scott Owen ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/61872
DAVID J MURPHYBirth Certificate BC/20/61927
Kulli SammelBirth Certificate BC/20/61938
Finnbarr John McInerneyBirth Certificate BC/20/61949
Adele Barbara AdamsBirth Certificate BC/20/61977
Kenneth WintherBirth Certificate BC/20/61987
Melanie BramsBirth Certificate BC/20/62004
DANIEL ANTHONY RADVILASBirth Certificate BC/20/62024
Jean Baptist AnthonieBirth Certificate BC/20/62046
Mare Mu00e4ndBirth Certificate BC/20/62062
Michael ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/62093
Ali KmbohBirth Certificate BC/20/62158
Erika LiivertBirth Certificate BC/20/62183
Henrik Kromann JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/62189
Elisabeth Suwala Kromann JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/62210
Frederick John McKay StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/62234
Richard-james.Birth Certificate BC/20/62240
Hugh Duncan McKenzieBirth Certificate BC/20/62252
Kevin John FinglasBirth Certificate BC/20/62269
Michael W. FrazierBirth Certificate BC/20/62282
Adam Mathew Clarence maddionBirth Certificate BC/20/62288
tanjaBirth Certificate BC/20/62337
Catherine Allison PayneBirth Certificate BC/20/62347
JOANNE AXONBirth Certificate BC/20/62397
Graham David RefaultBirth Certificate BC/20/62432
TerryBirth Certificate BC/20/62503
Danial George AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/62515
Glenn JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/62524
Gossard Thierry EdgardBirth Certificate BC/20/62585
terrance Umatali MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/62604
Robert HooperBirth Certificate BC/20/62615
Kay DellerBirth Certificate BC/20/62621
Beverley Anne carrBirth Certificate BC/20/62650
John Norman ChamberlainBirth Certificate BC/20/62677
Russell Stuart WardBirth Certificate BC/20/62714
Brad-Edward Tipton.Birth Certificate BC/20/62723
Ronald BadenBirth Certificate BC/20/62741
Joann DykeBirth Certificate BC/20/62750
Jamie Michael howlettBirth Certificate BC/20/62772
Peter DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/62781
Renu00e9 Hu00fcvaBirth Certificate BC/20/62797
Kaitlyn ChungBirth Certificate BC/20/62812
Babydoll Princess DraysonBirth Certificate BC/20/62820
Michael LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/62829
Steven James FaulknerBirth Certificate BC/20/62847
Jeffrey Alan HextBirth Certificate BC/20/62885
gary joseph FitzpatrickBirth Certificate BC/20/62920
MatthewBirth Certificate BC/20/62930
martinBirth Certificate BC/20/62941
Mohammed zubeir sheikhBirth Certificate BC/20/62970
Rhona Margaret Mary FergusonBirth Certificate BC/20/63000
nathan-lawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/63018
Chae JanineBirth Certificate BC/20/63032
DonnaBirth Certificate BC/20/63041
Amber Lilly MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/63078
Dylan Joseph O HaraBirth Certificate BC/20/63082
Michael Alan JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/63124
John Stephen YapuncichBirth Certificate BC/20/63134
Lasse LibergBirth Certificate BC/20/63141
Adam Mark SkeltonBirth Certificate BC/20/63202
Kian stoilovBirth Certificate BC/20/63213
Nor Alizah Binti Abdul RahimBirth Certificate BC/20/63224
Jaan Vu00e4liBirth Certificate BC/20/63238
Andrew McMillan DuncanBirth Certificate BC/20/63258
Michael David SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/63324
FrancisEdwardPaulBowker.Birth Certificate BC/20/63388
Jason HowardBirth Certificate BC/20/63411
Rocco Alexander NavarraBirth Certificate BC/20/63420
Harald Nicolas NavarraBirth Certificate BC/20/63426
Jonathan Layne ColwellBirth Certificate BC/20/63460
Linton-Oneil House of Dallas.Birth Certificate BC/20/63506
Katherine Lucy ArmitageBirth Certificate BC/20/63526
Margaret BassBirth Certificate BC/20/63561
Ian George ScrimgeourBirth Certificate BC/20/63565
sandraBirth Certificate BC/20/63578
gregorBirth Certificate BC/20/63582
Karen Andrea KivellBirth Certificate BC/20/63600
Joseph David Paniora TaiapaBirth Certificate BC/20/63609
Tyson ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/63662
Kristjan Oliver LibergBirth Certificate BC/20/63739
David GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/63879
Bridget treasa laveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63903
Agnes NevilleBirth Certificate BC/20/63908
William Joseph LaveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63916
Leo Paul LaveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63922
William Patrick LaveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63927
una mary laveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63934
anna-marie laveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63941
gearoid liam laveryBirth Certificate BC/20/63946
Alar MaidlaBirth Certificate BC/20/63975
Gregory David PittBirth Certificate BC/20/63984
Sherry Gail EylersBirth Certificate BC/20/63992
Adam Brian ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/64033
Helen Theresa DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/64042
Martin Thomas O TooleBirth Certificate BC/20/64073
anna . masonBirth Certificate BC/20/64123
Watley, William-RayehBirth Certificate BC/20/64133
Bayden Charles FrostBirth Certificate BC/20/64179
Anne QuantrillBirth Certificate BC/20/64188
John William EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/64252
hannahngamihiof-the-family-raroaBirth Certificate BC/20/64279
Adrian HardyBirth Certificate BC/20/64351
Shirley Anne McCluskeyBirth Certificate BC/20/64364
Christopher Stanley LipthorpeBirth Certificate BC/20/64419
Kevin o keeffeBirth Certificate BC/20/64425
Shaun Peter VictorBirth Certificate BC/20/64434
Darren John minneyBirth Certificate BC/20/64451
Georgia Opal LandyBirth Certificate BC/20/64472
Richard Glenn SurpriseBirth Certificate BC/20/64502
Harrington Olly Rich Hendrickson HarradBirth Certificate BC/20/64524
Tania MareeBirth Certificate BC/20/64562
Nicola Jane ButtlandBirth Certificate BC/20/64589
Anne Laura KendallBirth Certificate BC/20/64616
William Michael DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/64632
Marlene Miller McGibbonBirth Certificate BC/20/64674
Mikko Juhani Frederick Vehvilu00e4inenBirth Certificate BC/20/64681
David BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/64696
Mark-Christopher; of the family RuoccoBirth Certificate BC/20/64720
Julio Stu00e9phaneBirth Certificate BC/20/64729
Helen KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/64752
Andrus PiilBirth Certificate BC/20/64780
John peakeBirth Certificate BC/20/64945
Mari LaanesaarBirth Certificate BC/20/64954
Eugene MarcelBirth Certificate BC/20/64978
John BensonBirth Certificate BC/20/65007
Charles maguireBirth Certificate BC/20/65016
Peter BradshawBirth Certificate BC/20/65024
Finbarr LiamBirth Certificate BC/20/65058
Lea Merle of the family Mc DonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/65073
Matthew David MarlowBirth Certificate BC/20/65093
Karlee Fiona SeiverBirth Certificate BC/20/65108
Green LoveBirth Certificate BC/20/65118
dominic edward mallon (son of arthur)Birth Certificate BC/20/65138
Constantinos Andreas ConstantinouBirth Certificate BC/20/65148
David-jasonBirth Certificate BC/20/65178
Monique-patriceDrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/65194
Monica-carleenDrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/65203
Jalen-alexanderMathieuBirth Certificate BC/20/65211
Ruth-inellDrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/65230
Nia-graceMathieuBirth Certificate BC/20/65237
Jalen-alexanderMathieuBirth Certificate BC/20/65243
TAYEON-DRu00c9, LAYNEBirth Certificate BC/20/65249
Jerry G. DurenBirth Certificate BC/20/65263
Jonathan BurrowsBirth Certificate BC/20/65289
Stephen Thomas ManningBirth Certificate BC/20/65382
Mary G FaulknerBirth Certificate BC/20/65392
Paul LBirth Certificate BC/20/65405
Kurt - John.Birth Certificate BC/20/65431
Anthony Gordon DuganBirth Certificate BC/20/65440
Len FidgettBirth Certificate BC/20/65463
Donna Marie HessionBirth Certificate BC/20/65475
Michael Derek ReaderBirth Certificate BC/20/65520
Eugene Marcel parkerBirth Certificate BC/20/65527
Liina PaalisteBirth Certificate BC/20/65582
BonnardotBirth Certificate BC/20/65596
u0415u043bu0435u043du0430 u041fu0435u0442u0440u043eu0432u043du0430 u041au0443u0440u0443u0448u0438u043du0430 (u0411u0430u0445u0442u0438u043du0430)Birth Certificate BC/20/65666
Clark Ashley SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/65722
laurence angu00e8leBirth Certificate BC/20/65761
James ManuelBirth Certificate BC/20/65771
James Manuel HubnerBirth Certificate BC/20/65784
Linda-Maria Rutherford.Birth Certificate BC/20/65819
William-alexanderDrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/65846
William-alexanderDrumgooleBirth Certificate BC/20/65853
Decima Shamona FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/65918
Linda-Maria Karlsson.Birth Certificate BC/20/65943
Althea-Oneida-Fhee Christensen.Birth Certificate BC/20/65950
Mia-Mcneill Rutherford.Birth Certificate BC/20/65956
Matilda-Rose Rutherford.Birth Certificate BC/20/65960
Monika LodiBirth Certificate BC/20/65980
kaijo martti nurmsooBirth Certificate BC/20/65997
Urve TalvisteBirth Certificate BC/20/66003
Marina Mu00e4llBirth Certificate BC/20/66009
Signe JaansooBirth Certificate BC/20/66015
Maria PaisBirth Certificate BC/20/66021
Janek VegaBirth Certificate BC/20/66027
Lagle SuursildBirth Certificate BC/20/66042
Peeter LiivBirth Certificate BC/20/66048
Birgit PilveBirth Certificate BC/20/66054
Kersti PilderBirth Certificate BC/20/66060
Toomas LaiguBirth Certificate BC/20/66072
anu juurikBirth Certificate BC/20/66078
Kristina Mu00e4eorgBirth Certificate BC/20/66084
Jane ReinoBirth Certificate BC/20/66090
Eeva-Liisa VahtraBirth Certificate BC/20/66096
Irja SuvisildBirth Certificate BC/20/66102
Luule KoppelBirth Certificate BC/20/66108
Triin KangroBirth Certificate BC/20/66114
Keidi ToomingBirth Certificate BC/20/66124
Liina SaartBirth Certificate BC/20/66132
gerd murikBirth Certificate BC/20/66138
Lill HelleBirth Certificate BC/20/66144
Heli London-KalininBirth Certificate BC/20/66150
Age-Ly MurikBirth Certificate BC/20/66156
Bibi LankBirth Certificate BC/20/66162
Andero PebreBirth Certificate BC/20/66168
maarika aviloBirth Certificate BC/20/66174
marko linkBirth Certificate BC/20/66180
Kenneth Robert KewleyBirth Certificate BC/20/66186
Birgot PaavelBirth Certificate BC/20/66192
Sten NiinepBirth Certificate BC/20/66201
Helen HimmaBirth Certificate BC/20/66209
argo piiskoppelBirth Certificate BC/20/66221
Margi TohusBirth Certificate BC/20/66227
Silva NoortammBirth Certificate BC/20/66233
David KasparovBirth Certificate BC/20/66239
Helger LoodeBirth Certificate BC/20/66245
Janek KallasBirth Certificate BC/20/66256
Karmen ViksBirth Certificate BC/20/66262
Kristel NeilandBirth Certificate BC/20/66268
rain komlevBirth Certificate BC/20/66282
Mariliis Ju00f5giBirth Certificate BC/20/66288
Liis LukasBirth Certificate BC/20/66294
lu00fcu00fcli tuvikeBirth Certificate BC/20/66300
Triinu ReiterBirth Certificate BC/20/66312
eve-ly vahteBirth Certificate BC/20/66318
Nele KaalBirth Certificate BC/20/66324
Emilia Himma JohanssonBirth Certificate BC/20/66330
Triin LeyBirth Certificate BC/20/66336
Ingrid ToomaBirth Certificate BC/20/66342
Linda ju00fcrisooBirth Certificate BC/20/66348
Mustafa Falah AbdulqaderBirth Certificate BC/20/66354
Mark Stephen RobertBirth Certificate BC/20/66358
Kristlin MarkBirth Certificate BC/20/66362
TuvikeBirth Certificate BC/20/66366
Mark Kersten MarkBirth Certificate BC/20/66370
Liis ToomaBirth Certificate BC/20/66376
ainar piiskoppelBirth Certificate BC/20/66382
Rasmus ToomaBirth Certificate BC/20/66388
riho kirmju00f5eBirth Certificate BC/20/66394
Karl-Ramon TaklajaBirth Certificate BC/20/66407
anne randmaaBirth Certificate BC/20/66421
Sharon Jayne WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/66425
Kiiri Vu00e4rkraudBirth Certificate BC/20/66434
Astra RihmaBirth Certificate BC/20/66447
kristi virmaBirth Certificate BC/20/66457
Rain AvastuBirth Certificate BC/20/66463
Riin Ru00f6u00f6bingBirth Certificate BC/20/66469
Maret u00d5unapuuBirth Certificate BC/20/66475
Maibrit NiinepBirth Certificate BC/20/66485
Ergo MenovBirth Certificate BC/20/66491
adelina kim-hoBirth Certificate BC/20/66497
Ruuben BurmannBirth Certificate BC/20/66503
Kristjan TohusBirth Certificate BC/20/66509
Jakob BurmannBirth Certificate BC/20/66515
Norton KaalBirth Certificate BC/20/66521
Kristof- Olavi TuvikeBirth Certificate BC/20/66525
Ande TiksBirth Certificate BC/20/66532
Maiken PalmBirth Certificate BC/20/66540
Airi LodiBirth Certificate BC/20/66546
Henry Kivimu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/66552
Lauri Ru00f6u00f6bingBirth Certificate BC/20/66562
tiina ku00e4biBirth Certificate BC/20/66569
Olar Vu00e4u00e4nBirth Certificate BC/20/66580
AireBirth Certificate BC/20/66597
Elle RometBirth Certificate BC/20/66605
enel valgepeaBirth Certificate BC/20/66611
Ave TammBirth Certificate BC/20/66617
marge ilvesBirth Certificate BC/20/66623
Taimi AnnerviekBirth Certificate BC/20/66633
Eneli AavikBirth Certificate BC/20/66639
Paula RiismaaBirth Certificate BC/20/66645
raudo valgepeaBirth Certificate BC/20/66651
Andres EskoBirth Certificate BC/20/66658
Ralf-Richard RiismaaBirth Certificate BC/20/66665
AAVE MARGUMETSBirth Certificate BC/20/66672
Katri RistalBirth Certificate BC/20/66678
Priit NeemeBirth Certificate BC/20/66685
Kelli KookBirth Certificate BC/20/66691
Ingmar Ru00f5ustikBirth Certificate BC/20/66697
Sirle ArderBirth Certificate BC/20/66705
Eve Raudmu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/66712
Kristiina-Regiina RassBirth Certificate BC/20/66718
Paulo Mikael Laddaga RistalBirth Certificate BC/20/66726
Annika LeidurBirth Certificate BC/20/66732
kristiina vu00e4u00e4nBirth Certificate BC/20/66739
Mariel UntBirth Certificate BC/20/66745
sigrit seppBirth Certificate BC/20/66751
Diana KarjaBirth Certificate BC/20/66757
Eerik HaritonovBirth Certificate BC/20/66763
Maido RaudBirth Certificate BC/20/66773
Triin KangroBirth Certificate BC/20/66782
Helen LuikBirth Certificate BC/20/66788
Klara Ju00f5giBirth Certificate BC/20/66795
Katrin TalvakBirth Certificate BC/20/66801
age tammemu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/66808
arvi susiBirth Certificate BC/20/66820
Jaan TohusBirth Certificate BC/20/66828
Getter LukjanovBirth Certificate BC/20/66839
Maris AnnerviekBirth Certificate BC/20/66847
Neo PihelaBirth Certificate BC/20/66854
Nelli PetrovaBirth Certificate BC/20/66860
Mileen PetrovaBirth Certificate BC/20/66869
Meena PetrovaBirth Certificate BC/20/66877
Lauri AnnerviekBirth Certificate BC/20/66890
Bibi LankBirth Certificate BC/20/66901
u00dclle RiisaluBirth Certificate BC/20/66949
merike plaaserBirth Certificate BC/20/66955
ku00fclliBirth Certificate BC/20/66967
Helve Pu00e4rnaBirth Certificate BC/20/66974
Jelizaveta TribunskajaBirth Certificate BC/20/66984
Merilee Valgemu00e4eBirth Certificate BC/20/66990
Mirelle Valgemu00e4eBirth Certificate BC/20/67004
Siiri SaagimBirth Certificate BC/20/67015
Reigo TsepkinBirth Certificate BC/20/67023
Marabella Yanara MeosBirth Certificate BC/20/67031
TerjeBirth Certificate BC/20/67043
birgit lu00f5hmusBirth Certificate BC/20/67050
Taimi OstratBirth Certificate BC/20/67056
Jaanika palkBirth Certificate BC/20/67063
Helena KangurBirth Certificate BC/20/67069
Ingrid AnnerviekBirth Certificate BC/20/67075
Carl-Christofer SaagimBirth Certificate BC/20/67085
Ku00fclli Pu00f5ldojaBirth Certificate BC/20/67089
Ingrid OjaBirth Certificate BC/20/67095
Grete Lu00f5okeBirth Certificate BC/20/67101
ku00fclli pu00f5ldojaBirth Certificate BC/20/67108
Carl-Andreas GorjatskoBirth Certificate BC/20/67116
Gert SaarepuuBirth Certificate BC/20/67122
Mia SaarepuuBirth Certificate BC/20/67128
Carl-Sebastian SaagimBirth Certificate BC/20/67134
Victoria RaudseppBirth Certificate BC/20/67146
Netty TohusBirth Certificate BC/20/67152
Kristi SoopBirth Certificate BC/20/67158
Kristen ElbingBirth Certificate BC/20/67164
Angelika KavakBirth Certificate BC/20/67170
Carl-Christofer SaagimBirth Certificate BC/20/67180
siret tammemu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/67186
andred seppBirth Certificate BC/20/67190
Tiit PratkaBirth Certificate BC/20/67196
Gert SaarepuuBirth Certificate BC/20/67202
eve hu00e4rmsonBirth Certificate BC/20/67209
Valdar SaarepuuBirth Certificate BC/20/67215
ku00e4tlin pu00e4kkBirth Certificate BC/20/67228
Mariel LuikBirth Certificate BC/20/67234
ketlin pu00e4kkBirth Certificate BC/20/67243
alo jaanivaldBirth Certificate BC/20/67251
tarmo lutsBirth Certificate BC/20/67257
Helen LehesaluBirth Certificate BC/20/67263
Heli Ku00f5ivBirth Certificate BC/20/67269
StevenBirth Certificate BC/20/67275
Diana MarkBirth Certificate BC/20/67287
ju00fcrgen oopkaupBirth Certificate BC/20/67293
ilona terrasBirth Certificate BC/20/67314
Kaidi Ju00fcrgensonBirth Certificate BC/20/67341
siret lu00f5hmusBirth Certificate BC/20/67348
Rita SobolsBirth Certificate BC/20/67354
Aaron RandviirBirth Certificate BC/20/67375
Raili TegallyBirth Certificate BC/20/67381
Silver KollomBirth Certificate BC/20/67387
jannoBirth Certificate BC/20/67393
nelli petrovaBirth Certificate BC/20/67397
Margit VaaksBirth Certificate BC/20/67414
Amari RandviirBirth Certificate BC/20/67421
Jaanika kaseBirth Certificate BC/20/67427
Katrin KaruBirth Certificate BC/20/67434
Arman RandviirBirth Certificate BC/20/67442
Elisabeth KaseBirth Certificate BC/20/67448
Tim Kristofer KaruBirth Certificate BC/20/67460
Kristi ToomikBirth Certificate BC/20/67471
Aurora RandviirBirth Certificate BC/20/67478
Johannes RandviirBirth Certificate BC/20/67490
Triin-Liis NestrikBirth Certificate BC/20/67515
Janar PalkBirth Certificate BC/20/67541
Madis RebaneBirth Certificate BC/20/67560
Sirle TilkBirth Certificate BC/20/67567
Viiu Mu00e4nnikBirth Certificate BC/20/67573
Riina RandBirth Certificate BC/20/67598
Rimmo-Ragnarok RaudseppBirth Certificate BC/20/67604
liis aaslaidBirth Certificate BC/20/67610
Arabell LiikBirth Certificate BC/20/67631
Olga RaagBirth Certificate BC/20/67637
Erik JetsBirth Certificate BC/20/67662
Kristjan PihelgasBirth Certificate BC/20/67688
Margi KaskBirth Certificate BC/20/67706
Mirtel Joanna LooritsBirth Certificate BC/20/67714
Jari Olli PeltolaBirth Certificate BC/20/67723
Chris KalaBirth Certificate BC/20/67731
Ülle VälkBirth Certificate BC/20/67738
Katre Nu00fcganenBirth Certificate BC/20/67744
Janek SaljukovBirth Certificate BC/20/67753
arabella kokamu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/67764
Claus Mattheus MardoBirth Certificate BC/20/67770
Carl-Johan-Per.Birth Certificate BC/20/67776
Elo ViirmannBirth Certificate BC/20/67782
Arvi KassBirth Certificate BC/20/67788
marite runthalBirth Certificate BC/20/67794
liilia vahtramu00e4eBirth Certificate BC/20/67800
marii runthalBirth Certificate BC/20/67809
annabel randBirth Certificate BC/20/67818
mario-maxim randBirth Certificate BC/20/67825
Marili Mu00fchlbachBirth Certificate BC/20/67831
Rita MozgovajaBirth Certificate BC/20/67837
Mari Kuusemu00e4eBirth Certificate BC/20/67843
Isabella PajumaaBirth Certificate BC/20/67849
Helen HeringsonBirth Certificate BC/20/67855
Carl-Frank-Kenneth Svensson.Birth Certificate BC/20/67861
maris mozolevBirth Certificate BC/20/67870
Eleonora KangroBirth Certificate BC/20/67880
Kaire Mu00fcllerBirth Certificate BC/20/67891
Valle LaarmanBirth Certificate BC/20/67905
Jolanta Grauu017einyteBirth Certificate BC/20/67911
Sirkka PintmannBirth Certificate BC/20/67917
Inga StambergBirth Certificate BC/20/67923
ToomasBirth Certificate BC/20/67929
annika maiorBirth Certificate BC/20/67936
mall kaarnaBirth Certificate BC/20/67946
Aurora TammekiviBirth Certificate BC/20/67954
Ott KarolinBirth Certificate BC/20/67960
Elina KirtBirth Certificate BC/20/67966
Elen KivilaBirth Certificate BC/20/67972
Kleer SuursildBirth Certificate BC/20/67978
Riina DegtjarenkoBirth Certificate BC/20/67989
karin anveltBirth Certificate BC/20/67998
Oliver SolntsevBirth Certificate BC/20/68005
Evi SoostarBirth Certificate BC/20/68011
Anthony Kenneth Richard HortonBirth Certificate BC/20/68017
Miina Doora KohaBirth Certificate BC/20/68025
Tu00f5nu Mu00f5istusBirth Certificate BC/20/68031
Karin OrumaaBirth Certificate BC/20/68037
Marita pitkBirth Certificate BC/20/68043
Aire Tampu00f5ldBirth Certificate BC/20/68049
Roland Markus RebaneBirth Certificate BC/20/68056
Kase EneBirth Certificate BC/20/68062
Lia TammBirth Certificate BC/20/68069
Ene OrumaaBirth Certificate BC/20/68075
Koidu PlutusBirth Certificate BC/20/68081
Tangsoo UrmasBirth Certificate BC/20/68087
Aime PiparBirth Certificate BC/20/68094
Minna Loore KohaBirth Certificate BC/20/68100
Sembach,u00dclleBirth Certificate BC/20/68108
Maikel Ku00fclvjaBirth Certificate BC/20/68126
Ago UndritsBirth Certificate BC/20/68132
kaijo martti nurmsooBirth Certificate BC/20/68136
Lenna-Liis MahlaBirth Certificate BC/20/68142
Kristen MahlaBirth Certificate BC/20/68146
Linda PukkBirth Certificate BC/20/68152
Veljo VainuBirth Certificate BC/20/68163
VILJA ASBERGBirth Certificate BC/20/68178
Elisabeth KaseBirth Certificate BC/20/68192
merike koovisteBirth Certificate BC/20/68198
Ku00e4tlin KuuskmannBirth Certificate BC/20/68204
STEN Pu00c4RTELSONBirth Certificate BC/20/68210
helve mu00e4nnikBirth Certificate BC/20/68221
Hendrik KomlevBirth Certificate BC/20/68231
Vaike UiboBirth Certificate BC/20/68237
Eston TalumaaBirth Certificate BC/20/68248
PalkBirth Certificate BC/20/68265
Adele AavikBirth Certificate BC/20/68271
Mattias AavikBirth Certificate BC/20/68275
Janika OleBirth Certificate BC/20/68281
Markus MarekBirth Certificate BC/20/68285
sten-mattias tammemu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/68291
diana oleBirth Certificate BC/20/68305
Andres Ku00f5ivaBirth Certificate BC/20/68311
Kristen MaalinnBirth Certificate BC/20/68317
angu00e8le u00e9milieBirth Certificate BC/20/68330
u00d5nnelik PalusteBirth Certificate BC/20/68352
kadi melzarBirth Certificate BC/20/68358
Victoria SikkBirth Certificate BC/20/68364
Diana DubasBirth Certificate BC/20/68377
LindaBirth Certificate BC/20/68387
Kaidi-Ly Kolesnitu0161enkoBirth Certificate BC/20/68396
Robert KukkurBirth Certificate BC/20/68404
rain runthalBirth Certificate BC/20/68415
tanel kuusmaaBirth Certificate BC/20/68421
Tsiivi Maarja PentBirth Certificate BC/20/68433
Julius Johanes PentBirth Certificate BC/20/68439
Monawer FAROOQBirth Certificate BC/20/68445
Kristina Eloi PentBirth Certificate BC/20/68449
Taalia Martha PentBirth Certificate BC/20/68453
indrek pu00f5ldverBirth Certificate BC/20/68470
Gert PottmannBirth Certificate BC/20/68480
Regina saunBirth Certificate BC/20/68510
KatriBirth Certificate BC/20/68516
Annika LuikBirth Certificate BC/20/68526
Vallo EeriksonBirth Certificate BC/20/68536
Triin HeimannBirth Certificate BC/20/68552
Ingrid saunBirth Certificate BC/20/68558
Nora KassBirth Certificate BC/20/68562
Mia KassBirth Certificate BC/20/68566
Diana VaherBirth Certificate BC/20/68645
Aive AttoBirth Certificate BC/20/68651
Janek SarapsonBirth Certificate BC/20/68670
devin tammBirth Certificate BC/20/68676
Tu00f5nis EllerBirth Certificate BC/20/68682
Geelia VaiknurmeBirth Certificate BC/20/68699
Jorma KaskBirth Certificate BC/20/68710
ruti aronBirth Certificate BC/20/68716
anne kennBirth Certificate BC/20/68722
Holger IlsjanBirth Certificate BC/20/68735
triinu soodlaBirth Certificate BC/20/68743
Yeedit NilmarBirth Certificate BC/20/68756
Eve VitolaBirth Certificate BC/20/68762
Joel Aaron WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/68795
jaanusBirth Certificate BC/20/68801
Tarin Antoinette WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/68813
helena hiiesaluBirth Certificate BC/20/68826
Meeli LepsonBirth Certificate BC/20/68835
aare ku00fclamaBirth Certificate BC/20/68843
Pille VarmannBirth Certificate BC/20/68850
Aire (Aleksejev) PaidraBirth Certificate BC/20/68863
Ain Kallasmu00e4eBirth Certificate BC/20/68869
Jaan ReigoBirth Certificate BC/20/68921
Regina saunBirth Certificate BC/20/68940
merike haljasmetsBirth Certificate BC/20/68950
Jaan ReigoBirth Certificate BC/20/68955
mirko haljasmetsBirth Certificate BC/20/68963
Stella-MaryBirth Certificate BC/20/69037
Merlin IlvesBirth Certificate BC/20/69044
Anu VaherBirth Certificate BC/20/69057
Mai PriskBirth Certificate BC/20/69070
Karl Mihkel KrapivinBirth Certificate BC/20/69076
Hugo KrapivinBirth Certificate BC/20/69082
Deisi KrapivinBirth Certificate BC/20/69088
Thomas RossBirth Certificate BC/20/69103
Margus-Martin London-KalininBirth Certificate BC/20/69109
Oliver London-KalininBirth Certificate BC/20/69113
Kalev puuseppBirth Certificate BC/20/69119
Mare UuueBirth Certificate BC/20/69125
mick o riordanBirth Certificate BC/20/69131
Enya marie doyleBirth Certificate BC/20/69140
Lemmi LustBirth Certificate BC/20/69151
jaak kupperBirth Certificate BC/20/69170
Mirjam KarroBirth Certificate BC/20/69214
Helen PatsulaBirth Certificate BC/20/69241
Helena Hu00e4rmsonBirth Certificate BC/20/69264
Rainer Ku00f5utsBirth Certificate BC/20/69273
malle tammekiviBirth Certificate BC/20/69281
Indrek Lu00f5okeBirth Certificate BC/20/69297
Anet Lu00f5okeBirth Certificate BC/20/69301
Karolin SaksBirth Certificate BC/20/69310
Anniki TroppBirth Certificate BC/20/69325
rihard lauren luikBirth Certificate BC/20/69333
Kristen TellBirth Certificate BC/20/69341
Anti KilplaBirth Certificate BC/20/69348
Toomas VanaBirth Certificate BC/20/69354
Tiina KartauBirth Certificate BC/20/69360
Triin KoortBirth Certificate BC/20/69366
Eile Su00fcndinudBirth Certificate BC/20/69372
Endla SaarBirth Certificate BC/20/69378
Rein Ju00f5giBirth Certificate BC/20/69384
Kristiina KuusingBirth Certificate BC/20/69397
Maria Katariina KuusingBirth Certificate BC/20/69413
Evelyn RebmannBirth Certificate BC/20/69429
Kenno Getter Kruusimu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/69438
Timmo RebmannBirth Certificate BC/20/69446
Peter DoseriBirth Certificate BC/20/69452
BRADLY LUIS PERRINBirth Certificate BC/20/69458
Sirje OllinoBirth Certificate BC/20/69477
Dylan James hooperBirth Certificate BC/20/69485
Toomas SprivulBirth Certificate BC/20/69529
SofiBirth Certificate BC/20/69549
LeinartBirth Certificate BC/20/69584
Lia TammBirth Certificate BC/20/69600
Jenna RandlaBirth Certificate BC/20/69612
Markus Ju00f5giaasBirth Certificate BC/20/69621
Emma Liisa Ju00f5giaasBirth Certificate BC/20/69633
Kaspar Ju00f5giaasBirth Certificate BC/20/69652
Katrin UjukBirth Certificate BC/20/69658
Rainer TiikBirth Certificate BC/20/69664
Liis-Helena Mu00fchlbachBirth Certificate BC/20/69673
Jason John RobinsBirth Certificate BC/20/69688
Debra wrightBirth Certificate BC/20/69703
Priidu NiitBirth Certificate BC/20/69718
mikk savisaarBirth Certificate BC/20/69737
Merite PantBirth Certificate BC/20/69746
Silvia SuvisteBirth Certificate BC/20/69775
Raulo AllojaBirth Certificate BC/20/69784
u00d5nneli PalusteBirth Certificate BC/20/69809
Egert LipmaaBirth Certificate BC/20/69818
Marili TomingasBirth Certificate BC/20/69826
Indrek UmbsarBirth Certificate BC/20/69844
HEITI RAAGBirth Certificate BC/20/69853
David-jasonMillerBirth Certificate BC/20/69879
Gery EinbergBirth Certificate BC/20/69897
Kristiina KaasikBirth Certificate BC/20/69906
Jaanus Ilmju00e4rvBirth Certificate BC/20/69933
Denise Hilary JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/69962
Elve ArusooBirth Certificate BC/20/69970
Madis MuhkBirth Certificate BC/20/69987
Milvi KuslapuuBirth Certificate BC/20/69995
Susan Ann BoothBirth Certificate BC/20/70058
Agnes Ku00e4goBirth Certificate BC/20/70065
Joshua Philip BARHAMBirth Certificate BC/20/70090
Susan Jeanette MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/70125
Richard Lee SandiBirth Certificate BC/20/70176
Gail RussellBirth Certificate BC/20/70191
Thomas BarryBirth Certificate BC/20/70200
Emily Maryia Ann MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/70212
Thomas-William SmartBirth Certificate BC/20/70280
Grant Richard ShortBirth Certificate BC/20/70324
samuel raineBirth Certificate BC/20/70338
HelveBirth Certificate BC/20/70357
Thorald, Wystan Lionel ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/70368
ants andersonBirth Certificate BC/20/70421
Patricia KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/70446
Zoe Mai CullenderBirth Certificate BC/20/70477
Beverly May HillBirth Certificate BC/20/70483
Eloy JariBirth Certificate BC/20/70512
Suzy LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/70521
Luule LainelaBirth Certificate BC/20/70547
margus kivimu00e4giBirth Certificate BC/20/70556
Stephen ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/70564
David Richard EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/70580
david morganBirth Certificate BC/20/70609
Kelly MoffattBirth Certificate BC/20/70622
Andrus KiiverBirth Certificate BC/20/70631
Lisa melanie downBirth Certificate BC/20/70642
Shelley EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/70653
Lily Rose HobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/70671
Arthur Jakub HobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/70675
Kimberly Debreca WashingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/70687
Robert William NormanBirth Certificate BC/20/70693
Katrin JundasBirth Certificate BC/20/70708
Katrin Hu00fcvaBirth Certificate BC/20/70712
Shane william townsendBirth Certificate BC/20/70750
Hazel Gerald-TheodoreBirth Certificate BC/20/70759
Ross Stanley BoyceBirth Certificate BC/20/70815
Vu00c4INO RAUDLAMBirth Certificate BC/20/70828
Monika PiiriojaBirth Certificate BC/20/70846
Joevel Kernard WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/70865
Herman VillaruelBirth Certificate BC/20/70872
Angela Gloria MillingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/70894
James Richard FoyBirth Certificate BC/20/70921
Madeline Romanie Linda SoesbeBirth Certificate BC/20/70932
Gemma EastonBirth Certificate BC/20/70941
Gemma HuntBirth Certificate BC/20/70948
Alan Robert EastonBirth Certificate BC/20/70954
Florence Anne EastonBirth Certificate BC/20/70958
Annabelle Primrose EastonBirth Certificate BC/20/70962
Joseph Albert Darran EastonBirth Certificate BC/20/70966
Rae Tierney FAULKNERBirth Certificate BC/20/71032
William Keith BarclayBirth Certificate BC/20/71079
patrick j donnellyBirth Certificate BC/20/71108
Leiu LaarBirth Certificate BC/20/71143
Elvira Tu0161ernu00f5u0161evaBirth Certificate BC/20/71177
Marina Tu0161ernu00f5u0161evaBirth Certificate BC/20/71185
Fraser Fergus HayBirth Certificate BC/20/71203
Lorna Morag HayBirth Certificate BC/20/71220
Edward HardingBirth Certificate BC/20/71289
Jitka Tulisovu00e1Birth Certificate BC/20/71295
Jason Edward ThorntonBirth Certificate BC/20/71331
alan paul feetumBirth Certificate BC/20/71572
Houston JonBirth Certificate BC/20/71881
Oscar Martin MacleanBirth Certificate BC/20/71890
Anthony John LyleBirth Certificate BC/20/71917
Anna Svandu00edsardu00f3ttirBirth Certificate BC/20/71973
Idris u00d3u00f0inn Svan ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/71981
PARRIS, LAYNEBirth Certificate BC/20/71998
paul-douglasmorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/72060
William Thomas stewartBirth Certificate BC/20/72169
Susan Margaret McmanusBirth Certificate BC/20/72254
Helen MarieBirth Certificate BC/20/72281
Denise Hilary JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/72303
JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/72332
Kirsty Jayne WillowBirth Certificate BC/20/72385
Krzysztof Andrzej SagajlloBirth Certificate BC/20/72395
Didier RomainBirth Certificate BC/20/72484
James PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/72513
Jennifer Dianne AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/72567
Eneli KreemBirth Certificate BC/20/72598
BRANNBirth Certificate BC/20/72652
Priit NeemeBirth Certificate BC/20/72659
daniel leonard feetumBirth Certificate BC/20/72669
Tevo TopkinBirth Certificate BC/20/72684
Ku00fclli KeluBirth Certificate BC/20/72697
Aaron AhmedBirth Certificate BC/20/72712
Aleks Nehal AhmedBirth Certificate BC/20/72718
Liina LiivBirth Certificate BC/20/72726
Triin EngmannBirth Certificate BC/20/72741
Merith SarvBirth Certificate BC/20/72752
Heili LipmeisterBirth Certificate BC/20/72764
Ines LipmeisterBirth Certificate BC/20/72768
Sandra NurmsiBirth Certificate BC/20/72782
Kristiina PuuseppBirth Certificate BC/20/72799
Henrik AarmaBirth Certificate BC/20/72847
TerjeBirth Certificate BC/20/72872
Glenn Philip SINCLAIRBirth Certificate BC/20/72883
David Peter HetheringtonBirth Certificate BC/20/72894
ian gibsonBirth Certificate BC/20/72908
Terje FuchsBirth Certificate BC/20/72923
Adele - Ellariin WoronowiczBirth Certificate BC/20/72942
Elvis Liivamu00e4gi BrauerBirth Certificate BC/20/73020
Tina Tracy TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/73113
Gea LellBirth Certificate BC/20/73129
Pamela SageusBirth Certificate BC/20/73150
Irina RoosiaasBirth Certificate BC/20/73180
Terje ProtsenkoBirth Certificate BC/20/73257
Rebecca LaurenBirth Certificate BC/20/73276
Anti RoosiaasBirth Certificate BC/20/73301
BROPHYBirth Certificate BC/20/73327
Riina ReimetsBirth Certificate BC/20/73340
Juta LipmeisterBirth Certificate BC/20/73364
Heili LipmeisterBirth Certificate BC/20/73368
Kairi KarolinBirth Certificate BC/20/73388
Stephen-John LloydBirth Certificate BC/20/73580
Kristo TiidermannBirth Certificate BC/20/73617
DAVID THOMAS RICHARDSBirth Certificate BC/20/73661
Richard Antony AylettBirth Certificate BC/20/73757
Ian RisdonBirth Certificate BC/20/73854
andrus annusverBirth Certificate BC/20/73861
Darcie, may Suzanne hallBirth Certificate BC/20/73914
Alexander KadakasBirth Certificate BC/20/73942
Innar LannoBirth Certificate BC/20/73961
Thomas Benjamin of the family Alexander [Thomas-benjamin (of the family Alexander]Birth Certificate BC/20/74058
Tara Celeste of the family Alexander-Hille [Tara-celeste (of the family Alexander-Hille]Birth Certificate BC/20/74067
Trevor-john of the family AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/74075
paul lewisBirth Certificate BC/20/74119
Elisabeth KaseBirth Certificate BC/20/74130
Christiane Reingard of the family Hill [Christiane-reingard, of the family Hill]Birth Certificate BC/20/74156
Aare KeelBirth Certificate BC/20/74165
Matthew John DillonBirth Certificate BC/20/74195
Sander AulBirth Certificate BC/20/74233
Martina FiserovaBirth Certificate BC/20/74272
Sarah HendersonBirth Certificate BC/20/74328
Christopher Gervais AlleaumeBirth Certificate BC/20/74341
Art ProtsinBirth Certificate BC/20/74360
Dawn Bridget CaseyBirth Certificate BC/20/74367
Bernadine Michelle EileenBirth Certificate BC/20/74422
u00a9Paweu0142Garczyu0144skiu2122Birth Certificate BC/20/74442
Lindsay james lynchBirth Certificate BC/20/74482
David John FoxBirth Certificate BC/20/74489
Leon Kiro Paul ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/74497
Richie Simon MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/74509
Liesha Shona ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/74517
JanikaBirth Certificate BC/20/74525
Sabrina Dos Santos FranciaBirth Certificate BC/20/74540
george martinBirth Certificate BC/20/74606
Andrew .robert of the family patersonBirth Certificate BC/20/74621
Conan LeisterBirth Certificate BC/20/74638
stephanie-lynn LeadbetterBirth Certificate BC/20/74648
james-robert-dean LeesBirth Certificate BC/20/74656
Frazer Douglas WallerBirth Certificate BC/20/74766
Kenneth BoltonBirth Certificate BC/20/74784
Aaron Joel Dorian RamosBirth Certificate BC/20/74811
Anthony Joseph LovellBirth Certificate BC/20/74822
Lisa huntBirth Certificate BC/20/74829
Richard Carlton Snouffer, JuniorBirth Certificate BC/20/74840
Karl SaarBirth Certificate BC/20/74869
Laura Lee ElfordBirth Certificate BC/20/74878
Nina TaumbergerBirth Certificate BC/20/74887
PoppyBirth Certificate BC/20/74895
Lorraine CrooksBirth Certificate BC/20/74916
Tiina EikBirth Certificate BC/20/74964
Tiina EikBirth Certificate BC/20/74970
Flemming HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/75004
Alexander William RomichBirth Certificate BC/20/75030
Richard Allan KnibbsBirth Certificate BC/20/75060
Emma Jane ClowBirth Certificate BC/20/75084
Gerald Joseph RemillardBirth Certificate BC/20/75148
Wendy MargaretBirth Certificate BC/20/75161
Anne Pauline AttardBirth Certificate BC/20/75183
Timor Timothy Leste JamesonBirth Certificate BC/20/75190
Hanna-Maria HarusooBirth Certificate BC/20/75281
CharlotteBirth Certificate BC/20/75319
Hety HuumBirth Certificate BC/20/75340
beatrice marguerite charlotte serafinowiczBirth Certificate BC/20/75346
Kevin Anthony Roy GoaterBirth Certificate BC/20/75358
Kimberly Michele PastwickBirth Certificate BC/20/75368
Shaun RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/75427
Hetty Pu00e4u00e4busBirth Certificate BC/20/75436
Mic KuismaBirth Certificate BC/20/75494
Finn-Wulff Petersen.Birth Certificate BC/20/75511
Christopher Martin WoodwardBirth Certificate BC/20/75561
Natasha Sharon RinaldiBirth Certificate BC/20/75582
Nigel Sylvester LevyBirth Certificate BC/20/75619
Christine DziuveBirth Certificate BC/20/75654
Metha Marie FeddersenBirth Certificate BC/20/75664
Ryan Jeffrey FordBirth Certificate BC/20/75709
Oonagh Eleanor SheehanBirth Certificate BC/20/75721
anthony phillip rossBirth Certificate BC/20/75733
Michaella Meile ZARAMBAITE GORMANBirth Certificate BC/20/75741
Isabella Laime GORMANBirth Certificate BC/20/75749
Luke Richard ShepherdBirth Certificate BC/20/75755
Leanne Irene HaggerBirth Certificate BC/20/75762
Debbie Margaret BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/75771
Trevor-john of the family AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/75779
Stephenie AdelleBirth Certificate BC/20/75837
Stephen John ShanksBirth Certificate BC/20/75858
Donna Louise WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/75908
Koray OsmanBirth Certificate BC/20/75942
Seliz TuranBirth Certificate BC/20/75950
Hale AhmetBirth Certificate BC/20/75956
Ju00f6rgen AlunurmBirth Certificate BC/20/75966
joseph samuel tulleyBirth Certificate BC/20/75976
Gareth ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/75987
Capri Carter NolanBirth Certificate BC/20/76060
Milan Mylie NolanBirth Certificate BC/20/76066
HeiliBirth Certificate BC/20/76084
Anne-Marie ToafaBirth Certificate BC/20/76123
Francisco GomollonBirth Certificate BC/20/76171
Shae Louise PerriBirth Certificate BC/20/76178
Maria MerisaluBirth Certificate BC/20/76189
Igor SkalkinBirth Certificate BC/20/76222
Michael HumbleBirth Certificate BC/20/76254
Andrew maynardBirth Certificate BC/20/76276
MERLYNETTE TALEA MORRISBirth Certificate BC/20/76291
Joanne Diane BellamyBirth Certificate BC/20/76341
Kerry Ann SiddleBirth Certificate BC/20/76350
Peter Donald JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/76358
ViiveBirth Certificate BC/20/76371
Ariel Cody DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/76405
Carly BallBirth Certificate BC/20/76467
Jan OostingBirth Certificate BC/20/76500
Jennifer Alison morrisBirth Certificate BC/20/76632
christopher mark doyleBirth Certificate BC/20/76643
Kathleen Joan BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/76669
Tai Li Lotus Leste JamesonBirth Certificate BC/20/76673
Peter Damsgaard HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/76679
Shamika JosephBirth Certificate BC/20/76700
Graham FrederickBirth Certificate BC/20/76780
edward nicholas williamsBirth Certificate BC/20/76809
Michelle stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/76829
Alfred F. SimkovicsBirth Certificate BC/20/76854
Carl FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/76863
Jeffrey Steven hazelBirth Certificate BC/20/76874
Marguerite Dorothy Ida MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/76885
Annette Veronica ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/76899
Liesha Shona ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/76909
Carolyne-IreneCoonBirth Certificate BC/20/76915
JituskaBirth Certificate BC/20/76933
Genno PoolBirth Certificate BC/20/76950
Richard John MoonBirth Certificate BC/20/76967
KristoBirth Certificate BC/20/76996
Lilyan VaardBirth Certificate BC/20/77013
JOYCE SHEILA ANNE STOCKLEYBirth Certificate BC/20/77102
Kristiina Ku00fcttisBirth Certificate BC/20/77125
Jada cosslettBirth Certificate BC/20/77174
Iain McCullochBirth Certificate BC/20/77184
Mark James GaylardBirth Certificate BC/20/77194
Marie Louise JuryBirth Certificate BC/20/77203
Sharon AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/77231
Kurt Evan CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/77255
Matthew BrittBirth Certificate BC/20/77274
Aden Erasmus-HindsBirth Certificate BC/20/77283
Merschedes KruusmaBirth Certificate BC/20/77289
Christopher CosslettBirth Certificate BC/20/77296
Tracy Anne HerselmanBirth Certificate BC/20/77302
Jasmin Lea-Ann Gad ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/77309
Theresa McGouranBirth Certificate BC/20/77330
Christopher Mark DoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/77337
Campbell DunbarBirth Certificate BC/20/77419
Chris JacklinBirth Certificate BC/20/77442
Tara coxBirth Certificate BC/20/77561
Kiegan coxBirth Certificate BC/20/77568
Harald Wolfgang SchlosserBirth Certificate BC/20/77575
Ashley JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/77602
AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/77608
Andres Alberto Suescun BustosBirth Certificate BC/20/77704
Nicola Claire FieldBirth Certificate BC/20/77710
Maximus Sidney Fraser-FieldBirth Certificate BC/20/77716
Gawain Alexander VincentzBirth Certificate BC/20/77725
Zoe Ann SheardBirth Certificate BC/20/77791
Peter David Reed-KhempBirth Certificate BC/20/77808
Luke Anthony HouldcroftBirth Certificate BC/20/77828
Glenn Stuart HoseBirth Certificate BC/20/77837
Mary Elizabeth CorlissBirth Certificate BC/20/77851
Harry KollmorgenBirth Certificate BC/20/77861
Nick WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/77881
Karolina Marka DuloveczBirth Certificate BC/20/77906
Jordan StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/77912
Rebekah MeadBirth Certificate BC/20/77921
Naobi Rita Lucy Sigourney MeadBirth Certificate BC/20/77935
Kelly Jayne carverBirth Certificate BC/20/77949
David Michael LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/77958
Justin RoddaBirth Certificate BC/20/77969
Meashia SherwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/77981
James ParmenterBirth Certificate BC/20/77991
Peter michaelBirth Certificate BC/20/77998
Michael Anthony Leonard Joseph kingBirth Certificate BC/20/78034
Darren George CheyneBirth Certificate BC/20/78091
Diane DrakeBirth Certificate BC/20/78106
Sonia Grace KalanchaBirth Certificate BC/20/78129
Remedy Of The House OF ReignBirth Certificate BC/20/78139
Jcaqueline Kay SCHEFEBirth Certificate BC/20/78156
Timothy Stephan MallettBirth Certificate BC/20/78165
Robert George PikeBirth Certificate BC/20/78176
Khelwatie BaldeoBirth Certificate BC/20/78199
Poul HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/78208
Jenna KovacsBirth Certificate BC/20/78234
Britt Mary-Angel ElnertzBirth Certificate BC/20/78262
Gary Peter FilmerBirth Certificate BC/20/78284
lynne beatyBirth Certificate BC/20/78329
Jan Michael BuhlBirth Certificate BC/20/78343
Arlie Laird Taylor IIBirth Certificate BC/20/78359
Harley Matthew McGoldrickBirth Certificate BC/20/78373
Nathan Mark McGoldrickBirth Certificate BC/20/78379
Alexander AnnearBirth Certificate BC/20/78391
Lyndsey Ann TugbyBirth Certificate BC/20/78398
John Michael KovacsBirth Certificate BC/20/78404
Jenna Michelle KovacsBirth Certificate BC/20/78410
Jenna Michelle KovacsBirth Certificate BC/20/78425
Stephen John KovacsBirth Certificate BC/20/78431
Rachel Ann LafontaineBirth Certificate BC/20/78441
NathanBirth Certificate BC/20/78450
Nathan Mark McGoldrickBirth Certificate BC/20/78456
Harley Matthew McGoldrickBirth Certificate BC/20/78460
Paul Anthony GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/78476
Audrey Denise WhiteheadBirth Certificate BC/20/78485
Remedy Of The House OF ReignBirth Certificate BC/20/78508
Barry joseph goughBirth Certificate BC/20/78515
Scotty BarkerBirth Certificate BC/20/78521
Michael peter of house HaylettBirth Certificate BC/20/78530
James Casimir Waldemar AuburnBirth Certificate BC/20/78546
Anders Baden NielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/78555
Sara Lisa WellsBirth Certificate BC/20/78564
Brian Malcolm TuckerBirth Certificate BC/20/78581
peter john coveyBirth Certificate BC/20/78594
Neil robert peberdyBirth Certificate BC/20/78607
Kristin Rodney Donald MacdonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/78642
Matthew Francis RowlandBirth Certificate BC/20/78675
Ian Patrick MurdochBirth Certificate BC/20/78713
Lucia Assunta Premetta VaccaroBirth Certificate BC/20/78735
Stephen John KovacsBirth Certificate BC/20/78755
Monika Sylvia GaliusBirth Certificate BC/20/78766
Beverley Kim greenwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/78812
Gillian Elizabeth ForemanBirth Certificate BC/20/78843
Karen Elaine RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/78849
PAUL NASHBirth Certificate BC/20/78876
Jaclyn Marie FlindallBirth Certificate BC/20/78882
Susan Anne LawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/78893
Maya Luna MaynardBirth Certificate BC/20/78903
Leon Sonne DackombeBirth Certificate BC/20/78911
Robert Tony PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/78929
Alex EastBirth Certificate BC/20/78938
Melinda Jane McMullanBirth Certificate BC/20/78957
Mason david spacieBirth Certificate BC/20/78968
BrookeBirth Certificate BC/20/78993
Ida Louise Sloth BonnevieBirth Certificate BC/20/79002
Beverley Anne de KlerkBirth Certificate BC/20/79010
Anthony VioliBirth Certificate BC/20/79018
Charlotte Kay Leanor CrosleyBirth Certificate BC/20/79029
Raya Kate Hong Yu Crosley-LoBirth Certificate BC/20/79036
Meira Sylvia Yee Yun Crosley-LoBirth Certificate BC/20/79040
Leora Roberta Siu Ying Crosley-LoBirth Certificate BC/20/79044
Jayne mae cravenBirth Certificate BC/20/79064
Shauna j cravenBirth Certificate BC/20/79077
Mark JacobsBirth Certificate BC/20/79087
Wayne-Scott Phillips.Birth Certificate BC/20/79095
Helen-Elizabeth Page.Birth Certificate BC/20/79124
Francis Ken OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/79140
Max-Wayne Phillips.Birth Certificate BC/20/79146
Joe-James Phillips.Birth Certificate BC/20/79154
Mia-Molly-Minnie Phillips.Birth Certificate BC/20/79160
kieren simoBirth Certificate BC/20/79183
ORLANDO ZAJDEL-PEREIRABirth Certificate BC/20/79203
PAOLO LUONGOBirth Certificate BC/20/79211
Maria GagliardiBirth Certificate BC/20/79223
Lewis PapadopoullosBirth Certificate BC/20/79234
Judith Winifred CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/20/79242
Glen Andrew BarberBirth Certificate BC/20/79249
Sara YadollahvandBirth Certificate BC/20/79276
Monica Maria DanobeitiaBirth Certificate BC/20/79286
Richard William PeelBirth Certificate BC/20/79292
Alexei Rupert Oliver Mediu0107Birth Certificate BC/20/79315
Andrew RydingBirth Certificate BC/20/79336
Gian-Claudio TerzoliBirth Certificate BC/20/79356
Bradley railtonBirth Certificate BC/20/79362
June sharpBirth Certificate BC/20/79368
Maisie railtonBirth Certificate BC/20/79374
Sian louise rennieBirth Certificate BC/20/79380
MISCHA LEIGH KEATESBirth Certificate BC/20/79397
Wayne JefferyBirth Certificate BC/20/79403
Hannah JagoBirth Certificate BC/20/79434
Albert McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/79444
Deborah McNeishBirth Certificate BC/20/79467
Geraldine HirstBirth Certificate BC/20/79480
Simone Nicole ZimmerBirth Certificate BC/20/79490
Dale JorgensenBirth Certificate BC/20/79505
Modestas JarutisBirth Certificate BC/20/79516
Analisa ZitoBirth Certificate BC/20/79526
Madilen Demi ParagalasBirth Certificate BC/20/79535
Allan NielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/79543
Jessica HagenbucherBirth Certificate BC/20/79560
Susan Gaye of the Stenberg familyBirth Certificate BC/20/79568
Christian PremaBirth Certificate BC/20/79577
Paul AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/79604
Susanna SurahbiBirth Certificate BC/20/79608
Sharma PeterBirth Certificate BC/20/79623
Andrew RoundBirth Certificate BC/20/79647
Katy-jane TodaroBirth Certificate BC/20/79656
Nathalie Madeleine Odette DupaysBirth Certificate BC/20/79665
Vanessa AngelaBirth Certificate BC/20/79673
Sandra Maree HillierBirth Certificate BC/20/79682
Flynn KarlBirth Certificate BC/20/79690
Dennis OlesenBirth Certificate BC/20/79696
Roger Michael DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/79708
daniel arthue needhamBirth Certificate BC/20/79730
Karen LennonBirth Certificate BC/20/79740
Sean Michael FieldBirth Certificate BC/20/79756
lesley parkerBirth Certificate BC/20/79862
Cameron Douglas FreeBirth Certificate BC/20/79885
Louise Clare LambeBirth Certificate BC/20/79892
Robert GrayBirth Certificate BC/20/79945
John Patrick ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/79958
Robert Keith CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/79976
Heather CopelandBirth Certificate BC/20/79995
Maureen McMenaminBirth Certificate BC/20/80017
Nicholas Richard Scott MeredithBirth Certificate BC/20/80035
Stephen John HerbertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/80046
Katana Rose HerbertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/80053
John Draime GorlaBirth Certificate BC/20/80082
Olivia AdamsBirth Certificate BC/20/80120
Heather Marie BellBirth Certificate BC/20/80154
Sarah RygielskiBirth Certificate BC/20/80160
Bru00edghdu00edn Niamh ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/80166
Summer Amelie MccaffertyBirth Certificate BC/20/80172
Evelyn Maree WhittyBirth Certificate BC/20/80178
MichelleBirth Certificate BC/20/80199
Halle GrayBirth Certificate BC/20/80205
Carol Anne ClaytonBirth Certificate BC/20/80227
Kirstie smithBirth Certificate BC/20/80236
Susan Denise Derosier VarneyBirth Certificate BC/20/80247
Earl Thomas LeechBirth Certificate BC/20/80254
John Micheal O BrienBirth Certificate BC/20/80263
Austin John HellierBirth Certificate BC/20/80277
Robert David EastonBirth Certificate BC/20/80288
Yugoslav DimovskiBirth Certificate BC/20/80297
Robert Leslie EdenBirth Certificate BC/20/80306
Katharine Roper MarsdenBirth Certificate BC/20/80312
Bennett Alexander DonellyBirth Certificate BC/20/80323
Loren Sheldon MarkBirth Certificate BC/20/80340
Monica Dina KusterBirth Certificate BC/20/80350
Sharon Marjorie-Ann RalphBirth Certificate BC/20/80358
Ryan Denver MarkBirth Certificate BC/20/80364
Anthony JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/80370
Donna-leanneBirth Certificate BC/20/80377
Chloe Meaghan SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/80386
Ronnie SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/80394
Emma PattersonBirth Certificate BC/20/80402
Rowanne Claire Patricia SokimiBirth Certificate BC/20/80414
Daniel Christopher WilkesBirth Certificate BC/20/80435
James Richard FoyBirth Certificate BC/20/80465
Raimo Pu00f5ldaruBirth Certificate BC/20/80473
Friday SessionsBirth Certificate BC/20/80486
Louise Anne FelateadBirth Certificate BC/20/80499
Bianca Rose Felstead SenelBirth Certificate BC/20/80509
Ian Charles parkerBirth Certificate BC/20/80524
Nicola Tina GayferBirth Certificate BC/20/80573
Kirsty rawlingsBirth Certificate BC/20/80657
Eileen MulliganBirth Certificate BC/20/80666
emma Louise walsh-parkinBirth Certificate BC/20/80701
James masterton powerBirth Certificate BC/20/80710
Angela RayBirth Certificate BC/20/80761
Jacqueline fosterBirth Certificate BC/20/80767
Gary-noel FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/80773
Robin CagnolBirth Certificate BC/20/80792
Andrea WonsetlerBirth Certificate BC/20/80830
Kyle Cameron WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/80839
Kieran John WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/80851
Alan richard WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/80857
Ashley Steven JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/80863
Benjamin Slade PorterBirth Certificate BC/20/80870
ChristeenBirth Certificate BC/20/80878
Mu00e1tu00e9 SchwarczBirth Certificate BC/20/80884
Alexander RisticBirth Certificate BC/20/80890
Gabriele FrenkelBirth Certificate BC/20/80899
Susan Tania ApostolidisBirth Certificate BC/20/80907
Maryanne RisticBirth Certificate BC/20/80914
Shelley WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/80922
Sharna RisticBirth Certificate BC/20/80928
Deana RisticBirth Certificate BC/20/80934
Jason Scott HorvathBirth Certificate BC/20/80940
Julie Margaret LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/80946
Stuart Iain PriceBirth Certificate BC/20/80955
Donna Rachel WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/80962
Caterina-Andrea-ielasiBirth Certificate BC/20/80971
Allan John HemmingsBirth Certificate BC/20/80986
Lynette Neoleena Ann NaismithBirth Certificate BC/20/80993
Gregory Philip StephensBirth Certificate BC/20/81004
TimBoBirth Certificate BC/20/81014
Kevin James AshleyBirth Certificate BC/20/81022
Sophia MoshoudisBirth Certificate BC/20/81028
Cheryle Ann MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/81037
Michael OBrien baileyBirth Certificate BC/20/81047
Wayne-Gary-Phillip of the Family NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/81056
Dennis Ranald MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/81063
Valarie Ellen GorsuchBirth Certificate BC/20/81069
Keeley Smart-GillBirth Certificate BC/20/81081
Annemarie ScheefBirth Certificate BC/20/81088
HOWARD Richard LloydBirth Certificate BC/20/81096
Adi SaricBirth Certificate BC/20/81105
Marina MasonBirth Certificate BC/20/81113
Justin WhitingBirth Certificate BC/20/81139
Stephen Denis ArthurBirth Certificate BC/20/81147
Naomi Therese ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/81196
Angela Kaye LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/81203
Tammy Shiree ChristiansenBirth Certificate BC/20/81210
Aurelia Beatriz ReisBirth Certificate BC/20/81218
Jaime Rufino ReisBirth Certificate BC/20/81226
Peter Miles ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/81235
JordanBirth Certificate BC/20/81244
gary adrian newbury of the family newburyBirth Certificate BC/20/81257
Shawn paul john hawkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/81271
Christina Helena BodewesBirth Certificate BC/20/81280
AndiBirth Certificate BC/20/81294
Maria LoizaBirth Certificate BC/20/81301
Fionn RayBirth Certificate BC/20/81326
TRUDY M ARCHERBirth Certificate BC/20/81336
Carolyn Joan FettBirth Certificate BC/20/81343
Danielle GannonBirth Certificate BC/20/81349
SamiraBirth Certificate BC/20/81355
Jacob Thomas ElyBirth Certificate BC/20/81361
Steven Larry MenesiniBirth Certificate BC/20/81382
Abu taleb miahBirth Certificate BC/20/81388
Kenneth France StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/81395
Stuart Brian VenablesBirth Certificate BC/20/81401
Skye Tammy PettoBirth Certificate BC/20/81411
Gaynor welsbyBirth Certificate BC/20/81420
Stephen James DoddridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/81433
Mirsad-Ibrahimovic.Birth Certificate BC/20/81441
Orhan Timur MehmetBirth Certificate BC/20/81456
Lisa Marie RatcliffBirth Certificate BC/20/81462
Jasmine Rachel ParkinBirth Certificate BC/20/81466
Reece John ParkinBirth Certificate BC/20/81473
Charlie James ParkinBirth Certificate BC/20/81478
James Thomas ParkinBirth Certificate BC/20/81482
Alan ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/81488
Erin-Rachel-Lea-McLeodBirth Certificate BC/20/81500
PeterBirth Certificate BC/20/81513
Kaneesha-Lea-McLeodBirth Certificate BC/20/81536
Samikah-Mae-McLeod-MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/81548
Lakaiah-Joy-McLeod-MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/81556
Eileanoir Crystal DobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/81583
Stephen Mark DobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/81594
Aemelia Marie DobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/81604
Warren Paul Michael polydorouBirth Certificate BC/20/81616
Richard ShepherdBirth Certificate BC/20/81625
Deborah Wendy TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/81635
Melissa Joy VarsellBirth Certificate BC/20/81641
Christopher Shane PumphreyBirth Certificate BC/20/81650
Diane SurvelaBirth Certificate BC/20/81664
Georgina Margaret Jean HarperBirth Certificate BC/20/81669
Gabriele Peta Rose HarperBirth Certificate BC/20/81673
Kirstine - cherieBirth Certificate BC/20/81680
Ellie Mae HarperBirth Certificate BC/20/81690
Russell Craig MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/81696
Alexandra Therese FleischmannBirth Certificate BC/20/81705
Jeremy Edwin Durling FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/81713
Geoff HeardBirth Certificate BC/20/81739
Gregory Wayne ParsonsBirth Certificate BC/20/81749
Amy Louise FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/81761
Ivan PeterBirth Certificate BC/20/81770
melissa wadleyBirth Certificate BC/20/81779
leslie george lobseyBirth Certificate BC/20/81787
Sheralee Patricia Frith ChoatBirth Certificate BC/20/81794
Geoffrey Clive WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/81800
Vanessa Lyn WestwellBirth Certificate BC/20/81808
Frazer Westwell NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/81814
Geoffrey Peter GardinerBirth Certificate BC/20/81821
ARISTIDIS MAOUNSBirth Certificate BC/20/81832
Janette Helen AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/81841
Maria Javiera CruzBirth Certificate BC/20/81855
Antonina Thelma JanusaitisBirth Certificate BC/20/81861
ShellyBirth Certificate BC/20/81871
Garth StockdenBirth Certificate BC/20/81880
Maitu00e9 Esmeralda CortesBirth Certificate BC/20/81894
Antony-Paul BiancoBirth Certificate BC/20/81906
Graeme Lindsay PattersonBirth Certificate BC/20/81912
Javier Martin CortesBirth Certificate BC/20/81918
Mark JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/81924
Tammy RohwederBirth Certificate BC/20/81934
Mark DesmondBirth Certificate BC/20/81941
Miroslav OleyarBirth Certificate BC/20/81950
Brenda Elizabeth JacquierBirth Certificate BC/20/81958
Clifford JonBirth Certificate BC/20/81970
John Nicholas HeathBirth Certificate BC/20/81980
Christiene Rebecca PerksBirth Certificate BC/20/81990
Kevin Martin HarrisBirth Certificate BC/20/81998
Christopher Werner johnBirth Certificate BC/20/82002
Alex StefanBirth Certificate BC/20/82008
Philip Francis LaingBirth Certificate BC/20/82018
Tsui-Yen ThamBirth Certificate BC/20/82024
Mark Daniel PerryBirth Certificate BC/20/82039
Adele Le RouxBirth Certificate BC/20/82048
MR. KEVIN JOHN CUDMOREBirth Certificate BC/20/82059
Melanie trakosasBirth Certificate BC/20/82078
Jennifer Lucy HicksBirth Certificate BC/20/82084
Damian Peter RealeBirth Certificate BC/20/82099
Elizabeth Veronica MilesBirth Certificate BC/20/82113
Jane Linda ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/82143
GRARME CHARLESBirth Certificate BC/20/82164
Mia-Raine ielasiBirth Certificate BC/20/82182
Jodie LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/82191
Stephen John BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/82213
Carol CassarBirth Certificate BC/20/82225
Mark Gordon ElingBirth Certificate BC/20/82265
Robert GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/82273
Loretta BondinBirth Certificate BC/20/82279
Manuel George BondinBirth Certificate BC/20/82296
Andrea Leigh StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/82336
Megan Lee TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/82357
Doreen Cosgrove MeekBirth Certificate BC/20/82371
Giovanna CalligarisBirth Certificate BC/20/82377
Deborah Anne MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/82384
Mark William CunninghamBirth Certificate BC/20/82390
Lynda elizabeth gascoigneBirth Certificate BC/20/82402
Kirsten MeekBirth Certificate BC/20/82408
Lynda elizabeth gallonBirth Certificate BC/20/82416
kerry anthony handleyBirth Certificate BC/20/82425
Peter JosephBirth Certificate BC/20/82436
Norman-Hugh Riches.Birth Certificate BC/20/82442
Antony E DickersonBirth Certificate BC/20/82449
Benjamin Shane Russell ReedBirth Certificate BC/20/82455
Robert Nigel KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/82459
Scott Daniel hobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/82465
Joshua Robert William kerrBirth Certificate BC/20/82469
Wayne Barry BertwistleBirth Certificate BC/20/82490
Christine joanBirth Certificate BC/20/82511
Simon Wentworth MaskeyBirth Certificate BC/20/82517
Christopher Adam ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/82523
Grace DeniseBirth Certificate BC/20/82534
MilaBirth Certificate BC/20/82544
Keith Allan BallBirth Certificate BC/20/82553
Fabien PataudBirth Certificate BC/20/82565
Barrie Michael Family Name WiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/82571
Quinton EsterhuyseBirth Certificate BC/20/82588
Jason William LoweBirth Certificate BC/20/82594
Dennis-John BlairBirth Certificate BC/20/82612
Helen Louise WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/82625
EmmaBirth Certificate BC/20/82629
Hermanus De WaalBirth Certificate BC/20/82649
Debra Jane CurrellBirth Certificate BC/20/82676
GrahameBirth Certificate BC/20/82680
Jim Paul StefanBirth Certificate BC/20/82690
mark mc clure wheatlandBirth Certificate BC/20/82696
Peter James davisBirth Certificate BC/20/82702
Jessica Amy TalbotBirth Certificate BC/20/82709
Craig Andrew HockingBirth Certificate BC/20/82733
Natalie Maree CheesmanBirth Certificate BC/20/82746
Sharon Annette BradburyBirth Certificate BC/20/82763
Emma TalbotBirth Certificate BC/20/82776
Christopher James PomfretBirth Certificate BC/20/82794
Stephen Anthony GirlingBirth Certificate BC/20/82800
Michael Thomas JarvieBirth Certificate BC/20/82806
Peter Joseph BajadaBirth Certificate BC/20/82812
Damien TONNEBirth Certificate BC/20/82818
Glen MartensBirth Certificate BC/20/82824
Lola ToddBirth Certificate BC/20/82834
Joanne Susan AngellBirth Certificate BC/20/82858
David Paul BateBirth Certificate BC/20/82868
Jason Robert HumblesBirth Certificate BC/20/82875
Debra Jane CurrellBirth Certificate BC/20/82884
matthew hewinsBirth Certificate BC/20/82893
LeandaBirth Certificate BC/20/82906
Catherine Theresa TilbyBirth Certificate BC/20/82916
Alliana DuncanBirth Certificate BC/20/82922
James-Lee HaddenBirth Certificate BC/20/82936
Fenrir Erik HaddenBirth Certificate BC/20/82950
Thorin Brian HaddenBirth Certificate BC/20/82958
Christine Emily BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/82968
Daniel David - Thomas PearceBirth Certificate BC/20/82980
Kevin Douglas bartramBirth Certificate BC/20/82989
Mary Elise GreavesBirth Certificate BC/20/83005
Sarah Johanna Rose MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/83014
Krystal whiteBirth Certificate BC/20/83037
Andrew Gyula KerekesBirth Certificate BC/20/83044
Ian FisherBirth Certificate BC/20/83064
Bonita Georgina of the family WalledgeBirth Certificate BC/20/83070
David Henry TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/83079
William B LyonsBirth Certificate BC/20/83085
Jonathan Paul PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/83093
David CummingsBirth Certificate BC/20/83103
Manawz AkhterBirth Certificate BC/20/83109
Jan Erik Knudsgaard SkouBirth Certificate BC/20/83175
Andrew Duncan LittlerBirth Certificate BC/20/83258
Jacqueline Susan BournerBirth Certificate BC/20/83269
Xara Suzanne Littler-GordonBirth Certificate BC/20/83275
Charles John Lenox BowringBirth Certificate BC/20/83281
Jeroni Ellison Littler-GordonBirth Certificate BC/20/83291
Jason Dean ChatwinBirth Certificate BC/20/83317
justine -may brainBirth Certificate BC/20/83323
Tania Gay HossackBirth Certificate BC/20/83337
Leonard Robert Ou2019ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/83344
KATHY MAY STEWARTBirth Certificate BC/20/83353
Rachael Denise ConeyBirth Certificate BC/20/83366
Fiona Catherine BeilbyBirth Certificate BC/20/83374
Dylan Nathan WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/83380
Naomi LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/83393
Jason Charles CalcottBirth Certificate BC/20/83399
Keith Allan BallBirth Certificate BC/20/83403
Christine Denise ByrnesBirth Certificate BC/20/83410
BallBirth Certificate BC/20/83416
Wade Adam SandersBirth Certificate BC/20/83422
Cynthia GraceBirth Certificate BC/20/83441
Heather-Jean AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/83461
Adam John ELLULBirth Certificate BC/20/83467
Taelor Ray CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/83477
Matthew Francis BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/83496
Paul CowenBirth Certificate BC/20/83515
Joseph Paul DarcyBirth Certificate BC/20/83522
Hannah DILLON - ROACHBirth Certificate BC/20/83528
Shane-peter of the family BeardBirth Certificate BC/20/83534
David William TuckerBirth Certificate BC/20/83545
Anthony Athol SouthwellBirth Certificate BC/20/83552
Shane PeterBirth Certificate BC/20/83556
Suzanne Elizabeth WildeBirth Certificate BC/20/83566
Annette Margaret BoakesBirth Certificate BC/20/83579
John phillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/83593
Tracie May BarkerBirth Certificate BC/20/83597
Denise Rae GilliesBirth Certificate BC/20/83603
Christina Marie CaleoBirth Certificate BC/20/83609
Craig John NankivellBirth Certificate BC/20/83626
Geoffrey GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/83636
Zbigniew Dariusz KrzyszczakBirth Certificate BC/20/83651
Clyde Marshall Summers IIIBirth Certificate BC/20/83663
Kleoniki-Niki Pastellas VenardosBirth Certificate BC/20/83670
Anna-Marie StancombeBirth Certificate BC/20/83677
Nevin John CartwrightBirth Certificate BC/20/83702
Gene Richard ShepherdBirth Certificate BC/20/83708
Lisa Anne WarmingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/83726
Diane Rhoda BROWNENBirth Certificate BC/20/83746
HSH PRINCE KENT JENKINSONBirth Certificate BC/20/83767
Francesco TaliaBirth Certificate BC/20/83777
Shane Maxwell NobleBirth Certificate BC/20/83796
Russell John LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/83803
Eddie Vidaiu0107Birth Certificate BC/20/83817
Amanda Jane BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/83826
marley beatty-smithBirth Certificate BC/20/83836
Kenneth Paul JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/83847
WAYNE DESMOND NEWMANBirth Certificate BC/20/83853
martin millerBirth Certificate BC/20/83859
Gilbert Clarke McLauchlan WelshBirth Certificate BC/20/83908
Aida-Rita SciancaleporeBirth Certificate BC/20/83923
Ville AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/83935
Lee Paul SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/83963
Neil Andrew JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/83971
Jo Elle sue copeBirth Certificate BC/20/83979
Justin milesBirth Certificate BC/20/83985
Barry SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/83994
Darlene Ann SuttonBirth Certificate BC/20/84000
Steven Paul DeasBirth Certificate BC/20/84012
RogersBirth Certificate BC/20/84029
Dannielle MariaBirth Certificate BC/20/84035
Sarah JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/84045
Hendrik Jacobus du PlessisBirth Certificate BC/20/84051
Lynette TekeaBirth Certificate BC/20/84059
Andrew Shane GleesonBirth Certificate BC/20/84069
Nadia SammartinoBirth Certificate BC/20/84082
KYM MARGARET MELLORBirth Certificate BC/20/84093
Fiona Jane CanningBirth Certificate BC/20/84130
Bobby GaiBirth Certificate BC/20/84154
Kerry anne wyattBirth Certificate BC/20/84162
MarethaBirth Certificate BC/20/84166
Glenda Raye FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/84174
Robert BuryBirth Certificate BC/20/84181
Jerome of the House of ReignBirth Certificate BC/20/84193
Katrina Gillian StentonBirth Certificate BC/20/84198
Sean mcgurkBirth Certificate BC/20/84207
Chazel Rose Arlene WadinBirth Certificate BC/20/84213
Victoria Anne Bower Birth Certificate BC/20/84233
Colin GerardBirth Certificate BC/20/84240
John George MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/84246
maxwell-hugh wilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/84257
Matthew Paul McGregorBirth Certificate BC/20/84264
Bill jelleyBirth Certificate BC/20/84270
sally tania singerBirth Certificate BC/20/84276
Roberto Adolphus Gustavus Bob Severus Gary SavilleBirth Certificate BC/20/84282
Jenna Mary ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/84292
Michael Edward FlynnBirth Certificate BC/20/84303
Louise Ann ColtonBirth Certificate BC/20/84309
Tracey Ann LarterBirth Certificate BC/20/84317
Clive Henry RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/84325
Shahin HakkiBirth Certificate BC/20/84334
Clive Henry RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/84341
Colin Leslie belchamBirth Certificate BC/20/84353
Adam Bruce EastlandBirth Certificate BC/20/84359
Teri KettridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/84367
Peter Leonard RogersBirth Certificate BC/20/84372
Daniel Travis RoffBirth Certificate BC/20/84383
Keith Adrian SpelmanBirth Certificate BC/20/84390
Louie SolomonBirth Certificate BC/20/84397
MarneyBirth Certificate BC/20/84417
Jake SolomonBirth Certificate BC/20/84423
sean Patrick McNichollBirth Certificate BC/20/84450
Paula Mary GerrardBirth Certificate BC/20/84460
Lynn woodBirth Certificate BC/20/84470
Anette-Sabina Hundertmark.Birth Certificate BC/20/84479
Tracy hannah Joanne chittendenBirth Certificate BC/20/84517
Tammy Angela DoddBirth Certificate BC/20/84527
Mandy Jane DoddBirth Certificate BC/20/84540
John Lawrence Benson (changed by deedpoll to Gerrard a few years ago)Birth Certificate BC/20/84546
John DolicBirth Certificate BC/20/84552
Karen Joyce DoddBirth Certificate BC/20/84562
Tammy Angela PaviaBirth Certificate BC/20/84600
Mandy Jane UttingBirth Certificate BC/20/84607
Karen Joyce ClaphamBirth Certificate BC/20/84616
Alison Honora JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/84647
Antonio Mario FrancaBirth Certificate BC/20/84668
Boris VondrosBirth Certificate BC/20/84674
Chantel ViljoenBirth Certificate BC/20/84682
Ava BurdenBirth Certificate BC/20/84708
Charlie BurdenBirth Certificate BC/20/84714
Angus David John BurdenBirth Certificate BC/20/84722
David Mckenzie WaltersBirth Certificate BC/20/84728
Daniela BeltrameBirth Certificate BC/20/84734
Amanda jayne CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/84740
JOAN CAROL FARLEYBirth Certificate BC/20/84756
Stephen Lloyd CollierBirth Certificate BC/20/84764
Derek PattisonBirth Certificate BC/20/84770
Peter Gregory Emilio RossiBirth Certificate BC/20/84781
Colin Atkinson McFarlaneBirth Certificate BC/20/84787
Kevin ClayBirth Certificate BC/20/84801
Elaine BebbingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/84813
Victor HildrethBirth Certificate BC/20/84836
Sharonconnelly1Birth Certificate BC/20/84847
Kevin John MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/84860
Susanne Gru00e4feBirth Certificate BC/20/84869
Jason Allan acottBirth Certificate BC/20/84877
Suzanne Louise JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/84903
Christine pearsonBirth Certificate BC/20/84909
Anne Pamela PibworthBirth Certificate BC/20/84915
Karl Peter CollierBirth Certificate BC/20/84923
Joyce Kay RobersonBirth Certificate BC/20/84939
Lucy Elizabeth BowditchBirth Certificate BC/20/84974
Zerena Ann NetelBirth Certificate BC/20/84980
Matthew David WhatmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/84993
Bradley JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/85009
David john carrollBirth Certificate BC/20/85034
Kevin Michael CherryBirth Certificate BC/20/85040
Jessika Tannille CherryBirth Certificate BC/20/85046
Susan Anne ROACHBirth Certificate BC/20/85056
Myra Jokic LivingstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/85065
Leigh Owen ROACHBirth Certificate BC/20/85074
Murray Mark Clayton LivingstonBirth Certificate BC/20/85080
Brent Joel ROACHBirth Certificate BC/20/85090
Deanna Loren LivingstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/85097
Shannon huntBirth Certificate BC/20/85101
James David LivingstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/85107
Mia Asia MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/85111
Nadia Rae MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/85115
Maurizio Lepore (Maurice)Birth Certificate BC/20/85121
Charles Munro MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/85128
Jamie MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/85134
Jeanette-Antonette of the genealogy AndasolaBirth Certificate BC/20/85141
Garry John Ansell /TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/85151
Cheryl Lee GunnerBirth Certificate BC/20/85167
Perkins. Wayne FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/85176
cameron -mcgregor slagleBirth Certificate BC/20/85185
Jasmine tiana LundBirth Certificate BC/20/85201
Adam John EllulBirth Certificate BC/20/85209
Arrigo Giulio TestoniBirth Certificate BC/20/85215
Ashwell David MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/85221
Joan BirdBirth Certificate BC/20/85243
Te Ariki Pouhere Uru ManaBirth Certificate BC/20/85257
Cindy Kaye GreenshieldsBirth Certificate BC/20/85266
Brendon Shayne McGuireBirth Certificate BC/20/85280
Jeffrey Edward Colton ( nee ) SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/85288
Angelika KuhlesBirth Certificate BC/20/85296
Robyn Justine PeggBirth Certificate BC/20/85303
Tina-yvonneBirth Certificate BC/20/85312
Danielle Leigh McGuireBirth Certificate BC/20/85320
DANIEL LUKE SCHOLZBirth Certificate BC/20/85326
Lorraine Mary TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/85335
Russell ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/85341
Trevor John GillespieBirth Certificate BC/20/85347
denise anneBirth Certificate BC/20/85357
Marie HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/85371
Daryl Reid BeggBirth Certificate BC/20/85381
lord carl darren lewisBirth Certificate BC/20/85389
Aaron Michael GraingerBirth Certificate BC/20/85397
Paul Craig of the family SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/85407
Lynette Mary ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/85413
Olivera KrkovskiBirth Certificate BC/20/85424
Marnie Suzanne JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/85435
Josephine WarbrickBirth Certificate BC/20/85444
Matthew James ColeBirth Certificate BC/20/85450
Stephen Clifford Dalton OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/85473
Tori Grace FiskBirth Certificate BC/20/85479
Josephine Olga BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/85485
Therese Mary MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/85491
DavidBirth Certificate BC/20/85497
Peggie-Sue BENNETTBirth Certificate BC/20/85522
Geoffrey John SchleehaufBirth Certificate BC/20/85530
Julianna Louisa BattistellaBirth Certificate BC/20/85546
Sheryl Lynn Atkinson (changed when adopted to Valerie Challacombe)Birth Certificate BC/20/85552
Bridgette HobdayBirth Certificate BC/20/85559
ian alastar mcphersonBirth Certificate BC/20/85580
King shaneBirth Certificate BC/20/85589
Elaine Mary ModdBirth Certificate BC/20/85606
Wayne Francis PerkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/85630
Josephine Karen ChorleyBirth Certificate BC/20/85638
Estelle Claire ParsonsBirth Certificate BC/20/85645
JANUSZ DOMANSKIBirth Certificate BC/20/85651
Melise-Ayse TingirBirth Certificate BC/20/85657
Victoria DomanskaBirth Certificate BC/20/85665
Lee DuncanBirth Certificate BC/20/85671
Alan Douglas CorderyBirth Certificate BC/20/85677
Katie hawkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/85683
Paul-Barry RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/85689
Kate Robyn JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/85695
Jodie Louise MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/85701
Klint JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/85710
Paul Stephen-Whitehouse.Birth Certificate BC/20/85716
michael james;rodwayBirth Certificate BC/20/85722
Hayley Louise JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/85731
Mitchell Thomas JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/85741
Victor Samuel of the family SturgeonBirth Certificate BC/20/85750
Anthony VitinarosBirth Certificate BC/20/85761
Richard Ian of the House KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/85767
Alister-DavidBirth Certificate BC/20/85781
chris pappasBirth Certificate BC/20/85787
Robert CormacBirth Certificate BC/20/85793
Nadine FrostBirth Certificate BC/20/85801
Lacey WestBirth Certificate BC/20/85807
Judit YolandaBirth Certificate BC/20/85816
steven roy jollyBirth Certificate BC/20/85826
Jacqueline WareingBirth Certificate BC/20/85840
Roimata RifleBirth Certificate BC/20/85850
Violet Rose FrostBirth Certificate BC/20/85856
reagon jonesBirth Certificate BC/20/85872
Jamie Mark HerbertBirth Certificate BC/20/85882
stephen LaycocKBirth Certificate BC/20/85896
Paul Andrew SuttonBirth Certificate BC/20/85913
Derrian Lloyd SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/85922
NeumannBirth Certificate BC/20/85938
Kym GarrickBirth Certificate BC/20/85945
Gilbert Thomas LovellBirth Certificate BC/20/85946
GRETA DANISHA BROWNBirth Certificate BC/20/85955
Cairo websterBirth Certificate BC/20/85961
Alexander WebsterBirth Certificate BC/20/85967
Marazzato, Yari TristanBirth Certificate BC/20/85973
Zara jayne Carroll-McArdleBirth Certificate BC/20/85979
Naida Carolina MarazzatoBirth Certificate BC/20/85996
Tabea Adeline MarazzatoBirth Certificate BC/20/86004
Taavi Bruno MarazzatoBirth Certificate BC/20/86010
Theresa Christa MarazzatoBirth Certificate BC/20/86021
Timothy john davisBirth Certificate BC/20/86033
Stacey talia narrowayBirth Certificate BC/20/86039
Laona MullingsBirth Certificate BC/20/86046
Matthew Richard ColeBirth Certificate BC/20/86052
Peri RamadanBirth Certificate BC/20/86086
Faye karen DobsonBirth Certificate BC/20/86136
Adam John VailBirth Certificate BC/20/86209
Vivien ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/86230
Gerald Edward LegerBirth Certificate BC/20/86237
Dominic James Nicholas BaylisBirth Certificate BC/20/86247
Armstrong William RobertBirth Certificate BC/20/86298
MAX ANDREW KEATESBirth Certificate BC/20/86352
Priscilla JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/86382
Joan EsdaileBirth Certificate BC/20/86408
HollyBirth Certificate BC/20/86423
Jacob EsdaileBirth Certificate BC/20/86445
Carla-Ann BergmanBirth Certificate BC/20/86456
Ralph Leo DaigleBirth Certificate BC/20/86481
Zane Murray JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/86497
Rose Marie De CiccoBirth Certificate BC/20/86506
Johnny KovacichBirth Certificate BC/20/86517
Benjamin CarterBirth Certificate BC/20/86526
Tracey JoBirth Certificate BC/20/86533
Helen CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/86560
Christine Diane KoscBirth Certificate BC/20/86570
Livio RonchinBirth Certificate BC/20/86583
Rachel Adele HarrisBirth Certificate BC/20/86599
Christine Diane RonchinBirth Certificate BC/20/86607
Lisa JoyBirth Certificate BC/20/86619
Evan-Hendrik Birth Certificate BC/20/86623
Michael DezeeuwBirth Certificate BC/20/86639
Isabela ArdenBirth Certificate BC/20/86654
Prew Ellen MaddenBirth Certificate BC/20/86672
Thomas J. ConnellBirth Certificate BC/20/86680
Antony BinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/86691
Patrick David McLaughlinBirth Certificate BC/20/86702
Robyn KairesBirth Certificate BC/20/86715
Trevor WillsherBirth Certificate BC/20/86722
Steve HerbertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/86730
Helen Lynette CookBirth Certificate BC/20/86752
Peter William CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/86763
Katana Rose HerbertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/86768
Teresa Anne FaaseeBirth Certificate BC/20/86781
David James WheelerBirth Certificate BC/20/86795
Bruce James FreemanBirth Certificate BC/20/86808
Jennifer SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/86832
Bryan McgheeBirth Certificate BC/20/86860
Chazel Rose Arlene WadinBirth Certificate BC/20/86866
Olga MaszniewBirth Certificate BC/20/86898
Darren Mark GardnerBirth Certificate BC/20/86904
Carol CassarBirth Certificate BC/20/86910
Sam Richard ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/86915
christine hearnsBirth Certificate BC/20/86925
Ann Marie IngramBirth Certificate BC/20/86934
Bryan McgheeBirth Certificate BC/20/86945
Michelle MareeBirth Certificate BC/20/86952
Trinity Barbara AnneBirth Certificate BC/20/86962
Maret AlandiBirth Certificate BC/20/86969
Sarah TuffalBirth Certificate BC/20/86975
David JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/86981
Aaron Mandino Suleyman Creton-TuffalBirth Certificate BC/20/86994
Azlu00e1n Sidi Malone Creton-TuffalBirth Certificate BC/20/87008
Alison Jane MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/87024
Josef BorovinaBirth Certificate BC/20/87033
MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/87039
Elaine May TownsendBirth Certificate BC/20/87045
Maya Josephine BorovinaBirth Certificate BC/20/87051
Tomi BorovinaBirth Certificate BC/20/87063
Polixeni Paula DimakosBirth Certificate BC/20/87069
Renata KleckaroskiBirth Certificate BC/20/87075
David Clifton MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/87081
Richard Bert RhodesBirth Certificate BC/20/87093
Joseph GilfordBirth Certificate BC/20/87105
Brendan Geoffrey SweeneyBirth Certificate BC/20/87111
Sophia TavularisBirth Certificate BC/20/87117
Vicki Ann BorovinaBirth Certificate BC/20/87124
Darrin Paul AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/87133
Loris Diane EdlingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/87145
Cathy Louise FitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/20/87164
MerikeBirth Certificate BC/20/87170
Sarah Lesley DixonBirth Certificate BC/20/87177
Leroy Curtis Dixon-ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/87189
Lewis Dal Dixon-KrapywnyjBirth Certificate BC/20/87197
adam leslie brownBirth Certificate BC/20/87203
Joel Aaron Dixon-ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/87212
Rita may StarcevichBirth Certificate BC/20/87219
John William PowellBirth Certificate BC/20/87239
william frank bowserBirth Certificate BC/20/87253
Sean p mcgurkBirth Certificate BC/20/87261
peter arabatzisBirth Certificate BC/20/87268
savannah rose arabatzisBirth Certificate BC/20/87278
maddison mia arabatzisBirth Certificate BC/20/87288
Alana Dobson-lloydBirth Certificate BC/20/87296
Charli June OConnellBirth Certificate BC/20/87302
Sienna Faye OConnellBirth Certificate BC/20/87311
Karen Laurence IthierBirth Certificate BC/20/87317
John Paul TaaffeBirth Certificate BC/20/87324
Kelvin TyrrellBirth Certificate BC/20/87330
Jessie Villanueva MasindaBirth Certificate BC/20/87336
Matthew John, of the OBryan FamilyBirth Certificate BC/20/87351
Kerry Louise PorterBirth Certificate BC/20/87403
Bruce Earl, McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/87418
Ian BlythBirth Certificate BC/20/87490
Richard Mohinder Coco CLARK-VARMABirth Certificate BC/20/87510
Sarah LittleBirth Certificate BC/20/87541
Alikai Alfred John FitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/20/87563
Glenn MeehanBirth Certificate BC/20/87571
Kirkman James Baptiste JnrBirth Certificate BC/20/87579
Anna Paulina LiczbinskaBirth Certificate BC/20/87593
Nicholaz Fredrick August DellavalierraBirth Certificate BC/20/87606
Colin Leslie BelchamBirth Certificate BC/20/87615
Harley This PhBirth Certificate BC/20/87624
Russell KieronBirth Certificate BC/20/87634
Paul-CharlesBirth Certificate BC/20/87640
Kirstyn Elizabeth EllisBirth Certificate BC/20/87657
Zachariah James TuckerBirth Certificate BC/20/87667
Loris Diane EdlingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/87674
Zoe Jade TuckerBirth Certificate BC/20/87680
Paul wayne JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/87686
Catherine Mary BuszurkinBirth Certificate BC/20/87708
Domenic BarbatoBirth Certificate BC/20/87714
Lee-Ann RogersBirth Certificate BC/20/87720
Catherine Mary BuszurkinBirth Certificate BC/20/87727
Deakin Travis hockingBirth Certificate BC/20/87742
Beaudene Murray hockingBirth Certificate BC/20/87755
Bente HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/87776
Piki Te Ora MakoareBirth Certificate BC/20/87792
Aaron John MartensBirth Certificate BC/20/87798
David Ronald ChattertonBirth Certificate BC/20/87804
Julianne Kerry BrayBirth Certificate BC/20/87835
Alikai FitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/20/87866
Clinton Arthur BarthusBirth Certificate BC/20/87876
Janice Merle EdlingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/87886
Lydia Shae McNabbBirth Certificate BC/20/87892
Peta Michelle McAulayBirth Certificate BC/20/87901
Lachimi Rose MookkaiahBirth Certificate BC/20/87922
Gregory Thomas WebbBirth Certificate BC/20/87934
Pauline RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/87943
Lori MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/87955
Kylie JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/87962
Alexander Kostantinos PapantoniouBirth Certificate BC/20/87987
Graham PeterBirth Certificate BC/20/87993
Kathryn Rebecca SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/88002
Alexandra AntonopoulosBirth Certificate BC/20/88010
Graham Douglas AbrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/88020
Martin SutherlandBirth Certificate BC/20/88026
RonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/88045
Georgina SpittlesBirth Certificate BC/20/88058
Philip Lawrence HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/88070
Wendy Leigh KirkwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/88079
Zachary Paul FleischmannBirth Certificate BC/20/88105
Noreen MerleBirth Certificate BC/20/88111
Sienna Rose FleischmannBirth Certificate BC/20/88118
Olivera KrkovskiBirth Certificate BC/20/88125
Matthew Paul FleischmannBirth Certificate BC/20/88131
PeterBirth Certificate BC/20/88138
Shane Craig SmartBirth Certificate BC/20/88154
Miyah Wai-Marie FlemingBirth Certificate BC/20/88164
Odin Stellan Emmerson MenzelBirth Certificate BC/20/88170
nicole mary lauretigBirth Certificate BC/20/88178
Reikura Tunoa Maahaki EdwinBirth Certificate BC/20/88184
Francisco Rodriguez FernandezBirth Certificate BC/20/88190
Andrew Nathan CornealBirth Certificate BC/20/88196
peter lawrence lauretigBirth Certificate BC/20/88202
Conrad Jon SoutartBirth Certificate BC/20/88208
kathleen blissBirth Certificate BC/20/88219
anthony george lauretigBirth Certificate BC/20/88225
Lucas-charles buckmanBirth Certificate BC/20/88232
susan-mary blissBirth Certificate BC/20/88241
helen lazouBirth Certificate BC/20/88258
Keyana-marie-AndersenBirth Certificate BC/20/88266
Olga SakoulidisBirth Certificate BC/20/88275
Boris Konstantin DinefBirth Certificate BC/20/88298
Dion DinefBirth Certificate BC/20/88305
Joshua Alexander SouthwellBirth Certificate BC/20/88311
Lukas DinefBirth Certificate BC/20/88321
Cameron James ClimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/88327
Louise DawnBirth Certificate BC/20/88333
Samuel DinefBirth Certificate BC/20/88339
Emily-Louise SouthwellBirth Certificate BC/20/88348
Adam BarrettBirth Certificate BC/20/88434
James McGinnBirth Certificate BC/20/88485
Martin Kevin McGinnBirth Certificate BC/20/88494
Roy PhelanBirth Certificate BC/20/88507
daisy elise birkekjaer krongaardBirth Certificate BC/20/88513
Hu00e5kan Nordstru00f6mBirth Certificate BC/20/88555
Denise GloverBirth Certificate BC/20/88561
Mark Jerome HamblyBirth Certificate BC/20/88591
MR AMMER NADEEM ATARIDBirth Certificate BC/20/88607
Nicholas-Joseph MeyerBirth Certificate BC/20/88618
Sylvia Kim GrafBirth Certificate BC/20/88624
Darren Paul FlayBirth Certificate BC/20/88633
Kirsten Ellen WillisBirth Certificate BC/20/88639
Paul Martin CahillBirth Certificate BC/20/88648
Harold Geoffrey BlakeBirth Certificate BC/20/88656
John Robert HutchisonBirth Certificate BC/20/88703
David Paul JanikBirth Certificate BC/20/88721
Katrina PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/88727
jeffrey charlesBirth Certificate BC/20/88736
Karin BrandsmaBirth Certificate BC/20/88745
Dianne Melissa PerriBirth Certificate BC/20/88757
Peter EllisBirth Certificate BC/20/88763
JAN ABRAHAM WERNER DE KOCKBirth Certificate BC/20/88776
Braxton Tyler SmartBirth Certificate BC/20/88787
Wendy Jane DonaldsonBirth Certificate BC/20/88794
Oliver James SmartBirth Certificate BC/20/88800
Lana Nadine StylerBirth Certificate BC/20/88806
Philippa Anne MachrayBirth Certificate BC/20/88812
Alexander SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/88818
George ParthimosBirth Certificate BC/20/88841
Tony SutcliffeBirth Certificate BC/20/88849
Lorien CameronBirth Certificate BC/20/88855
wardBirth Certificate BC/20/88870
Patricia Catherine SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/88877
Christopher Kerry HillBirth Certificate BC/20/88883
Christopher Michael ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/88907
Jasmine Jewel FROSTBirth Certificate BC/20/88927
Matthew James FoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/88940
Pip AnneBirth Certificate BC/20/88954
Peter George ScovellBirth Certificate BC/20/88966
Michael Ian StokellBirth Certificate BC/20/88989
Merwan adi rowanBirth Certificate BC/20/89023
Neville Douglas DoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/89044
Marie ChanelBirth Certificate BC/20/89058
Brittany Shea LesterBirth Certificate BC/20/89080
Naomi ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/89089
Timothy ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/89099
Jack KerryBirth Certificate BC/20/89109
Bitte Olevald MagnussonBirth Certificate BC/20/89123
Stephen Stuart WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/89145
Corne SnellenburgBirth Certificate BC/20/89155
Leanne RaeBirth Certificate BC/20/89175
coral rose sugarBirth Certificate BC/20/89188
thomas edward readerBirth Certificate BC/20/89198
Natalie Louise GoddardBirth Certificate BC/20/89216
Carey Anne CaluzziBirth Certificate BC/20/89222
Wendy TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/89230
Vivienne Kathleen KertonBirth Certificate BC/20/89246
Keith John NearyBirth Certificate BC/20/89265
Daniel Patrick KingBirth Certificate BC/20/89280
Christopher Kenneth UnwinBirth Certificate BC/20/89289
Susan Margaret EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/89319
Gwenda Louise PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/89329
Sabrina Alexis RabanzoBirth Certificate BC/20/89338
Craig Anthony TrewBirth Certificate BC/20/89352
Russell Rennoll WallerBirth Certificate BC/20/89358
Carlee BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/89368
JACQUELINE MARIEBirth Certificate BC/20/89374
Max William Baker-WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/89380
Madison Paige Baker-EldridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/89392
Chiola Adina Sutherland-ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/89409
Elizabeth Diane lewis-coleBirth Certificate BC/20/89441
Ellen Morwenna JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/89469
Ainslee PitcherBirth Certificate BC/20/89475
Peter WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/89522
Daniel Jerome FordBirth Certificate BC/20/89533
Zteven John WhittyBirth Certificate BC/20/89539
Bailey Christopher MilesBirth Certificate BC/20/89545
Chelsie PamBirth Certificate BC/20/89556
David Cyril NomchongBirth Certificate BC/20/89570
Gary-leonard of NorthumbriaBirth Certificate BC/20/89583
Cornelia MoholeBirth Certificate BC/20/89602
Kelly Anna PierceBirth Certificate BC/20/89607
VazquezBirth Certificate BC/20/89624
Luke Wesley McLavertyBirth Certificate BC/20/89630
Mario Stephen AgostinoBirth Certificate BC/20/89636
Petra DavelaarBirth Certificate BC/20/89642
Anthony John MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/89649
William-Sydney WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/89655
Stefan George McGrathBirth Certificate BC/20/89664
William - NathanBirth Certificate BC/20/89672
Chelsea Patricia BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/89678
Matthew James DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/89684
Taijha Rose DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/89690
Leonora TalaricoBirth Certificate BC/20/89697
Kyuss Anthony DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/89705
Tracey L DempseyBirth Certificate BC/20/89719
Shawn Patrick KelleyBirth Certificate BC/20/89728
Paul Edward CasperBirth Certificate BC/20/89735
David Allan BlakeBirth Certificate BC/20/89741
Sonia UlonskaBirth Certificate BC/20/89747
Claudia Nicolette DoukasBirth Certificate BC/20/89761
DeirdreBirth Certificate BC/20/89805
ronnie mccarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/89811
Deborah EllisdonBirth Certificate BC/20/89824
Jamie David Douglas RiddellBirth Certificate BC/20/89839
Martin John RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/89848
Joelle sue CopeBirth Certificate BC/20/89854
Amira grace ValleBirth Certificate BC/20/89862
Aaliyah mae BellBirth Certificate BC/20/89869
Suellen Michelle PlumBirth Certificate BC/20/89875
Bernardo Francis VartuliBirth Certificate BC/20/89908
Peter Storm KeleherBirth Certificate BC/20/89921
Michael Joe WoodsBirth Certificate BC/20/89929
Lyell John WestbrookeBirth Certificate BC/20/89940
Amanda Lynne CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/89947
Robert SamuelsBirth Certificate BC/20/89959
Ronald-wilhelmusBirth Certificate BC/20/89969
Zoe Elizabeth HelsdownBirth Certificate BC/20/89983
Kathryn Anne DoesselBirth Certificate BC/20/89997
Leon George SinclairBirth Certificate BC/20/90005
Cornelia MoholeBirth Certificate BC/20/90009
Elina KirtBirth Certificate BC/20/90024
Maria Cesira ColleluoriBirth Certificate BC/20/90030
Erwin Dalle.Birth Certificate BC/20/90045
Mark Gerard LeederBirth Certificate BC/20/90063
jane anne doyleBirth Certificate BC/20/90070
st.hugh othello mcgregor-doyleBirth Certificate BC/20/90079
Steven James BartonBirth Certificate BC/20/90088
James Ross BartholomewBirth Certificate BC/20/90095
Judith Kay ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/90119
Owen ChauBirth Certificate BC/20/90145
ALAN JOHN HIDEBirth Certificate BC/20/90156
Charlotte Louise MillsBirth Certificate BC/20/90165
Timothy James JopsonBirth Certificate BC/20/90184
Reuben George MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/90190
Catherine Jane AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/90199
Shirallee MayBirth Certificate BC/20/90207
Jack Keith ColburnBirth Certificate BC/20/90213
Prescilla WadeBirth Certificate BC/20/90221
LydiaBirth Certificate BC/20/90227
Caterina HernandezBirth Certificate BC/20/90233
ashlin parfittBirth Certificate BC/20/90243
Charles Edward CunninghamBirth Certificate BC/20/90251
Barbara ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/20/90263
John Robert WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/90273
Robert David BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/90287
Marcel KennethBirth Certificate BC/20/90293
Adam BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/90299
Tom MarcelBirth Certificate BC/20/90305
Ciel LillianBirth Certificate BC/20/90311
Luke JocicBirth Certificate BC/20/90335
Wade Peter StillerBirth Certificate BC/20/90345
Kym Maree STEINHARDTBirth Certificate BC/20/90351
Josiah Caleb StillerBirth Certificate BC/20/90355
Monica Angela De FrenzaBirth Certificate BC/20/90361
Tobias Samuel StillerBirth Certificate BC/20/90365
Shakina Zoe StillerBirth Certificate BC/20/90369
Milica PopovicBirth Certificate BC/20/90375
Hayley Michelle ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/90381
Bonita Dawn CrichtonBirth Certificate BC/20/90397
Dylan JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/90410
Elle LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/90430
Kim Nicole RoseBirth Certificate BC/20/90454
Darren Robert StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/90464
Alexander Kostantinos PapantoniouBirth Certificate BC/20/90473
Matilda June GilbertBirth Certificate BC/20/90481
Heather Louise MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/90490
Terese Anne PeacockBirth Certificate BC/20/90496
Anne Margatte MoodyBirth Certificate BC/20/90505
Norman Harvey of the family SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/90511
Kaarin Louise FairfaxBirth Certificate BC/20/90520
Wendy Vera FisherBirth Certificate BC/20/90529
Billie ChampionBirth Certificate BC/20/90540
Jordan ChampionBirth Certificate BC/20/90548
Michael Ronald GogganBirth Certificate BC/20/90554
Brenda Dorothy DrakeBirth Certificate BC/20/90564
Negri CostiganBirth Certificate BC/20/90570
Iyslah Rose CostiganBirth Certificate BC/20/90576
Braxton CostiganBirth Certificate BC/20/90587
Tannum CostiganBirth Certificate BC/20/90597
Roslyn Ann StaffordBirth Certificate BC/20/90608
Rita Ritva-Liisa UotilaBirth Certificate BC/20/90637
Brett Rodney AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/90666
Mark Norman SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/90680
Charlett Beath DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/90703
Michael Daniel DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/90729
Ross Zavier DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/90746
Russell Trevor KinseyBirth Certificate BC/20/90762
Colin Bruce WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/90784
Miley Nikita WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/90801
Katherine-louise HarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/90808
Catherine DixonBirth Certificate BC/20/90826
Lars-Christian Bengtsson.Birth Certificate BC/20/90854
Bill HaralambakisBirth Certificate BC/20/90860
Hania Uma GornostajevaBirth Certificate BC/20/90866
Katy jane daviesBirth Certificate BC/20/90878
Reuben William crawtBirth Certificate BC/20/90884
William Warren crawtBirth Certificate BC/20/90894
Amelia rose crawtBirth Certificate BC/20/90908
Scarlet lillie CrawtBirth Certificate BC/20/90919
Veronika -Walborg Heiner.Birth Certificate BC/20/90932
Diana Fay of the family RhodesBirth Certificate BC/20/90955
Hunter HamblyBirth Certificate BC/20/90964
Andrew Peter BarrellBirth Certificate BC/20/90980
Mattias Ku00e4llbackBirth Certificate BC/20/90986
Paige Madison MakepeaceBirth Certificate BC/20/91004
Amelia AgotaBirth Certificate BC/20/91010
Jay WicksyBirth Certificate BC/20/91017
Mathew Aron CraigeBirth Certificate BC/20/91021
Lenora Keisha Anjaliva Martenson [Anja Birgitte Petersen]Birth Certificate BC/20/91038
Matthew Lee ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/91058
RosemaryBirth Certificate BC/20/91081
Martin Peter ChiazzaBirth Certificate BC/20/91104
Jennifer Maria Louisa Graziella OrsiniBirth Certificate BC/20/91110
Lauren Helen Josephine odonohueBirth Certificate BC/20/91116
Marisa CaponeBirth Certificate BC/20/91123
HuckleberryBirth Certificate BC/20/91131
Natasha Louise Orsini GreenwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/91146
Poul Thomsen.Birth Certificate BC/20/91152
Christopher Tyler Orsini GreenwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/91158
Leonard EnglishBirth Certificate BC/20/91173
Roxie Carrie GraingeBirth Certificate BC/20/91191
Evelyn Yvonne GriffinBirth Certificate BC/20/91217
Lisa PantonBirth Certificate BC/20/91234
Danielle Louise DelaneyBirth Certificate BC/20/91242
Annette L. JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/91250
GandiniBirth Certificate BC/20/91256
Annette L. JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/91265
Darryl BoydBirth Certificate BC/20/91281
Angela Kay StreetBirth Certificate BC/20/91297
Simone Lee SleepBirth Certificate BC/20/91303
belinda jane warnBirth Certificate BC/20/91314
suzanne louise OldfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/91336
Rochelle Julia AllanBirth Certificate BC/20/91355
Christina Grace CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/91364
AnnaBella Genieve CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/91372
Sandra TotBirth Certificate BC/20/91378
Benjamin Andrew BergBirth Certificate BC/20/91384
Samaya Lotus Tot-FairweatherBirth Certificate BC/20/91390
Ashton CarrBirth Certificate BC/20/91397
Alexander Sandor Tot-FairweatherBirth Certificate BC/20/91404
Chris-Dieter BeckerBirth Certificate BC/20/91410
Crystal Mu00e4dchen LynchBirth Certificate BC/20/91419
Anna Francesca TolsonBirth Certificate BC/20/91444
Mario AdamBirth Certificate BC/20/91450
Bruce Michael WebbBirth Certificate BC/20/91456
Helen EastwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/91462
Faraaz ParkarBirth Certificate BC/20/91469
Jason CraigBirth Certificate BC/20/91484
Micheal Baladev Cleary ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/91503
Lauren Kym MarcusBirth Certificate BC/20/91518
Veronique CartierBirth Certificate BC/20/91578
Lace-SundaraBirth Certificate BC/20/91583
Lu00e9vi khanBirth Certificate BC/20/91630
David Andrew MoreBirth Certificate BC/20/91664
Danny WhitleyBirth Certificate BC/20/91687
Hala SalemBirth Certificate BC/20/91699
Terry DeanBirth Certificate BC/20/91719
BLAINE STEPHAN SCHESTAKOVBirth Certificate BC/20/91727
Anthony Nicholas Gollu00e9Birth Certificate BC/20/91741
Carolyn EllenBirth Certificate BC/20/91748
David Michael BellBirth Certificate BC/20/91758
Peta Lee BindoffBirth Certificate BC/20/91768
Carla RoystonBirth Certificate BC/20/91780
Jake DoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/91795
Aaron BrakenridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/91810
Serena Ileshah SutherlandBirth Certificate BC/20/91818
Dejan DragicBirth Certificate BC/20/91824
Justyce Judah Joseph Sutherland-Clarke-PinnockBirth Certificate BC/20/91828
Simone Letitia HassaniaBirth Certificate BC/20/91840
kathleenBirth Certificate BC/20/91856
Margaret Ann LisleBirth Certificate BC/20/91892
Hedi Julia TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/91903
POULOS ParaskevasBirth Certificate BC/20/91925
Kyle Arbuckle-lindBirth Certificate BC/20/91933
RiinaBirth Certificate BC/20/91942
Gu00f6ran mathias sunnaBirth Certificate BC/20/91951
Jennifer LockhartBirth Certificate BC/20/91958
Dean Andrew MakepeaceBirth Certificate BC/20/91972
Lora Lee GilgoBirth Certificate BC/20/91992
arlo ussher-clarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/92001
Terrence L TillmanBirth Certificate BC/20/92042
Rebecca Louise hillBirth Certificate BC/20/92056
Samantha LomaxBirth Certificate BC/20/92064
Lisa PantonBirth Certificate BC/20/92077
Francis Willliam BillingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/92088
Steven Edward Ganieany / (Anderson adopted name)Birth Certificate BC/20/92098
Brendan Emmanuel LarmourBirth Certificate BC/20/92114
Angela Lisa RomanBirth Certificate BC/20/92125
Lisa Marie StorerBirth Certificate BC/20/92134
Diana carina botBirth Certificate BC/20/92142
Christopher PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/92154
Anne Frances SinclairBirth Certificate BC/20/92162
Pierina BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/92192
Mariliis TaalBirth Certificate BC/20/92204
Jocasta Lemmikki Suzanne CroftsBirth Certificate BC/20/92210
Katherine Lou BurdockBirth Certificate BC/20/92216
MATTHEW JAY STEWARTBirth Certificate BC/20/92240
Alexander SvenssonBirth Certificate BC/20/92249
Bernadette Althea SollittBirth Certificate BC/20/92255
Ruth Angela BaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/92261
Tamara Marie of the house EatonBirth Certificate BC/20/92269
CLAIRE MARJORIE STEWARTBirth Certificate BC/20/92273
Anthony GerardBirth Certificate BC/20/92292
Donna Louise SchultzBirth Certificate BC/20/92308
Janine GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/92314
David Joseph MarkeeBirth Certificate BC/20/92345
Amanda Theresa CottamBirth Certificate BC/20/92354
Emma van DykBirth Certificate BC/20/92362
Daniel James RawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/92368
John MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/92376
Amanda EllenBirth Certificate BC/20/92380
Matilda Paula IoaneBirth Certificate BC/20/92397
KAREN LESLEY MISTERSBirth Certificate BC/20/92419
Matthew RockhillBirth Certificate BC/20/92428
Paul Edward McCormackBirth Certificate BC/20/92436
Paula Joanne Francis CoxBirth Certificate BC/20/92446
Stephen Neville HoltBirth Certificate BC/20/92458
Veronique Andree Juliette CartierBirth Certificate BC/20/92468
Mr Ammer Nadeem AtaridBirth Certificate BC/20/92476
Jacqueline Helen SimpkinBirth Certificate BC/20/92484
Robert Neville DunsterBirth Certificate BC/20/92493
Michelle Renee RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/92502
Todd Edward Dudgeon van NamenBirth Certificate BC/20/92515
Darrell Ethan RidleyBirth Certificate BC/20/92521
Celia Anne van NamenBirth Certificate BC/20/92527
Jazmyn Anne van NamenBirth Certificate BC/20/92534
Lindsay Ann NichollsBirth Certificate BC/20/92541
Matthew James GrimesBirth Certificate BC/20/92550
Dennis August Mu00e4ntyBirth Certificate BC/20/92566
John Robert AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/92652
Judith Ann SchmiedlBirth Certificate BC/20/92679
Matthew Jay LeggettBirth Certificate BC/20/92689
Ashley Thomas David Ronald BurnellBirth Certificate BC/20/92735
Lucy Di GiulioBirth Certificate BC/20/92743
Lina BoumelhemBirth Certificate BC/20/92778
Sebastian James SchuitemaBirth Certificate BC/20/92784
Taylah Maree CavarraBirth Certificate BC/20/92795
Clive BurghardBirth Certificate BC/20/92804
Anaya Lindani MiyaBirth Certificate BC/20/92814
Gareth David PRICEBirth Certificate BC/20/92830
Rosaline Mary Ann ParkinBirth Certificate BC/20/92880
ELENI CANBirth Certificate BC/20/92908
Leila Kimiai-NiaBirth Certificate BC/20/92929
ellen theresa cotterBirth Certificate BC/20/92946
Neel Elisabeth EjderskovBirth Certificate BC/20/92959
Anne Marie u00f3 brienBirth Certificate BC/20/92975
Daneel Sol Quetzalcoatl Cohen EjderskovBirth Certificate BC/20/92982
Naomi huntBirth Certificate BC/20/93074
Brandon steve huntBirth Certificate BC/20/93078
Naomi paige huntBirth Certificate BC/20/93084
Michelle L. ClumBirth Certificate BC/20/93105
Cristen Richelle Lee ClumBirth Certificate BC/20/93113
janek sarapsonBirth Certificate BC/20/93134
Charmaine MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/93145
Reuven Matthew McKeeBirth Certificate BC/20/93171
Yildiz IbrahimBirth Certificate BC/20/93186
Ukko Alvar Mu00e4ntyBirth Certificate BC/20/93203
Ayshe Aliye IbrahimBirth Certificate BC/20/93217
Lola-Rose Millie SheeleyBirth Certificate BC/20/93229
Alex Junior Robert SheeleyBirth Certificate BC/20/93238
vienna sansomBirth Certificate BC/20/93252
Teresa GarrawayBirth Certificate BC/20/93258
Robert NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/93278
valley sansomBirth Certificate BC/20/93287
Lisa Ann KafourousBirth Certificate BC/20/93300
Miles Mark AustinBirth Certificate BC/20/93322
Dillon Bevan norrisBirth Certificate BC/20/93337
Jake Ethan NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/93347
Patrick JosephOTooleBirth Certificate BC/20/93358
Phillip John MyersBirth Certificate BC/20/93366
Kate Louise AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/93374
Milla Eve SzalnowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/93390
Elsie Kate SzalnowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/93394
Maria SvenssonBirth Certificate BC/20/93406
Victoria SkuseBirth Certificate BC/20/93412
Marija SvenssonBirth Certificate BC/20/93422
Catharina Gijsbertha Jacoba Den BoefBirth Certificate BC/20/93433
lisa Emma Jane HallBirth Certificate BC/20/93486
Ahorangi StarchildBirth Certificate BC/20/93494
Natalie Joy MoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/93505
Mr Fanos PanayidesBirth Certificate BC/20/93511
Brianna Lee CaughleyBirth Certificate BC/20/93518
Danielle RossettiBirth Certificate BC/20/93549
Jude HarperBirth Certificate BC/20/93555
Sandra GraysonBirth Certificate BC/20/93562
Natalie YoungBirth Certificate BC/20/93572
Olga KischkowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/93583
Mark-AndrewLucasBirth Certificate BC/20/93589
Sharon PitardiBirth Certificate BC/20/93608
Michal ChotarBirth Certificate BC/20/93614
Hannah Rose RoachBirth Certificate BC/20/93626
Lisa Katherine ClanseyBirth Certificate BC/20/93644
Martin Gerard KeaneBirth Certificate BC/20/93650
Hayley-anneBirth Certificate BC/20/93654
Rachel of the family Terzoglou (currently known as Rachel of the family Alexandris)Birth Certificate BC/20/93662
Chloe-danaBirth Certificate BC/20/93680
Faye Denise HeardBirth Certificate BC/20/93684
Scarlett-Amani Walkabout WiriyanjarBirth Certificate BC/20/93702
Kiara Reid HerbertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/93722
Felicity Margaret DohertyBirth Certificate BC/20/93731
Caillen John FitzgeraldBirth Certificate BC/20/93739
Willow SeneseBirth Certificate BC/20/93758
Christine Charlotte MoffatBirth Certificate BC/20/93768
Ziggy WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/93774
Amy StamfordBirth Certificate BC/20/93781
Blake WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/93792
Louis JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/93796
MAHBUBA CANBirth Certificate BC/20/93800
Harry JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/93808
Charlie JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/93816
Celia MargaretBirth Certificate BC/20/93849
Andrew ByromBirth Certificate BC/20/93862
Lisa Dawn JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/93876
Andrea MargaretBirth Certificate BC/20/93891
Sharon LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/93905
Eileen Violet ReeveBirth Certificate BC/20/93921
Daniel TansleyBirth Certificate BC/20/93934
Nopera Arano TomaBirth Certificate BC/20/93952
David John rossBirth Certificate BC/20/93960
Joseph MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/93967
Kevin John HuckerBirth Certificate BC/20/94053
Alanna Katie Harrison- ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/94073
Jill GraysonBirth Certificate BC/20/94088
Christopher MarkBirth Certificate BC/20/94131
Carol Maree MoulinBirth Certificate BC/20/94173
Mike ShintonBirth Certificate BC/20/94181
RichardBirth Certificate BC/20/94206
Jayne Elizabeth ColesBirth Certificate BC/20/94218
Patricia Denise CummingsBirth Certificate BC/20/94224
Kristen Louise PercivalBirth Certificate BC/20/94240
Elizabeth ThereseBirth Certificate BC/20/94246
Daniel DunbarBirth Certificate BC/20/94270
Taylor Jessica AyalaBirth Certificate BC/20/94283
Sandra GoldsmithBirth Certificate BC/20/94296
cavenBirth Certificate BC/20/94314
Beverley GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/94320
aidan-brendanBirth Certificate BC/20/94329
Andrew YeomansBirth Certificate BC/20/94365
Leonard GreeneBirth Certificate BC/20/94371
Craig Ashley dickerBirth Certificate BC/20/94400
Amanda Kay WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/94415
Jonathan Lawrence HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/94424
Sarah Ellen CoveyBirth Certificate BC/20/94436
Hope MichaelsonBirth Certificate BC/20/94442
Bradley Adam JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/94448
Sarah Lynette CollinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/94457
Elsa Rose HartwigsenBirth Certificate BC/20/94512
Karyn Michelle MahoneyBirth Certificate BC/20/94526
Laura Grace ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/94535
Rachel Di ReBirth Certificate BC/20/94546
Stephen Clifford FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/94555
Tracey Christine Beresford ( My name is Tracey Masters now)Birth Certificate BC/20/94563
Juliet Catherine POTTERBirth Certificate BC/20/94569
Bailey Dawn NelBirth Certificate BC/20/94589
Pauline Michelle BunnBirth Certificate BC/20/94595
Carl Stephen tupeBirth Certificate BC/20/94613
Tyler Chayce Benjamin JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/94630
Kira Lee GlenwrightBirth Certificate BC/20/94636
Taylor James NelBirth Certificate BC/20/94642
Zarah Jade Ella JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/94648
Patricia NeildBirth Certificate BC/20/94655
Alayna Maree CorbettBirth Certificate BC/20/94659
Kevin Michael MundBirth Certificate BC/20/94665
Daniel Noel JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/94671
Byron Matthew CorbettBirth Certificate BC/20/94675
Bailey James Daniel JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/94681
Dawn Elizabeth GriggBirth Certificate BC/20/94697
Afshan HussainBirth Certificate BC/20/94716
Donna Marie WhitleyBirth Certificate BC/20/94722
Donna Michelle MortlockBirth Certificate BC/20/94728
Breanna LesleyBirth Certificate BC/20/94732
Frank Lucius Rivera of the clan MendonezBirth Certificate BC/20/94744
Lilly Jean CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/94749
Andrew Les CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/94753
Sergio Sebastian SosaBirth Certificate BC/20/94759
Adam-Rugaard Madsen.Birth Certificate BC/20/94765
Krystal Katherina MaximoBirth Certificate BC/20/94776
Hugh Galbraith ColeBirth Certificate BC/20/94786
Deborah Jeanette AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/94838
Warren Powis ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/94850
TAMMY MARIE ROHWEDERBirth Certificate BC/20/94868
Shelley Lesley JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/94891
Joel MedleyBirth Certificate BC/20/94954
Marlene MedleyBirth Certificate BC/20/94964
Keely Dominique SpicerBirth Certificate BC/20/95001
Aiden Patrick Thomas ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/95009
Karine MouflinBirth Certificate BC/20/95016
Grifo Sonya GraziellaBirth Certificate BC/20/95036
Rochelle Lynn BerghoffBirth Certificate BC/20/95050
Tamara Maree DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/95062
Marika TammurBirth Certificate BC/20/95068
Mary HarkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/95075
Corrina Jayne TyrrellBirth Certificate BC/20/95081
Richard Carl Asbach-CullenBirth Certificate BC/20/95087
Kati SooBirth Certificate BC/20/95094
Rebecca ToniBirth Certificate BC/20/95115
Margaret Kaye HandleyBirth Certificate BC/20/95126
Christopher David FrenchBirth Certificate BC/20/95142
Simon AndrewBirth Certificate BC/20/95148
Audrey LilyBirth Certificate BC/20/95161
Alexa ConnieBirth Certificate BC/20/95171
Hunter Matt Neil ivallBirth Certificate BC/20/95177
Harvey AllanBirth Certificate BC/20/95192
Siobhan Kathleen WaldieBirth Certificate BC/20/95198
Gibson CharlesBirth Certificate BC/20/95205
colin gerardBirth Certificate BC/20/95215
Erica GraceBirth Certificate BC/20/95221
Ian Andrew SpicerBirth Certificate BC/20/95231
Kristy ann littleBirth Certificate BC/20/95253
Ethan Jon Wilson HowardBirth Certificate BC/20/95257
Stephen KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/95269
Beverley Helen WickendenBirth Certificate BC/20/95276
Eleanor Morningstar Wickenden (prev Campbell)Birth Certificate BC/20/95285
Moses LungaBirth Certificate BC/20/95298
Jay David John MOFFITTBirth Certificate BC/20/95307
Dara-KevinBirth Certificate BC/20/95318
Ewan Stuart RusselBirth Certificate BC/20/95325
Nathan Henry james OConnellBirth Certificate BC/20/95340
Aaron John RedmondBirth Certificate BC/20/95351
GeffroyBirth Certificate BC/20/95360
Jenna Bridget TownsendBirth Certificate BC/20/95368
Ruby Minnie RedmondBirth Certificate BC/20/95374
Antonia lee mattaBirth Certificate BC/20/95380
Indie Ellen JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/95392
Aiden Ashford JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/95401
Scott AlexBirth Certificate BC/20/95413
Michelle RossBirth Certificate BC/20/95424
Josh Raymond AngwinBirth Certificate BC/20/95434
Sharon Leigh BigbyBirth Certificate BC/20/95441
Chantelle MedjumuracBirth Certificate BC/20/95451
Michelle Renee HearseyBirth Certificate BC/20/95455
Stephen ArthurBirth Certificate BC/20/95461
Raelene BuercknerBirth Certificate BC/20/95467
Caroline Antoinette EllisBirth Certificate BC/20/95477
Elysia Sapphire Ellis CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/95484
Peter MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/95495
Matthew-Jon-AndersenBirth Certificate BC/20/95505
Shane Le-GrandBirth Certificate BC/20/95522
David William SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/95534
jane therese vivianBirth Certificate BC/20/95540
Indigo Hope Kan-SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/95548
Cruz Hunter RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/95562
Brenton CourtsBirth Certificate BC/20/95572
Indigo Ivy RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/95576
Jillian Margaret OgleBirth Certificate BC/20/95583
Danann Edwards-ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/95600
Tammy Louise CordazBirth Certificate BC/20/95606
Taylor James NelBirth Certificate BC/20/95610
Danann Edwards-ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/95617
Peter Murray MoodyBirth Certificate BC/20/95626
Thomas WaldnerBirth Certificate BC/20/95635
Anthony William WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/95654
Jacqueline Elizabeth TravisBirth Certificate BC/20/95664
Tobias Wolf Kan-SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/95674
Kellie MalcolmBirth Certificate BC/20/95683
Margaret Ann MorrishBirth Certificate BC/20/95702
IrinaBirth Certificate BC/20/95710
Elizabeth Patricia SturgessBirth Certificate BC/20/95719
Susan DuffBirth Certificate BC/20/95729
JANINE HOLLANDBirth Certificate BC/20/95786
Gail Marie BaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/95824
Jade Lily TriplowBirth Certificate BC/20/95843
MilanBirth Certificate BC/20/95859
Ella S WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/95915
Kylie Megan KingBirth Certificate BC/20/95978
Sheilagh IrelandBirth Certificate BC/20/95987
Jett MacConnell WinstanleyBirth Certificate BC/20/95994
Catherine Thelma CharnleyBirth Certificate BC/20/96003
Nigel Ross AldridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/96019
Brian Joseph BiddellBirth Certificate BC/20/96028
Jennifer Marie forwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/96043
Tayib Ailin LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/96054
annika safronovBirth Certificate BC/20/96066
Kerry.Ann .MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/96083
Shane Leslie MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/96098
Agnieszka Katarzyna SidorowiczBirth Certificate BC/20/96110
Angelique SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/96120
Ivy Ariela Elsie SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/96131
Jordan Cassius Harley SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/96139
Maxwell Sebastian Kazimier SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/96151
Mike NomadBirth Certificate BC/20/96161
Mara Leanne LupieriBirth Certificate BC/20/96177
William Andrew John BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/96193
Safia ParkarBirth Certificate BC/20/96213
Eesa ParkarBirth Certificate BC/20/96220
Neale Richard PocockBirth Certificate BC/20/96226
Samantha Rebecca leonardBirth Certificate BC/20/96241
Paul Stuart HadcroftBirth Certificate BC/20/96273
Elsie Edith BillingBirth Certificate BC/20/96288
Cleveland RhodenBirth Certificate BC/20/96298
Sally Victoria OwenBirth Certificate BC/20/96319
Lucy Louise ShieldsBirth Certificate BC/20/96384
Hudson Trevor GandiniBirth Certificate BC/20/96406
Isabella Florence GandiniBirth Certificate BC/20/96412
Jessie Malcolm-AshBirth Certificate BC/20/96416
Desmond-Charles-Frederick House of RoweBirth Certificate BC/20/96426
WAYNE JOHN HOSKINBirth Certificate BC/20/96435
Catherine Frances LedinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/96447
Joanna GogginBirth Certificate BC/20/96454
Angela Maria SpiteriBirth Certificate BC/20/96463
BRIAN JOHN BULLEYBirth Certificate BC/20/96471
Margaret Mavis BulanyiBirth Certificate BC/20/96481
David john putrinoBirth Certificate BC/20/96495
Deidi VineBirth Certificate BC/20/96511
Anthony John BaxterBirth Certificate BC/20/96517
Hunter ArdenBirth Certificate BC/20/96525
Chloe KeighranBirth Certificate BC/20/96530
Scott-adrian [Muir]Birth Certificate BC/20/96541
Jordan- J-Jacqulie [Marson]Birth Certificate BC/20/96548
Duane kim LittleBirth Certificate BC/20/96557
Leon SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/96572
rori -rehu murchieBirth Certificate BC/20/96610
Vicki Ann RepanicBirth Certificate BC/20/96620
Bobbie Malcolm-AshBirth Certificate BC/20/96672
Pauline Frances MacGibbonBirth Certificate BC/20/96692
Steven Michael KatzBirth Certificate BC/20/96706
Aileen ForsythBirth Certificate BC/20/96740
Annie WarnerBirth Certificate BC/20/96775
Siiri KontkarBirth Certificate BC/20/96792
Jan Marie BrookeBirth Certificate BC/20/96798
Sylvia NeumannBirth Certificate BC/20/96847
Stephen MackayBirth Certificate BC/20/96855
Desmond-Basil house of HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/96866
Kynan Leon Chapman LupieriBirth Certificate BC/20/96893
Patricia Anne KeenanBirth Certificate BC/20/96906
Ashlee Maree ScreenBirth Certificate BC/20/96912
Charlotte Amy HarkBirth Certificate BC/20/96927
Marcelle Louise BarakatBirth Certificate BC/20/96937
Deborah Michelle MerrettBirth Certificate BC/20/96953
Sarah PaulaBirth Certificate BC/20/96962
Jessica Frances OTooleBirth Certificate BC/20/96976
Tracy BaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/96986
Giulia RosanoBirth Certificate BC/20/96992
Ronald BeaucheminBirth Certificate BC/20/96998
Taysha Velvete Chapman LupieriBirth Certificate BC/20/97004
Liam HampshireBirth Certificate BC/20/97010
Karen MariaBirth Certificate BC/20/97021
Terry John KisserBirth Certificate BC/20/97027
Ernst BerrymanBirth Certificate BC/20/97046
Charlie-JLeigh ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/97050
Edward SchutzBirth Certificate BC/20/97060
Robyn Michaela BloodworthBirth Certificate BC/20/97071
Damien KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/97089
Ilme SildnikBirth Certificate BC/20/97095
David kellyBirth Certificate BC/20/97101
Donna haleBirth Certificate BC/20/97107
Krishna AvataraBirth Certificate BC/20/97113
Jasmyn blountBirth Certificate BC/20/97123
Barron blountBirth Certificate BC/20/97129
Caitanya CandradasaBirth Certificate BC/20/97147
Louise GorstBirth Certificate BC/20/97164
Mandie JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/97176
John DuffyBirth Certificate BC/20/97182
Deborah Ann KingBirth Certificate BC/20/97212
STOJANA GREGORNBirth Certificate BC/20/97219
Michael Paul NealBirth Certificate BC/20/97230
Alan Stuart MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/97236
Owen Thomas HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/97245
Sarah MarieBirth Certificate BC/20/97254
graeme mauchlenBirth Certificate BC/20/97263
Johan Hans WelinderBirth Certificate BC/20/97271
Todd WILLIAMSBirth Certificate BC/20/97297
John BlaineBirth Certificate BC/20/97310
Sheree LepperBirth Certificate BC/20/97321
Norma StrangBirth Certificate BC/20/97330
DinahBirth Certificate BC/20/97338
Yvonne Janet ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/97347
Zharn CarstensenBirth Certificate BC/20/97356
James broomeBirth Certificate BC/20/97373
Donna Lee GudgeonBirth Certificate BC/20/97383
Takara Millie-Lee MARKWELLBirth Certificate BC/20/97389
Lisa Jane redmanBirth Certificate BC/20/97398
Andrew Les CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/97418
Allen James VaegaBirth Certificate BC/20/97429
Maurice Robert WoodsBirth Certificate BC/20/97441
margaret mary dowseBirth Certificate BC/20/97454
Mala ChhimBirth Certificate BC/20/97465
Murray Joseph WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/97479
Cameron Owen GudenswagerBirth Certificate BC/20/97506
Margarite Christian BubbBirth Certificate BC/20/97516
JENKINS Edgar HenryBirth Certificate BC/20/97522
Craig James CooteeBirth Certificate BC/20/97528
robert william scammellBirth Certificate BC/20/97534
Geoffrey David LaingBirth Certificate BC/20/97548
andrew-davidlewisBirth Certificate BC/20/97567
Penelope Mary SalmonBirth Certificate BC/20/97604
Shelly-marie-puohotaua-SovereignBirth Certificate BC/20/97613
Aaron-terauoriwa-kereopa-SovereignBirth Certificate BC/20/97633
Judith Lea DuffieldBirth Certificate BC/20/97680
Manuela BusiBirth Certificate BC/20/97691
Elliott MunroBirth Certificate BC/20/97769
huw johnBirth Certificate BC/20/97795
Puia NathanBirth Certificate BC/20/97814
Lynda Marie ProuseBirth Certificate BC/20/97864
Wayne Ashby William of the family LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/97891
James CarlinBirth Certificate BC/20/97910
Bartosz SzymanskiBirth Certificate BC/20/97920
salvatore giuseppe sciaccaBirth Certificate BC/20/97926
Matthew Paul WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/97932
Galina GretckaBirth Certificate BC/20/97941
Naomi Joy RollBirth Certificate BC/20/97956
Thoma Tanya MitilineosBirth Certificate BC/20/97964
Alison Tamara SimonBirth Certificate BC/20/97992
Nico KruythoffBirth Certificate BC/20/97998
Carmel Ann DowseBirth Certificate BC/20/98007
Tashel Nicole LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/98028
Marian HaydenBirth Certificate BC/20/98037
James Anthony GODDARDBirth Certificate BC/20/98048
David kellyBirth Certificate BC/20/98054
Fiona Louise FaulknerBirth Certificate BC/20/98067
Max A PorrittBirth Certificate BC/20/98073
Wilson VenancioBirth Certificate BC/20/98082
Crystal Anne NielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/98103
Tracey Ann BanyBirth Certificate BC/20/98109
Theo Rocco Bany Della PietraBirth Certificate BC/20/98122
Thomas MossingBirth Certificate BC/20/98134
Michelle HillsBirth Certificate BC/20/98146
Sandra Jane KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/98158
Ellouise Ruth of the Sharpley familyBirth Certificate BC/20/98173
David Leslie RussellBirth Certificate BC/20/98205
Linda Mae Ruth CoughlinBirth Certificate BC/20/98228
Ursula Anne ToweelBirth Certificate BC/20/98236
Belinda jane warnBirth Certificate BC/20/98248
Teena Maree KowalskiBirth Certificate BC/20/98255
Julie LeeArneBirth Certificate BC/20/98262
Julie LeeArneBirth Certificate BC/20/98279
Natasha Adele JossBirth Certificate BC/20/98293
Andrew-Wallace LEGGEBirth Certificate BC/20/98299
Tanya-Louise RalstonBirth Certificate BC/20/98305
Graeme Patrick JeffsBirth Certificate BC/20/98311
Jasmine Simone KanBirth Certificate BC/20/98327
Mitchall lee brackenBirth Certificate BC/20/98358
Jordan MathewBirth Certificate BC/20/98417
Luke Thomas Michael SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/98426
Mayson lee brackenBirth Certificate BC/20/98446
FilomenaBirth Certificate BC/20/98459
Julie Maree TrevanionBirth Certificate BC/20/98500
Shannon Dean BrayBirth Certificate BC/20/98508
Skye Iris BrayBirth Certificate BC/20/98519
Debbie Joy VeitchBirth Certificate BC/20/98529
Rhoda Malinka PoschBirth Certificate BC/20/98535
DAVID MCLENNANBirth Certificate BC/20/98542
Gemma Louise GuyBirth Certificate BC/20/98550
Koen Bruno Lutgart DesimpelaereBirth Certificate BC/20/98573
Stephanie Anne ByfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/98667
Shannon WikiBirth Certificate BC/20/98685
Muizza Banu Mohammed HusseinBirth Certificate BC/20/98693
Darius FaaseeBirth Certificate BC/20/98708
Mikhael Shanti Douglas CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/98718
Angela ArmstrongBirth Certificate BC/20/98725
Camila BarrosoBirth Certificate BC/20/98732
Justin RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/98739
Andrew Les CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/98746
Charlotte BarrosoBirth Certificate BC/20/98753
Cecilia BarrosoBirth Certificate BC/20/98759
Aiden Ashford JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/98776
Darren Paul NormanBirth Certificate BC/20/98784
robert george somervilleBirth Certificate BC/20/98790
Glenn Robert SeymonBirth Certificate BC/20/98808
John-Micheal WilshireBirth Certificate BC/20/98814
Judy HellierBirth Certificate BC/20/98829
RECILMA BINAG PIS-ANBirth Certificate BC/20/98836
Joseph Geoffrey CookBirth Certificate BC/20/98855
Janine AtkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/98899
Amanda Jane RummingBirth Certificate BC/20/98924
Andrew David HowesBirth Certificate BC/20/98940
Jessica Jane SeibothBirth Certificate BC/20/98946
Nathan Peter SeibothBirth Certificate BC/20/98955
Taonui stanislo HikuBirth Certificate BC/20/98973
Anja Ku00f6sterBirth Certificate BC/20/98982
Lisa Jane LockwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/98988
David PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/98995
Kenneth Brejner HenschelBirth Certificate BC/20/99014
Michaela Sandra HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/99022
Maru00e1di AttilaBirth Certificate BC/20/99047
Veiko PoljakovBirth Certificate BC/20/99070
larry maskellBirth Certificate BC/20/99077
Deborah Ann KingBirth Certificate BC/20/99084
Edith NiggBirth Certificate BC/20/99102
Line Kju00e6r ByskovBirth Certificate BC/20/99106
Thomas Axel MossingBirth Certificate BC/20/99114
Samantha Brooke FluteBirth Certificate BC/20/99132
Julie MaddenBirth Certificate BC/20/99141
Bailie FinlayBirth Certificate BC/20/99147
FIONA MARGARET WILLIAMSONBirth Certificate BC/20/99181
Bergitte NodderBirth Certificate BC/20/99190
Maizey Bear WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/99204
Gerard MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/99210
Bobby WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/99222
elliottBirth Certificate BC/20/99233
Heidi rita Alice jacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/99250
Anthony Joseph DeanBirth Certificate BC/20/99259
Mary Robertson BluesBirth Certificate BC/20/99272
Simon Bryan ThaweBirth Certificate BC/20/99281
Edyta Mau0142gorzata Pawu0142owskaBirth Certificate BC/20/99288
Amini Noelle PennerBirth Certificate BC/20/99305
Jacqueline Ann GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/99324
Alison FinchBirth Certificate BC/20/99333
Brenda Fern LietzBirth Certificate BC/20/99341
Jakob Aziah Chotar KentBirth Certificate BC/20/99350
Dena Greer ChurchillBirth Certificate BC/20/99360
Luke Christian James ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/99371
Jenika Sienna Chotar KentBirth Certificate BC/20/99395
David Charles WilloughbyBirth Certificate BC/20/99409
Eric Jan de VriesBirth Certificate BC/20/99415
Shane Robert BRYCEBirth Certificate BC/20/99440
Rachel Louise LARRIGANBirth Certificate BC/20/99446
Gabrielle Ruth FairhallBirth Certificate BC/20/99452
Meredith Joy de LandellesBirth Certificate BC/20/99458
Saoirse Balbay Betty de Landelles-WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/99465
Rune Livingstone Stephen de Landelles-WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/99474
Yindi Kenneth Kingston de Landelles-WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/99485
Anarchie James Wavell de Landelles-WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/99493
Talen Richard Leslie de Landelles-WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/99499
Mrs Amanda BudeBirth Certificate BC/20/99505
Adam Abraham BudeBirth Certificate BC/20/99511
Briana Eden BudeBirth Certificate BC/20/99517
Besim HodzicBirth Certificate BC/20/99524
Joshua James BudeBirth Certificate BC/20/99530
Amelia Sage BudeBirth Certificate BC/20/99537
Moya Dianne KelleyBirth Certificate BC/20/99543
Florence LottBirth Certificate BC/20/99549
Julie JambanisBirth Certificate BC/20/99555
FilomenaBirth Certificate BC/20/99572
Barry-michael Cooke.Birth Certificate BC/20/99578
simon-baye-gregory [Wilks]Birth Certificate BC/20/99587
Shekinah Jayde LeighBirth Certificate BC/20/99593
Janette Ellen BloffwitchBirth Certificate BC/20/99603
Kiarah Jayde Kelly-GadsbyBirth Certificate BC/20/99611
Julie-Anne Margaret KleinigBirth Certificate BC/20/99617
Ashlee renee taylaBirth Certificate BC/20/99683
Belinda-Jane LattaBirth Certificate BC/20/99721
David Frederick Carnaby RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/99775
Joshuah Andrew JoryBirth Certificate BC/20/99799
Mu00e1ire-Ru00f3s ORahillyBirth Certificate BC/20/99808
jennifer-anne [thomas]Birth Certificate BC/20/99817
Linda Catherine RitchieBirth Certificate BC/20/99824
Alexander George MiddleditchBirth Certificate BC/20/99830
Marjory Jane MassieBirth Certificate BC/20/99843
John Stephen BajkaiBirth Certificate BC/20/99863
Corien DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/99882
Deborah Anne SouterBirth Certificate BC/20/99891
Shayne Vernon FieldBirth Certificate BC/20/99922
Jarrod Jacob TherosBirth Certificate BC/20/99928
Cynthia Marie AlbertBirth Certificate BC/20/99942
Susan Elizabeth RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/99950
Imogen Rose NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/99954
Belinda Bernadette BarrowBirth Certificate BC/20/99961
David Stanley BerryBirth Certificate BC/20/99967
Alan-leonardBirth Certificate BC/20/99973
Natalie SpaldingBirth Certificate BC/20/99987
Reece Phillip DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/99994
Teri-Kay Jill DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/100000
Lee Douglas DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/100031
Chandler Joseph DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/100038
Leif Kenneth PerssonBirth Certificate BC/20/100054
Jane Mundt Frandsen PedersenBirth Certificate BC/20/100107
Thomas Frandsen PedersenBirth Certificate BC/20/100116
Nadia Mundt Frandsen PedersenBirth Certificate BC/20/100131
William NathanBirth Certificate BC/20/100169
Irene MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/100185
John Percival HilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/100193
Tony Anthony John DicksonBirth Certificate BC/20/100202
Sharon lee CostelloBirth Certificate BC/20/100225
Sarah louise lewusBirth Certificate BC/20/100232
Carson steve smithBirth Certificate BC/20/100236
david howard lanyonBirth Certificate BC/20/100246
Mary Jane McIlreavyBirth Certificate BC/20/100260
Charles Douglas JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/100268
Daryl Roy ZampeseBirth Certificate BC/20/100302
Zoe Marie HeckenkemperBirth Certificate BC/20/100313
Peter Martin CollisBirth Certificate BC/20/100329
Andrew James SchwerdtBirth Certificate BC/20/100335
Arifah RajahBirth Certificate BC/20/100341
Konstantin BerjitskyBirth Certificate BC/20/100347
Gabriele Christina EisenmannBirth Certificate BC/20/100356
Murray Majoanna PaiBirth Certificate BC/20/100374
anita dulicBirth Certificate BC/20/100407
mila budimirBirth Certificate BC/20/100412
Daniel Adam Leslie CraigeBirth Certificate BC/20/100419
Lennart Bo FredmarkBirth Certificate BC/20/100426
ashlee manbeckBirth Certificate BC/20/100442
Jordan Allison Saringer-JossBirth Certificate BC/20/100451
nicole manbeckBirth Certificate BC/20/100461
colten millerBirth Certificate BC/20/100467
kinsey quillBirth Certificate BC/20/100475
crystal leeBirth Certificate BC/20/100481
Daniel James RoyalBirth Certificate BC/20/100529
Shanikka Aroha Dennis JalavaBirth Certificate BC/20/100564
Ethne Rozalja DudekBirth Certificate BC/20/100591
Annamarie ParsonsBirth Certificate BC/20/100606
John Joseph HoltBirth Certificate BC/20/100612
Deborah Joan NormanBirth Certificate BC/20/100619
Peter MilicBirth Certificate BC/20/100643
Craig Anthony HuntBirth Certificate BC/20/100731
JamesDriscollBirth Certificate BC/20/100739
BensonBirth Certificate BC/20/100747
Courtney Jayne cribariBirth Certificate BC/20/100754
Nicholas MonkBirth Certificate BC/20/100762
Clare Amanda PrestonBirth Certificate BC/20/100778
Amanda Bu00f8rs BlicherBirth Certificate BC/20/100838
Karen ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/100848
Yvonne Jacqueline DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/100857
Mark Anthony Jude MolloyBirth Certificate BC/20/100864
Amanda Bu00f8rs BlicherBirth Certificate BC/20/100905
Sarah Louise SuttonBirth Certificate BC/20/100924
Gared Mark ClareyBirth Certificate BC/20/100943
Carlos HippmanBirth Certificate BC/20/100963
Andrew Les CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/100978
Lee-Anne Michelle LucianiBirth Certificate BC/20/100985
Diana IrvingBirth Certificate BC/20/100991
JANETTE NICOLE ALLANBirth Certificate BC/20/101012
Lynette Agnes JosephBirth Certificate BC/20/101021
Marcus Peter HarbeckeBirth Certificate BC/20/101031
Wolfgang Karl-Heinz HarbeckeBirth Certificate BC/20/101035
Tamika Jae HarbeckeBirth Certificate BC/20/101039
Allyson Therese SchultzBirth Certificate BC/20/101047
Trina LynBirth Certificate BC/20/101068
Sylvia FredeBirth Certificate BC/20/101077
Elijah ChhimBirth Certificate BC/20/101081
Ruby DraperBirth Certificate BC/20/101087
Sarah Louise RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/101093
DarwinaBirth Certificate BC/20/101099
Peppi MeikleBirth Certificate BC/20/101105
Clinton Keith OgdenBirth Certificate BC/20/101119
Bruce BurnettBirth Certificate BC/20/101130
AshleyBirth Certificate BC/20/101136
Raymond SilvaBirth Certificate BC/20/101146
Khalida KhatoonBirth Certificate BC/20/101165
adam llewelyn jonesBirth Certificate BC/20/101180
Katia Leitao Pereira da SilvaBirth Certificate BC/20/101187
Michael Raphael de Castro BlakeBirth Certificate BC/20/101192
Alice de CastroBirth Certificate BC/20/101196
Rosie RoseBirth Certificate BC/20/101206
Lawrence RennieBirth Certificate BC/20/101210
Patrick ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/101222
Diana Lynda u00d3ShaughnessyBirth Certificate BC/20/101235
Martin ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/101239
mia-faaiuga-rose [ale]Birth Certificate BC/20/101278
peter j russellBirth Certificate BC/20/101303
Jahna Heremaia Te AuteBirth Certificate BC/20/101312
Kellie Emogene LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/101322
SherlockBirth Certificate BC/20/101331
Tracey MiddletonBirth Certificate BC/20/101337
brendan paul russellBirth Certificate BC/20/101343
John Clive WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/101352
Charlett Beath DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/101359
Sheryl Squirrell MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/101373
Rochelle Nadine MiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/101379
Mitchell Ron FoxBirth Certificate BC/20/101385
Ann Christine RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/101398
Sarah FinchBirth Certificate BC/20/101407
Hannah FinchBirth Certificate BC/20/101414
Adam FinchBirth Certificate BC/20/101420
Martin DenisBirth Certificate BC/20/101426
Joanne RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/101432
Astara Natalie Du2019AntonioBirth Certificate BC/20/101438
Mark Richmond BellBirth Certificate BC/20/101452
Ruth Anna BeattieBirth Certificate BC/20/101458
Andrew Martin WellsBirth Certificate BC/20/101464
Guy EudenBirth Certificate BC/20/101473
Geoffrey Alan PenstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/101479
Vincent Charlie Morrison-RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/101486
Elliott Timothy Penstone WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/101502
Michael Daniel DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/101508
Ross Zavier DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/101517
Ricky Lee BagnallBirth Certificate BC/20/101523
Elise Mandie Mary GreavesBirth Certificate BC/20/101533
DALE TE-RANGIMARIA BIDDLEBirth Certificate BC/20/101539
Saranne AuroraBirth Certificate BC/20/101557
Janet curtisBirth Certificate BC/20/101563
Rachel Virginia JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/101578
Paul Andrew SurmanBirth Certificate BC/20/101586
Matthew Karl GarrityBirth Certificate BC/20/101596
Iain James LeithBirth Certificate BC/20/101617
Darren Christopher BarrittBirth Certificate BC/20/101625
William Scott McCarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/101662
john payneBirth Certificate BC/20/101668
Brian Gerard GarrityBirth Certificate BC/20/101726
Graham John PuddifootBirth Certificate BC/20/101743
Dianna TosevskaBirth Certificate BC/20/101758
Julie Barbara HeadingBirth Certificate BC/20/101767
MITAI ROBERT BROWNBirth Certificate BC/20/101773
Jennifer Anne ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/101779
Leonard Russell of the clan FallonBirth Certificate BC/20/101789
Gianluca MureddaBirth Certificate BC/20/101798
Johanne GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/101808
Gerald AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/101879
Julie Alison VauseBirth Certificate BC/20/101885
Jeremy Van DykeBirth Certificate BC/20/101891
Benson Thomas Emile CameronBirth Certificate BC/20/101909
Colin Neville of family TromppBirth Certificate BC/20/101948
Kenton WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/101954
Renee Chantelle phillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/101973
Beverley Kay DewsBirth Certificate BC/20/101994
Gwynneth Elizabeth JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/102011
Milan PekicBirth Certificate BC/20/102016
Crystal Sturgess-MyersBirth Certificate BC/20/102035
Victoria Jayne McDermottBirth Certificate BC/20/102043
Ivan ETEROVICBirth Certificate BC/20/102049
Andrew RoyBirth Certificate BC/20/102055
Stuart Jon HarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/102078
Dzemil KuburicBirth Certificate BC/20/102087
Sophia Lorrain SylvaBirth Certificate BC/20/102096
Elmar Guido JungBirth Certificate BC/20/102104
Ashley Lissa EliasBirth Certificate BC/20/102125
John Benjamin Farrell jnrBirth Certificate BC/20/102136
Kristi LeighBirth Certificate BC/20/102142
Frans SchmitzBirth Certificate BC/20/102149
Debbie Anne SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/102155
Phillip George Keith PollardBirth Certificate BC/20/102202
Tracy JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/102208
Mohamed Shehbaaz MoghalBirth Certificate BC/20/102214
Nicholas-GlenGrossettBirth Certificate BC/20/102223
Christopher Charles Anderson JrBirth Certificate BC/20/102238
Seth Gildas AndreBirth Certificate BC/20/102249
Rebecca joanne dwyerBirth Certificate BC/20/102264
Rob thomasBirth Certificate BC/20/102270
Nancy shiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/102280
Heinrich Berthold KottBirth Certificate BC/20/102288
Jason Michael Charles NelsonBirth Certificate BC/20/102295
Angus CooteBirth Certificate BC/20/102304
Sally DrinkwaterBirth Certificate BC/20/102310
Marion Josephine KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/102318
Loreal Nakesha SkeetBirth Certificate BC/20/102349
Johnny PennerBirth Certificate BC/20/102355
Sara Louise ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/20/102362
Lachlan John GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/102393
sandra hardingBirth Certificate BC/20/102449
Mary Rosaleen MaherBirth Certificate BC/20/102459
Robert EggletonBirth Certificate BC/20/102473
Rosemary Louise McDonoghBirth Certificate BC/20/102481
Greg WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/102488
Leanne June BurkeBirth Certificate BC/20/102494
;brian-stuarthopeBirth Certificate BC/20/102507
Paul Zoltan KeresztesBirth Certificate BC/20/102520
Jake Colin DoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/102547
Joanne Lesley WebbBirth Certificate BC/20/102570
John AlfredBirth Certificate BC/20/102583
Liesl GermannBirth Certificate BC/20/102591
LORENZO MONTRE MCDONALDBirth Certificate BC/20/102599
Jill Deborah ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/102628
TracyhopeBirth Certificate BC/20/102661
Vincent Terence CreweBirth Certificate BC/20/102669
Stephen Glenn HeinrichBirth Certificate BC/20/102676
Brian ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/102701
Lester Lyhne SuescunBirth Certificate BC/20/102712
Morgan Lyhne SuescunBirth Certificate BC/20/102725
James Gregory LambsheadBirth Certificate BC/20/102751
Gloria Mireya Bustos BassabeBirth Certificate BC/20/102755
Paul Zoltan KeresztesBirth Certificate BC/20/102766
Micheal Tamati CondonBirth Certificate BC/20/102784
Steven james pattinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/102806
Archie RaeBirth Certificate BC/20/102815
Vickie VioliBirth Certificate BC/20/102852
Madison Rose VioliBirth Certificate BC/20/102877
Kathy Lynn NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/102883
Tannum James BroughBirth Certificate BC/20/102904
Iyslah Rose CostiganBirth Certificate BC/20/102913
Anthon Emil Rugaard u00cd Flatabu00f8Birth Certificate BC/20/102969
Ruby mae dwyerBirth Certificate BC/20/102984
Asif AliBirth Certificate BC/20/102990
RUKHSANA HUSSAINBirth Certificate BC/20/102996
Lukas WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/103033
Timur MehmetBirth Certificate BC/20/103063
Ayla MehmetBirth Certificate BC/20/103067
Bradshaw Genard NunnallyBirth Certificate BC/20/103074
Stuart Malcolm JenningsBirth Certificate BC/20/103116
Susan McEwanBirth Certificate BC/20/103125
Raymond Paul WoledgeBirth Certificate BC/20/103132
Kym Lorraine ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/103147
alan robert carterBirth Certificate BC/20/103164
Dawn Michelle PortchBirth Certificate BC/20/103176
Maxwell Charles Dallimore TobinBirth Certificate BC/20/103182
Lee Vivienne TildenBirth Certificate BC/20/103188
Jennifer ClaireBirth Certificate BC/20/103198
Glenn Harris BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/103206
Michael GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/103215
Ken RingBirth Certificate BC/20/103223
Joseph Jan BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/103232
Adam Matthew KollmorgenBirth Certificate BC/20/103241
Amber Marie HendersonBirth Certificate BC/20/103253
Stephen John LydenBirth Certificate BC/20/103259
Maria Joanna BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/103269
gru00e9goryBirth Certificate BC/20/103335
Heather Louise RedshawBirth Certificate BC/20/103361
Jacqueline Anne DundeeBirth Certificate BC/20/103382
Marcia TauarikiBirth Certificate BC/20/103399
Paul Howard OgdenBirth Certificate BC/20/103408
Kate HigginsBirth Certificate BC/20/103416
Debra Ann SiegleBirth Certificate BC/20/103440
Jayden Andrew Robert McKenzieBirth Certificate BC/20/103447
Julie AnneBirth Certificate BC/20/103453
Kathleen Mary Kate MolloyBirth Certificate BC/20/103462
Hollie Carol Rose SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/103471
Craig john Douglas WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/103491
TREVOR IRVINE SMITHBirth Certificate BC/20/103497
Ella Stacey HilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/103509
Ruby Jayde HilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/103518
Jett Terence HilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/103524
Dave Antony PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/103538
Angelika Veronica KristaBirth Certificate BC/20/103544
Justin Barry Theodore RasmussenBirth Certificate BC/20/103567
Jo-Anne Lee KeyserBirth Certificate BC/20/103591
Chynna StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/103605
Jonathan Joseph SumptonBirth Certificate BC/20/103617
Lourens Christiaan KeyserBirth Certificate BC/20/103625
Annabelle KeyserBirth Certificate BC/20/103631
Kelly ChanBirth Certificate BC/20/103638
Paul Anthony George HindleyBirth Certificate BC/20/103652
Belinda StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/103658
Eric DaltonBirth Certificate BC/20/103686
Karen Anne BacheBirth Certificate BC/20/103692
Jonathan Joseph SumptonBirth Certificate BC/20/103702
David Young-Kun FreelandBirth Certificate BC/20/103711
Deborah Ann KingBirth Certificate BC/20/103715
Hilary Patricia FarmerBirth Certificate BC/20/103721
Jennifer LockhartBirth Certificate BC/20/103736
Rebecca Ann BartonBirth Certificate BC/20/103742
Beverley PollingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/103752
Daniel Henry POLLINGTONBirth Certificate BC/20/103758
Abbi Jasmine LockhartBirth Certificate BC/20/103780
Rhianna Shanika CardozaBirth Certificate BC/20/103787
Rhia Savannah CardozaBirth Certificate BC/20/103792
Rhianna Shamika CardozaBirth Certificate BC/20/103796
Latoya Rochelle Viola CardozaBirth Certificate BC/20/103805
Raymond Andrew CardozaBirth Certificate BC/20/103814
Caleb David POLLINGTONBirth Certificate BC/20/103822
Andrew James POLLINGTONBirth Certificate BC/20/103828
Meloney Elizabeth SaltBirth Certificate BC/20/103835
Daniel Paul SpinksBirth Certificate BC/20/103845
Lola ToddBirth Certificate BC/20/103894
Michael Linden Lewis GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/103901
Diana NasonBirth Certificate BC/20/103914
Tina-Marie Helena HetaBirth Certificate BC/20/103928
Gregory Clifton KirkhamBirth Certificate BC/20/103936
Maureen LindsayBirth Certificate BC/20/103963
Carol RennieBirth Certificate BC/20/103978
Esther Mulca SofairBirth Certificate BC/20/104005
Nicholas Samuel PattersonBirth Certificate BC/20/104036
Gary ColesBirth Certificate BC/20/104069
Michel Julien Ghislain DHondtBirth Certificate BC/20/104087
Nicola Joanne NaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/104095
Anthony MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/104130
Prudence Joan CracknellBirth Certificate BC/20/104201
Michael-peter.Birth Certificate BC/20/104220
NORMAN JAMES CAMERONBirth Certificate BC/20/104226
Steven Errol WaltersBirth Certificate BC/20/104237
Charis Elizabeth GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/104256
Karen LennoxBirth Certificate BC/20/104267
melissa curtisBirth Certificate BC/20/104286
Isaac Nicholas Mark LivingstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/104294
GunningBirth Certificate BC/20/104303
Damian Jacek CzarneckiBirth Certificate BC/20/104310
Wendy Margaret HoarBirth Certificate BC/20/104321
Arron john stainerBirth Certificate BC/20/104327
Ian Maylin William McCullochBirth Certificate BC/20/104333
Sarah GerardBirth Certificate BC/20/104352
Lisa Marie FaggBirth Certificate BC/20/104361
Ekaterina BazinaBirth Certificate BC/20/104373
Dianne HastieBirth Certificate BC/20/104389
Tola SouthernBirth Certificate BC/20/104395
Darryl HenryBirth Certificate BC/20/104408
Gary jonesBirth Certificate BC/20/104425
Neil David JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/104443
Cornelis Hermanus MattheeBirth Certificate BC/20/104455
Maria Elizabeth OlivierBirth Certificate BC/20/104461
Samantha Jane CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/104475
Carson steve smithBirth Certificate BC/20/104481
Joshua Aryn BaerBirth Certificate BC/20/104500
Amy Verlee HallBirth Certificate BC/20/104516
Lee-Ann Bronwin CopeBirth Certificate BC/20/104523
Andrew Lindsey Cargill HurstBirth Certificate BC/20/104529
Serenity-Rowan Layil KingBirth Certificate BC/20/104540
Cemal erdonmezBirth Certificate BC/20/104549
Darius Sincere KingBirth Certificate BC/20/104557
Malikade Jeremy GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/104563
Julie Dianne LowerBirth Certificate BC/20/104569
Maurice J WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/104575
Christopher Philip ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/104581
Jack Henry ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/104587
Danika Michelle Garriga AlfonsoBirth Certificate BC/20/104593
Edward William ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/104599
Janet Patricia RaggettBirth Certificate BC/20/104610
andresBirth Certificate BC/20/104639
Nicola Anne PonderBirth Certificate BC/20/104658
Raig KleinhansBirth Certificate BC/20/104664
MaryAnne Glassie LennoxBirth Certificate BC/20/104674
LAUREN DONNA VENZBirth Certificate BC/20/104688
Ryley James WaldieBirth Certificate BC/20/104694
Mary Margaret HarkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/104713
Mark hillsBirth Certificate BC/20/104727
Diane BlowBirth Certificate BC/20/104733
Carolyn BeachleyBirth Certificate BC/20/104758
Kimberley Ann CarterBirth Certificate BC/20/104764
Ricky RiggioBirth Certificate BC/20/104772
Kathleen Kay DelforceBirth Certificate BC/20/104782
Cherylynne Francine MackenzieBirth Certificate BC/20/104791
Jenni of the family KimptonBirth Certificate BC/20/104797
jorja-rose beatty -smithBirth Certificate BC/20/104809
Jackie Therese StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/104816
Desiree Antoinette TrembathBirth Certificate BC/20/104843
Alisa PetrusBirth Certificate BC/20/104857
MIRIAM SNYDERBirth Certificate BC/20/104863
Suzannah ShaharBirth Certificate BC/20/104882
Michael Richard CoxeBirth Certificate BC/20/104891
Jenell Roslyn ShorterBirth Certificate BC/20/104897
Tony MitevskiBirth Certificate BC/20/104907
Heidi Leah PortorsBirth Certificate BC/20/104913
Allen Gwyn CoxeBirth Certificate BC/20/104917
Braxton William CostiganBirth Certificate BC/20/104923
Robert Mario BosnjakBirth Certificate BC/20/104941
Marina KollarBirth Certificate BC/20/104949
Heath Blaz BosnjakBirth Certificate BC/20/104957
James Frederick BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/104963
neil Francis baileyBirth Certificate BC/20/104971
Maria GallizziBirth Certificate BC/20/104980
GabrielaBirth Certificate BC/20/104988
Haydn Stanley BucherBirth Certificate BC/20/104994
Mark piganiBirth Certificate BC/20/105013
Gregory Patrick BrierBirth Certificate BC/20/105022
Ronald AnthoniusBirth Certificate BC/20/105055
Ronald AnthoniusBirth Certificate BC/20/105070
Andrew Grant ColeBirth Certificate BC/20/105088
Alexandra Emily StaceyBirth Certificate BC/20/105100
Luke Martin JOHNSBirth Certificate BC/20/105122
Glenn CyprianBirth Certificate BC/20/105135
Chelsea Sylvia Elizabeth BagnallBirth Certificate BC/20/105167
Mary-Jane Robyn LiddicoatBirth Certificate BC/20/105174
Michelle Jennifer Leanne MarxBirth Certificate BC/20/105205
Paul DurrantBirth Certificate BC/20/105211
Gayl Irene DeveneyBirth Certificate BC/20/105217
Catherine Campbell ShirraBirth Certificate BC/20/105231
Viktoria Elisabeth KohllechnerBirth Certificate BC/20/105240
CarlBirth Certificate BC/20/105253
Kristy Louise FieldBirth Certificate BC/20/105271
Raeleen Ann GayBirth Certificate BC/20/105279
Macie Elle WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/105287
Ann Katrina RikirangiBirth Certificate BC/20/105296
Andrew Robert PatersonBirth Certificate BC/20/105316
Maureen Elizabeth WelchBirth Certificate BC/20/105346
Malcolm Robert William LOFTESBirth Certificate BC/20/105368
Sarah jane sherlockBirth Certificate BC/20/105376
Tatiana Stanislavovna SemyonovaBirth Certificate BC/20/105397
Mary-Anne GibsonBirth Certificate BC/20/105411
Maureen Elizabeth WelshBirth Certificate BC/20/105440
Jill TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/105450
Craig FyfeBirth Certificate BC/20/105460
Stuart Andrew DuncanBirth Certificate BC/20/105467
Lee hodgsonBirth Certificate BC/20/105474
Dion Philip ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/105496
Janine CullBirth Certificate BC/20/105506
Sandra Janet ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/105514
Roy Stephen John AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/105520
Dean Leslie StephensBirth Certificate BC/20/105536
Warren Tomas Donald FarrellBirth Certificate BC/20/105542
Nicole-nevaehrose Wilson-pearsonBirth Certificate BC/20/105551
Andrew Reynold FordBirth Certificate BC/20/105575
Jessica Michelle MedcalfBirth Certificate BC/20/105602
Michael FurlongBirth Certificate BC/20/105613
Arronjohn stainerBirth Certificate BC/20/105622
Keeley BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/105644
Christopher Ronald BuxtonBirth Certificate BC/20/105666
Julie CuddyBirth Certificate BC/20/105680
Jamy kay Loose (Vandergriff)Birth Certificate BC/20/105702
Daniel carl GriffithsBirth Certificate BC/20/105708
Meryem HalilBirth Certificate BC/20/105715
nigel Thomas byfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/105740
Patrick Anthony ElligetBirth Certificate BC/20/105750
Bec DomailleBirth Certificate BC/20/105777
james patrick odermattBirth Certificate BC/20/105785
Solonge Ellen GoodesBirth Certificate BC/20/105801
Toby Graham LockyerBirth Certificate BC/20/105808
Lisa Jane TufferyBirth Certificate BC/20/105814
Glenn Raymond Stapleton ORourkeBirth Certificate BC/20/105836
Tracey JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/105842
Brian MorseBirth Certificate BC/20/105852
Anita PavulinsBirth Certificate BC/20/105858
Renee Nicole ScholzeBirth Certificate BC/20/105871
Lee-Anne MichelleBirth Certificate BC/20/105882
Narelle WallaceBirth Certificate BC/20/105888
Alastair McLachlanBirth Certificate BC/20/105894
ZEV FRIEDLAENDERBirth Certificate BC/20/105938
Jessica-Nicole;PerryBirth Certificate BC/20/105944
James Zacchariah George BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/105953
Tania HannaBirth Certificate BC/20/106004
Ann Margaret FlemingBirth Certificate BC/20/106013
Sam HannaBirth Certificate BC/20/106029
Ivica NikolicBirth Certificate BC/20/106059
Michael Greer FIGGBirth Certificate BC/20/106071
Jon Patrick FerrisBirth Certificate BC/20/106095
Jasmine HawkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/106104
Michael John of The House ArnupBirth Certificate BC/20/106110
Ross James of The House ArnupBirth Certificate BC/20/106121
Nicole Amaja of The House KirchnerBirth Certificate BC/20/106139
ReeceBirth Certificate BC/20/106146
Kelly Marie LooneBirth Certificate BC/20/106152
Stanley James KofoedBirth Certificate BC/20/106161
nicola of the conlon familyBirth Certificate BC/20/106184
Susan-Yvonne HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/106197
John Malcolm ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/106204
Patricia Anne DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/106225
JeffreyBirth Certificate BC/20/106247
Gina Lee ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/106254
Marion Judy FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/106262
Mirela LozneanuBirth Certificate BC/20/106269
Judy SchulzBirth Certificate BC/20/106275
michelle townsendBirth Certificate BC/20/106282
Pippa Eloise HiteBirth Certificate BC/20/106292
Denis-Maria IrimiaBirth Certificate BC/20/106298
Carol Marie LapwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/106316
Jennifer Susan WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/106331
Susanna ColangeloBirth Certificate BC/20/106338
Kristofer David BuchanBirth Certificate BC/20/106369
kathryn-louiseBirth Certificate BC/20/106393
rich-allee antonio flabert everton of the john famiilyBirth Certificate BC/20/106401
Robert DonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/106410
Lantz WhatmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/106420
Julie Nicole Maia WebbBirth Certificate BC/20/106437
Lisa KynesBirth Certificate BC/20/106463
Katherine Elaine MonkmanBirth Certificate BC/20/106472
CLAIRE-DOMINIQUE PARADINEBirth Certificate BC/20/106478
Edmond De WachterBirth Certificate BC/20/106486
Lynne Patrizza ValourBirth Certificate BC/20/106500
Neil WheatleyBirth Certificate BC/20/106507
Stacey Grace EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/106521
Scarlett Pamela Harriet SpicerBirth Certificate BC/20/106534
Diane Patricia WattisBirth Certificate BC/20/106565
Mark EdwardBirth Certificate BC/20/106574
Mathew Craig HawkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/106603
Renee BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/106612
Clive Warren VarleyBirth Certificate BC/20/106625
Nicole DaniellBirth Certificate BC/20/106633
Shelley Lee McCollBirth Certificate BC/20/106646
Nitya-Lila AllanBirth Certificate BC/20/106655
Samantha Jane GoodburnBirth Certificate BC/20/106664
Anthony John SherwinBirth Certificate BC/20/106674
Teresa HunterBirth Certificate BC/20/106680
Kyra Stimac-CurtisBirth Certificate BC/20/106717
Diane Gaye CurtisBirth Certificate BC/20/106727
Claire Louise KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/106739
Susan Jane CurtisBirth Certificate BC/20/106745
Vivienne Linda HillBirth Certificate BC/20/106752
Jasmine Chantelle BaxterBirth Certificate BC/20/106764
Nicole Maree ODonnellBirth Certificate BC/20/106766
Katy FurnivalBirth Certificate BC/20/106788
Amarjit Kaur PanesarBirth Certificate BC/20/106793
Joyce Melissa of the clan DOniseBirth Certificate BC/20/106808
Sarah Denise McCreeryBirth Certificate BC/20/106830
Jacqueline Arja BrandwykBirth Certificate BC/20/106844
Elias John Sturgess-MyersBirth Certificate BC/20/106881
Michael Paul BrydenBirth Certificate BC/20/106918
KevinBirth Certificate BC/20/106924
SammyBirth Certificate BC/20/106941
Andrew Samuel Bell HUNTERBirth Certificate BC/20/106947
Crystal Ann LanhamBirth Certificate BC/20/106975
Marcelle, JanuetaBirth Certificate BC/20/107002
Rohnan Shauna MageeBirth Certificate BC/20/107012
LAURA HANNAH CARTERBirth Certificate BC/20/107018
Ella L. D. CoxBirth Certificate BC/20/107043
michael patrick calpinBirth Certificate BC/20/107064
Johnnie Fairbanks MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/107076
david malcome of the family woodingsBirth Certificate BC/20/107085
Stephen Douglas GrayBirth Certificate BC/20/107109
Lisa Mordon ArthurBirth Certificate BC/20/107116
Margot CarterBirth Certificate BC/20/107138
Imbi Kathryn MetsarBirth Certificate BC/20/107150
Jane Brenda BeddowsBirth Certificate BC/20/107158
Declan Michael GarrityBirth Certificate BC/20/107172
Herman Tinius Lauenborg WintherBirth Certificate BC/20/107188
Gabrielle Luna Lauenborg WintherBirth Certificate BC/20/107195
Henriette Frantze LauenborgBirth Certificate BC/20/107201
Andrea AlcockBirth Certificate BC/20/107210
Vladimira DubcovaBirth Certificate BC/20/107222
Carrie Anne BiggsBirth Certificate BC/20/107238
eli-michael [Ale]Birth Certificate BC/20/107254
Shahida AslamBirth Certificate BC/20/107261
Anthony FinocchiaroBirth Certificate BC/20/107272
Master Ashnan Amertrius Aydaw WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/107276
Kayleigh WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/107314
Rosemarie Anna Gertrud GauglerBirth Certificate BC/20/107320
Catherine Andree CourtineBirth Certificate BC/20/107342
Karen Agnes ConstantBirth Certificate BC/20/107355
debra annBirth Certificate BC/20/107369
BrendanBirth Certificate BC/20/107375
Rosanna Lee McFarlandBirth Certificate BC/20/107381
Terence Cyril HamlynBirth Certificate BC/20/107387
Gregory Walter MakerBirth Certificate BC/20/107402
anja budimirBirth Certificate BC/20/107414
Nikolina budimirBirth Certificate BC/20/107418
Stefan budimirBirth Certificate BC/20/107422
Nikola budimirBirth Certificate BC/20/107426
Zoran budimirBirth Certificate BC/20/107430
Fadiya TalgeBirth Certificate BC/20/107436
Andrew John LawtonBirth Certificate BC/20/107452
Raema Joy Lynette StaniforthBirth Certificate BC/20/107461
Lee-Kaye bonded by the blood of the house of TonkinBirth Certificate BC/20/107483
Neville RobbBirth Certificate BC/20/107510
Jessica Lorraine McCollBirth Certificate BC/20/107559
Rosemarie-JoyBirth Certificate BC/20/107574
Lindsay Edward RakiBirth Certificate BC/20/107588
Tatjana Katharina AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/107595
James Douglas ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/107624
Peta Catherine Joyce ShadboltBirth Certificate BC/20/107630
Joseph LAKEBirth Certificate BC/20/107636
Anthony BrekaloBirth Certificate BC/20/107646
Anthony-HilesBirth Certificate BC/20/107659
Trevor Henry IlsleyBirth Certificate BC/20/107665
heather elizabeth KinlanBirth Certificate BC/20/107672
Fiona Angela RizzoBirth Certificate BC/20/107683
Leanne TrincaBirth Certificate BC/20/107691
Michelle DoughtyBirth Certificate BC/20/107707
Jade Sakata HikuBirth Certificate BC/20/107715
anthony montagnerBirth Certificate BC/20/107721
Elaine Ann MansonBirth Certificate BC/20/107727
Shnolie-AlysonBirth Certificate BC/20/107750
Dermian LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/107758
Karen Nicole McLeodBirth Certificate BC/20/107790
Zoey Alyssa McLeodBirth Certificate BC/20/107797
Ross AustwickBirth Certificate BC/20/107811
Leon Francis DerrickBirth Certificate BC/20/107829
Antony Lee HyamBirth Certificate BC/20/107842
Leon-jermaineBirth Certificate BC/20/107849
Kiaan-LeonBirth Certificate BC/20/107857
Tiarnah-RoseBirth Certificate BC/20/107897
Rachel Anne RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/107904
Claire mathesonBirth Certificate BC/20/107914
Ariel Jannes McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/107930
Bethany Abigail McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/107936
Talitha Grace McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/107940
Elijah John McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/107946
Noah Simeon McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/107951
Enoch Seth McClenahanBirth Certificate BC/20/107956
Lisa PennerBirth Certificate BC/20/107988
David JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/107994
Orestas VidauskasBirth Certificate BC/20/108013
Simeon CassarBirth Certificate BC/20/108020
patricia mairead mcgeoughBirth Certificate BC/20/108029
Kevin-James house of RankinBirth Certificate BC/20/108054
Gail monaghanBirth Certificate BC/20/108070
Kathleen Ruth JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/108079
BARRETT MAXWELL JASONBirth Certificate BC/20/108089
Kerr Lorraine MichelleBirth Certificate BC/20/108098
Luc ALEXANDRE MAXWELL LEBLANCBirth Certificate BC/20/108105
RICHARD -MONAGHAN DESTINY JADEBirth Certificate BC/20/108118
Brody Clayton McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/108149
Brendon NelsonBirth Certificate BC/20/108190
Kathrine Anne KeziahBirth Certificate BC/20/108199
Dawn clareBirth Certificate BC/20/108214
Benjamin LaurenceBirth Certificate BC/20/108227
Donna Maria JacobsenBirth Certificate BC/20/108245
Mataina VaineTutai Rauariki Yvonne MataaBirth Certificate BC/20/108261
Barbara Anne EmeryBirth Certificate BC/20/108269
Christina Jayne MathewsonBirth Certificate BC/20/108281
Peter Tuivanu RozowskyBirth Certificate BC/20/108300
Andrea Fleur ParkBirth Certificate BC/20/108320
Sally Ann StreaterBirth Certificate BC/20/108341
Rodni ChisarBirth Certificate BC/20/108358
Neil Andrew HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/108376
Phillipa Addlene Shanai Ah WaBirth Certificate BC/20/108400
Gary James NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/108445
Presley Filipo Augustine Ah WaBirth Certificate BC/20/108450
Peter Lewis NiedduBirth Certificate BC/20/108469
Alphaeus Emmanuel Andrew Ah WaBirth Certificate BC/20/108473
Frank Jozeph VerbakelBirth Certificate BC/20/108506
Karen Min Ging LauBirth Certificate BC/20/108567
Zachary Lau Gang da CostaBirth Certificate BC/20/108583
Ursula Stacy CareyBirth Certificate BC/20/108589
Oliver Lau Rui da CostaBirth Certificate BC/20/108595
David James da CostaBirth Certificate BC/20/108621
Greg WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/108661
Simone Marie WhitewayBirth Certificate BC/20/108677
Theresa Mary MurtaghBirth Certificate BC/20/108691
Mollie Christine MoleBirth Certificate BC/20/108711
Brenda Kelly BoulterBirth Certificate BC/20/108717
Peter John BUCKLANDBirth Certificate BC/20/108732
Luke Whetu EnokaBirth Certificate BC/20/108767
Ulf-Peter-Jimmy Jonasson.Birth Certificate BC/20/108777
Nancy Marie Lisette IsabelBirth Certificate BC/20/108811
Raymond Gary BoltonBirth Certificate BC/20/108825
Jody ann DempseyBirth Certificate BC/20/108837
Avaiyah BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/108846
Azaliah BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/108853
David Samuel CardwellBirth Certificate BC/20/108860
David Ross HodgeBirth Certificate BC/20/108880
Belinda JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/108905
harrisen-ansgar [Beckmand]Birth Certificate BC/20/108916
Sandra-lee McdonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/108952
Benjamin Lawrence LeadbeatterBirth Certificate BC/20/108961
Samuel Phillip LeadbeatterBirth Certificate BC/20/108967
DENNIS BERKMAN GLOSECKIBirth Certificate BC/20/108991
Terry Wayne LocklearBirth Certificate BC/20/109021
Adrienne Gay MorrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/109025
Ian MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/109034
Leanne Joy StewardBirth Certificate BC/20/109043
William Frank WaringBirth Certificate BC/20/109053
Shvon Yvonne Carol SolomonBirth Certificate BC/20/109077
Karen Ann SchablonBirth Certificate BC/20/109090
Maria Frencischa NicolaciBirth Certificate BC/20/109096
Mark William JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/109114
Andres IsakarBirth Certificate BC/20/109136
Kathryn Ann MoylanBirth Certificate BC/20/109143
Luke Whetu HAKARAIABirth Certificate BC/20/109177
Giuseppe NapolitanoBirth Certificate BC/20/109212
Karen-Joyce-ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/109226
Sonia ZappiaBirth Certificate BC/20/109261
Jessica Marie NapolitanoBirth Certificate BC/20/109265
Ahmed AltakrityBirth Certificate BC/20/109276
Isabella Zara LaneBirth Certificate BC/20/109282
Izak AltakrityBirth Certificate BC/20/109288
Malik AltakrityBirth Certificate BC/20/109295
Paul MerrettBirth Certificate BC/20/109325
Lesley LilianBirth Certificate BC/20/109338
Dimitrios VlahosBirth Certificate BC/20/109345
AMANDA MAVIS MCKENZIEBirth Certificate BC/20/109392
Lyndsay Rose ChanteBirth Certificate BC/20/109398
Jack David LovedayBirth Certificate BC/20/109404
Daniel Max James ChanteBirth Certificate BC/20/109424
Brid OReillyBirth Certificate BC/20/109430
Lynn Carol RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/109436
Ashley Jade TreadwellBirth Certificate BC/20/109443
Norman Ian ArmfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/109450
SAVANNAH MCKENZIE MORGANBirth Certificate BC/20/109454
Kim Lorraine TreadwellBirth Certificate BC/20/109461
Adam StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/109487
Jacob MilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/109495
Janice Margaret GravesonBirth Certificate BC/20/109502
John Graham ParkinBirth Certificate BC/20/109531
Mateo highlandBirth Certificate BC/20/109553
Jake CingelBirth Certificate BC/20/109572
Derrick James RauwerdaBirth Certificate BC/20/109581
Scott Michael ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/109612
Soheil KeynejadBirth Certificate BC/20/109623
Deborah Jean LovedayBirth Certificate BC/20/109629
Nicholas Mackenzie PetersonBirth Certificate BC/20/109633
Kathryn Alexandra PetersonBirth Certificate BC/20/109637
Alexander Macdonald PetersonBirth Certificate BC/20/109641
Hannah Jacqueline FergusonBirth Certificate BC/20/109647
Christine Gail SandersonBirth Certificate BC/20/109655
Leopold MarekBirth Certificate BC/20/109669
Belinda Ann ByrnesBirth Certificate BC/20/109677
rachel Elizabeth FergusonBirth Certificate BC/20/109695
Barry charltonBirth Certificate BC/20/109712
Marie Antoinette JackBirth Certificate BC/20/109722
Tatiana Antoinette ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/109728
Nicole Maree WiltshireBirth Certificate BC/20/109735
Gary Edward GriffinBirth Certificate BC/20/109777
Louise StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/109787
Stella Louise BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/109798
Janie Irene PariBirth Certificate BC/20/109804
Natalie Shona MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/109821
Jackson Kevin LoweBirth Certificate BC/20/109839
Anthony Graham HargreavesBirth Certificate BC/20/109846
Jacob Elias GarciaBirth Certificate BC/20/109871
Rachel Tamsin EldredBirth Certificate BC/20/109877
Karenne Elizabeth NorlingBirth Certificate BC/20/109891
Pauline Kay EnglishBirth Certificate BC/20/109922
Mellisa Jean StokerBirth Certificate BC/20/109932
Elysia Marie BartlettBirth Certificate BC/20/109938
Silas Timothy JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/109950
Casey Elizabeth RoulstonBirth Certificate BC/20/109958
Lisa Esther WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/109964
Andrew Douglas VerityBirth Certificate BC/20/109970
Peyton Elizabeth ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/109986
Jaynaya DEsterre AtkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/109995
MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/110005
Andrea RosserBirth Certificate BC/20/110015
Diane Maree JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/110021
Silvana LavaBirth Certificate BC/20/110034
Joan Mary SimcockBirth Certificate BC/20/110096
Garry John BeckhamBirth Certificate BC/20/110107
Tyler Lee BrownhillBirth Certificate BC/20/110154
Cheryl Rose Marie MilloyBirth Certificate BC/20/110160
Leah Briana ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/110166
Anthony James ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/110172
Elizabeth HempelBirth Certificate BC/20/110184
Pevirita EvanzBirth Certificate BC/20/110197
Ehryk EvanzBirth Certificate BC/20/110203
Ellea EvanzBirth Certificate BC/20/110210
Douglas WoodsBirth Certificate BC/20/110219
Emma Louise RackstrawBirth Certificate BC/20/110225
Joseph Andrew Du2019SouzaBirth Certificate BC/20/110236
Michael James YoungBirth Certificate BC/20/110245
Ned Monty MontgomeryBirth Certificate BC/20/110253
Teresa Elfriede AloBirth Certificate BC/20/110261
Wendy Ann WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/110271
James john howieBirth Certificate BC/20/110277
Stuart David GradwellBirth Certificate BC/20/110291
Philip Malcolm Du2019SouzaBirth Certificate BC/20/110297
Sarah Alyce AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/110308
Aaron-blake [Chilcott]Birth Certificate BC/20/110325
Mark DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/110361
David Wilhelmus LigthartBirth Certificate BC/20/110368
Robert-andrew [Chilcott]Birth Certificate BC/20/110385
Thomas Charles Vigor-BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/110394
Trudy Lynda GealBirth Certificate BC/20/110428
Ian Edward GroundwaterBirth Certificate BC/20/110434
Clare Louise MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/110449
Daniel Ross GroundwaterBirth Certificate BC/20/110461
Adele Christina WorseyBirth Certificate BC/20/110469
ROBERT JOHN UILIBirth Certificate BC/20/110496
Claire Rachel McGrathBirth Certificate BC/20/110505
Patrisha HoffertsBirth Certificate BC/20/110524
TracyBirth Certificate BC/20/110539
Neil David RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/110568
Jake Ronald RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/110578
Fynn Jelle RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/110586
Anatelyah HarariBirth Certificate BC/20/110592
Chara Lee BallardBirth Certificate BC/20/110598
Tarn Dominique RollinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/110612
Donna KenyonBirth Certificate BC/20/110629
Lewis kenyonBirth Certificate BC/20/110639
Eve CurranBirth Certificate BC/20/110648
Emily CurranBirth Certificate BC/20/110654
Patricia MasonBirth Certificate BC/20/110663
Terry Wayne JessenBirth Certificate BC/20/110676
Gavin David SearbyBirth Certificate BC/20/110685
Stephen oliverBirth Certificate BC/20/110692
Tanya Faith BlacklawBirth Certificate BC/20/110702
Aaron Alexander HeriotBirth Certificate BC/20/110725
david stephen proctorBirth Certificate BC/20/110737
Keisa Danielle SewellBirth Certificate BC/20/110743
Emma BaldwinBirth Certificate BC/20/110773
Mary Blanche Eilean MacKayBirth Certificate BC/20/110789
Courtney FleckBirth Certificate BC/20/110797
Illya OSheaBirth Certificate BC/20/110804
Cu00e0therine GaffeyBirth Certificate BC/20/110818
Craig Mathew HerberteBirth Certificate BC/20/110832
Ryan James DarkstarBirth Certificate BC/20/110840
Sarah Alyce AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/110844
Nicola UpaulBirth Certificate BC/20/110850
Ekaterina DobrovaBirth Certificate BC/20/110863
Natalie Jane WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/110881
Claudine Danielle Beatrice TRUTMANNBirth Certificate BC/20/110896
Megan Grace RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/110919
Suellyn Maree CharltonBirth Certificate BC/20/110927
Malcolm Gordon OrrBirth Certificate BC/20/110941
Michael SamiotisBirth Certificate BC/20/110973
Jeffrey Ian ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/110979
shane edwardBirth Certificate BC/20/111011
Steve Warner BoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/111020
Teresa Grace MyhreBirth Certificate BC/20/111050
Ashor GeorgesBirth Certificate BC/20/111070
Deborah June JullBirth Certificate BC/20/111080
Scott Matthew CorbettBirth Certificate BC/20/111088
Wiremu PiriniBirth Certificate BC/20/111099
shaun peter wyvillBirth Certificate BC/20/111109
Jacy robison mateerBirth Certificate BC/20/111128
Nicky Anne PonderBirth Certificate BC/20/111132
Phillip Jay SkipperBirth Certificate BC/20/111138
Maria Teresa Di BenedettoBirth Certificate BC/20/111147
Anthony Villanueva ArcosBirth Certificate BC/20/111167
Peter Leonard MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/111175
Bailie WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/111182
Maria Beatrice NabytowiczBirth Certificate BC/20/111191
Della Jane OMaraBirth Certificate BC/20/111199
Kathy N SykesBirth Certificate BC/20/111208
Josephine BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/111225
Alexander Jon BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/111231
Nicholas Jon BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/111244
Evangeline Sienna BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/111256
Christopher Peter TheodosBirth Certificate BC/20/111263
Lana SpitzBirth Certificate BC/20/111287
Michael Anthony CamenzuliBirth Certificate BC/20/111294
arikiBirth Certificate BC/20/111321
Andrew NixonBirth Certificate BC/20/111334
Lee Dorothy EspagneBirth Certificate BC/20/111347
Keely Dominique GibsonBirth Certificate BC/20/111378
Victoria Louise TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/111387
Alejandro Su00c1NCHEZ-SECO Lu00d3PEZBirth Certificate BC/20/111399
Bridget Christina WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/111413
Angelika Kinga DrozdBirth Certificate BC/20/111420
Amal (Amman) TaoukBirth Certificate BC/20/111426
Tracey Ann danielsBirth Certificate BC/20/111491
Alexandra Aniela LewkowiczBirth Certificate BC/20/111497
Daniel Pires Lopes AlmeidaBirth Certificate BC/20/111504
Steven CunninghamBirth Certificate BC/20/111510
Bhuvah ThurstonBirth Certificate BC/20/111519
Sofia Eve ChandlerBirth Certificate BC/20/111531
Gaynor Margaret FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/111545
Sophia Eleanor DorlingBirth Certificate BC/20/111552
Xavier Gilles Michael AlbertBirth Certificate BC/20/111561
Adriana RattaBirth Certificate BC/20/111569
Ruby Patricia AlbertBirth Certificate BC/20/111582
denis ponsfordBirth Certificate BC/20/111588
Maya Emilie Donna AlbertBirth Certificate BC/20/111594
Gabriel StoianBirth Certificate BC/20/111609
Francis Jon CadmanBirth Certificate BC/20/111634
Meiken MajikBirth Certificate BC/20/111640
Shea Tristan ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/111647
Marieke DillmannBirth Certificate BC/20/111653
Deanna AnsteeBirth Certificate BC/20/111659
Shireen Rosamond HodgettsBirth Certificate BC/20/111663
Timothy James HockeyBirth Certificate BC/20/111672
Stephen AnsteeBirth Certificate BC/20/111680
Ru00edona ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/111686
ELIZABETH NELSON NICOLBirth Certificate BC/20/111711
Phillip Robin SurridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/111723
WILLIAM ROBERT BULLOUGHBirth Certificate BC/20/111730
Julie Marie DelaneyBirth Certificate BC/20/111736
Veronica Ellen GrayBirth Certificate BC/20/111748
Jamie Lee Novelli-BeckettBirth Certificate BC/20/111762
Lee ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/111766
Luke Arthur SperlingBirth Certificate BC/20/111797
John Edward GroundwaterBirth Certificate BC/20/111817
karl draperBirth Certificate BC/20/111845
Brendan MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/111860
Helena Maria BeekhuijsBirth Certificate BC/20/111885
Rosa Deogracias TannerBirth Certificate BC/20/111899
Emma Jane DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/20/111930
Susan Mary AlesburyBirth Certificate BC/20/111936
Anwar Elijah PennerBirth Certificate BC/20/111956
Arkadiusz PytlakowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/111971
Keylin Marie PennerBirth Certificate BC/20/111975
Sandra Maree kezicBirth Certificate BC/20/111982
Diane RodenBirth Certificate BC/20/111996
Susannah Charlotte BaconBirth Certificate BC/20/112018
Caroline BellBirth Certificate BC/20/112026
Shelly GlazenborgBirth Certificate BC/20/112032
Geoffrey Lewis AbrahamsBirth Certificate BC/20/112055
wallace michaelBirth Certificate BC/20/112066
Graeme Ralph Edwin GoodwinBirth Certificate BC/20/112082
Linda Jane CockburnBirth Certificate BC/20/112090
Lynette Irene May KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/112111
Dana LaShae WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/112117
Beverley Margaret TownBirth Certificate BC/20/112123
Kim Rebecca HamptonBirth Certificate BC/20/112140
Alyca Echelle SandsBirth Certificate BC/20/112146
Jayden Todd James de RonBirth Certificate BC/20/112152
Joshua Tait de RonBirth Certificate BC/20/112158
Mitchell Christiaan de RonBirth Certificate BC/20/112164
Zoe Makayla de RonBirth Certificate BC/20/112170
Debbie Star KrystalBirth Certificate BC/20/112176
Troy Christiaan de RonBirth Certificate BC/20/112185
Sequoiah Celeste Iris AmeryBirth Certificate BC/20/112193
Valerie Susana BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/112199
Quil Owen Stephen AmeryBirth Certificate BC/20/112206
Andrew HaworthBirth Certificate BC/20/112212
Lynn WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/112219
Khadijah wardBirth Certificate BC/20/112225
Laurie Anne TossellBirth Certificate BC/20/112231
Ian terrence coolingBirth Certificate BC/20/112237
Douglas Edward LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/112243
Ruth WhalesBirth Certificate BC/20/112253
Donna Jean CurtisBirth Certificate BC/20/112259
Kaoru Javi BinderBirth Certificate BC/20/112265
Maria Christina BinderBirth Certificate BC/20/112269
DONNA CHERYL GALLOWAY CHUNGBirth Certificate BC/20/112278
Shanti Sakura Lakshmi BinderBirth Certificate BC/20/112284
Archie Shore ParkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/112290
Julie Anne Desmay NevilleBirth Certificate BC/20/112297
Kirsten Michelle of the Family RobbBirth Certificate BC/20/112307
Erika MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/112313
Cloe simone BoylanBirth Certificate BC/20/112332
Christy FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/112338
Casey Renee DuffieldBirth Certificate BC/20/112344
Brett Neville SmythBirth Certificate BC/20/112350
Lynette Irene MayBirth Certificate BC/20/112384
Michelle Kaye RutterBirth Certificate BC/20/112393
Zacariah Storm Van HeerdenBirth Certificate BC/20/112400
Fe Amandi DorosanBirth Certificate BC/20/112406
Danielle Maree TarlintonBirth Certificate BC/20/112412
Jane Catherine BuraBirth Certificate BC/20/112418
Sharon-lynn BadeauBirth Certificate BC/20/112424
Ljubo BuraBirth Certificate BC/20/112430
Brianna Grace CarrintonBirth Certificate BC/20/112437
Cooper Lincoln CarrintonBirth Certificate BC/20/112445
Joshua dale JohnstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/112451
Darren Andrew BartschBirth Certificate BC/20/112461
Karen Helga LithgoBirth Certificate BC/20/112467
Lleyton Evan Malcolm BartschBirth Certificate BC/20/112474
Liina LiivBirth Certificate BC/20/112509
Amy Lynn DonahueBirth Certificate BC/20/112515
Jessie Joy DanielsBirth Certificate BC/20/112521
Vincenzo ItaliaBirth Certificate BC/20/112552
Kenneth Ian BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/112602
Gregory malesBirth Certificate BC/20/112637
Paul YoungBirth Certificate BC/20/112664
Jason Paul BrittinBirth Certificate BC/20/112671
Klaid TammanBirth Certificate BC/20/112683
David John SteelBirth Certificate BC/20/112689
Brenda Cecilia BraggBirth Certificate BC/20/112695
Trent Nathan SteelBirth Certificate BC/20/112702
Aidan Kane SteelBirth Certificate BC/20/112712
Sophie Nancy ann stenouBirth Certificate BC/20/112720
Maureen Alice BolandBirth Certificate BC/20/112726
bernard VandenbosscheBirth Certificate BC/20/112734
Barry Stephen CarstensBirth Certificate BC/20/112740
Panayiotis TheodoulouBirth Certificate BC/20/112750
Kurt Craig StellenbergBirth Certificate BC/20/112756
Leah India StannardBirth Certificate BC/20/112762
Fe Amandi DorosanBirth Certificate BC/20/112771
Scott Allan LombardBirth Certificate BC/20/112779
Kevin Michael HookBirth Certificate BC/20/112783
Samantha Patricia Marie ShorrocksBirth Certificate BC/20/112789
philip david thompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/112795
John YoungBirth Certificate BC/20/112813
Mariola KolasaBirth Certificate BC/20/112819
Leah Bridget FrameBirth Certificate BC/20/112829
Dion Adam WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/112836
Grace Michelle MahonyBirth Certificate BC/20/112862
Jennifer Anne ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/112879
simon joseph mortonBirth Certificate BC/20/112899
Rose Alice WhittenBirth Certificate BC/20/112905
Mitchell DeaconBirth Certificate BC/20/112913
Samuel mcfadzeanBirth Certificate BC/20/112949
Stella MariaBirth Certificate BC/20/112974
David HoldenBirth Certificate BC/20/112986
Halina Iris CopseyBirth Certificate BC/20/113018
Fraser William Daley BaleBirth Certificate BC/20/113027
Hayben Rachel RichardsBirth Certificate BC/20/113035
Richard John BaleBirth Certificate BC/20/113041
Vicky ChalmersBirth Certificate BC/20/113047
Jennifer Asseneth FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/113054
John Martyn BrindleyBirth Certificate BC/20/113068
JONATHAN DAVID SWALLOWBirth Certificate BC/20/113079
Sean DonnellyBirth Certificate BC/20/113085
Frank Stolzenbach.u00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/113091
Clive Anthony KetteridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/113097
Susan Kay MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/113110
Guylaine ForestBirth Certificate BC/20/113121
Carlos Manuel Simao MonteiroBirth Certificate BC/20/113161
andrew canavanBirth Certificate BC/20/113204
Vincenzo CicconeBirth Certificate BC/20/113217
Sara-Marie LeonardBirth Certificate BC/20/113259
Amy Louise SpurrBirth Certificate BC/20/113268
lisa.rose.travelsBirth Certificate BC/20/113304
Alyria-rose izabeth makinBirth Certificate BC/20/113315
Albert Bernard Woolridge JrBirth Certificate BC/20/113328
Lynn gatenbyBirth Certificate BC/20/113337
anita of the family huggonBirth Certificate BC/20/113343
Nicholas john WringBirth Certificate BC/20/113359
Tanya FiedlerBirth Certificate BC/20/113375
Michael James SutherlandBirth Certificate BC/20/113382
Ross CannonBirth Certificate BC/20/113387
Libby MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/113399
Chelsea Marie WorseyBirth Certificate BC/20/113406
Benjamin Adam WorseyBirth Certificate BC/20/113412
Daniel BrooksBirth Certificate BC/20/113436
Johnathon George Michael PALEKISBirth Certificate BC/20/113445
Joseph Roger Marc Lu00e9tourneau DufresneBirth Certificate BC/20/113454
Jessica Kate AnsellBirth Certificate BC/20/113479
James Morley HilanBirth Certificate BC/20/113492
Diane Lillian BraggBirth Certificate BC/20/113498
Teresa MckeigBirth Certificate BC/20/113507
Melanie May-LambertBirth Certificate BC/20/113516
Barbara Bosilka HoltBirth Certificate BC/20/113522
Donna Eve-Lynn ReadBirth Certificate BC/20/113532
George KanatasBirth Certificate BC/20/113553
Thomas Daniel PedenBirth Certificate BC/20/113577
Christopher John MalivoireBirth Certificate BC/20/113597
Selina Jane AustinBirth Certificate BC/20/113627
jirina magriBirth Certificate BC/20/113659
marlena lamay magriBirth Certificate BC/20/113676
Michael Daniel DEleneBirth Certificate BC/20/113685
logan lajay magriBirth Certificate BC/20/113695
Michael Aaron HarrisBirth Certificate BC/20/113703
John HoltBirth Certificate BC/20/113725
Andrea Maree RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/113793
Majbritt Skovgaard KokholmBirth Certificate BC/20/113814
Helen Peggy PrattBirth Certificate BC/20/113827
Willem Adrianus DoorduinBirth Certificate BC/20/113833
Christopher Robert KaleyBirth Certificate BC/20/113865
KathleenBirth Certificate BC/20/113897
Narelle Anne GroundwaterBirth Certificate BC/20/113929
John Mc CreadyBirth Certificate BC/20/113937
Robert Ewan RossBirth Certificate BC/20/113943
Snezana zlatarBirth Certificate BC/20/113949
Leonard James ButtonBirth Certificate BC/20/113965
Ron Roger DesaulniersBirth Certificate BC/20/113974
Alan MasonBirth Certificate BC/20/113982
Carole Ann FinnieBirth Certificate BC/20/113988
Deborah GardnerBirth Certificate BC/20/114002
Deborah Ann WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/114011
Torin Tola SouthernBirth Certificate BC/20/114041
Kendra SouthernBirth Certificate BC/20/114047
KIara SouthernBirth Certificate BC/20/114051
george andersonBirth Certificate BC/20/114073
lionel robert brownBirth Certificate BC/20/114081
stephen colin bellamyBirth Certificate BC/20/114090
john patrick shirleyBirth Certificate BC/20/114117
Tina OdermattBirth Certificate BC/20/114147
George Thomas BoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/114159
Claire ruth meakinsBirth Certificate BC/20/114202
Daniel brian slatteryBirth Certificate BC/20/114220
Amanda Louise RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/114226
June Austin-roseBirth Certificate BC/20/114236
Jovana Yolanda BerjesBirth Certificate BC/20/114245
Helena BenkoczkaBirth Certificate BC/20/114264
Sophie Leigh OliverBirth Certificate BC/20/114281
Karen Irene DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/114311
Piotr Aleksander BienkowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/114333
John David HuntBirth Certificate BC/20/114340
Carla louise makinBirth Certificate BC/20/114353
Rosanne KirschBirth Certificate BC/20/114369
Dayna Lee Jessica RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/114393
Paola Gabriela DuresBirth Certificate BC/20/114399
Lindy-Marie WaidBirth Certificate BC/20/114409
Kasian Phi Odermatt-PhamBirth Certificate BC/20/114413
Scott Santiago Rody DuresBirth Certificate BC/20/114420
Jacqueline Mae HoeppnerBirth Certificate BC/20/114426
Scarlett Sara Maria Josefa DuresBirth Certificate BC/20/114432
Lily Jade RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/114442
Balla KrisztinaBirth Certificate BC/20/114458
Emily BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/114498
Steven Thomas of the family of ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/114506
Julian k flonardBirth Certificate BC/20/114514
Kornelia Ewa RuchalskaBirth Certificate BC/20/114520
Lois May DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/114538
Verica MilosavljevicBirth Certificate BC/20/114559
Trevor John SalmonBirth Certificate BC/20/114567
Nathan Lee ProsserBirth Certificate BC/20/114609
Stephen Joseph HagemanBirth Certificate BC/20/114618
Keisha Alexandra KeenleysideBirth Certificate BC/20/114632
David James-HandisidesBirth Certificate BC/20/114638
Beverly Ruth HatleyBirth Certificate BC/20/114644
LADONNA RAE PolkBirth Certificate BC/20/114650
Saundra Lorraine JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/114669
Brody Carmell Albert PestellBirth Certificate BC/20/114675
Bernice Andrea MyersBirth Certificate BC/20/114684
Tracey Ann RomerBirth Certificate BC/20/114704
Leon JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/114718
Megan Stephanie FinniganBirth Certificate BC/20/114724
Dakota rae willardBirth Certificate BC/20/114728
michael james mainwaringBirth Certificate BC/20/114741
Claire Elizabeth RobsonBirth Certificate BC/20/114769
Dmitry MarkelovBirth Certificate BC/20/114775
MichelleBirth Certificate BC/20/114784
Dorinda Sheila BallBirth Certificate BC/20/114796
KonetosBirth Certificate BC/20/114806
Kaiyla LawrieBirth Certificate BC/20/114814
Carol Anne mysonBirth Certificate BC/20/114823
ju00f6zsef csaba szokeBirth Certificate BC/20/114831
Donna Dingley-DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/114847
Claire-Louise CrowtherBirth Certificate BC/20/114853
Mawgain Inez Eleanor TugwellBirth Certificate BC/20/114864
Thomas Kereama MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/114871
michael david SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/114883
Magdalena MiloszBirth Certificate BC/20/114909
Louise Jayne DoughtyBirth Certificate BC/20/114920
Nigel Christopher WillettsBirth Certificate BC/20/114926
Gary BickerstaffeBirth Certificate BC/20/114967
Jay Mark FryBirth Certificate BC/20/114975
Christine FlaxmanBirth Certificate BC/20/114991
Melinda Kim NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/115017
Lisa Claire DoughtyBirth Certificate BC/20/115026
Peter James William mouldingBirth Certificate BC/20/115038
JeanineBirth Certificate BC/20/115046
Colin FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/115055
Lucy Jane JoynerBirth Certificate BC/20/115061
Emma OsmanBirth Certificate BC/20/115084
Kerry Ann LaceyBirth Certificate BC/20/115103
Heather Jayne SwiftBirth Certificate BC/20/115110
Margaret GoughBirth Certificate BC/20/115117
Kalmu00e1r Mu00e1riaBirth Certificate BC/20/115124
Jennie MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/115134
Michelle Catherine RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/115142
James Anthony WarrenBirth Certificate BC/20/115148
Terence Lawrence mcdonnellBirth Certificate BC/20/115154
Marie HawkeBirth Certificate BC/20/115168
RICHARD JOHN VERNONBirth Certificate BC/20/115180
Shona Elizabeth RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/115187
Anna BudekBirth Certificate BC/20/115197
christine mary therese grayBirth Certificate BC/20/115204
Claire Marie EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/115211
George CarrBirth Certificate BC/20/115219
Jacqueline D GillBirth Certificate BC/20/115225
Dayle Franklyn John WestwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/115237
Graeme donnellyBirth Certificate BC/20/115243
Michael R D MeadBirth Certificate BC/20/115249
Tracy Ann BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/115256
Christine Mary Therese HallBirth Certificate BC/20/115260
Kerry Lee barberBirth Certificate BC/20/115266
Maku00e1di Lu00e1szlu00f3Birth Certificate BC/20/115287
Mark Roger UptonBirth Certificate BC/20/115298
Vivien Elizabeth CarronBirth Certificate BC/20/115309
Mr Neil HolmesBirth Certificate BC/20/115316
Margaret BlackBirth Certificate BC/20/115322
Wendy Dorothy Fallon-WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/115342
Sheila MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/115353
David stomeBirth Certificate BC/20/115362
Molnu00e1r BeatrixBirth Certificate BC/20/115369
Kelvin Paul ChristianBirth Certificate BC/20/115378
Chelsea Louise andrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/115384
Nicola Ann ColemanBirth Certificate BC/20/115390
Amanda Carole FergusonBirth Certificate BC/20/115396
Valovics Istvu00e1nBirth Certificate BC/20/115403
Lorna JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/115410
Jessica Leanne CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/115416
Sarah Jayne CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/115422
Pu00e1ll Lu00e1szlu00f3Birth Certificate BC/20/115442
Kiss AlexBirth Certificate BC/20/115455
Shane Gary LynskeyBirth Certificate BC/20/115461
ian reginaldBirth Certificate BC/20/115476
Roderick MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/115482
Joyce ReynoldsBirth Certificate BC/20/115489
Jennie-Leigh Anne newdickBirth Certificate BC/20/115495
Bruce Philip CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/115501
Darren VarleyBirth Certificate BC/20/115507
Diane Heather CoxBirth Certificate BC/20/115513
Christine Mary Therese HallBirth Certificate BC/20/115518
Gary Alec NashBirth Certificate BC/20/115524
Alison HanlonBirth Certificate BC/20/115530
Jordana Elizabeth RuzgarBirth Certificate BC/20/115536
Naomi SummersBirth Certificate BC/20/115545
Pauline WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/115551
Craig Steven WoodworthBirth Certificate BC/20/115559
Stephen Robert JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/115566
Clare MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/115574
Lee Robert JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/115578
Roy Keith RowsonBirth Certificate BC/20/115584
Paul John fitzmauriceBirth Certificate BC/20/115590
Schu00e9da Krisztiu00e1nBirth Certificate BC/20/115597
Emma MattiesonBirth Certificate BC/20/115606
Soraya GoldeBirth Certificate BC/20/115611
Csilla Kontu00f3Birth Certificate BC/20/115617
Karen Ruth WankeBirth Certificate BC/20/115623
Philip Leslie HewittBirth Certificate BC/20/115638
Kathryn Eva KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/115647
Patricia Mary GreenawayBirth Certificate BC/20/115659
Julie Ann PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/115669
mark grayBirth Certificate BC/20/115678
Daniel WoollinBirth Certificate BC/20/115686
Joyce ScullyBirth Certificate BC/20/115694
Marcella ToussaintBirth Certificate BC/20/115704
James Christopher OTooleBirth Certificate BC/20/115710
SOON TZE CHIENBirth Certificate BC/20/115716
Camilla Dias-ToussaintBirth Certificate BC/20/115726
Callum Michael HitchmanBirth Certificate BC/20/115733
Steven Britton ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/115739
Lorraine Debra AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/115745
Lambertus Adrianus de VaanBirth Certificate BC/20/115760
Richard John ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/115766
Kerry Jane of the family name CarnallBirth Certificate BC/20/115780
Debra Louise BoweBirth Certificate BC/20/115799
Egle KazakevicieneBirth Certificate BC/20/115815
Urte KazakeviciuteBirth Certificate BC/20/115830
Gail RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/115850
Jared Kyle KrugerBirth Certificate BC/20/115867
Maura ODriscollBirth Certificate BC/20/115875
Anthony mc caffertyBirth Certificate BC/20/115881
Darren HeaneyBirth Certificate BC/20/115892
David Alan FordhamBirth Certificate BC/20/115901
Margaret Mary HunnBirth Certificate BC/20/115908
Wendy susan jacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/115921
Aaron Yosef BeyBirth Certificate BC/20/115927
Stephen James BilbyBirth Certificate BC/20/115936
Virginia Catherine ButtleBirth Certificate BC/20/115943
Aaron ScatesBirth Certificate BC/20/115950
Carol Ann CarroBirth Certificate BC/20/115974
David John StoneBirth Certificate BC/20/115987
Martyn Stephen CrowtherBirth Certificate BC/20/115997
Donna Marie KinnearBirth Certificate BC/20/116004
Akther Mohammad MannanBirth Certificate BC/20/116010
Ricardas BiliartasBirth Certificate BC/20/116023
Mary BoydBirth Certificate BC/20/116029
Janine christine dowdallBirth Certificate BC/20/116053
Zara dowdallBirth Certificate BC/20/116059
Audrone VaiciunaiteBirth Certificate BC/20/116079
Emilija BiliartaiteBirth Certificate BC/20/116089
Richard David Greer MealeyBirth Certificate BC/20/116099
Rion Donald HarmonBirth Certificate BC/20/116107
jakos su00e1ndorBirth Certificate BC/20/116113
Andre BrunsonBirth Certificate BC/20/116124
Terence Walter PopeBirth Certificate BC/20/116131
Anita GeiszlerBirth Certificate BC/20/116139
Lauren Marie tuttBirth Certificate BC/20/116148
James Joseph CoxBirth Certificate BC/20/116156
Kelly broomheadBirth Certificate BC/20/116162
Maria Montserrat Suarez SaavedraBirth Certificate BC/20/116168
Laszlo Istvan GeiszlerBirth Certificate BC/20/116175
Eva Feria MengualBirth Certificate BC/20/116182
Nicolas Andonis KrisztuBirth Certificate BC/20/116189
Ilona HorvathBirth Certificate BC/20/116197
Richard Steven McCarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/116204
Eva GeiszlerBirth Certificate BC/20/116210
Paszkal KrisztuBirth Certificate BC/20/116229
Sherry lockBirth Certificate BC/20/116235
She-Ra Adel lockBirth Certificate BC/20/116242
Kay Sarah BaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/116249
Miss Mandi ChhokerBirth Certificate BC/20/116255
christopher david woodyardBirth Certificate BC/20/116261
Helen WingraveBirth Certificate BC/20/116267
Rose Marie McLaughlinBirth Certificate BC/20/116273
Richard leeBirth Certificate BC/20/116279
Joanna DaleBirth Certificate BC/20/116285
Millie Jessica ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/116292
Eva Ashleigh ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/116298
Sheldon Heath AnkerBirth Certificate BC/20/116312
Karen DawesBirth Certificate BC/20/116321
Evelyn Olga MulqueenBirth Certificate BC/20/116332
ann coral jean gouldBirth Certificate BC/20/116357
Noah joshua ryan hareBirth Certificate BC/20/116367
Christine Mary Therese HallBirth Certificate BC/20/116373
Veronica Lola Abiola OnigbindeBirth Certificate BC/20/116383
Sharon Anne MonkBirth Certificate BC/20/116396
Joel Shea NormanBirth Certificate BC/20/116407
DanielBirth Certificate BC/20/116416
Shannon Delyse GatesBirth Certificate BC/20/116422
SeanBirth Certificate BC/20/116429
Jessika Tannille CherryBirth Certificate BC/20/116438
John Cathron BirdBirth Certificate BC/20/116455
Rebecca-Anne[Bennell]Birth Certificate BC/20/116482
Susan HeathBirth Certificate BC/20/116488
Neil Francis WhitlamBirth Certificate BC/20/116495
Patrick William LangfordBirth Certificate BC/20/116506
Trevor Edward PoppleBirth Certificate BC/20/116512
Dahlia Jupiter PoppleBirth Certificate BC/20/116527
Lina MatuliunieneBirth Certificate BC/20/116535
Fay Elizabeth HUDSONBirth Certificate BC/20/116545
Daisy Martha BondBirth Certificate BC/20/116555
mary stephanie anne copelandBirth Certificate BC/20/116580
Margaret McCaffertyBirth Certificate BC/20/116627
Lee elvis CrimesBirth Certificate BC/20/116635
Mary Susan wisemanBirth Certificate BC/20/116652
Claire louise mccullyBirth Certificate BC/20/116669
Mia Rose GerardBirth Certificate BC/20/116675
Kazza Dawn Alice Wilson-HydeBirth Certificate BC/20/116682
Nagy u00c1gnes OlgaBirth Certificate BC/20/116688
ROSE ANNE NAYLORBirth Certificate BC/20/116701
Andrea Nadine SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/116726
Tyrone MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/116755
Brendan John TindallBirth Certificate BC/20/116807
Corrie Lee Tuia TipeneBirth Certificate BC/20/116832
Minna Johanna HaapanenBirth Certificate BC/20/116848
Joyce DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/116885
Jermaine Micah KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/116904
Zoe MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/116923
GEORGE HAROLD REHUABirth Certificate BC/20/116972
Nagy EditBirth Certificate BC/20/116994
Danielle NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/117002
Millie-Rae MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/117014
Dominic John NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/117027
Thomas Daniel PedenBirth Certificate BC/20/117046
Salvador Rafael TuberosaBirth Certificate BC/20/117058
Bruce Frederick mooreBirth Certificate BC/20/117076
Barbara Jane keenanBirth Certificate BC/20/117094
Jennifer DOLEMANBirth Certificate BC/20/117107
graemeBirth Certificate BC/20/117118
Angelina BaxterBirth Certificate BC/20/117130
Joseph Andrew Harry OwenBirth Certificate BC/20/117141
Michael Donald ThornleyBirth Certificate BC/20/117157
Horvu00e1th Katalin Mu00e1riaBirth Certificate BC/20/117163
Josh DavisBirth Certificate BC/20/117169
Dawn Leonie WhitmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/117185
Emma Jane ProsserBirth Certificate BC/20/117210
Jason Robert HollarBirth Certificate BC/20/117252
Sophie Nicole WestwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/117261
Freya Lucia findlay RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/117267
Steven Mark phillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/117278
Rebecca-Anne[Bennell]Birth Certificate BC/20/117292
Stuart Alan LambieBirth Certificate BC/20/117318
Lisa Marie CrimesBirth Certificate BC/20/117336
Alecia Gillian Angela Poppy RoundBirth Certificate BC/20/117342
Rhonda Louise DoelBirth Certificate BC/20/117348
Stephanie Ann MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/117357
Uvu00e1ri IlonaBirth Certificate BC/20/117366
Damian CondrenBirth Certificate BC/20/117380
Daniel James OsmanBirth Certificate BC/20/117403
Catherine houstonBirth Certificate BC/20/117421
Richard ChernenkoffBirth Certificate BC/20/117430
Catherine Michelle dalyBirth Certificate BC/20/117436
Reanna Kate ArdreyBirth Certificate BC/20/117451
Daniel SimperinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/117479
Oisin SimperinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/117486
Ayesha SimperinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/117492
Rachel JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/117498
Jacob Jevon IvoryBirth Certificate BC/20/117519
jonathan joseph thomas wardBirth Certificate BC/20/117530
Michael Victor James DunhamBirth Certificate BC/20/117565
Michael GaglianoBirth Certificate BC/20/117578
Joshua Colman McGoughBirth Certificate BC/20/117593
Parick pigottBirth Certificate BC/20/117618
Antonia Clara FiteniBirth Certificate BC/20/117631
Stephen David MullerBirth Certificate BC/20/117647
Debra louise WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/117657
Angelo Daniel PortiaBirth Certificate BC/20/117665
Adrian John PortiaBirth Certificate BC/20/117671
Anthony Mark PortiaBirth Certificate BC/20/117678
Halu00e0pi ZsuzsannaBirth Certificate BC/20/117697
Domenica Sophea Lewis-ColeBirth Certificate BC/20/117711
Sherry. Ann .MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/117719
Nathan Leslie NewbyBirth Certificate BC/20/117731
Tristan John CarrollBirth Certificate BC/20/117763
Molly Ruby GaleBirth Certificate BC/20/117772
Raul Alexandru Toma-VernicaBirth Certificate BC/20/117781
Lucias Lachlan CarrollBirth Certificate BC/20/117797
Jonah Zephaniah GaleBirth Certificate BC/20/117801
Dominic Toma-VernicaBirth Certificate BC/20/117809
Sacha Reuben GaleBirth Certificate BC/20/117827
Riley Thomas NewbyBirth Certificate BC/20/117844
Payal PrasadBirth Certificate BC/20/117850
Emmett James NewbyBirth Certificate BC/20/117863
andrew dale wardBirth Certificate BC/20/117876
SarojaniBirth Certificate BC/20/117882
Daniela IOSEFINA TomaBirth Certificate BC/20/117894
Stephen Douglas WheatlandBirth Certificate BC/20/117905
Alan CockburnBirth Certificate BC/20/117911
Charlotte Kathryn BurfordBirth Certificate BC/20/117917
Wayne Alexander GossBirth Certificate BC/20/117926
dakota horvathBirth Certificate BC/20/117932
Simon Paul McLeanBirth Certificate BC/20/117938
Zoe FoxBirth Certificate BC/20/117967
Carol Beverley PickfordBirth Certificate BC/20/117973
Anna BistiakovaBirth Certificate BC/20/117991
Rakataha Ralph ElsmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/118003
Korrina Marie Mc DaidBirth Certificate BC/20/118015
Charles Paul ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/118038
Piotr SwiderczukBirth Certificate BC/20/118047
Louise McCleaveBirth Certificate BC/20/118055
Paula Jane Del MonicoBirth Certificate BC/20/118061
Anthony LoweBirth Certificate BC/20/118068
Kyle Bradley McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/118074
Julie Elizabeth WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/118080
Linda Jean MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/118092
Rodney Bryan of the White familyBirth Certificate BC/20/118102
Dylan Matthew Champion RennickBirth Certificate BC/20/118112
Valerie PainBirth Certificate BC/20/118133
Karyn Anne Eunice BemmerBirth Certificate BC/20/118144
Joseph-Stanley HaeataBirth Certificate BC/20/118152
Paul Jason LawlorBirth Certificate BC/20/118160
KennethBirth Certificate BC/20/118169
Petra GoetzBirth Certificate BC/20/118177
Martin EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/118188
CURTIE NELSON AMABLEBirth Certificate BC/20/118213
Brian JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/118225
Savas SiakotosBirth Certificate BC/20/118242
Wendy Ann MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/118248
SHARON ELIZABETH MCMANUSBirth Certificate BC/20/118254
Monia DvornikovaBirth Certificate BC/20/118263
Hayley Anne PickfordBirth Certificate BC/20/118274
Amanda Jane isBirth Certificate BC/20/118280
THOMAS Benjamin littlerBirth Certificate BC/20/118287
Lincmaier Ottu00f3Birth Certificate BC/20/118296
Clare ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/118316
PETER SHUTTLEWORTHBirth Certificate BC/20/118324
Elric Nema HoldwayBirth Certificate BC/20/118330
Sharon Donna Weston-WeshateBirth Certificate BC/20/118384
Kathryn Anne WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/118390
Cory James RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/118409
Natasha-Leigh Amelia RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/118417
Julie Anne DoddBirth Certificate BC/20/118423
Reece Andrew RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/118427
Zoe Elizabeth AshleyBirth Certificate BC/20/118434
Reece Andrew RowleyBirth Certificate BC/20/118438
Roger David GouldBirth Certificate BC/20/118444
Sarah Louise ThreapletonBirth Certificate BC/20/118450
Simon Mark WachonBirth Certificate BC/20/118459
Michelle DimascioBirth Certificate BC/20/118472
Lynne ChatwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/118493
Dominic Colin BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/118512
Julie-Ann TownsendBirth Certificate BC/20/118553
Phillip Allan BashamBirth Certificate BC/20/118564
Craig DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/118574
Christopher Anthony ClaxtonBirth Certificate BC/20/118580
Rashada Beguem MalikBirth Certificate BC/20/118586
Henry Chi-Ho TangBirth Certificate BC/20/118598
Crystal Lynn croomsBirth Certificate BC/20/118606
Paul Leonard PettittBirth Certificate BC/20/118626
Kenneth Evelyn NoseworthyBirth Certificate BC/20/118635
Genevieve SimperinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/118641
Teresa MariaBirth Certificate BC/20/118663
HajekBirth Certificate BC/20/118690
Judith Margaret RimmerBirth Certificate BC/20/118697
marilyn joyBirth Certificate BC/20/118718
PETER GOTTBirth Certificate BC/20/118729
Ross NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/118753
Simon Jon BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/118772
Keith Sugden HolroydBirth Certificate BC/20/118783
Rachael Michelle PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/118851
Kate HigginsBirth Certificate BC/20/118880
Tracey ann JohannsenBirth Certificate BC/20/118908
Helen Sandra CaineBirth Certificate BC/20/118915
Catherine Janet ShinwellBirth Certificate BC/20/118928
Samual WayneBirth Certificate BC/20/118939
David Christopher ComfortBirth Certificate BC/20/118945
Sally-Ann BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/118977
Kate WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/118987
Sonja marcatoBirth Certificate BC/20/118993
Denny McAllisterBirth Certificate BC/20/119011
Lise Ru00f8ise Gru00f8stadBirth Certificate BC/20/119017
Terence wayne SteadmanBirth Certificate BC/20/119036
Amber Alexandra SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/119042
Steven John kehoeBirth Certificate BC/20/119049
Jason Tani MarinovichBirth Certificate BC/20/119064
Jacob Tyler Luke TailbyBirth Certificate BC/20/119073
Colin-Mark JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/119084
Craig Anthony MacintyreBirth Certificate BC/20/119093
Natalie Perdita GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/119099
Alfred PutinjaBirth Certificate BC/20/119103
Inge Lis Lauridsen HellemoseBirth Certificate BC/20/119124
Dominic Colin BrowmBirth Certificate BC/20/119142
Heather Jayne McHardyBirth Certificate BC/20/119149
Adam WardBirth Certificate BC/20/119155
Layla Christine Karin Michaela McHardyBirth Certificate BC/20/119166
Emma Louise Jayne RitchieBirth Certificate BC/20/119170
Ross Alexander RitchieBirth Certificate BC/20/119174
Emma Louise Jayne RitchieBirth Certificate BC/20/119182
Kim Michelle Fox-TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/119188
Andrew Steven RitchieBirth Certificate BC/20/119193
Nicola GallenBirth Certificate BC/20/119206
Sandra Lee CornwallBirth Certificate BC/20/119259
Randy Brian NelsonBirth Certificate BC/20/119269
Kalliopi KaralisBirth Certificate BC/20/119275
Tony LeveneBirth Certificate BC/20/119282
Fern Sylvia ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/20/119288
Jason Barrington PayneBirth Certificate BC/20/119316
Sarah Anne Louise ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/119322
John Barry HawkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/119335
Kevin Arthur phillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/119342
Sune-Sejer Nielsen.Birth Certificate BC/20/119352
Eden Christopher LordBirth Certificate BC/20/119363
Martin stephensBirth Certificate BC/20/119372
Bobbie-marie LordBirth Certificate BC/20/119379
Carwyn David LordBirth Certificate BC/20/119387
Aoife-faith LordBirth Certificate BC/20/119391
Susan Janice WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/119399
richard family of milesBirth Certificate BC/20/119405
Tazmin Scarlett MedlynBirth Certificate BC/20/119411
Reico-Drei TryfonosBirth Certificate BC/20/119432
Paul Harry FrancisBirth Certificate BC/20/119438
Linda TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/119462
Troyceal LaDon MeansBirth Certificate BC/20/119468
Michael AthertonBirth Certificate BC/20/119482
Paul JackmanBirth Certificate BC/20/119492
Lachance Stu00e9phanieBirth Certificate BC/20/119507
Vanessa Charmain MichellBirth Certificate BC/20/119522
Julie Ann PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/119542
kevin patrick jonesBirth Certificate BC/20/119554
rebecca tace fearonBirth Certificate BC/20/119567
Justine Sara WalkeBirth Certificate BC/20/119582
Jade McglincheyBirth Certificate BC/20/119604
Mary Georgina ColemanBirth Certificate BC/20/119614
Adile Phillip RaibBirth Certificate BC/20/119633
Corry McCarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/119642
Nia Rachel JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/119659
Tracy Samantha WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/119668
Roberto PapaliaBirth Certificate BC/20/119690
Miss Katrina Elaine TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/119699
Carol Ann HunterBirth Certificate BC/20/119705
Julie-Ann (Jill) McleanBirth Certificate BC/20/119726
Kristen Marie JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/119735
Louise Anne HammondBirth Certificate BC/20/119744
Jamie SummersBirth Certificate BC/20/119769
Kai Micah Leitner-HeasmanBirth Certificate BC/20/119773
Tabitha Maria LeitnerBirth Certificate BC/20/119777
Rosa Chimienti in PanzarinoBirth Certificate BC/20/119798
Katharina HeuselBirth Certificate BC/20/119808
Catherine Claire PayneBirth Certificate BC/20/119814
Anders-bak Nielsen.u00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/119820
david bartleyBirth Certificate BC/20/119832
Octavia Rubina TorildatterBirth Certificate BC/20/119844
Jessie Lorenza RaatsBirth Certificate BC/20/119875
Luke John Payten FelthamBirth Certificate BC/20/119899
Alan CoffeyBirth Certificate BC/20/119959
Derek Nolan Pan Kun TanBirth Certificate BC/20/120014
Simone Josephina Helena Maria BemelenBirth Certificate BC/20/120021
Jou00e3o Ricardo Dias Pereira LopesBirth Certificate BC/20/120030
Marianne Elisabeth HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/120064
katharine may daviesBirth Certificate BC/20/120092
Kathryn WayBirth Certificate BC/20/120116
David Robert LoveBirth Certificate BC/20/120158
rouissiBirth Certificate BC/20/120187
Ethan Jared TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/120191
Sanja KalmanBirth Certificate BC/20/120199
Mark FriendshipBirth Certificate BC/20/120209
Susan Ann SnoddyBirth Certificate BC/20/120215
Sharon lillian may newhamBirth Certificate BC/20/120227
Wayne paul powellBirth Certificate BC/20/120233
Angela Jayne NeilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/120255
Susan BohlmannBirth Certificate BC/20/120265
Benjamin James William NeilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/120275
Chanapa SrizukBirth Certificate BC/20/120281
Linda Adele BroughBirth Certificate BC/20/120287
Alethea Jill PappasBirth Certificate BC/20/120293
Lauren Angela Margaret NeilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/120299
kevin frederick - of the blackburn clan familyBirth Certificate BC/20/120321
Violet Rose SlaterBirth Certificate BC/20/120330
Sean Colin Sidney SonenfeldBirth Certificate BC/20/120342
Raas UuetoaBirth Certificate BC/20/120394
Rachel Elizabeth AshfordBirth Certificate BC/20/120414
Edit PaczaBirth Certificate BC/20/120437
AngelBirth Certificate BC/20/120454
Steven LawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/120460
Michael Donald Phillips.Birth Certificate BC/20/120466
Michelle ScullyBirth Certificate BC/20/120482
Terrie Jo-Ann PriestBirth Certificate BC/20/120498
david son of davidBirth Certificate BC/20/120510
Jane WillsonBirth Certificate BC/20/120520
Michael McSorleyBirth Certificate BC/20/120526
Rosemarie Antoinette DavisBirth Certificate BC/20/120536
Alexander Stewart EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/120543
Fabian Stewart EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/120549
Nyla Michelle EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/120558
Zac-Joseph-HillBirth Certificate BC/20/120576
neil breavingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/120585
Gordon CoiaBirth Certificate BC/20/120618
Steven John MilneBirth Certificate BC/20/120634
Malcolm MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/120644
Andrew Wayne HertrickBirth Certificate BC/20/120654
uruwhetu-whaawhaakia-kereru-tua-whaBirth Certificate BC/20/120664
Malcolm Ronald SansonBirth Certificate BC/20/120677
Brenda Mary DousBirth Certificate BC/20/120682
Malcolm Ronald SansonBirth Certificate BC/20/120686
Airini Ihipera SansonBirth Certificate BC/20/120690
Pare Ko Tahi Te Ao Marama SansonBirth Certificate BC/20/120694
Noema June SansonBirth Certificate BC/20/120698
Ereanora Poi Hakena SansonBirth Certificate BC/20/120702
Shane BeechBirth Certificate BC/20/120725
Christine Patricia DArcyBirth Certificate BC/20/120739
Brian Lindsay AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/120746
Jill TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/120766
Todd Charles JUCHAUBirth Certificate BC/20/120799
Helga Renata BijlhoutBirth Certificate BC/20/120852
Anthony Steven HollisBirth Certificate BC/20/120872
MIANNE ELISA BETTE Su00d8NDERGAARDBirth Certificate BC/20/120879
HASSE FINNI HAAKON Su00d8NDERGAARDBirth Certificate BC/20/120883
MISS MAXINEBirth Certificate BC/20/120911
jeremy val youngBirth Certificate BC/20/120932
Nathan MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/120944
Leighroy D BaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/120981
Angela Joan HodgkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/120998
Nicole LouisBirth Certificate BC/20/121004
Norman Ross MargettsBirth Certificate BC/20/121011
Julie SilvesterBirth Certificate BC/20/121049
Mihalakis Akys TryfonosBirth Certificate BC/20/121055
Kevin-George JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/121070
Michael David ByrnesBirth Certificate BC/20/121074
Adriano TarticchioBirth Certificate BC/20/121089
Susan Margaret HemmingsBirth Certificate BC/20/121101
Devin Cason FordBirth Certificate BC/20/121107
Victoria Mary SugdenBirth Certificate BC/20/121113
Shantelle reeceBirth Certificate BC/20/121120
Janette Elizabeth Watson EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/121134
Andrew MiddletonBirth Certificate BC/20/121141
WalsheBirth Certificate BC/20/121147
David BoothBirth Certificate BC/20/121160
Kara WalsheBirth Certificate BC/20/121164
Natalie Jane JeffriesBirth Certificate BC/20/121175
Yvonne PeartBirth Certificate BC/20/121186
Dorothy Davidson NilsenBirth Certificate BC/20/121222
Chante DennisBirth Certificate BC/20/121247
Vaios George PapanicolaouBirth Certificate BC/20/121261
BiancaBirth Certificate BC/20/121277
Zalayiah Yirabari Daisy Dennis ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/121285
Halapi Laszlo DezsoBirth Certificate BC/20/121296
Isabelle Diana PapanicolaouBirth Certificate BC/20/121317
Melinda Louise ColemanBirth Certificate BC/20/121323
Josu00e9e femme de la terreBirth Certificate BC/20/121361
Michael MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/121369
Peter gibbonsBirth Certificate BC/20/121385
Eileen Margaret OConnellBirth Certificate BC/20/121392
Casey Patrick FarquharsonBirth Certificate BC/20/121399
Brenda Joyce StovallBirth Certificate BC/20/121423
Samuel Henry PointerBirth Certificate BC/20/121436
Maryanne Elizabeth Rose MontgomeryBirth Certificate BC/20/121443
Hadhu00e1zy Beu00e1ta ZsuzsannaBirth Certificate BC/20/121450
Marie Aline Christiane ChevrierBirth Certificate BC/20/121456
Tracy Anne EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/121482
William Theodore LangfordBirth Certificate BC/20/121489
Richard SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/121510
Anne Elizabeth McGarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/121521
Anne-Marie VigneaultBirth Certificate BC/20/121529
Annemarie decima jamesBirth Certificate BC/20/121535
Jaime CowingBirth Certificate BC/20/121546
Jay John HillBirth Certificate BC/20/121555
Christine Dixie CowlingBirth Certificate BC/20/121572
Biba Bliss HillBirth Certificate BC/20/121580
Daniel Robert CopplemanBirth Certificate BC/20/121586
Katherine Lynn NawrockiBirth Certificate BC/20/121603
Giselle CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/121644
Karen Mary NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/121650
Andrew Les CowanBirth Certificate BC/20/121675
karen adrianne smythBirth Certificate BC/20/121681
Ewa SztrejtynerBirth Certificate BC/20/121687
Keith HammondBirth Certificate BC/20/121696
Coenraad of the family AplinBirth Certificate BC/20/121704
Magda HammondBirth Certificate BC/20/121710
Gabriel Edward HarpleyBirth Certificate BC/20/121721
Anna Christine HarpleyBirth Certificate BC/20/121730
STOJCEVSKI, GoranBirth Certificate BC/20/121741
ALKRUMAH JAMES CUSEAUXBirth Certificate BC/20/121747
Hayley BestBirth Certificate BC/20/121763
Martin-Daniel Leach.Birth Certificate BC/20/121769
Denise Christine Olga MartyBirth Certificate BC/20/121779
Jayne CullenBirth Certificate BC/20/121786
Nicholas James ofthefamily KleinigBirth Certificate BC/20/121890
Nicola Jane CroweBirth Certificate BC/20/121957
Keepa Kempton TuirirangiBirth Certificate BC/20/121967
James marshallBirth Certificate BC/20/121999
Harrison Scott CroweBirth Certificate BC/20/122014
Ellie-May FowlerBirth Certificate BC/20/122019
OSMAN DuriyeBirth Certificate BC/20/122025
Mark Braithwit.Birth Certificate BC/20/122033
John Lee Ozzy OsborneBirth Certificate BC/20/122039
Harry Stephen allenBirth Certificate BC/20/122047
Mark BraithwaitBirth Certificate BC/20/122051
PETER RAYMOND STRINGERBirth Certificate BC/20/122057
Caroline McDadeBirth Certificate BC/20/122066
BlandfordBirth Certificate BC/20/122079
Vikki LorraineBirth Certificate BC/20/122088
Joanne Kaye ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/20/122098
Oliva Marcelo FernandezBirth Certificate BC/20/122106
Brian GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/122118
Bradley luke smithBirth Certificate BC/20/122137
Jutta Sieglinde FangmeierBirth Certificate BC/20/122143
James BennettBirth Certificate BC/20/122149
Tina Lisa BristowBirth Certificate BC/20/122155
Ross Peter ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/122161
Simon ProphetBirth Certificate BC/20/122191
Cheyenne-Kharma-Lreas PeihopaBirth Certificate BC/20/122197
Michael James AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/122230
tracey wildingBirth Certificate BC/20/122236
Dagmar AdamikovaBirth Certificate BC/20/122246
Rosalind Clare SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/122289
Patricia Claire LavelleBirth Certificate BC/20/122295
Scott Hugh ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/122305
Lilia Gomez SergueevnaBirth Certificate BC/20/122351
Shonterra Monique GuidryBirth Certificate BC/20/122357
Benjamin James LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/122374
Natalie May lawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/122381
kourtney stacey rose clarkBirth Certificate BC/20/122416
TINA MARIE KAHURANGI MOKEBirth Certificate BC/20/122427
Jenna TownsendBirth Certificate BC/20/122457
Cheryl marie hannonBirth Certificate BC/20/122469
Nancy Prusia VillaramaBirth Certificate BC/20/122479
Deyton KairauBirth Certificate BC/20/122483
Richard DelgadoBirth Certificate BC/20/122493
John Stewart BriggsBirth Certificate BC/20/122501
Ceri Anne EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/122529
Kiley BranonBirth Certificate BC/20/122539
Pagan BeyBirth Certificate BC/20/122564
Robert Graham BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/122577
Mishelle Marie HorstBirth Certificate BC/20/122586
Arjeta LamkoBirth Certificate BC/20/122594
Marcus LouisBirth Certificate BC/20/122604
Fiona Jane ProutBirth Certificate BC/20/122628
Giovanna Maria-Antoinette ZitielloBirth Certificate BC/20/122641
Chantelle Ann PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/122647
Craig TrolioBirth Certificate BC/20/122663
Chloe Marie TrolioBirth Certificate BC/20/122672
Evan Caleb TrolioBirth Certificate BC/20/122681
Oliver James of the family VinnicombeBirth Certificate BC/20/122689
Joana MagnayeBirth Certificate BC/20/122695
Sylvia Amy Lavinia DurwardBirth Certificate BC/20/122702
Amisi Kirsi Rae-Melody WeiszBirth Certificate BC/20/122709
Lilike Judith Elisabeth WeiszBirth Certificate BC/20/122746
Brenda Patreece SwiftBirth Certificate BC/20/122756
Silvana MoustafaBirth Certificate BC/20/122765
Mert UcinBirth Certificate BC/20/122774
Tracey anneBirth Certificate BC/20/122782
John Douglas FisherBirth Certificate BC/20/122791
Kara Rose NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/122857
PAUL MICHAEL ROMANSBirth Certificate BC/20/122915
SUSAN ELAINEBirth Certificate BC/20/122943
Ena Hadzi-AndonovaBirth Certificate BC/20/122958
Neil Graham GrimshawBirth Certificate BC/20/122973
Anthony Patrick claridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/122979
Georgina RodgersBirth Certificate BC/20/122990
Amalia Anna Natalia LemboBirth Certificate BC/20/123012
Michael Anthony OCallaghanBirth Certificate BC/20/123027
Jennifer Jean KuffelBirth Certificate BC/20/123033
DenisBirth Certificate BC/20/123048
Wendy Jane NgapekaBirth Certificate BC/20/123060
Rodger Charles CuddingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/123083
SIENNA ROSE MYSON DAVIESBirth Certificate BC/20/123094
LEON ROY ROWSONBirth Certificate BC/20/123103
Mary Nzinga OsborneBirth Certificate BC/20/123141
Craig Michael UphamBirth Certificate BC/20/123150
Lafrance, SylvieBirth Certificate BC/20/123162
Lillian MoscaBirth Certificate BC/20/123174
Christiane terrienne libreBirth Certificate BC/20/123180
Cristina Nicole BellBirth Certificate BC/20/123184
Fiona Gaye DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/123208
Rui Manuel Gonu00e7alves CerqueiraBirth Certificate BC/20/123222
Jack TasneyBirth Certificate BC/20/123237
Samantha OkeBirth Certificate BC/20/123258
Davide GarganelliBirth Certificate BC/20/123274
Isabel GarganelliBirth Certificate BC/20/123280
Sofia GarganelliBirth Certificate BC/20/123300
Jack Robert EmeryBirth Certificate BC/20/123307
Mohamed Ashiqur RahmanBirth Certificate BC/20/123316
Natalie May LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/123330
Shannon Dale stubyBirth Certificate BC/20/123352
Gail Clare CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/123359
Tristam Russell BedlowBirth Certificate BC/20/123377
Phillip Vincent MastermanBirth Certificate BC/20/123384
Harrington Olly Rich Hendrickson HarradBirth Certificate BC/20/123388
Trisha nationBirth Certificate BC/20/123409
Phillip Vincent MastermanBirth Certificate BC/20/123415
aaron james packerBirth Certificate BC/20/123428
PriceBirth Certificate BC/20/123457
Odette Tamara SmeeBirth Certificate BC/20/123467
Palmer Maxwell BiedaBirth Certificate BC/20/123477
Penelope Jane RollstonBirth Certificate BC/20/123489
Gemma Jayne kirrageBirth Certificate BC/20/123495
Hazel GumbletonBirth Certificate BC/20/123501
edward cassidyBirth Certificate BC/20/123529
Chad Ryan RamseyBirth Certificate BC/20/123537
Robert HermanusBirth Certificate BC/20/123561
Leilani LydiaBirth Certificate BC/20/123601
Ungaia Jayne KeenBirth Certificate BC/20/123613
Graham John MilgateBirth Certificate BC/20/123626
Roslyn June JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/123635
Jarrad Michael Leigh SearbyBirth Certificate BC/20/123643
TANIA MAREE DRANSFIELDBirth Certificate BC/20/123668
Leah Kimberley MastersBirth Certificate BC/20/123677
HAZEL VIRGINIA PACKBirth Certificate BC/20/123683
Dennis-JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/123703
Amanda Caroline McGregorBirth Certificate BC/20/123710
Andrew Mark HopperBirth Certificate BC/20/123751
Martin StarkeyBirth Certificate BC/20/123774
Charlie Edward SweeneyBirth Certificate BC/20/123803
Linda Marie BreedBirth Certificate BC/20/123810
Tani Taniwha LechtenbergBirth Certificate BC/20/123818
Rachel Anne SluisBirth Certificate BC/20/123824
Savannah Rose SpriggsBirth Certificate BC/20/123831
Tyla Brooke NichollsBirth Certificate BC/20/123837
Emma Louise SIMPSONBirth Certificate BC/20/123849
Jacqueline RuleBirth Certificate BC/20/123860
SAMEENA ALIMBirth Certificate BC/20/123864
Jazz Marie NichollsBirth Certificate BC/20/123878
NICHOLAS HUNTER VAN BILJONBirth Certificate BC/20/123885
LAILA ABHIGAIL VAN BILJONBirth Certificate BC/20/123889
BRADLEY ADAM VAN BILJONBirth Certificate BC/20/123893
Iwona Prau017cakBirth Certificate BC/20/123916
Julie Anne WhitmarshBirth Certificate BC/20/123931
Annika-Maria Gru00f6nvall.Birth Certificate BC/20/123959
Keyna Lynn CarterBirth Certificate BC/20/123974
David Brian WelencBirth Certificate BC/20/123999
Sean Alan GriceBirth Certificate BC/20/124005
Mihail-Borisovich AleksanianBirth Certificate BC/20/124032
Michael Shane LevinsBirth Certificate BC/20/124057
shane alfred Joe (of the family) findlayBirth Certificate BC/20/124075
Andrew James CornfordBirth Certificate BC/20/124089
MR VICTOR FRANCIS FARMERBirth Certificate BC/20/124096
BRENT CHRISTOPHER DUNNBirth Certificate BC/20/124124
Roger-Tobias-Gunnar Thilly.Birth Certificate BC/20/124142
Emma Grace KelleyBirth Certificate BC/20/124160
Naughten orgyl LongmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/124169
Patrick Charles LonmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/124181
Christopher Roy YorkBirth Certificate BC/20/124208
John Philip ArcherBirth Certificate BC/20/124223
Darrell Maxwell RidleyBirth Certificate BC/20/124229
Debra Lee GallowayBirth Certificate BC/20/124247
MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/124266
Krystel Malina KereamaBirth Certificate BC/20/124282
Shan LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/124298
William Allan Shufeldt JrBirth Certificate BC/20/124313
Shane Aaron HowesBirth Certificate BC/20/124334
Hohaia William Gardiner McClutchieBirth Certificate BC/20/124338
Logan Serah Reece McClutchie-HaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/124342
Izaiah Tuhaka Turei McClutchie-HaileyBirth Certificate BC/20/124353
Tameisha-Lea Davinia HuraBirth Certificate BC/20/124360
David Charles Freyer, Jr.Birth Certificate BC/20/124380
Stephen John BurnsideBirth Certificate BC/20/124401
Stephen John BurnsideBirth Certificate BC/20/124409
Josip IrsevicBirth Certificate BC/20/124416
Kristin Rodney Donald MacdonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/124422
Clare mayBirth Certificate BC/20/124429
Andrea HajasBirth Certificate BC/20/124435
Anita IrsevicBirth Certificate BC/20/124444
Leona IrsevicBirth Certificate BC/20/124450
Michael PonderBirth Certificate BC/20/124488
Iain Craig RasmussenBirth Certificate BC/20/124495
Simon Edward ShagouriBirth Certificate BC/20/124556
James Michael PriorBirth Certificate BC/20/124564
Sophie Christine PriorBirth Certificate BC/20/124574
Merle LihuBirth Certificate BC/20/124583
Claire Eliza AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/124591
Lisa adcockBirth Certificate BC/20/124597
Leigh Victor MaceBirth Certificate BC/20/124603
Jenna Lee TonionBirth Certificate BC/20/124609
Bronwyn Jean GriffithsBirth Certificate BC/20/124619
Gaetan St-HilaireBirth Certificate BC/20/124625
Reece Eric bevanBirth Certificate BC/20/124639
ZAK OWEN ROWSONBirth Certificate BC/20/124646
Bernard Peter HabermanBirth Certificate BC/20/124656
Paul UnderwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/124662
Andrea WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/124668
Barbara StirrupBirth Certificate BC/20/124683
Thomas Benjamin clayBirth Certificate BC/20/124692
Julian LaceyBirth Certificate BC/20/124706
Michael William DalyBirth Certificate BC/20/124719
Wendy Elizabeth SharpeBirth Certificate BC/20/124731
Christie Melissa FunchesBirth Certificate BC/20/124741
ALEXANDRA MACFADYENBirth Certificate BC/20/124747
Sylvie LafranceBirth Certificate BC/20/124762
Jack PageBirth Certificate BC/20/124778
Zakary ali BouchtiBirth Certificate BC/20/124792
Larry Douglas HudsonBirth Certificate BC/20/124808
Diane June WachonBirth Certificate BC/20/124816
Lauren stacie millsBirth Certificate BC/20/124829
Dominique Jacynthe CoutureBirth Certificate BC/20/124835
Chloe BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/124853
Sophia Marlene AuerBirth Certificate BC/20/124881
Simon Levi Florian AuerBirth Certificate BC/20/124888
Susan Joy CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/124896
Vincent Jeremiah Georg AuerBirth Certificate BC/20/124900
Alexander Ruben TaytelbaumBirth Certificate BC/20/124953
Craig taylorBirth Certificate BC/20/124977
Grace TannenBirth Certificate BC/20/124986
Damian Edward RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/124992
Daniel Hape WikiBirth Certificate BC/20/124998
Nigel YatesBirth Certificate BC/20/125004
Debra Gail SutherlandBirth Certificate BC/20/125014
Mollo Jacqueline KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/125027
Deborah WilliamsonBirth Certificate BC/20/125048
Hoffmann Ildiku00f3Birth Certificate BC/20/125063
Mert UcinBirth Certificate BC/20/125076
Holger Swen FrickBirth Certificate BC/20/125085
Darren Robert BryantBirth Certificate BC/20/125091
Imogen summerBirth Certificate BC/20/125095
Iona MelodyBirth Certificate BC/20/125099
Chan LyBirth Certificate BC/20/125108
Jacob Tony StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/125118
Madison rossana stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/125122
Mikey James stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/125130
Kyle Jason stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/125134
Dario Manuel AntunovicBirth Certificate BC/20/125165
marcusBirth Certificate BC/20/125177
Amy Marie GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/125183
Daisy Ellen RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/125190
james finchBirth Certificate BC/20/125235
Ronald Mark GregoryBirth Certificate BC/20/125244
Emily Sue AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/125253
Lisa CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/20/125269
Hudson Ernest Eric PatersonBirth Certificate BC/20/125316
Lesley Carol StretchBirth Certificate BC/20/125362
Lisa-RoseBirth Certificate BC/20/125409
James LatimerBirth Certificate BC/20/125418
David-Scott-Alexander FieldsBirth Certificate BC/20/125426
Donna PritchardBirth Certificate BC/20/125437
Danielle SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/125449
Jacob Caine MalkinBirth Certificate BC/20/125455
Gemma Margaret lewisBirth Certificate BC/20/125461
Lucas James MalkinBirth Certificate BC/20/125467
Jacqueline hegartyBirth Certificate BC/20/125487
Cecile Charrue LatimierBirth Certificate BC/20/125493
Sommer Eve McQuadeBirth Certificate BC/20/125499
Catherine Elizabeth Rose AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/125511
Ever Lee River Jensen-VirgilBirth Certificate BC/20/125517
Katie RossBirth Certificate BC/20/125523
Louise marshBirth Certificate BC/20/125529
Serena JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/125535
Stuart Brian HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/125548
Aleksandra Pop-VasilevaBirth Certificate BC/20/125571
Myles David Kennedy-BrayBirth Certificate BC/20/125577
Carmen Kelly JacobsBirth Certificate BC/20/125584
Jethro Van BiljonBirth Certificate BC/20/125593
Daniel Steven RoweBirth Certificate BC/20/125608
Jorden Jay LaceyBirth Certificate BC/20/125614
Donna Joanne BurnsBirth Certificate BC/20/125635
Eileen Verona McFarlaneBirth Certificate BC/20/125651
Patricia Helen Ou2019ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/125657
Deborah Marie PowerBirth Certificate BC/20/125663
Elou00edsa Valu00e9ria RibeiroBirth Certificate BC/20/125672
Kimberly Ann FalcoBirth Certificate BC/20/125678
John Colin SearBirth Certificate BC/20/125684
JohannaBirth Certificate BC/20/125696
Smits, Thomas Petrus MarinusBirth Certificate BC/20/125703
Iveta ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/125709
Derek Duane HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/125722
Richard Herman WalterBirth Certificate BC/20/125728
garry martin jamesBirth Certificate BC/20/125737
Neda Al AminBirth Certificate BC/20/125775
u017eeljko sin iz obitelji kufnerBirth Certificate BC/20/125783
Jenny Lee ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/125789
Thomas Patrick ScanlonBirth Certificate BC/20/125795
Franco Antonio CarlinoBirth Certificate BC/20/125801
Lucinda Maria WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/125805
John Robert DowneyBirth Certificate BC/20/125814
ann willard treziseBirth Certificate BC/20/125828
John Edward EyresBirth Certificate BC/20/125835
Leighton james WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/125841
Michael David MacphersonBirth Certificate BC/20/125847
Melissa Marie BishBirth Certificate BC/20/125853
Gary Michael SprouseBirth Certificate BC/20/125859
Magdalena CeglarskaBirth Certificate BC/20/125865
Silvia Anna AlibertiBirth Certificate BC/20/125869
Darryl Steven ZazulaBirth Certificate BC/20/125875
Michael Edward HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/125881
Giannina Filomena CarlinoBirth Certificate BC/20/125887
Angelo Antonio CarlinoBirth Certificate BC/20/125897
Fabio Genaro CarlinoBirth Certificate BC/20/125901
Kevin Patrick McCartinBirth Certificate BC/20/125909
Linda Diann SheetsBirth Certificate BC/20/125920
Dustin Gordon SeifriedBirth Certificate BC/20/125927
CYNTHIA MARIE TEGEDERBirth Certificate BC/20/125933
Kevin Donald KaesheimerBirth Certificate BC/20/125941
Sarah Marie JohnstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/125947
Martin John westawayBirth Certificate BC/20/125953
Manjula OdedraBirth Certificate BC/20/125959
CoffieldBirth Certificate BC/20/125965
Valerie Gladys WaltersBirth Certificate BC/20/125977
Zoe Elizabeth HindBirth Certificate BC/20/125986
Alison Fay DobsonBirth Certificate BC/20/125995
Ryan Christopher LairBirth Certificate BC/20/126001
Nicky MarinisBirth Certificate BC/20/126007
Alex Araujo FreitasBirth Certificate BC/20/126014
Cynita ConradieBirth Certificate BC/20/126020
Karin Lammechien_Elisabeth NieboerBirth Certificate BC/20/126032
Leigh Matthew MillsBirth Certificate BC/20/126042
Stephen john williamsBirth Certificate BC/20/126054
Mylene Noelle Clothilde AUDY CLANETBirth Certificate BC/20/126064
Paula TonerBirth Certificate BC/20/126072
Austen james burnessBirth Certificate BC/20/126076
Stacie Marie SchuellerBirth Certificate BC/20/126082
Keziah Eden Johnson - HoneganBirth Certificate BC/20/126088
Mary Linda GrayBirth Certificate BC/20/126092
kent david stadlerBirth Certificate BC/20/126098
Robert William WeedBirth Certificate BC/20/126108
Louis Wehrli McArthurBirth Certificate BC/20/126123
Michiel Vincent Maria SmitsBirth Certificate BC/20/126129
Thomas MelvinBirth Certificate BC/20/126144
Jason Bradley CloudBirth Certificate BC/20/126150
Susan Jane HobbsBirth Certificate BC/20/126156
Lynne Marie GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/126176
August Bju00f8rn Svenssonu00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/126189
Lee Damien CouplandBirth Certificate BC/20/126202
Diane Ruth SemonBirth Certificate BC/20/126217
Donna Marie HerronBirth Certificate BC/20/126223
Stephen Joseph CavagnaroBirth Certificate BC/20/126232
Tyline Chantelle RiderBirth Certificate BC/20/126251
Edwin Darnell NewbernBirth Certificate BC/20/126258
Craig Leigh OllertonBirth Certificate BC/20/126272
Sharon MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/126291
Keenan Adrian Iain Kru00fcgerBirth Certificate BC/20/126297
Amee Karin ArcherBirth Certificate BC/20/126307
Jordan Ashley Donoghue-MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/126313
Cory Sebastian DONOGHUE-MORGANBirth Certificate BC/20/126319
Jahnaya Dominique Rachel FrickBirth Certificate BC/20/126334
Teresa Rachelle BrownriggBirth Certificate BC/20/126343
Linda TejadaBirth Certificate BC/20/126373
Ronald Barry ReebergBirth Certificate BC/20/126379
Marni Dee SheppeardBirth Certificate BC/20/126385
Chris NelmsBirth Certificate BC/20/126395
Joseph Walter Lautenberger IVBirth Certificate BC/20/126409
TeresaBirth Certificate BC/20/126428
Maxim LapierreBirth Certificate BC/20/126435
Jasmine Adolphus-EdieBirth Certificate BC/20/126448
Ashley Elizabeth AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/126454
James-Christopher LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/126460
Kem Franklin AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/126466
Siris-Cosmo-Grey LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/126472
Courtney Allison MayfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/126478
Shane DayBirth Certificate BC/20/126485
Fayth VermaceBirth Certificate BC/20/126491
Gareth Malcolm Saba FarryBirth Certificate BC/20/126497
Andrew JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/126503
Diana Alexandra Sousa dos Santos SilvaBirth Certificate BC/20/126511
Belinda Katrina StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/126525
Dominic-Colin Brown.Birth Certificate BC/20/126531
Alexandre Georges PainchaudBirth Certificate BC/20/126537
Scott Richard WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/126543
Marie Denise Dubu00e9Birth Certificate BC/20/126555
Toni Eileen MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/126564
David fredarick peter gregoryBirth Certificate BC/20/126572
Jessica Dawn BegnaudBirth Certificate BC/20/126582
Floris Nona DeistchleBirth Certificate BC/20/126591
shaneBirth Certificate BC/20/126600
Veronica Eve FortierBirth Certificate BC/20/126610
Jaffet GonzalezBirth Certificate BC/20/126618
Jason Scott McSpaddenBirth Certificate BC/20/126624
Sabastian Lewis FortierBirth Certificate BC/20/126628
Rosemary Jayne CairncrossBirth Certificate BC/20/126639
Bianca MuletBirth Certificate BC/20/126647
Paul SutcliffeBirth Certificate BC/20/126653
Lisa DanielleBirth Certificate BC/20/126660
sophie claudine paule AmisseBirth Certificate BC/20/126676
Diego Alejandro HuesoBirth Certificate BC/20/126685
Melissa Marie ValadeBirth Certificate BC/20/126701
Eric FaucherBirth Certificate BC/20/126707
Andrea Ammatek AngiolelliBirth Certificate BC/20/126713
Aryane FaucherBirth Certificate BC/20/126717
Maxim FaucherBirth Certificate BC/20/126728
Camala Brooke StoughtonBirth Certificate BC/20/126734
Camala Brooke StoughtonBirth Certificate BC/20/126739
Antonela Elin TanoniBirth Certificate BC/20/126755
Diana Dee WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/126765
Hung, Kin Kong AndyBirth Certificate BC/20/126773
Angelina PrettiBirth Certificate BC/20/126779
Michael Shawn KeenanBirth Certificate BC/20/126789
Frank lester kardalBirth Certificate BC/20/126795
Michael Angleo Blase IIIBirth Certificate BC/20/126803
Lyndsey HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/126811
Samantha-Jane of the family GreerBirth Certificate BC/20/126818
kimberlie dawn broukBirth Certificate BC/20/126830
Donovan Douglas OlsenBirth Certificate BC/20/126845
Derek Joesph EhardBirth Certificate BC/20/126853
UhlmanBirth Certificate BC/20/126859
Ave Te Rina HenryBirth Certificate BC/20/126864
Natasha de RauvilleBirth Certificate BC/20/126873
Osama MoussaBirth Certificate BC/20/126881
Elizabeth Judith CamptonBirth Certificate BC/20/126887
Catharine Petronella IngramBirth Certificate BC/20/126893
Thomas Kereama MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/126897
Dj campton sturridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/126905
Samara krystal elizabeth Campton sturridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/126909
Shona SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/126916
Tau00efs Marie BeanBirth Certificate BC/20/126926
Dianne Vanessa WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/126932
Elaine DaltonBirth Certificate BC/20/126938
Maciej BaranBirth Certificate BC/20/126948
Gary Ralph mitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/126994
Phillipa VincentBirth Certificate BC/20/127001
LILY MAY ROWSONBirth Certificate BC/20/127051
Cameron Riko Kru00fcgerBirth Certificate BC/20/127075
Danni Jane MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/127095
sebastian cristinel predescuBirth Certificate BC/20/127107
Halen NgawhikaBirth Certificate BC/20/127115
Micheal Robert Nirvana NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/127124
Olga SolovjovaBirth Certificate BC/20/127136
John James OconnorBirth Certificate BC/20/127142
Kristine Aviaja Skjoldborg LorentzenBirth Certificate BC/20/127148
Anne Marie TraynorBirth Certificate BC/20/127154
Callum Peter CundellBirth Certificate BC/20/127169
Stephen Mitchell MaloneBirth Certificate BC/20/127182
Jason Lee KnightBirth Certificate BC/20/127217
stijn vdf. banninkBirth Certificate BC/20/127235
Christopher Michael WakefordBirth Certificate BC/20/127244
Elizabeth Grace HicklingBirth Certificate BC/20/127265
AuroraBirth Certificate BC/20/127279
David John LangeBirth Certificate BC/20/127292
Andrew joseph cornesBirth Certificate BC/20/127304
David BoothBirth Certificate BC/20/127325
Lars HelgestadBirth Certificate BC/20/127365
Rebecca Adela Jean RamosBirth Certificate BC/20/127373
Shaun Patrick CarrollBirth Certificate BC/20/127385
Deborah Victoria WheelockBirth Certificate BC/20/127395
Kacey Amanda RamosBirth Certificate BC/20/127399
David Scott LangBirth Certificate BC/20/127405
Jo MulraneyBirth Certificate BC/20/127411
Hendrika sophia visserBirth Certificate BC/20/127417
Ethan Daniel Aaron RamosBirth Certificate BC/20/127425
Terence Jonathan BeechBirth Certificate BC/20/127440
Sonja van RhynBirth Certificate BC/20/127446
JARED SLADE WILLIAM DELACEYBirth Certificate BC/20/127454
Heidi Amber ChartrandBirth Certificate BC/20/127474
Darcy Esme BonnerBirth Certificate BC/20/127483
Gian Marco SannaBirth Certificate BC/20/127495
JESSICA RACHEL DELACEYBirth Certificate BC/20/127501
Flavia MonteleoneBirth Certificate BC/20/127507
LAUREN BETH DELACEYBirth Certificate BC/20/127511
DANIELLE JANNAE DELACEYBirth Certificate BC/20/127515
Aspasia LeledakiBirth Certificate BC/20/127521
BRYONY RUTH DELACEYBirth Certificate BC/20/127525
Ilaria Di BernardoBirth Certificate BC/20/127532
t HartBirth Certificate BC/20/127538
Peep Pu00e4risooBirth Certificate BC/20/127544
Keri Lynn OlsonBirth Certificate BC/20/127550
chantal vdf boekelaarBirth Certificate BC/20/127556
Angela Michelle porterBirth Certificate BC/20/127562
Mark Anthony JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/127572
Carl BostockBirth Certificate BC/20/127598
Simon PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/127604
Lisa Marie BoothBirth Certificate BC/20/127614
Giugliana Cristina CameliaBirth Certificate BC/20/127631
joshua warren kellyBirth Certificate BC/20/127638
john shawBirth Certificate BC/20/127655
Colby Robert CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/127666
Todd William GedaminskiBirth Certificate BC/20/127672
Corinne Anthousa MoerbeekBirth Certificate BC/20/127684
Ray Anthony HawesBirth Certificate BC/20/127693
Layla Grace ReuterBirth Certificate BC/20/127699
Natashia Grace LivingstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/127720
Nathan William MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/127726
Olga Leon DourovaBirth Certificate BC/20/127740
Karolina Aleksandra KlappetekBirth Certificate BC/20/127748
Damara Lauren SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/127756
Josu00e9 Elidora PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/127762
Pamela Marquita ChamberlainBirth Certificate BC/20/127768
Stuart LindsayBirth Certificate BC/20/127779
Lawrence Duane Andrist Jr.Birth Certificate BC/20/127785
Gillian Dawn SaundersBirth Certificate BC/20/127810
Francesco Di BernardoBirth Certificate BC/20/127816
Clifton Dewayne HawkBirth Certificate BC/20/127820
Lynette MouitagaloaBirth Certificate BC/20/127840
Sherry Lee JanniseBirth Certificate BC/20/127847
Lidia Marta WitkowskaBirth Certificate BC/20/127855
Joe Enoch MecomBirth Certificate BC/20/127865
Serena Patricia BarnesBirth Certificate BC/20/127874
richie lee-lambertBirth Certificate BC/20/127894
bruce thomas rodgersBirth Certificate BC/20/127912
Gareth leigh PowellBirth Certificate BC/20/127922
William John CathcartBirth Certificate BC/20/127932
Amy Ernestine FriedlanderBirth Certificate BC/20/127942
Joseph Stephen HowardBirth Certificate BC/20/127951
Russell MiddletonBirth Certificate BC/20/127966
Clifford Deon DiazBirth Certificate BC/20/127973
Christine SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/127979
Julien, Jean, Claude GAUDRYBirth Certificate BC/20/127989
Jacob Anton CassaniBirth Certificate BC/20/127996
Bianca Maria PoliBirth Certificate BC/20/128010
Jesse John HammondBirth Certificate BC/20/128016
Robert John OSheaBirth Certificate BC/20/128022
Patricia Eugenia davisBirth Certificate BC/20/128036
Andrew McbeathBirth Certificate BC/20/128042
Antoinette Marie JowersBirth Certificate BC/20/128048
Staci Lynn WolffBirth Certificate BC/20/128055
Alessandro TondelloBirth Certificate BC/20/128064
Ishjana ElsherBirth Certificate BC/20/128075
bruce mcauleyBirth Certificate BC/20/128091
Iban mesta floresBirth Certificate BC/20/128097
Donna Susan Sheila TownBirth Certificate BC/20/128106
Angela Renee UnderwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/128115
George Ernest ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/128128
Jessica Rose Ann NutbrownBirth Certificate BC/20/128138
Christen Nicole BedwellBirth Certificate BC/20/128151
Jessica Rose-Ann NutbrownBirth Certificate BC/20/128161
Caroline MARGARET WAGNERBirth Certificate BC/20/128170
Kimberly Ann NowatckiBirth Certificate BC/20/128182
Connie Joy BedwellBirth Certificate BC/20/128203
Sean John AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/128210
Aaliyah Sky BedwellBirth Certificate BC/20/128234
Joseph Zachariyah James Madrid IVBirth Certificate BC/20/128240
Jordan Jayce PereyraBirth Certificate BC/20/128250
Luke Saviour FarrugiaBirth Certificate BC/20/128256
Dawn M FerraraBirth Certificate BC/20/128262
Christine TherrienBirth Certificate BC/20/128272
Kristie Jay ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/128290
Shane Thorn RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/128299
Peter John WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/128309
josephine kataraina biddleBirth Certificate BC/20/128322
Adam ChambersBirth Certificate BC/20/128354
Kathryn Tsuru NishihiraBirth Certificate BC/20/128365
Sage Moriichi KitaBirth Certificate BC/20/128371
Gregg Kazuo KitaBirth Certificate BC/20/128390
Cosetta PoliBirth Certificate BC/20/128396
Skye Yukiko KitaBirth Certificate BC/20/128410
Rane Morishige KitaBirth Certificate BC/20/128416
Leonard Russell FallonBirth Certificate BC/20/128420
Mary Therese MulraneyBirth Certificate BC/20/128426
Raymond WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/128444
Nancy Gwenn PainchaudBirth Certificate BC/20/128453
Paul James NethercliftBirth Certificate BC/20/128463
Stephanie OelofseBirth Certificate BC/20/128471
Anna ShimizuBirth Certificate BC/20/128477
PATRICIO RENE BRAVO RIQUELMEBirth Certificate BC/20/128486
Eileen TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/128497
Graham Keith JohnsenBirth Certificate BC/20/128513
Robert Thomas CummingsBirth Certificate BC/20/128522
Kimberley Donna HaighBirth Certificate BC/20/128529
Fran Stephanie ElkBirth Certificate BC/20/128543
Storm Sally-RayBirth Certificate BC/20/128572
Alina Willow McGarrieBirth Certificate BC/20/128578
Alison Patricia MackenzieBirth Certificate BC/20/128605
Puu0101wai Haeata RangiuiaBirth Certificate BC/20/128612
Karoline Isabel LehnerBirth Certificate BC/20/128620
Viviane Gilberte Huberte ColasBirth Certificate BC/20/128630
Imana Antonia SavasBirth Certificate BC/20/128641
Leeanne Gay KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/128651
Nathalie RichardBirth Certificate BC/20/128658
Leeanne Gay KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/128682
Amber Louise wattsBirth Certificate BC/20/128709
Hu00e9lu00e8neBirth Certificate BC/20/128715
dionyssia kanellopoulouBirth Certificate BC/20/128728
Aline Ann HutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/128758
Jerel Dion MallettBirth Certificate BC/20/128774
Martin Aaron BernsteinBirth Certificate BC/20/128780
Jaime Rufino ReisBirth Certificate BC/20/128784
Paula osbournBirth Certificate BC/20/128790
Abigail Chaya HoffmannBirth Certificate BC/20/128795
Eli Star Townsend du PlessisBirth Certificate BC/20/128813
Samantha BottarelliBirth Certificate BC/20/128819
Nigel Francis FloydBirth Certificate BC/20/128825
Sahara Star Townsend du PlessisBirth Certificate BC/20/128829
Maria Erzsu00e9bet Cseru00e9pBirth Certificate BC/20/128835
Rebecca du PlessisBirth Certificate BC/20/128839
David JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/128852
Emma MattocksBirth Certificate BC/20/128861
Kerry Samantha MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/128886
Ugo bruniBirth Certificate BC/20/128892
Caroline Julie JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/128901
Elizabeth Sarah KeedyBirth Certificate BC/20/128912
Danielle GannonBirth Certificate BC/20/128918
Jessica April MurdochBirth Certificate BC/20/128922
James Andrew NeishBirth Certificate BC/20/128927
ERIKO KATOBirth Certificate BC/20/128946
Tony WesterlundBirth Certificate BC/20/128952
Haas Gregor HelmutBirth Certificate BC/20/128958
Ilan Uriel FainmanBirth Certificate BC/20/128962
Simon Paul KwintBirth Certificate BC/20/128969
Sacha kashaya kuilboerBirth Certificate BC/20/128975
christopher charles watsonBirth Certificate BC/20/128982
rawiri-eugene thomasBirth Certificate BC/20/128991
Magdalen PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/129004
Johnny TibbeBirth Certificate BC/20/129010
Mellissa Sammie TobinBirth Certificate BC/20/129016
Marie Jayne KeeneBirth Certificate BC/20/129022
Helen Louise WingraveBirth Certificate BC/20/129034
Sara DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/129041
Neil Macnair LawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/129059
Jane TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/129069
Isabel Su00f8derlund OhlsenBirth Certificate BC/20/129077
Zebastian MorecatBirth Certificate BC/20/129081
Augustine Frances NewbyBirth Certificate BC/20/129087
KarenBirth Certificate BC/20/129098
yvonne hayBirth Certificate BC/20/129111
Jason Barrie KrollBirth Certificate BC/20/129120
Beverley Marlene MurdockBirth Certificate BC/20/129126
Armand George BeausoleilBirth Certificate BC/20/129132
Julie Joy AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/129148
Jodie Anne ValeriusBirth Certificate BC/20/129154
Joshua John HowarthBirth Certificate BC/20/129169
Daniel Ray HordBirth Certificate BC/20/129176
Ethanual John CaleBirth Certificate BC/20/129180
Tori Darcy phillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/129190
ArsenicBirth Certificate BC/20/129200
Amy Louise GittinsBirth Certificate BC/20/129208
Claire Annette de NervauxBirth Certificate BC/20/129214
Jacob Thomas ElyBirth Certificate BC/20/129229
Leon Andre COMPTONBirth Certificate BC/20/129242
Gareth CookBirth Certificate BC/20/129248
Pina OnidiBirth Certificate BC/20/129295
Benjamin Gru00f8stad BarkasBirth Certificate BC/20/129309
ANTHONY GRAHAM HARGREAVESBirth Certificate BC/20/129333
Anyta Jean PhillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/129339
Yvonne Teresa TyrerBirth Certificate BC/20/129345
Vu00e1clav FoktBirth Certificate BC/20/129351
Adesewa Princess-Ebony WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/129357
Omotobi Prince-Jomei WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/129368
Talin Vartouhi TcholakianBirth Certificate BC/20/129390
Gbemisola Bode-AnimashaunBirth Certificate BC/20/129402
Dawn WoodworthBirth Certificate BC/20/129414
Honey Ma PompeyBirth Certificate BC/20/129418
Ariyah Elizabeth OrtegaBirth Certificate BC/20/129424
Anne JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/129434
Cara Lynn BedwellBirth Certificate BC/20/129444
Isaiah Brock OrtegaBirth Certificate BC/20/129453
Jason Allen OrtegaBirth Certificate BC/20/129464
Curtis Brock BedwellBirth Certificate BC/20/129473
Christopher James GoldsmithBirth Certificate BC/20/129493
Timothy Brock BedwellBirth Certificate BC/20/129501
mares farrellBirth Certificate BC/20/129515
Elliston WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/129523
Robert Alfred FargherBirth Certificate BC/20/129533
Kylee Jane BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/129539
Stacie Peggy SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/129545
Sharon Elizabeth CorleyBirth Certificate BC/20/129558
Brenda Sue JessenBirth Certificate BC/20/129561
Belgin sila ColakBirth Certificate BC/20/129583
Tryst Taiyo BourneBirth Certificate BC/20/129589
Rachel Charlotte FirthBirth Certificate BC/20/129595
Jamie Te Makao JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/129602
Virginia Mae TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/129608
Raquel Emily ParkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/129617
Joaquin ValdiviesoBirth Certificate BC/20/129626
WAYNE, CHARLES, BAILEYBirth Certificate BC/20/129634
Auberdein HawkBirth Certificate BC/20/129645
Samantha Lea WadeBirth Certificate BC/20/129707
Victor Nelson MuhammadBirth Certificate BC/20/129786
Walter Ka Wai KooBirth Certificate BC/20/129803
Alan Terence WallaceBirth Certificate BC/20/129812
Zoe WakerleyBirth Certificate BC/20/129836
Lionel ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/129840
Andrew James WallaceBirth Certificate BC/20/129847
Marie CmuntBirth Certificate BC/20/129875
Aiden Marley BarnesBirth Certificate BC/20/129893
Jiri Tomas CmuntBirth Certificate BC/20/129899
Etienne Franu00e7ois Raymond KestelynBirth Certificate BC/20/129913
Stephen John DimmockBirth Certificate BC/20/129923
Jacqueline Robyn AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/129976
Alan HamerBirth Certificate BC/20/129983
ASHLEY ANN WEBBBirth Certificate BC/20/129992
Paul Timothy NicholasBirth Certificate BC/20/130008
Olamide WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/130035
Patricia Ann GuyBirth Certificate BC/20/130049
Elaine KelletBirth Certificate BC/20/130071
Ricky paul BryansBirth Certificate BC/20/130101
Junaid JanBirth Certificate BC/20/130121
Alan Jackson GrimsditchBirth Certificate BC/20/130155
BarnesBirth Certificate BC/20/130172
Phillip Robert ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/130191
Tommy Michael BarnesBirth Certificate BC/20/130208
Mark shepherdBirth Certificate BC/20/130244
Louise sullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/130333
Rita MorkunaiteBirth Certificate BC/20/130377
Caroline ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/20/130387
Laura GossBirth Certificate BC/20/130403
Tarik Lee Trimble BeyBirth Certificate BC/20/130409
Liam James BramleyBirth Certificate BC/20/130429
Stuart John BatteyBirth Certificate BC/20/130437
Christo Eugene WilkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/130443
Vicky Louise BirdBirth Certificate BC/20/130467
phineus william houghtonBirth Certificate BC/20/130480
Elizabeth Donna WallbridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/130486
Elaine KelletBirth Certificate BC/20/130514
Andrew James CornfordBirth Certificate BC/20/130530
wayne raymond CatesBirth Certificate BC/20/130548
Sandra GeeBirth Certificate BC/20/130558
Fred Melchior VormittagBirth Certificate BC/20/130574
Vincent Gil-Toresano CuevasBirth Certificate BC/20/130580
Jakob James FrazierBirth Certificate BC/20/130590
Jaire Cameron Angel DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/130596
Lisa Ann EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/130629
Tracey Marie WheelerBirth Certificate BC/20/130635
Bonnie beau ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/130646
Wendy Donna ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/130655
Katie Louise JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/130663
Cara Bridget TissandierBirth Certificate BC/20/130672
Susanne LaneBirth Certificate BC/20/130686
Keith Thomas GundersenBirth Certificate BC/20/130696
Michael Alan Martin IIBirth Certificate BC/20/130714
Richard William BostonBirth Certificate BC/20/130720
Holly Jennifer HarrisBirth Certificate BC/20/130732
Grenier SylvieBirth Certificate BC/20/130741
Laporte DenisBirth Certificate BC/20/130747
Kathrin ThanasoulisBirth Certificate BC/20/130751
Ayeisha CouperBirth Certificate BC/20/130765
Gaynor Marie SloanBirth Certificate BC/20/130773
Suzanne Marie nevittBirth Certificate BC/20/130779
emmanuel tamati james foreBirth Certificate BC/20/130791
Stephen bennttBirth Certificate BC/20/130797
Jodie Danielle DentBirth Certificate BC/20/130803
james dickson foreBirth Certificate BC/20/130809
John Paul HendersonBirth Certificate BC/20/130820
Zachary John UrlwinBirth Certificate BC/20/130828
Huxley James AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/130856
Lorraine Hu00e9rouxBirth Certificate BC/20/130862
Julienne Regina ShankBirth Certificate BC/20/130868
Kirstine Emmelie Nickolinne DanielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/130875
samantha daltonBirth Certificate BC/20/130886
Stefan Lloyd SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/130914
Harold Ralph GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/130925
Desiree SchedlerBirth Certificate BC/20/130931
Christopher RileyBirth Certificate BC/20/130953
Patricia Ann RileyBirth Certificate BC/20/130959
Frances Theresa McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/130965
Charlotte Jane EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/130975
Blain Donald KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/130990
VALERIE DENISE FULLERBirth Certificate BC/20/131009
Jennifer Lee BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/131018
John Patrick TahenyBirth Certificate BC/20/131027
Robert John GiacoppoBirth Certificate BC/20/131035
Alfred Peter CameliaBirth Certificate BC/20/131041
Nicola Jean GiacoppoBirth Certificate BC/20/131047
Joshua Robert GiacoppoBirth Certificate BC/20/131053
Simon Andrew BristerBirth Certificate BC/20/131059
Gareth Charles Albert James BarrettBirth Certificate BC/20/131069
Terry Aaron RowanBirth Certificate BC/20/131084
Sharon L GunnBirth Certificate BC/20/131091
John William NgaauBirth Certificate BC/20/131097
Bernardina J J Maria BetsemaBirth Certificate BC/20/131103
Ayden Aant GuyBirth Certificate BC/20/131109
Raymond WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/131115
Sumeya Mohammed YesufBirth Certificate BC/20/131123
Luca Omri BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/131169
Maureen Ericka LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/131175
Estelle Louise DuttonBirth Certificate BC/20/131189
Walter AlbrechtBirth Certificate BC/20/131234
joseph john dennisBirth Certificate BC/20/131246
Joshua Bruce McPheeBirth Certificate BC/20/131270
Layla Yazmin ElmerBirth Certificate BC/20/131276
Linda Jane SpringBirth Certificate BC/20/131294
Shelley Jane GilesBirth Certificate BC/20/131302
Holly Ann WestcottBirth Certificate BC/20/131311
John Mark TurkingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/131332
Lindsay parkesBirth Certificate BC/20/131340
Josu00e9 Antonio Bultu00f3 ChirivellaBirth Certificate BC/20/131369
Anne Marie GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/131389
Steven JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/131396
Maureen WattersBirth Certificate BC/20/131418
Sarah Jane CoxBirth Certificate BC/20/131425
Chelsea Maria Anne dimondBirth Certificate BC/20/131451
Maurice Michel VentoseBirth Certificate BC/20/131458
Ms Fiona DunneBirth Certificate BC/20/131464
Cecile France CalichonBirth Certificate BC/20/131470
Tabitha Lynn MyersBirth Certificate BC/20/131476
Mandy Jane McgilchristBirth Certificate BC/20/131500
Gavin MarchandBirth Certificate BC/20/131506
Catherine HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/131510
geraldine gillardBirth Certificate BC/20/131519
Kathleen Ann McIntyreBirth Certificate BC/20/131525
ANNY BEAUDINBirth Certificate BC/20/131531
Nathan John FarthingBirth Certificate BC/20/131537
Thomas Dean Woloncewicz - BanksBirth Certificate BC/20/131555
Dyan Therese DeBrinoBirth Certificate BC/20/131575
Linda WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/131581
Jack Reuben TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/131587
Nicos Anthony EftychiouBirth Certificate BC/20/131599
Rebecca Jane LodgeBirth Certificate BC/20/131605
Christopher William EftychiouBirth Certificate BC/20/131615
Sophia Lee EftychiouBirth Certificate BC/20/131622
Francis, John NortonBirth Certificate BC/20/131633
ERIC LaycockBirth Certificate BC/20/131639
Heather Mary GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/131646
kara diane brannonBirth Certificate BC/20/131687
Timothy Robert WadeBirth Certificate BC/20/131701
Pamela J LambertBirth Certificate BC/20/131709
John Paul WardBirth Certificate BC/20/131719
Jeff of the Mills ClanBirth Certificate BC/20/131729
Dillon Douglas JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/131738
Judith Mary WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/131757
Alicia HinaBirth Certificate BC/20/131772
Mats Olof AndersBirth Certificate BC/20/131780
Susan Elizabeth WhitmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/131786
Olaf Marek RutkowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/131792
Danielle Louise KerslakeBirth Certificate BC/20/131799
Gaynor Marie DoidgeBirth Certificate BC/20/131806
Gundega Rou0123eBirth Certificate BC/20/131830
Ewelina Siciu0144skaBirth Certificate BC/20/131836
Teodor JarzyniewskiBirth Certificate BC/20/131842
Melanie warrisBirth Certificate BC/20/131850
Carol Fay RogersBirth Certificate BC/20/131856
Geoffrey David PowerBirth Certificate BC/20/131865
Peter John MerrimanBirth Certificate BC/20/131879
Yvonne Louise BostBirth Certificate BC/20/131885
Stephen Francis DickfosBirth Certificate BC/20/131896
Scott DamienBirth Certificate BC/20/131904
Trevor DeanBirth Certificate BC/20/131910
Roberto Fernandez AriasBirth Certificate BC/20/131918
Kathleen Alexandria KlymBirth Certificate BC/20/131936
SALLY LOUISE PADGETTBirth Certificate BC/20/131944
Mariane GravelBirth Certificate BC/20/131948
Alicia GravelBirth Certificate BC/20/131952
Anne Marie LeathersBirth Certificate BC/20/131970
Emanuella VatosBirth Certificate BC/20/131982
Alexander Lambros VatosBirth Certificate BC/20/131994
Marie-Monique Christiane LeducBirth Certificate BC/20/132000
Matthew James BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/132009
Jade Amy jonesBirth Certificate BC/20/132040
Gabriela RuizBirth Certificate BC/20/132056
Guillermo Antonio Martin GonzalezBirth Certificate BC/20/132064
Patricia Barbara CodlingBirth Certificate BC/20/132116
Dorota BulikowskaBirth Certificate BC/20/132129
Lester Neil McCrohonBirth Certificate BC/20/132137
Philip FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/132144
Olaronke Abike LabodeBirth Certificate BC/20/132153
Tara MadgeBirth Certificate BC/20/132164
Carmen Maria SeteramBirth Certificate BC/20/132173
Vanessa Elizabeth Howard BarnettBirth Certificate BC/20/132179
Kiera Leigh BuckBirth Certificate BC/20/132191
Elizabeth Ripeka McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/132200
Zierra Rosa ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/132206
Jiselle Jo Marina McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/132212
Jordan Walter ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/132222
Matthias Joseph ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/132228
Ayodeji Akanni AbodedeleBirth Certificate BC/20/132238
Therese Marie CafassoBirth Certificate BC/20/132248
Dom AhumBirth Certificate BC/20/132256
Gabriel TremblayBirth Certificate BC/20/132273
Zenor PashaBirth Certificate BC/20/132280
Abisola Agbeke AbodedeleBirth Certificate BC/20/132289
Petra Irmtraud StetinaBirth Certificate BC/20/132323
Mark seniorBirth Certificate BC/20/132331
Charmaine Samantha AbodedeleBirth Certificate BC/20/132349
Ashley david laneBirth Certificate BC/20/132361
Anne Marie GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/132378
Stephanie Claire HintonBirth Certificate BC/20/132407
Murat ParlakBirth Certificate BC/20/132416
Frank-JohannesLohmannBirth Certificate BC/20/132424
Paul BLACKMOREBirth Certificate BC/20/132434
Jean-MarcBirth Certificate BC/20/132493
Zoe GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/132540
Alexandra Prudence Hamilton FreedBirth Certificate BC/20/132546
Michelle Pauline WarrenBirth Certificate BC/20/132559
Janice Mary SteggallBirth Certificate BC/20/132564
Norma Elizabeth RossBirth Certificate BC/20/132575
Duane dennis roy salesBirth Certificate BC/20/132605
David CheyneBirth Certificate BC/20/132615
David Jonathan SinfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/132625
Nathan Kanoa SunadaBirth Certificate BC/20/132634
Rikki MauaBirth Certificate BC/20/132642
Celeste Orion PaleyBirth Certificate BC/20/132658
Krystyna Anna StolarskaBirth Certificate BC/20/132665
Martin SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/132675
Dawna Marie LynchBirth Certificate BC/20/132684
Keith R. CarpentierBirth Certificate BC/20/132697
Michael Anthony CamenzuliBirth Certificate BC/20/132704
Carlie Louise DuvalBirth Certificate BC/20/132713
Hannah RonacherBirth Certificate BC/20/132733
Chardonnay Arabella TuwhangaiBirth Certificate BC/20/132750
Jandamarra Haunui TuwhangaiBirth Certificate BC/20/132757
Stacey Rebecca HawkesBirth Certificate BC/20/132765
David cannngBirth Certificate BC/20/132771
Mark HunerBirth Certificate BC/20/132782
Paula Audrey DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/132862
Angel, Gabriella Odogwuu2019LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/132884
Michael Henry RoutledgeBirth Certificate BC/20/132892
Michael Iain FrenchBirth Certificate BC/20/132913
Gary Francis TanguyBirth Certificate BC/20/132944
Iyam ThatiamBirth Certificate BC/20/132955
Stuart BirnieBirth Certificate BC/20/132976
Duncan CamilleriBirth Certificate BC/20/133004
IulianoBirth Certificate BC/20/133014
Emma Rebecka MonCrieffBirth Certificate BC/20/133032
Robert John MarksBirth Certificate BC/20/133044
Zaire marie woodburyBirth Certificate BC/20/133061
Stephen John JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/133067
ViktorBirth Certificate BC/20/133073
Idris Muu00f1oz Farru00e9sBirth Certificate BC/20/133100
Alena Victoria AuerBirth Certificate BC/20/133113
Gail Elise RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/133122
Adam Matthew Lewis VeceBirth Certificate BC/20/133140
Robin TerryBirth Certificate BC/20/133164
John Douglas FlooksBirth Certificate BC/20/133170
Tony Christopher stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/133190
Lars-MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/133206
Franki lynge christensenBirth Certificate BC/20/133217
Joseph hullBirth Certificate BC/20/133233
Keith James mcgilchristBirth Certificate BC/20/133246
Robert anthony john webbBirth Certificate BC/20/133252
John Brian KuffelBirth Certificate BC/20/133262
Niamh Colette GribbinBirth Certificate BC/20/133271
Ceira MilesBirth Certificate BC/20/133282
MARTIN-gustavo RODRIGUEZ.Birth Certificate BC/20/133288
Kathy WawrzynowiczBirth Certificate BC/20/133297
Wanda Lynette PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/133306
Richard ThorneBirth Certificate BC/20/133321
Lydia-Marguerite Laverdiu00e8reBirth Certificate BC/20/133330
Kenneth Ray RippetoeBirth Certificate BC/20/133339
Katrina Antje RutgersBirth Certificate BC/20/133368
Angelo Espiritu AlbrechtBirth Certificate BC/20/133426
peter reece telfordBirth Certificate BC/20/133450
Marc-Andru00e9 WeissBirth Certificate BC/20/133468
Joanne AbbottBirth Certificate BC/20/133479
Taylor James HarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/133487
Mark Donald YuenBirth Certificate BC/20/133501
Alexia willow millgateBirth Certificate BC/20/133529
Hayden Phoenix Peter millgateBirth Certificate BC/20/133534
Lindsey Denise KimeBirth Certificate BC/20/133550
JACQUELINE STRINGERBirth Certificate BC/20/133573
Diane Jennifer HarlowBirth Certificate BC/20/133581
Ashley Julia RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/133614
aidan malcolm fraserBirth Certificate BC/20/133622
Simon RadbourneBirth Certificate BC/20/133629
VALARIE ELAINE GAMBRELLBirth Certificate BC/20/133640
Donna Maree BoydBirth Certificate BC/20/133646
Kevin John MorganBirth Certificate BC/20/133675
Anastasia Marianna HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/133689
Andrea Ilean WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/133696
Randy WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/133704
Helen Louse GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/133714
Samarra Sylvia Hyacinth WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/133720
Shanessa Diamond WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/133727
Robert Alexander PeartBirth Certificate BC/20/133736
James Timothy Cargill MermagenBirth Certificate BC/20/133745
Jessica Carlene WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/133786
Marley RhodesBirth Certificate BC/20/133811
Harbour Carew BellamyBirth Certificate BC/20/133822
Monique Helena Constant RomBirth Certificate BC/20/133865
Sharon Tracey ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/133876
Linda Joyce WingerBirth Certificate BC/20/133897
Kenneth Jay PiperBirth Certificate BC/20/133907
Ralph Eli PurcellBirth Certificate BC/20/133913
Jou00eblle NICOLLETBirth Certificate BC/20/133924
Vicki Pittman McCarterBirth Certificate BC/20/133940
DANIEL JOHN MAURICEBirth Certificate BC/20/133952
Ryan Arnold James crossBirth Certificate BC/20/134014
Lesley Nicole EasleyBirth Certificate BC/20/134039
Angela SusanBirth Certificate BC/20/134049
Paul SavageBirth Certificate BC/20/134055
rhys andrew francis stylli-roussouBirth Certificate BC/20/134068
Richi de VictoriaBirth Certificate BC/20/134075
Roger HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/134081
Asif hussainBirth Certificate BC/20/134087
Catherine Frances JefferysBirth Certificate BC/20/134094
Wendy Suzanne HudswellBirth Certificate BC/20/134113
Maria Isabel Cardoso Colau00e7oBirth Certificate BC/20/134129
Emma Louise WakeBirth Certificate BC/20/134141
ricardo poza maderaBirth Certificate BC/20/134158
Mary Lynn DaleyBirth Certificate BC/20/134165
Linton Delroy StonesBirth Certificate BC/20/134171
Marie Marguerite Carole LarocheBirth Certificate BC/20/134185
Bradley Wayne BrethertonBirth Certificate BC/20/134192
Anya Ruth StonesBirth Certificate BC/20/134207
Matthew James StephensonBirth Certificate BC/20/134217
lee obeneyBirth Certificate BC/20/134237
Steven Norby Lodewijk VredenBirth Certificate BC/20/134243
Jennifer JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/134257
Racheal Jodi Hapai TawhaiBirth Certificate BC/20/134263
Leon Johan NaudeBirth Certificate BC/20/134280
Maria IputauBirth Certificate BC/20/134289
Kathryn Louise CheethamBirth Certificate BC/20/134298
Angela Dawn KlassenBirth Certificate BC/20/134316
Roland KimBirth Certificate BC/20/134353
Denise GibbonsBirth Certificate BC/20/134367
Michelle Dorothy LatzBirth Certificate BC/20/134380
Hayden Francis WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/134415
Richard James MawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/134433
Susan BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/134439
Robert Nathan MatherBirth Certificate BC/20/134449
Derek Stephen BarkasBirth Certificate BC/20/134561
melissa lee ramanauskasBirth Certificate BC/20/134582
Derek Ray PartridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/134589
Rosabel Lucia LawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/134630
Francesa Joy LawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/134637
James Paul McKenzie BalchinBirth Certificate BC/20/134664
Dorota Barbara BaranBirth Certificate BC/20/134679
Nelly BaranBirth Certificate BC/20/134683
Livvy BaranBirth Certificate BC/20/134687
Andy EssbowBirth Certificate BC/20/134718
Dana Anne DeMenoBirth Certificate BC/20/134727
Jill Alison SampsonBirth Certificate BC/20/134751
Nathalie DianBirth Certificate BC/20/134776
Varito de DiosBirth Certificate BC/20/134785
Brian Justin BotesBirth Certificate BC/20/134793
Lucian Doru HerlasBirth Certificate BC/20/134799
Amanda jane smithBirth Certificate BC/20/134807
Suzanne Lori MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/134818
Gamze Aleyna ArpaciBirth Certificate BC/20/134825
Lara Rose Deer HartBirth Certificate BC/20/134831
Linda Irene SavageBirth Certificate BC/20/134854
Andrew Russell GoaterBirth Certificate BC/20/134860
Ronald Lee HollandBirth Certificate BC/20/134867
Laszlo Vitorlai MolnarBirth Certificate BC/20/134884
Rozsa Agnes SzilagyiBirth Certificate BC/20/134897
Deborah A DalyBirth Certificate BC/20/134904
Deanna Donna-Marie WaimotuBirth Certificate BC/20/134913
Jason BourneBirth Certificate BC/20/134924
Te Rangihou MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/134934
Mark ShieldsBirth Certificate BC/20/134975
Christa LuckettBirth Certificate BC/20/134981
Alexandra Dorothee SonntagBirth Certificate BC/20/134985
Anthony LowthBirth Certificate BC/20/134996
Victoria Lynne WaltersBirth Certificate BC/20/135002
Sarah Marie SwetlikBirth Certificate BC/20/135008
Colette Rose McCreadyBirth Certificate BC/20/135035
Robert Thomas GrayBirth Certificate BC/20/135050
Naomi CrokerBirth Certificate BC/20/135057
Sharon Elizabeth PriestleyBirth Certificate BC/20/135066
Chase HochreinBirth Certificate BC/20/135074
Alpa Rajnikant PattniBirth Certificate BC/20/135081
Daneeka Tania Rebecca BerridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/135088
Talia Amoru00e9 Valantina WillisBirth Certificate BC/20/135092
Catherine Ellen mccreadieBirth Certificate BC/20/135098
Tayahna Leanora DuncanBirth Certificate BC/20/135102
Gareth Malcolm Saba FakhryBirth Certificate BC/20/135114
Susan Frances BarryBirth Certificate BC/20/135127
Renu00e9 ArchnerBirth Certificate BC/20/135136
Deborah Jane BridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/135154
Cherie Kurarangi Smith RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/135160
Darlyne Sharmaine Tatrina GerrardBirth Certificate BC/20/135169
Carine Elizabeth MilesBirth Certificate BC/20/135184
Milla Julia StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/135207
Marcus Peter ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/135226
Daniel-Jared Malachi TuwhangaiBirth Certificate BC/20/135232
Adrianne KereopaBirth Certificate BC/20/135241
Shane Stephen CartwrightBirth Certificate BC/20/135255
Niels-jagd Sivertsen.u00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/135316
Carrie Gay McAnallyBirth Certificate BC/20/135327
Roshan Ali BhunnooBirth Certificate BC/20/135356
Evert Timothy GrulBirth Certificate BC/20/135378
Lucette Imogen CordellBirth Certificate BC/20/135392
Conner MacleodBirth Certificate BC/20/135419
Paul William WybornBirth Certificate BC/20/135451
Craig Gornal JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/135463
Michael Anthony Miller-ElBirth Certificate BC/20/135477
Jamie Dallas masonBirth Certificate BC/20/135486
David Charles DonovanBirth Certificate BC/20/135507
Helena Catharina le Roux (nee Erasmus)Birth Certificate BC/20/135518
Aimee Rachel HerriotBirth Certificate BC/20/135525
Ariel Vivaan Herriot GrangierBirth Certificate BC/20/135531
Seraphin Azriel Herriot GrangierBirth Certificate BC/20/135538
Ezayah Gabriel Herriot GrangierBirth Certificate BC/20/135543
Kevin Florian AxelBirth Certificate BC/20/135547
Paul alan panruckerBirth Certificate BC/20/135553
Oliver Benedikt Herriot GoebelBirth Certificate BC/20/135557
Dominik RaphaelBirth Certificate BC/20/135564
Carly louise robertsBirth Certificate BC/20/135570
Talia Sophie Herriot GoebelBirth Certificate BC/20/135577
Trina Marie MulryanBirth Certificate BC/20/135583
James Paul RowlandsBirth Certificate BC/20/135594
Georgina Eve Oldridge de la HeyBirth Certificate BC/20/135609
Karen Lesley RoweBirth Certificate BC/20/135617
Taren James LongBirth Certificate BC/20/135631
Kendall Patricia LongBirth Certificate BC/20/135640
Bonnie Anne BarkhouseBirth Certificate BC/20/135659
Shaun Michael fitzpatrickBirth Certificate BC/20/135680
Ball Gary ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/135721
Wayne Charles ArnettBirth Certificate BC/20/135731
PAUL SAVAGEBirth Certificate BC/20/135737
Elina ReznikBirth Certificate BC/20/135747
Graham PageBirth Certificate BC/20/135756
Kerry panruckerBirth Certificate BC/20/135766
Dorshaine Yvonne GouldBirth Certificate BC/20/135772
Sharon Elizabeth HillBirth Certificate BC/20/135789
Rocky J GundersonBirth Certificate BC/20/135796
Paul of the family WiltshireBirth Certificate BC/20/135819
WILEK ABRAHAM BEYBirth Certificate BC/20/135829
Sophie mcCaslinBirth Certificate BC/20/135838
Scott Andrew WhaleBirth Certificate BC/20/135844
Daithu00ed O Croidhu00e9ainBirth Certificate BC/20/135850
Andrew David GregoryBirth Certificate BC/20/135874
Matthew David John DurrantBirth Certificate BC/20/135890
Matthew-Jon-AndersenBirth Certificate BC/20/135899
Maria MarcinkovicBirth Certificate BC/20/135920
Dipika SoniBirth Certificate BC/20/135937
Rikki Andrew CahillBirth Certificate BC/20/135947
Mark David GyngellBirth Certificate BC/20/135965
Dianne Gwendoline LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/135973
Susanne Lea CullenBirth Certificate BC/20/135974
Howard Christopher McGarvaBirth Certificate BC/20/135990
Darren Jamar ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/136014
Bethan StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/136051
Deborah Jane BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/136057
Lisa ChristineBirth Certificate BC/20/136086
Gerry CecereBirth Certificate BC/20/136095
TYRONE TAKEREI BERRYMANBirth Certificate BC/20/136102
Tracey Annette BellBirth Certificate BC/20/136115
Donna Waimihea TawhaiBirth Certificate BC/20/136126
Annick Marie Pascale ELZIEREBirth Certificate BC/20/136134
Timothy Wayne HendrixBirth Certificate BC/20/136149
Edward Lee hooperBirth Certificate BC/20/136158
Alan George WallaceBirth Certificate BC/20/136166
Martina Diana SchmidtkeBirth Certificate BC/20/136172
Karimah Frances Isobel WardBirth Certificate BC/20/136186
joanne rachel wilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/136200
Benjamin ChristopherBirth Certificate BC/20/136216
Luke Alexander BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/136244
Mia le RouxBirth Certificate BC/20/136261
Douglas Martin VennerBirth Certificate BC/20/136278
Jena-Lee Nicole WesselsBirth Certificate BC/20/136288
Jacques le RouxBirth Certificate BC/20/136300
Danial-KennethBirth Certificate BC/20/136305
Mika le RouxBirth Certificate BC/20/136315
Danielle Lorraine RodgersBirth Certificate BC/20/136323
Libby Mae PaskinBirth Certificate BC/20/136400
Randal Emerson AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/136408
Leigh Deborah clarkBirth Certificate BC/20/136417
Claus Bech.u00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/136425
FoxBirth Certificate BC/20/136432
Denora Jane GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/136438
Sharn panruckerBirth Certificate BC/20/136444
Daniel Victor GandiniBirth Certificate BC/20/136450
Kylie leeanne TurcinoBirth Certificate BC/20/136457
Ploutarhos GiakoumisBirth Certificate BC/20/136480
Raven BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/136532
Amyris Teal PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/136536
Eden Bluestar PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/136540
Amanda Jane WhittleBirth Certificate BC/20/136547
Rachael InghamBirth Certificate BC/20/136557
Lukaz Storm Alexandar SøndergaardBirth Certificate BC/20/136567
Quinn T. DemarestBirth Certificate BC/20/136580
Jessica ScarpaBirth Certificate BC/20/136586
FRANCES FORNALBirth Certificate BC/20/136607
Kathy WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/136624
Lucie ConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/136630
Lennarth HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/136636
Jelena PerovanovicBirth Certificate BC/20/136657
Adam Patrick GrovesBirth Certificate BC/20/136664
julie margaret rosserBirth Certificate BC/20/136676
Amanda Jane HolleyBirth Certificate BC/20/136689
Ryan TissandierBirth Certificate BC/20/136704
Marc mckaigBirth Certificate BC/20/136710
Yvonne jacqueline CrossBirth Certificate BC/20/136719
Gourde Ku00e9vinBirth Certificate BC/20/136732
Tieron Alan BaptisteBirth Certificate BC/20/136747
Barbara FleuryBirth Certificate BC/20/136758
Jurgen WulfBirth Certificate BC/20/136768
Kristie Jane MarsdenBirth Certificate BC/20/136777
Sonia Maria WilliamsonBirth Certificate BC/20/136798
Patrick Charles LongmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/136803
Kevin Jamal SmallsBirth Certificate BC/20/136815
Jenny elisa rodriguez espinosaBirth Certificate BC/20/136844
Joshua IanBirth Certificate BC/20/136855
Kylie Michelle WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/136874
Amanda Jayne ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/136888
Michele Erica MageeBirth Certificate BC/20/136934
Janet GreenhalghBirth Certificate BC/20/136947
Edith Ilse FloessBirth Certificate BC/20/136953
Tracy EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/136969
Claude TissandierBirth Certificate BC/20/136985
Kathy Leanne JuddBirth Certificate BC/20/136992
Viki Clare SheppardBirth Certificate BC/20/137014
Charlotte Rose WaldenBirth Certificate BC/20/137027
Emily Iris WaldenBirth Certificate BC/20/137033
Neil Howard WarrinerBirth Certificate BC/20/137039
gajdos mariannaBirth Certificate BC/20/137045
Joseph Robert WaldenBirth Certificate BC/20/137054
KIMBERLEY JANE CAVENBirth Certificate BC/20/137066
ENRIQUE FLAMES DE TIENDABirth Certificate BC/20/137072
David ManchesterBirth Certificate BC/20/137078
simon patrick conwayBirth Certificate BC/20/137087
Johanna Ihru00e9n AbrahamssonBirth Certificate BC/20/137100
Dominic Rex WaldenBirth Certificate BC/20/137108
christopher thomas mcgowan smythBirth Certificate BC/20/137116
Peggy Jo IngleBirth Certificate BC/20/137123
Luke StearsBirth Certificate BC/20/137129
Myra Lynn RaneyBirth Certificate BC/20/137153
Tusa Erzsu00e9betBirth Certificate BC/20/137163
Teo Christopher BaptisteBirth Certificate BC/20/137194
Torin Floyd BaptisteBirth Certificate BC/20/137201
ShawnBirth Certificate BC/20/137207
Kimberley Jane CavenBirth Certificate BC/20/137221
MARK ANTHONY DAVIESBirth Certificate BC/20/137233
Susan Elizabeth ChandlerBirth Certificate BC/20/137239
alex jay simpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/137245
Abdull Samad TourayBirth Certificate BC/20/137251
BASILIKIBirth Certificate BC/20/137278
Reena ParmarBirth Certificate BC/20/137293
Kay Keith BarclayBirth Certificate BC/20/137303
Leon SingerBirth Certificate BC/20/137322
Katrina Anne clarkBirth Certificate BC/20/137331
Waltrude ChitolieBirth Certificate BC/20/137348
Amber Rachelle NealBirth Certificate BC/20/137354
nathalie hamelBirth Certificate BC/20/137367
Albert Clu00e9mentBirth Certificate BC/20/137374
Andrew john Merriweather/FairweatherBirth Certificate BC/20/137390
Agnese LeiteBirth Certificate BC/20/137396
Ruben FantauzziBirth Certificate BC/20/137411
Kyran Andrew HarrisBirth Certificate BC/20/137419
Mark Emmanuel Leroy RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/137444
Steven John McalisterBirth Certificate BC/20/137452
Michelle Anne ShireyBirth Certificate BC/20/137469
Miko JadeBirth Certificate BC/20/137479
Luna RoseBirth Certificate BC/20/137483
Jules KoaBirth Certificate BC/20/137487
Rebecca Yuen YeeBirth Certificate BC/20/137491
Ann-Kym LordBirth Certificate BC/20/137498
Rigoberto Quintero LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/137530
Kaya Celeste EllisBirth Certificate BC/20/137540
Malcolm-John baxter.Birth Certificate BC/20/137555
Morgan Michelle EllisBirth Certificate BC/20/137565
Amber Du2019Lyn BrandtBirth Certificate BC/20/137580
RANIERI GABRIEL SOARES SILVABirth Certificate BC/20/137587
Kiarnscott Raymond Morrison-wardBirth Certificate BC/20/137596
Cindy NilosBirth Certificate BC/20/137608
Silvana BusatoBirth Certificate BC/20/137618
Lauries LeontyBirth Certificate BC/20/137655
Shobhit RainaBirth Certificate BC/20/137673
Alice Valdes-ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/137684
Zayd Youssef AyoubiBirth Certificate BC/20/137767
Farida Sofia AyoubiBirth Certificate BC/20/137773
Janice LyonsBirth Certificate BC/20/137799
Wendy Elizabeth AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/137805
stephen lloydBirth Certificate BC/20/137836
Colin John Warden Fraser StevensonBirth Certificate BC/20/137857
Celestine ZamolxianaBirth Certificate BC/20/137905
SARAH ELAINE DOBBSBirth Certificate BC/20/137918
Tor Arne ThuneBirth Certificate BC/20/137929
Richard Vincent AtkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/137943
Danielle Maria DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/20/137952
Sharlene Antonia DavidsonBirth Certificate BC/20/137961
Karen Patricia BlakeBirth Certificate BC/20/137967
JOHANNE ALARIEBirth Certificate BC/20/138023
Gerald WallettBirth Certificate BC/20/138032
Graham Paul KeepBirth Certificate BC/20/138052
Manuel PauloBirth Certificate BC/20/138056
Stephanie Louise DurrantBirth Certificate BC/20/138091
Jason Spencer StockerBirth Certificate BC/20/138106
clive peter alan daveyBirth Certificate BC/20/138112
Angela Elizabeth DurrantBirth Certificate BC/20/138132
Randi Erin JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/138138
Martin Michael WarrenBirth Certificate BC/20/138148
Brian howellBirth Certificate BC/20/138168
James ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/138174
Susan Beverley GatesBirth Certificate BC/20/138185
Lorraine Michelle KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/138198
Thabiso ShangeBirth Certificate BC/20/138231
Wardy Douglass WardBirth Certificate BC/20/138277
Dane Stephen CoulterBirth Certificate BC/20/138299
Jeanette Anne HobmanBirth Certificate BC/20/138320
Jozef LehotskyBirth Certificate BC/20/138335
Amanda LynelleBirth Certificate BC/20/138441
Romero ErmesBirth Certificate BC/20/138474
Scott WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/138486
DamienBirth Certificate BC/20/138508
Katherine Julia GrangerBirth Certificate BC/20/138515
victoria hynesBirth Certificate BC/20/138521
Cherry Ann GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/138527
albert edric malcolm pearceBirth Certificate BC/20/138550
Maibritt-SkovgaardKokholmBirth Certificate BC/20/138567
Andonakis LambrouBirth Certificate BC/20/138584
Panayiota LambrouBirth Certificate BC/20/138594
Mark LeslieBirth Certificate BC/20/138642
Ivu00e1n Jesu00fas Gonzu00e1lez TraviesoBirth Certificate BC/20/138648
Arnoldus Henrikus van der HaarBirth Certificate BC/20/138657
Carmen Maria RobinBirth Certificate BC/20/138666
Joanne PriceBirth Certificate BC/20/138681
Lesley Michelle NunnBirth Certificate BC/20/138694
John Hugh Richard MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/138739
TURNER, TYSON ANDREWBirth Certificate BC/20/138747
Vicki Alexandra ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/138763
Deborah Helen SpoonerBirth Certificate BC/20/138769
Melissa-gail-doerfler Leijon.Birth Certificate BC/20/138776
Christopher MassiasBirth Certificate BC/20/138786
Rowena CameronBirth Certificate BC/20/138794
Francisca Antonia Oliva VidalBirth Certificate BC/20/138800
Tane David CrossleyBirth Certificate BC/20/138806
Veru00f3nica Macarena Oliva vidalBirth Certificate BC/20/138812
David James CrossleyBirth Certificate BC/20/138818
Jaun Martinu00e9 BoshoffBirth Certificate BC/20/138824
Kim Lorna BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/138835
Aiden Joseph Parson-ArnoldBirth Certificate BC/20/138849
Veru00f3nica Jacqueline Vidal OpazoBirth Certificate BC/20/138858
Antonio Alejandro Oliva CidBirth Certificate BC/20/138866
Leslie Ann DavisBirth Certificate BC/20/138872
Violet Cornelia Rose AdeyBirth Certificate BC/20/138880
Marvin Leigh BeaverBirth Certificate BC/20/138906
Scott HealyBirth Certificate BC/20/138930
Kevin Lee DzierzynskiBirth Certificate BC/20/138944
Shantelle Alexandra CornsBirth Certificate BC/20/138950
Teresa Grace kellyBirth Certificate BC/20/138956
Colin John HallBirth Certificate BC/20/138970
Adam JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/138979
Clara Agali Nyambasi RajwayiBirth Certificate BC/20/138992
Robert jasonBirth Certificate BC/20/138998
Raeesah AhmedBirth Certificate BC/20/139004
Delena Jane GaffneyBirth Certificate BC/20/139033
Ruth Mair BryantBirth Certificate BC/20/139039
Sara Emily OsmanBirth Certificate BC/20/139060
Peter James HigginsBirth Certificate BC/20/139066
Patricia Dawn WhittonBirth Certificate BC/20/139085
Taylor WonsonBirth Certificate BC/20/139091
Ngahere Te Pohe WallBirth Certificate BC/20/139097
Charmaine WonsonBirth Certificate BC/20/139107
Siayome Omsa Kareem Scarlett-HudsonBirth Certificate BC/20/139113
Josianna HesseBirth Certificate BC/20/139123
Teresa Eileen IrvingBirth Certificate BC/20/139142
Kristina Maria Hentze GonzagaBirth Certificate BC/20/139154
Cynthia Gonzales Rendon MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/139161
ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/139175
Andrew Robert MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/139181
Kaiden Antony Steven BoyesBirth Certificate BC/20/139206
Mya Katrina Christina BoyesBirth Certificate BC/20/139218
David mc gurnBirth Certificate BC/20/139252
Jason Robert SprayBirth Certificate BC/20/139274
John Paul DevlinBirth Certificate BC/20/139298
Malik Majdi Hentze GonzagaBirth Certificate BC/20/139319
Jarel Majdi Hentze GonzagaBirth Certificate BC/20/139328
Jamil Majdi Hentze GonzagaBirth Certificate BC/20/139336
Pauline Joan SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/139367
Simon guyBirth Certificate BC/20/139373
Peter Leslie ThorntonBirth Certificate BC/20/139393
Denise Ann BaldwinBirth Certificate BC/20/139407
Saber IdrissBirth Certificate BC/20/139437
ian peter dawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/139443
Gillian Amy KeepBirth Certificate BC/20/139460
Christopher James of the House of BlackmoreBirth Certificate BC/20/139468
Karen ShakeshaftBirth Certificate BC/20/139480
Shirley GuerraBirth Certificate BC/20/139489
Monica Marian NaeyaertBirth Certificate BC/20/139497
joanne marie priceBirth Certificate BC/20/139505
Janet Anne HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/139517
Domonique Rachel BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/139527
VERMEULEN HAILEY MIABirth Certificate BC/20/139538
Russell John BroomhallBirth Certificate BC/20/139556
Margaret Elizabeth CongerBirth Certificate BC/20/139569
Zuzana u0160u00edbovu00e1Birth Certificate BC/20/139577
Bradley Russell BroomhallBirth Certificate BC/20/139598
Vanya Sally-Anne BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/139620
Victoria Lynne ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/139639
WiltshireBirth Certificate BC/20/139666
Juliann IrvineBirth Certificate BC/20/139681
Ana M. Real DomantBirth Certificate BC/20/139698
Krysia SzybutBirth Certificate BC/20/139705
Anne Margaret KunesBirth Certificate BC/20/139724
Jake Louis BroomhallBirth Certificate BC/20/139728
Rachel Arlene JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/139737
Wayne William JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/139745
Bridie May Rajput { nee Googe }Birth Certificate BC/20/139758
Sandra Kaye BuddBirth Certificate BC/20/139773
Ann Mary O DowdBirth Certificate BC/20/139782
Wiremu Tutere Edward NgataiBirth Certificate BC/20/139788
Taryn Kristina NeildBirth Certificate BC/20/139800
Nakia londonBirth Certificate BC/20/139806
Colleen Esme WarburtonBirth Certificate BC/20/139815
sean francis hughesBirth Certificate BC/20/139824
Catherine Ellen MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/139830
Janet Elizabeth HynesBirth Certificate BC/20/139845
Julia Christine TennentBirth Certificate BC/20/139855
Sofia MarisaBirth Certificate BC/20/139864
Jane Amanda SleightBirth Certificate BC/20/139873
Johnny Vangen NielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/139912
Christy Lynn PrinceBirth Certificate BC/20/139922
Travis Dale JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/139942
Stuart Alan HillBirth Certificate BC/20/139952
Luke Thomas Michael SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/139965
Clayton Richard LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/139971
Sean McshaneBirth Certificate BC/20/140011
Angela Deborah ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/140033
Warren Lindsey HarrissBirth Certificate BC/20/140039
James Andrew HarrissBirth Certificate BC/20/140052
Akayla Alexis HarrissBirth Certificate BC/20/140090
Marie Barbara MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/140103
Gabriel Denis ShieldsBirth Certificate BC/20/140116
Lily May HarrissBirth Certificate BC/20/140130
Hayley Elizabeth HarrissBirth Certificate BC/20/140139
Adeola Abeni LabodeBirth Certificate BC/20/140157
William john homerBirth Certificate BC/20/140172
Dominic hillBirth Certificate BC/20/140184
Jabari Temitayo Labode-BlackwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/140193
jon james durrantBirth Certificate BC/20/140205
Sharla kanell-blakeBirth Certificate BC/20/140209
McCullochBirth Certificate BC/20/140215
Valentina Sophia Rose SayerBirth Certificate BC/20/140225
Taylor-James WilliamsonBirth Certificate BC/20/140229
Lola-joyce PiromanskiBirth Certificate BC/20/140239
Marlyn Jhojaira Echavarria PalaciosBirth Certificate BC/20/140245
Chad Michael BamrickBirth Certificate BC/20/140262
Pamela danvilleBirth Certificate BC/20/140273
Jacqueline HeffernanBirth Certificate BC/20/140281
James Ethan TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/140293
Elaine Louise JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/140299
Matthew Paul LeyshanBirth Certificate BC/20/140305
Lauren Amy Louise JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/140311
Kathryn Louise BellBirth Certificate BC/20/140317
Michael David MacphersonBirth Certificate BC/20/140337
John JelisBirth Certificate BC/20/140376
Sofia Andrea JelisBirth Certificate BC/20/140384
Ronald Paul KlattBirth Certificate BC/20/140390
Stala MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/140394
Andreas Vaios JelisBirth Certificate BC/20/140398
Natalie Jane HeathBirth Certificate BC/20/140408
MICHAEL CHARLES ANDERSONBirth Certificate BC/20/140414
Anthony Paul HuggardBirth Certificate BC/20/140432
Ana Maria Arnautu `1eBirth Certificate BC/20/140440
GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/140448
EFRAIM JUNIOR ODORBirth Certificate BC/20/140454
Joanne BuchananBirth Certificate BC/20/140458
Darren John SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/140469
Angela Karen ScottBirth Certificate BC/20/140478
Steven Andrew WallaceBirth Certificate BC/20/140486
Barbara WoolhamBirth Certificate BC/20/140498
Kevin Lee GerrardBirth Certificate BC/20/140504
Camille Lisia Adele TomlinBirth Certificate BC/20/140511
Daniel James MarjoribanksBirth Certificate BC/20/140587
Trent . James Newman . Finn .Birth Certificate BC/20/140597
David George HitchensBirth Certificate BC/20/140614
Jane Louise EbsaryBirth Certificate BC/20/140621
Lim Yeow KwangBirth Certificate BC/20/140630
Cindi Marie GarciaBirth Certificate BC/20/140659
Nicole Margaret MorrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/140674
Candace Elizabeth SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/140690
Paul William of the Otta ClanBirth Certificate BC/20/140707
Charles Henry WardBirth Certificate BC/20/140734
James martyn swindellsBirth Certificate BC/20/140746
Britta SchnabelBirth Certificate BC/20/140772
Holly Sara ProbertBirth Certificate BC/20/140798
Eva Mandoline ProbertBirth Certificate BC/20/140819
Grace Yvonne ProbertBirth Certificate BC/20/140839
John Ross Hrstich RikiBirth Certificate BC/20/140867
PHAEDRA BERESFORDBirth Certificate BC/20/140885
Darryl duMoulin ConollyBirth Certificate BC/20/140895
Emma Louise ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/140918
MR ANDREW GEORGE BURTONBirth Certificate BC/20/140924
Ann CannonBirth Certificate BC/20/140930
Angela Rita DellOsaBirth Certificate BC/20/140961
Helen BinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/140969
Dawn QuevaBirth Certificate BC/20/140987
Misty HindmarshBirth Certificate BC/20/140996
Natascha EitelBirth Certificate BC/20/141002
Gregoria MessentBirth Certificate BC/20/141014
Anika Bernadette MessentBirth Certificate BC/20/141018
Nadayjha Marie MessentBirth Certificate BC/20/141022
MR RYAN NATHAN ADAM ROBINBirth Certificate BC/20/141028
Anthony Wayne HeathBirth Certificate BC/20/141036
Kristina MatisaBirth Certificate BC/20/141045
Iain CrooksBirth Certificate BC/20/141052
Alexander Selkirk YoungBirth Certificate BC/20/141061
Stephanie CuthbertBirth Certificate BC/20/141075
Peter James Edward CheekBirth Certificate BC/20/141098
Amanda jane smithBirth Certificate BC/20/141112
Robert Wharton-HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/141118
Joyce withingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/141176
Dean Edward GriffithsBirth Certificate BC/20/141194
Elisabeth RobynBirth Certificate BC/20/141203
Tammy Jane CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/141224
Aliyaas affa-jason cooper-scott-freemanBirth Certificate BC/20/141231
Sarah KendrickBirth Certificate BC/20/141237
Jan Cornelius HaarhoffBirth Certificate BC/20/141243
Judith Maria OramBirth Certificate BC/20/141249
Jay Ra Freeman Akeem Green-ElBirth Certificate BC/20/141255
Summer Zorina MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/141261
JAMES MORRISONBirth Certificate BC/20/141295
Madonna-JoyBirth Certificate BC/20/141304
Diana carina botBirth Certificate BC/20/141329
Christopher BourneBirth Certificate BC/20/141335
KazBirth Certificate BC/20/141341
Stacey Marie JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/141347
Lois Anne SpoonerBirth Certificate BC/20/141362
Paul Martin DArcyBirth Certificate BC/20/141401
Alison HendryBirth Certificate BC/20/141420
Hugh Simpson MacOwanBirth Certificate BC/20/141433
Craig Anthony ScanlonBirth Certificate BC/20/141458
Jade-Carly IrelandBirth Certificate BC/20/141477
Katie Carol-Anne IrelandBirth Certificate BC/20/141485
Amanda HealdBirth Certificate BC/20/141491
Georgia Susan SimonisBirth Certificate BC/20/141564
Mark AisbettBirth Certificate BC/20/141590
Sarah Rose HarrissBirth Certificate BC/20/141604
Samantha Louise StanleyBirth Certificate BC/20/141611
William MackayBirth Certificate BC/20/141630
Jennifer Faye JohnstonBirth Certificate BC/20/141637
Cheryl Dianne HiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/141643
Dinnion Kane HudsonBirth Certificate BC/20/141649
Daniela PecegueiroBirth Certificate BC/20/141664
Charles Rex TutavahaBirth Certificate BC/20/141670
Rua-Nui Joseph Nohowai Te WhaitiBirth Certificate BC/20/141676
Tracy Annette SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/141690
Nick BarthBirth Certificate BC/20/141700
Louise BourgieBirth Certificate BC/20/141715
Megan JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/141721
Linda Irene BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/141734
halit John soykutBirth Certificate BC/20/141740
Johnnie Hone Te Ngohe Ngohe NikoraBirth Certificate BC/20/141747
Jessica SnyderBirth Certificate BC/20/141755
Matthew Di DonatoBirth Certificate BC/20/141762
Corie Blaine EdenBirth Certificate BC/20/141768
Elysian NaturesarchBirth Certificate BC/20/141779
Jeanne F MoriartyBirth Certificate BC/20/141790
Sheila WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/141802
Steven Charles TannerBirth Certificate BC/20/141814
Mulu AtskeBirth Certificate BC/20/141822
Derek SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/141834
William John ToddBirth Certificate BC/20/141845
Shirley June ArkwrightBirth Certificate BC/20/141854
Roberta Anne LaneBirth Certificate BC/20/141860
Caroline M KaneBirth Certificate BC/20/141871
Jo-Anne ReeveBirth Certificate BC/20/141877
Kimberley Victoria JefferyBirth Certificate BC/20/141892
David Charlton Law RichardsBirth Certificate BC/20/141898
Karen Louise YoudeBirth Certificate BC/20/141909
Gillian Ann MaysBirth Certificate BC/20/141917
James Paul RowlandsBirth Certificate BC/20/141925
Nathan James Te WhaitiBirth Certificate BC/20/141931
Cassandra Felicia DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/141942
Jim AidonasBirth Certificate BC/20/141950
Judith Anne SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/141956
PatrickBirth Certificate BC/20/141962
Laila Manja MesserschmidtBirth Certificate BC/20/141971
EdenBirth Certificate BC/20/141996
James Alfred RaeBirth Certificate BC/20/142003
Tania Gina Marie WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/142009
Nicola Jane Auguste Hesketh-RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/142017
MARTIN DAVID KIRWANBirth Certificate BC/20/142023
Kohn, Johanna EkenBirth Certificate BC/20/142033
ButcherBirth Certificate BC/20/142040
Rohit ParbhuBirth Certificate BC/20/142046
Michelle Samantha RiselyBirth Certificate BC/20/142052
Claus AlsenBirth Certificate BC/20/142058
Ruby NoyceBirth Certificate BC/20/142064
Raymond Anthony RiselyBirth Certificate BC/20/142074
Tamara Shiva SamsonBirth Certificate BC/20/142080
Daisy Luna Elsie SticklandBirth Certificate BC/20/142089
Daniel Connor RiselyBirth Certificate BC/20/142096
Emmanuelle Valu00e9rie MartinezBirth Certificate BC/20/142103
John Barry ColeBirth Certificate BC/20/142109
Carol CrookesBirth Certificate BC/20/142115
Andrea Marie DalyBirth Certificate BC/20/142121
Thomas Dean RiselyBirth Certificate BC/20/142127
Pauline Anne ColemabBirth Certificate BC/20/142137
NEIL STEPHENSONBirth Certificate BC/20/142144
Tui Melissa Te WhaitiBirth Certificate BC/20/142151
philip anthony coshBirth Certificate BC/20/142163
Anarah Bessie Constance McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/20/142172
Bryan McgheeBirth Certificate BC/20/142182
Sabrina Annice WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/142192
Rowland GoochBirth Certificate BC/20/142199
Dyanne S. GavinBirth Certificate BC/20/142206
Evy Maria StokoeBirth Certificate BC/20/142212
Emilia MotykaBirth Certificate BC/20/142222
Julia pasinkovBirth Certificate BC/20/142228
Rachael Louise YorkeBirth Certificate BC/20/142247
Eric John MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/142254
Richard PartridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/142269
Oswald Otto Raimund RicksBirth Certificate BC/20/142284
Michael Andrew WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/142290
Sharyn Lee HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/142299
Anne Elizabeth WatsonBirth Certificate BC/20/142309
LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/142325
Irina Eleonora AlsenBirth Certificate BC/20/142343
Ross Alexander GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/142350
Ryan robert GrahamBirth Certificate BC/20/142357
David johnBirth Certificate BC/20/142378
Alison leysBirth Certificate BC/20/142384
Joanne Brannigan MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/142396
Julie LevittBirth Certificate BC/20/142415
Campbell John FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/142424
Leigh John BowmanBirth Certificate BC/20/142430
Geraldine Fiona Scott MorenoBirth Certificate BC/20/142444
John Scott PetersonBirth Certificate BC/20/142450
Jason James ClarkBirth Certificate BC/20/142456
Jessica Ann FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/142462
Beatrice Anne Marie RebondyBirth Certificate BC/20/142469
James Richard GamageBirth Certificate BC/20/142473
Stephen James BurfordBirth Certificate BC/20/142479
Kayleigh Ann FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/142485
Emma Louise OatesBirth Certificate BC/20/142494
Stephen BradyBirth Certificate BC/20/142501
Helen TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/142514
David De La RueBirth Certificate BC/20/142520
Rylan Hogan Haerewa McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/20/142527
Trevor SterlingBirth Certificate BC/20/142540
LouisBirth Certificate BC/20/142546
Kordell Michael McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/20/142580
Lesley GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/142592
Christine LightBirth Certificate BC/20/142600
James Daniel GirouardBirth Certificate BC/20/142609
Elisa Rose CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/20/142616
Krystian Gau0142kaBirth Certificate BC/20/142636
Jahna Melissa Tangiora McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/20/142649
Robert b HastingsBirth Certificate BC/20/142682
Paul Brian BoydBirth Certificate BC/20/142688
Leitan Fraser Michael McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/20/142709
Amie-Legh BartonBirth Certificate BC/20/142713
Joni Elizabeth AddisBirth Certificate BC/20/142719
Janet SandbrookBirth Certificate BC/20/142730
Freya CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/20/142746
Sean Stephen MeadonBirth Certificate BC/20/142754
Ian LaidlawBirth Certificate BC/20/142765
Geoff LeaBirth Certificate BC/20/142771
Vilona MilicevicBirth Certificate BC/20/142777
Evelyn-Rose CathcartBirth Certificate BC/20/142783
Kordell Michael McIntoshBirth Certificate BC/20/142793
Anthony William YoungBirth Certificate BC/20/142800
Nigel Paul SummersBirth Certificate BC/20/142808
Melanie PledgerBirth Certificate BC/20/142821
Mervin ChongBirth Certificate BC/20/142827
Graham Mark WindeattBirth Certificate BC/20/142844
Leesa Jane NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/142858
Sharon HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/142864
Matthew MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/142870
Natalie HolderBirth Certificate BC/20/142876
Jennifer WeedBirth Certificate BC/20/142882
Kari RiekkiBirth Certificate BC/20/142888
Ian ChristieBirth Certificate BC/20/142894
Stephen William McStayBirth Certificate BC/20/142900
Peter Kevin DoranBirth Certificate BC/20/142907
Billy Richard BurrowsBirth Certificate BC/20/142913
Ramani Desmond BorelandBirth Certificate BC/20/142919
Lisa Ann HahnBirth Certificate BC/20/142936
Nicholas Gregory SellersBirth Certificate BC/20/142942
Robert Valentine ShepherdBirth Certificate BC/20/142960
Stephen Dollard LucasBirth Certificate BC/20/142970
Joanne MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/142982
Duane LanghamBirth Certificate BC/20/142997
Ramani BorelandBirth Certificate BC/20/143001
Rebecca Catherine SchlenkerBirth Certificate BC/20/143016
Diana Marina ValenteBirth Certificate BC/20/143022
Vaidotas KelpsaBirth Certificate BC/20/143032
Michael BrennanBirth Certificate BC/20/143045
Anne RussellBirth Certificate BC/20/143056
Isla Olivia Harding-ThorpeBirth Certificate BC/20/143063
NICHOLAS JAMES WOOLLERBirth Certificate BC/20/143072
Tracey Leigh AndersonBirth Certificate BC/20/143073
Patricia Teresa HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/143087
Shirley Margaret TinniswoodBirth Certificate BC/20/143093
Carys dawn Harding-ThorpeBirth Certificate BC/20/143105
OLIVIAH LEIGH WYNTERBirth Certificate BC/20/143111
Jane Victoria PorrittBirth Certificate BC/20/143118
Nichola AckroydBirth Certificate BC/20/143126
Neikka Tienna Lee HarlingtenBirth Certificate BC/20/143132
Alan Keith GiddinsBirth Certificate BC/20/143141
Paul Anthony WibierBirth Certificate BC/20/143147
Denese Glenora WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/143155
Linda Diane WagnerBirth Certificate BC/20/143165
Hayley Louise JarvisBirth Certificate BC/20/143171
Sharon Jane EvansBirth Certificate BC/20/143181
Linda walkerBirth Certificate BC/20/143192
Terry DunnBirth Certificate BC/20/143202
Daphne Mc LeanBirth Certificate BC/20/143221
Mary Ann GriffithBirth Certificate BC/20/143245
ROBERT WAYNE KORENBirth Certificate BC/20/143254
Ujashkumar BhattBirth Certificate BC/20/143260
Diane Linda LyonsBirth Certificate BC/20/143268
Pamela Lynn RichBirth Certificate BC/20/143274
Mile CurcicBirth Certificate BC/20/143286
Laura Ann BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/143293
Jesse melvan stoneBirth Certificate BC/20/143312
Lesley Gwen CarronBirth Certificate BC/20/143327
Marie Thu00e9ru00e8se ValerieBirth Certificate BC/20/143334
Marcus Michael WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/143340
Delfy Martin Mu00fcu00fcrseppBirth Certificate BC/20/143346
Irene Elizabeth HullBirth Certificate BC/20/143353
Hayley Lisa MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/143364
Susan ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/20/143370
dustin clarkBirth Certificate BC/20/143378
Tracy Ann HealdBirth Certificate BC/20/143384
Jodie Marie HensonBirth Certificate BC/20/143390
Danny Paul HensonBirth Certificate BC/20/143398
Anton Kevin TennantBirth Certificate BC/20/143415
Jessica spencerBirth Certificate BC/20/143422
Kerrie joy steinBirth Certificate BC/20/143429
Paul A JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/143436
Marion MadleBirth Certificate BC/20/143446
Edward GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/143456
Steven Owen HenryBirth Certificate BC/20/143462
Michael James CoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/143471
Kit Inger Birgitta LarsenBirth Certificate BC/20/143482
Darrell McCormickBirth Certificate BC/20/143489
Vicki Adele BarkerBirth Certificate BC/20/143495
Mary Jo DeCamillisBirth Certificate BC/20/143501
Andrew Stuart KendrickBirth Certificate BC/20/143508
timothy ralph phillipsBirth Certificate BC/20/143514
Karen Teresa ArcherBirth Certificate BC/20/143520
Allan HendersonBirth Certificate BC/20/143526
Yvette Angele HamiltonBirth Certificate BC/20/143533
Carmen Laverne SheppeBirth Certificate BC/20/143543
Kimberley Dawn GravesBirth Certificate BC/20/143549
Melinda Lea StevensBirth Certificate BC/20/143563
Bonnie Leah SiebenBirth Certificate BC/20/143569
Robert Thomas HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/143575
Gaylann Marcella CropleyBirth Certificate BC/20/143581
Beverley Amanda JohnstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/143587
Eugene Anderson JrBirth Certificate BC/20/143603
Terry SandersonBirth Certificate BC/20/143619
Christine WybranskaBirth Certificate BC/20/143634
Rachel louise MylesBirth Certificate BC/20/143643
Cynthia Meredith BeasleyBirth Certificate BC/20/143663
Jacqueline Agatha CharlesBirth Certificate BC/20/143678
Lesley Jean WinzerBirth Certificate BC/20/143684
Richard HamBirth Certificate BC/20/143690
Piotr Gou0142aszewskiBirth Certificate BC/20/143696
Dean FacerBirth Certificate BC/20/143706
Debora KahnyBirth Certificate BC/20/143712
Francesca PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/143731
Gregory KordBirth Certificate BC/20/143745
Stephen Richard NaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/143755
AUREL MIHAI TRAISTARUBirth Certificate BC/20/143792
Philip Finlay Graham CaudleBirth Certificate BC/20/143798
Kathryn Olivia BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/143806
David HeywoodBirth Certificate BC/20/143812
Joanna OleszczynskaBirth Certificate BC/20/143822
Kelly David RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/143841
Anthony galeBirth Certificate BC/20/143847
Anil PatelBirth Certificate BC/20/143854
Michael John MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/143862
Susan Margaret DonatoBirth Certificate BC/20/143872
Christine SykesBirth Certificate BC/20/143878
Lindsay Brooke SchlichtBirth Certificate BC/20/143884
Linda RopersBirth Certificate BC/20/143891
Andrew WillsBirth Certificate BC/20/143897
Deborah Ann GoochBirth Certificate BC/20/143903
Susan Abigail SchroederBirth Certificate BC/20/143917
Hannah Marie AdamsBirth Certificate BC/20/143924
Christine Kay HutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/143931
Peter Joel PlantBirth Certificate BC/20/143938
Veronique PoirierBirth Certificate BC/20/143947
Mary Barbara DraperBirth Certificate BC/20/143955
Hamilton FonsecaBirth Certificate BC/20/143961
Glenn Andrew pearsonBirth Certificate BC/20/143967
LOru00e9al Nakesha SkeetBirth Certificate BC/20/143973
Nicolas Gert ThorsenBirth Certificate BC/20/143981
Mohsin Mohamedali JafferBirth Certificate BC/20/143988
Cindy Lou LaliberteBirth Certificate BC/20/143999
Cecelia Lynette BowensBirth Certificate BC/20/144008
Jason Gary FoxBirth Certificate BC/20/144015
Andrew Robert MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/144021
aidan martin mcbrideBirth Certificate BC/20/144027
James Foster WorleyBirth Certificate BC/20/144034
Mary Elizabeth PryatelBirth Certificate BC/20/144040
Jerry Matt FaresBirth Certificate BC/20/144052
Susan Juliet ThodayBirth Certificate BC/20/144058
Sharon MarshallBirth Certificate BC/20/144067
Simon Hector Valter ZentenoBirth Certificate BC/20/144075
Michael Harry BardsleyBirth Certificate BC/20/144085
Grant PerrieBirth Certificate BC/20/144091
Paul John IrelandBirth Certificate BC/20/144100
deborah ann swiftBirth Certificate BC/20/144106
Nicholas Roderick Joseph MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/144114
Vickie Kay McCardellBirth Certificate BC/20/144129
Vincent Anthony RocheBirth Certificate BC/20/144149
janet gleaveBirth Certificate BC/20/144158
Elaine Margaret SlackBirth Certificate BC/20/144164
Samantha Lorine OsypchukBirth Certificate BC/20/144170
Kenneth alan willisBirth Certificate BC/20/144176
Shane Rainier PattersonBirth Certificate BC/20/144183
Lisa Marie MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/144197
Philippa Anne masonBirth Certificate BC/20/144206
Elizabeth Lestarjette McLeanBirth Certificate BC/20/144212
Michelle Louise TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/144232
Elizabeth Catherine NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/144238
Edinson Garcu00eda Du00edazBirth Certificate BC/20/144244
Blair Dallas CameronBirth Certificate BC/20/144255
David Edwin Charles NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/144261
Anthony John McGrathBirth Certificate BC/20/144268
Fionna Helen Bowie-MacdonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/144272
Iain Gregor BeatonBirth Certificate BC/20/144281
Taylor Ben TippettBirth Certificate BC/20/144288
Vanessa Jane HaughBirth Certificate BC/20/144297
Kevin Anthony OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/144306
Paul Antony TippettBirth Certificate BC/20/144312
Stephen Richard MasonBirth Certificate BC/20/144328
Mark Oneil MalcolmBirth Certificate BC/20/144341
Lisa Janine ItzikovitzBirth Certificate BC/20/144350
Marsha WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/144365
DAVID MARTYN BRICKNELLBirth Certificate BC/20/144374
Ashley Renee VaughanBirth Certificate BC/20/144397
Jackie Marie TraversonBirth Certificate BC/20/144408
April Claire MeaseyBirth Certificate BC/20/144426
annette joy christyBirth Certificate BC/20/144442
michael james mainwaringBirth Certificate BC/20/144449
Brenda Lorraine RathjensBirth Certificate BC/20/144459
Lincoln Matthew MeaseyBirth Certificate BC/20/144468
David MossBirth Certificate BC/20/144472
Claire Shirley DenningBirth Certificate BC/20/144482
Betty Jean LehouxBirth Certificate BC/20/144492
Jonathan Joseph DowlingBirth Certificate BC/20/144501
Lelia RaynalBirth Certificate BC/20/144507
robert hobson rentzBirth Certificate BC/20/144516
Marcy Kim HuieBirth Certificate BC/20/144551
Philip Daniel MilesBirth Certificate BC/20/144574
J SealeBirth Certificate BC/20/144583
Jurnan Amy AyerstBirth Certificate BC/20/144589
Navelette WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/144604
Haley Elizabeth GortatBirth Certificate BC/20/144612
Julie EllsonBirth Certificate BC/20/144636
Phaedra Jay Holland-BeresfordBirth Certificate BC/20/144662
Dean HaydenBirth Certificate BC/20/144669
Michael Stephen Thomas TempleBirth Certificate BC/20/144688
Michael John MathewsBirth Certificate BC/20/144701
Stuart CronshawBirth Certificate BC/20/144711
Jérémie Michel Maurice SAINT-MARCBirth Certificate BC/20/144717
Haley Elizabeth BridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/144731
Elizabeth BoicosBirth Certificate BC/20/144737
Kimberley Victoria saundersBirth Certificate BC/20/144752
Danny Paul GriffinBirth Certificate BC/20/144760
George BoicosBirth Certificate BC/20/144769
Callum Alves Graham GriffinBirth Certificate BC/20/144785
Katie Susan BangsBirth Certificate BC/20/144799
Jarred Robert ChittockBirth Certificate BC/20/144805
Denise KinahanBirth Certificate BC/20/144821
Daryl John SimsBirth Certificate BC/20/144835
Mathew James Anthony ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/144843
Jamie Grant JappBirth Certificate BC/20/144853
BrianBirth Certificate BC/20/144890
Habibalah Abdullah Mohummad ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/144920
Patricia KempBirth Certificate BC/20/144933
Mary feeneyBirth Certificate BC/20/144970
KELLY ANNE LIGHTBirth Certificate BC/20/144989
ConstantinBirth Certificate BC/20/145013
Jade RussellBirth Certificate BC/20/145024
Fae Caroline ThatcherBirth Certificate BC/20/145055
Paul OakesBirth Certificate BC/20/145081
Frederick James MurdochBirth Certificate BC/20/145093
Ann Marie BennettBirth Certificate BC/20/145103
SamuelBirth Certificate BC/20/145118
CHRISTOPHER JOHN AMUNDSONBirth Certificate BC/20/145141
hayley merin mcdonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/145148
Natasha Tania OldBirth Certificate BC/20/145164
Sandra Dawn BaldwinBirth Certificate BC/20/145175
Louis Steven MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/145187
John Graham DicksonBirth Certificate BC/20/145195
Auroura Everdeen Kokoro Dalsgu00e5rdBirth Certificate BC/20/145203
Ann Jane Denholm GibsonBirth Certificate BC/20/145204
Rosamond Cecilia BaptisteBirth Certificate BC/20/145215
Scott YarwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/145221
Paul Kevin DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/145227
Sean Bernard MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/145236
Kevin Thomas RiordanBirth Certificate BC/20/145264
Lawrence Nzuki MutisyaBirth Certificate BC/20/145270
Heidi Marie FordBirth Certificate BC/20/145285
Zenor PashaBirth Certificate BC/20/145289
Charles Neil JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/145310
Andru00e8sBirth Certificate BC/20/145323
Dorelle GordonBirth Certificate BC/20/145329
Christina LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/145339
Susan HoughtonBirth Certificate BC/20/145347
Christopher Ian SLINGSBYBirth Certificate BC/20/145353
javish jacub murshediBirth Certificate BC/20/145359
Sarah Louise LoweBirth Certificate BC/20/145365
Angela Roseanne MaddickBirth Certificate BC/20/145372
Christopher James Walker NortonBirth Certificate BC/20/145378
Paul John of the family GloudieBirth Certificate BC/20/145388
David Lucas RahnBirth Certificate BC/20/145398
Daniel Luis RahnBirth Certificate BC/20/145409
Andrew JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/145423
Michelle Lazara BestardBirth Certificate BC/20/145430
Fairon donald edward johnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/145440
Christopher-Thomas-ForsterMaguireBirth Certificate BC/20/145460
Andy John TalbotBirth Certificate BC/20/145487
Tammi Jannike GlenwrightBirth Certificate BC/20/145507
Janice Lorraine MayesBirth Certificate BC/20/145521
Monica LindsayBirth Certificate BC/20/145529
Noreen DeeBirth Certificate BC/20/145552
Simon NapoliBirth Certificate BC/20/145563
Stacey of the family WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/145573
Tony LeytonBirth Certificate BC/20/145580
Jemma Victoria HagueBirth Certificate BC/20/145621
Marie AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/145650
John Nathaniel MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/145674
Peter ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/145687
Sammy BellemBirth Certificate BC/20/145695
Jason Andrew swintonBirth Certificate BC/20/145701
Aleksandra JawulskaBirth Certificate BC/20/145710
Reberta JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/145727
PAMELA MAE GILLONBirth Certificate BC/20/145740
David Samuel FletcherBirth Certificate BC/20/145750
Kimberly Robin CogdillBirth Certificate BC/20/145796
Leah Deshon McDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/145802
Noel JillettBirth Certificate BC/20/145811
HARJIT RAIBirth Certificate BC/20/145817
David Matthew HollowayBirth Certificate BC/20/145831
Mary Kathleen HarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/145841
Roslyn Maria KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/145847
Shaun Andrew FREDERICKBirth Certificate BC/20/145853
Andrew Joseph McGlincheyBirth Certificate BC/20/145859
Kelsey SemoneBirth Certificate BC/20/145870
Michael RawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/145880
Karen Margaret BeattieBirth Certificate BC/20/145887
Paul Gabriel GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/145898
Callum Geoffrey CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/145906
Daniel Matthew TierneyBirth Certificate BC/20/145922
Jennifer m hinesBirth Certificate BC/20/145929
Mark WelshBirth Certificate BC/20/145934
Adam Joseph HaighBirth Certificate BC/20/145941
Susan ShakespeareBirth Certificate BC/20/145951
SIDONEY SMITHBirth Certificate BC/20/145998
MONIREH SMITHBirth Certificate BC/20/146010
Kristine Mary DarwenBirth Certificate BC/20/146029
Stuart KearneyBirth Certificate BC/20/146046
Bruce Edward Jones IIBirth Certificate BC/20/146065
Charlotte Louise HayesBirth Certificate BC/20/146098
Tia Louise Hayes - HadjigeorgiouBirth Certificate BC/20/146104
Nathan Jack KernickBirth Certificate BC/20/146110
Jared Mitchell KernickBirth Certificate BC/20/146116
Samantha Nicole MilliganBirth Certificate BC/20/146121
Sophia Julianne MilliganBirth Certificate BC/20/146130
Vicki Dawn BradenBirth Certificate BC/20/146149
Ashley GaskellBirth Certificate BC/20/146156
Danielle Erica CallenderBirth Certificate BC/20/146163
Zagora Jean Shelby CallenderBirth Certificate BC/20/146169
Rory BaccinoBirth Certificate BC/20/146175
Kirk Jason GittensBirth Certificate BC/20/146181
Romorro PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/146194
Sarah rose UribeBirth Certificate BC/20/146233
Austin Gabriel BenoitBirth Certificate BC/20/146247
neoazibah beatty-smithBirth Certificate BC/20/146253
Desiru00e9e Liliane HeynackerBirth Certificate BC/20/146259
Elick Adeyemi Frederick Chukuma-HardingBirth Certificate BC/20/146265
Heidi Martha BernothBirth Certificate BC/20/146279
Emere-te-paea house of robsonBirth Certificate BC/20/146286
Jason Bryan PeddleBirth Certificate BC/20/146295
Julie DwyerBirth Certificate BC/20/146304
Anji Munro MorrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/146325
Lars Grube KjeldsenBirth Certificate BC/20/146331
Deborah Jane diackBirth Certificate BC/20/146350
louise- anne hammondBirth Certificate BC/20/146360
Rachel Elizabeth NelsonBirth Certificate BC/20/146375
Craig Anthony ReidBirth Certificate BC/20/146428
Bart Bruno van NaardenBirth Certificate BC/20/146508
Stephen James ManleyBirth Certificate BC/20/146514
stephen paul dunnBirth Certificate BC/20/146520
Irene LordBirth Certificate BC/20/146531
Allen ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/20/146552
Nicole van NaardenBirth Certificate BC/20/146558
Arpad FejesBirth Certificate BC/20/146564
jonathan paul james goodchildBirth Certificate BC/20/146570
Steve Dave van NaardenBirth Certificate BC/20/146576
Joanne from the family name kirkBirth Certificate BC/20/146582
Dave Steve van NaardenBirth Certificate BC/20/146588
Maria Del Carmen Almazan CabarcosBirth Certificate BC/20/146594
Pete VartyBirth Certificate BC/20/146617
Mark Anthony WellsBirth Certificate BC/20/146629
Nicola Claire BroadbentBirth Certificate BC/20/146708
Lee Francis WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/146718
Paul Richard BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/146724
Erina Jean LowsonBirth Certificate BC/20/146737
Finley George WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/146747
Dan DimitrovBirth Certificate BC/20/146754
Reece Lee WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/146764
Livia-Leigh WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/146773
Paul Colin MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/146781
Steven MarinosBirth Certificate BC/20/146788
Bonnie-Rae Leigh BurnistonBirth Certificate BC/20/146837
andrew hutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/146864
Andrew AdamsBirth Certificate BC/20/146919
Michael JoyBirth Certificate BC/20/146957
Cirrus DicksonBirth Certificate BC/20/146972
markus ikus paul kingBirth Certificate BC/20/146976
Amanda EllixsonBirth Certificate BC/20/146996
Andrew MortonBirth Certificate BC/20/147002
Justin Vann FightmasterBirth Certificate BC/20/147008
Muhammad FuaadBirth Certificate BC/20/147027
Richard William thomas cookBirth Certificate BC/20/147041
Sonia Rosemary NodenBirth Certificate BC/20/147047
Jeanette-Mariu00e9 BaardBirth Certificate BC/20/147055
Louise-Brandt Gru00f8nqvist.Birth Certificate BC/20/147066
Gordon AshworthBirth Certificate BC/20/147074
Ole-Mads-Meyer Mu00f8ller.Birth Certificate BC/20/147081
Najma SoonasraBirth Certificate BC/20/147089
SARAH ELIZABETH BAKEWELLBirth Certificate BC/20/147094
Suzanne MckiernanBirth Certificate BC/20/147102
Nancy Ann CrawfordBirth Certificate BC/20/147114
David dohertyBirth Certificate BC/20/147121
Kasey Antoinette ConwayBirth Certificate BC/20/147130
Kerry ann ConwayBirth Certificate BC/20/147136
KELLY MARIE SCHMIDTBirth Certificate BC/20/147150
CHASE MACKENZIE PUGLISIBirth Certificate BC/20/147157
Sherelle Elizabeth BilbowBirth Certificate BC/20/147170
Russell Mark HardingBirth Certificate BC/20/147181
antoine bowesBirth Certificate BC/20/147187
Tracey SandersonBirth Certificate BC/20/147195
Ronnie MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/147202
Selina Anne CarverBirth Certificate BC/20/147208
David Daniel Levi FordeBirth Certificate BC/20/147215
Sandra Lorraine LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/147235
George Ernest DavenportBirth Certificate BC/20/147248
Meg JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/147268
RyanUlmerBirth Certificate BC/20/147276
Hayden Mark-Peter GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/147307
Beverley Ann MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/147313
Sarah OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/147323
Kym Louise DickersonBirth Certificate BC/20/147331
Kathleen Therese BolgerBirth Certificate BC/20/147338
Phillip William John LoweBirth Certificate BC/20/147347
Solveig Caroline Stru00f6erBirth Certificate BC/20/147355
Ricky William HayBirth Certificate BC/20/147376
Walter Johann Stru00f6erBirth Certificate BC/20/147418
Melanie Jane levyBirth Certificate BC/20/147451
Chicane Justus Beverly keenBirth Certificate BC/20/147457
Vlad-Alexandru StanBirth Certificate BC/20/147466
Andrew LordBirth Certificate BC/20/147481
Arthur DominickBirth Certificate BC/20/147488
Aaron Grant GoldsmithBirth Certificate BC/20/147521
Nicholas John GlenisterBirth Certificate BC/20/147529
Sarah Jane BarnesBirth Certificate BC/20/147547
Gabrielle Olivia PhelanBirth Certificate BC/20/147554
Christine WeissBirth Certificate BC/20/147560
Dominic Roy PhelanBirth Certificate BC/20/147566
Renate Gabriele MaederBirth Certificate BC/20/147576
barry lee atkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/147585
Cheryl Samantha PhelanBirth Certificate BC/20/147600
Julie DavisBirth Certificate BC/20/147610
elizabeth anne dawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/147622
Katharine Erin KerriskBirth Certificate BC/20/147626
Amy HardieBirth Certificate BC/20/147635
Robyn Lyn EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/147655
Marilyn Patricia HutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/147688
Chantel Yvonne LockibyBirth Certificate BC/20/147696
Sharon Louise WakehamBirth Certificate BC/20/147703
Valerie Shirley RogersBirth Certificate BC/20/147709
Stephanie Jayne CartwrightBirth Certificate BC/20/147729
Lisa Jayne hemingwayBirth Certificate BC/20/147742
James Paul KerrBirth Certificate BC/20/147749
Radomir DivljanBirth Certificate BC/20/147755
William James PETERABirth Certificate BC/20/147771
Tahir HUSSAINBirth Certificate BC/20/147789
Ronald of the Cardoza RuedasBirth Certificate BC/20/147796
Rhonda Yvette PoindexterBirth Certificate BC/20/147806
ELVIS BIRD JRBirth Certificate BC/20/147816
Linda Dorothy GoodmanBirth Certificate BC/20/147826
Rayanna Brelyn Poindexter HugginsBirth Certificate BC/20/147833
Robert Lewis Hills JrBirth Certificate BC/20/147846
Isabelle Marie BouticheBirth Certificate BC/20/147855
Lilou Isabelle Boutiche KroonBirth Certificate BC/20/147872
elizabeth anne dawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/147880
Melena-MihailovnaAleksanian.Birth Certificate BC/20/147908
Louise Mary Phyllis DiasBirth Certificate BC/20/147916
Deborah AlmondBirth Certificate BC/20/147926
Shareen Andrea SwainsonBirth Certificate BC/20/147932
Michelle Louise ChristofiBirth Certificate BC/20/147948
Sulayman AswadBirth Certificate BC/20/147955
kerry leigh jollyBirth Certificate BC/20/147975
Susanna RissanenBirth Certificate BC/20/147981
Deven Skye TrembleBirth Certificate BC/20/147985
Afton Brooke TrembleBirth Certificate BC/20/147989
Marcus John LomasBirth Certificate BC/20/147995
Stuart Richard James TrembleBirth Certificate BC/20/148002
Talia Katrina TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/148008
Ainsley Suzanne RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/148014
Pattice Anita Quashie FergusonBirth Certificate BC/20/148022
Tiffany FarrugiaBirth Certificate BC/20/148031
Ana Maria Pinto HenriquesBirth Certificate BC/20/148039
Daniel Campbell TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/148050
Helio Felisberto BotaBirth Certificate BC/20/148056
Elise Amanda Jeanne ToddBirth Certificate BC/20/148064
Pedro henriques gorgulhoBirth Certificate BC/20/148074
JUNE ELEANOR BENTLEYBirth Certificate BC/20/148082
Gabriel henriques botaBirth Certificate BC/20/148088
Simone JoelyBirth Certificate BC/20/148115
Tracey Bouve SampsonBirth Certificate BC/20/148128
Sandra Lee SlossBirth Certificate BC/20/148138
Sean Stewart CarrollBirth Certificate BC/20/148146
Kenneth Stephenson CalderBirth Certificate BC/20/148154
Quinton LesterBirth Certificate BC/20/148163
Kiri Ann CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/148174
Lee NgamotuBirth Certificate BC/20/148180
Meghan Allison Leialoha Chew Hoong AuBirth Certificate BC/20/148186
River Kamanumelekeaiaiwilani Au-BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/148191
Robert Francis MantelBirth Certificate BC/20/148201
Mathew David DyerBirth Certificate BC/20/148219
Mary Therese PellingBirth Certificate BC/20/148225
John GogisBirth Certificate BC/20/148251
Alexander John SangsterBirth Certificate BC/20/148259
Mik MassinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/148265
Julia ChippendaleBirth Certificate BC/20/148276
Michael Gordon BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/148283
Jayne Beverley WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/148290
Deborah ann mooreBirth Certificate BC/20/148296
Dorte Marie BlochBirth Certificate BC/20/148303
Daisy Matilde BlochBirth Certificate BC/20/148312
Adam SzecowkaBirth Certificate BC/20/148320
Nicola Clair BrookeBirth Certificate BC/20/148333
Sasja van AmerongenBirth Certificate BC/20/148340
Victoria DaleBirth Certificate BC/20/148346
Belinda Jane SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/148355
Melburn Antonio WhittinghamBirth Certificate BC/20/148369
Mhairi Clare WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/148392
Grantley Colin JacquesBirth Certificate BC/20/148404
Niall PickardBirth Certificate BC/20/148409
Laila BertelliBirth Certificate BC/20/148424
Megan DaleBirth Certificate BC/20/148429
Sonny Dean RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/148436
jacob daleBirth Certificate BC/20/148440
Jaxon beau RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/148447
Scarlett Anastasia DaleBirth Certificate BC/20/148451
Kamarley RosewayBirth Certificate BC/20/148457
Alice Michaela WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/148469
Stephen AldersonBirth Certificate BC/20/148475
Ruth Margaret MarrBirth Certificate BC/20/148488
Steven Anthony GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/148499
Moira Ann LangfordBirth Certificate BC/20/148508
Cheryl Anne TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/148518
Johnny Vangen NielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/148522
Emma - Marie LingBirth Certificate BC/20/148535
Jakob Clement SvendsenBirth Certificate BC/20/148543
Christian Roncatti BittencourtBirth Certificate BC/20/148554
Lee Wayne SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/148562
Mark Anthony YearwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/148568
Jillian Deborah PlattBirth Certificate BC/20/148569
Annette Skytte SvendsenBirth Certificate BC/20/148578
Jovan Tammy GosneyBirth Certificate BC/20/148584
Alessandro Charles BeccacciBirth Certificate BC/20/148603
Isabella Rose BeccacciBirth Certificate BC/20/148617
Daniel O SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/148623
JULIANN IRVINEBirth Certificate BC/20/148627
Adam LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/148634
Kathleen JayneBirth Certificate BC/20/148640
Kanela MihalopoulosBirth Certificate BC/20/148650
Andrea Susanne AdamsBirth Certificate BC/20/148675
Zachary Dimitrios FilippouBirth Certificate BC/20/148681
Filippou Christopher AntoniosBirth Certificate BC/20/148689
Wendy Lynn ClinchBirth Certificate BC/20/148695
Suzanne Jane NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/148701
Danielle MoldenBirth Certificate BC/20/148707
Siobhan McclementsBirth Certificate BC/20/148715
Sophia BairdBirth Certificate BC/20/148722
Bridie Philomena Bernadette LarkinBirth Certificate BC/20/148737
Christopher JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/148753
Lee Christopher MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/148759
Susan Averil YeadonBirth Certificate BC/20/148765
Gary WhelanBirth Certificate BC/20/148775
Jamie Louise HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/148781
Maxine Marie SmythBirth Certificate BC/20/148787
Luna-Rae DockseyBirth Certificate BC/20/148792
Martin DockseyBirth Certificate BC/20/148796
Lallu AvitiiBirth Certificate BC/20/148802
Paul MacGregorBirth Certificate BC/20/148808
Joss Peter MacGregorBirth Certificate BC/20/148821
Mimi-rae Susan MacGregorBirth Certificate BC/20/148827
Lauren Theresa ChildsBirth Certificate BC/20/148834
Joe ConnellBirth Certificate BC/20/148843
Raymond Holcombe Hoyos LawrenceBirth Certificate BC/20/148852
Beverley Jane FulkerBirth Certificate BC/20/148872
Andrew MiddletonBirth Certificate BC/20/148876
Shawn David Christian CumminsBirth Certificate BC/20/148882
Paul ByfordBirth Certificate BC/20/148898
Susanne JacobsenBirth Certificate BC/20/148906
nicola lynn carterBirth Certificate BC/20/148916
Gregory Charles Augustus CraigBirth Certificate BC/20/148922
Brett Luis HaskellBirth Certificate BC/20/148949
Maria Elizabeth LawlerBirth Certificate BC/20/148974
Tiberiu-Bogdan Rus.Birth Certificate BC/20/148984
Elizabeth Ann SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/148992
Mr ALEXANDRU BOGDAN RUSBirth Certificate BC/20/148996
Amy Lynn PriodeBirth Certificate BC/20/149052
Carol Ann AtkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/149058
Roberto GoisisBirth Certificate BC/20/149077
Madison stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/149107
Madison rossana stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/149114
Sidhe Kin-WildeBirth Certificate BC/20/149132
Gretchen Naomi SussmannBirth Certificate BC/20/149153
Allan Rex Maximus von BrochBirth Certificate BC/20/149161
William CochraneBirth Certificate BC/20/149179
Leeann Helen of the family McFadzenBirth Certificate BC/20/149195
Jeremy Ardeen BohnBirth Certificate BC/20/149201
Tanaia Cheree DavenportBirth Certificate BC/20/149207
Brydie Rose McLeanBirth Certificate BC/20/149216
Elisabeth NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/149226
Cruz William Luke SingletonBirth Certificate BC/20/149233
Sean Donal OMahoneyBirth Certificate BC/20/149298
Robin Rae OMahoney CatellanosBirth Certificate BC/20/149316
George Renold JohnstoneBirth Certificate BC/20/149326
lydia patricia cassidyBirth Certificate BC/20/149332
Nina Frances FinleyBirth Certificate BC/20/149339
Georgie Mae Ou2019MahoneyBirth Certificate BC/20/149357
Oscar Jake SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/149363
Ephraim Isaac SharmaBirth Certificate BC/20/149369
Georgie Patsy SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/149375
Georgia Pauline HollandBirth Certificate BC/20/149384
Anne Paula McCartneyBirth Certificate BC/20/149398
Kathleen jayneBirth Certificate BC/20/149417
Brigdet McCarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/149427
Molly Heather McCarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/149434
Madison rossana stevensBirth Certificate BC/20/149438
Fabio Henriques GorgulhoBirth Certificate BC/20/149444
karen ann f kirwanBirth Certificate BC/20/149457
Barry Ewen NicolBirth Certificate BC/20/149465
Nicole Kristen HeenanBirth Certificate BC/20/149471
Alex Redden JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/149483
Monica Henriques GorgulhoBirth Certificate BC/20/149486
Naomi louiseBirth Certificate BC/20/149495
Anne SavageBirth Certificate BC/20/149505
James William SimpsonBirth Certificate BC/20/149511
Shabana KauserBirth Certificate BC/20/149521
Rachel Penelope GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/149528
Jeni Christine SaundersBirth Certificate BC/20/149537
Westley Elroy MurrayBirth Certificate BC/20/149546
Bruce Jon SaundersBirth Certificate BC/20/149552
Anthoulla Myria Djovanni MessiouBirth Certificate BC/20/149558
Gary Fraser HayBirth Certificate BC/20/149565
Cheyenne Kelly DubuissonBirth Certificate BC/20/149571
Roslyn MayBirth Certificate BC/20/149577
Julia Kay HoffmanBirth Certificate BC/20/149583
Martyn ReubenBirth Certificate BC/20/149590
TeresaJaneBirth Certificate BC/20/149596
Leroy Price WoltersBirth Certificate BC/20/149604
Hannah Marie Lynch WhitelockBirth Certificate BC/20/149613
Julian Alexander Patino FuentesBirth Certificate BC/20/149619
Amanda-LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/149628
Irene Alice BrantBirth Certificate BC/20/149638
Sherron MayesBirth Certificate BC/20/149649
Sharon ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/20/149657
Isabel Amber MayesBirth Certificate BC/20/149663
Andrea Emma Jane HeardBirth Certificate BC/20/149669
Jade-louise VassellBirth Certificate BC/20/149675
Lyarna Latoya VassellBirth Certificate BC/20/149681
Glen EtheridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/149688
Isabelle EtheridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/149705
Bethany coxBirth Certificate BC/20/149711
Shylah Sky Upton-HempsteadBirth Certificate BC/20/149718
Alisa Ayla Walton-VassellBirth Certificate BC/20/149725
Kye Upton-HempsteadBirth Certificate BC/20/149730
Faith Upton-HempsteadBirth Certificate BC/20/149742
Lochlan Argyll MacGillivrayBirth Certificate BC/20/149752
Sarah Jane DanksBirth Certificate BC/20/149758
Vincent Wallace PretoriusBirth Certificate BC/20/149765
Zhi Fu TanBirth Certificate BC/20/149772
Brenda Anne-Marie PretoriusBirth Certificate BC/20/149780
Jamie Nathanial Patrick DillonBirth Certificate BC/20/149800
Nathan Marshall HallBirth Certificate BC/20/149806
Melanie Jane de GroothBirth Certificate BC/20/149820
Katie WoodlandBirth Certificate BC/20/149826
Cheryl Lynne HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/149832
Aria Louisa Loris MurphyBirth Certificate BC/20/149842
Stephanie ListerBirth Certificate BC/20/149850
Lindsey Maria WatkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/149858
Louise WillcoxBirth Certificate BC/20/149864
Freya Jade JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/149868
Peyton Louise JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/149872
Carole Norma BurnesBirth Certificate BC/20/149878
Verlyn Barlintangco DizonBirth Certificate BC/20/149890
Louis David James ChallengerBirth Certificate BC/20/149905
Jacob Shaw Kyle PartridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/149914
Lisa JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/149923
Shona Ann HoltBirth Certificate BC/20/149929
Matthew James WhitakerBirth Certificate BC/20/149936
Luke James JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/149942
Alaya Kauser HUSSAINBirth Certificate BC/20/149946
Amelia Kauser HUSSAINBirth Certificate BC/20/149950
Robin Lynn GuerreroBirth Certificate BC/20/149961
Rachel Paula JenkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/149970
Samantha Gail GoodyBirth Certificate BC/20/149979
Stephen JohnBirth Certificate BC/20/149989
Pu00e4rl Maria Pu00e4risooBirth Certificate BC/20/149999
Georgiana Stan.Birth Certificate BC/20/150006
Sarah Elizabeth BeechBirth Certificate BC/20/150019
Claire BathoBirth Certificate BC/20/150038
Reagan CrossanBirth Certificate BC/20/150050
Jed Ulysses AveryBirth Certificate BC/20/150056
JANICE PATRICIA CAVESBirth Certificate BC/20/150066
Lily-Grace Hope WellsBirth Certificate BC/20/150072
Ramon KisoorBirth Certificate BC/20/150091
KathrynBirth Certificate BC/20/150105
Heath David MellorBirth Certificate BC/20/150120
Christine Elizabeth BriggsBirth Certificate BC/20/150137
DiarmuidBirth Certificate BC/20/150144
Rachel MalcolmBirth Certificate BC/20/150164
Gemma Marie ThodyBirth Certificate BC/20/150189
Catherine Louise WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/150195
WILLIAMS, DOMINIQUE DAu2019RELEBirth Certificate BC/20/150201
DespinaBirth Certificate BC/20/150216
Lisa KemptonBirth Certificate BC/20/150224
Dwight Jonathan LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/150243
Daniel Jonathan LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/150260
Ethan Herman Jonathan LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/150265
Robert Andy Jonathan LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/150269
Clayton Wesley FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/150275
Julie Alison CraigBirth Certificate BC/20/150281
Eleni IkonBirth Certificate BC/20/150288
Katie Belinda TaplinBirth Certificate BC/20/150295
Colleen Janice WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/150304
Tony Vincent FreethBirth Certificate BC/20/150312
Laura Grace ONeillBirth Certificate BC/20/150318
Tara Vm Goedhart LeadouxBirth Certificate BC/20/150329
tara vm goedhart leadouxBirth Certificate BC/20/150336
Jamie MolloyBirth Certificate BC/20/150344
Mark Christopher LeadouxBirth Certificate BC/20/150354
Eli NormanBirth Certificate BC/20/150361
Mark Phillip HirstBirth Certificate BC/20/150367
Tamika Ann LeadouxBirth Certificate BC/20/150371
Ricky Jame TownBirth Certificate BC/20/150377
beau christopher leadouxBirth Certificate BC/20/150381
Brielle Skyla TownBirth Certificate BC/20/150390
Charmaine Harley GeppBirth Certificate BC/20/150396
Amaya Jewel TownBirth Certificate BC/20/150405
Samuel Alexander TownBirth Certificate BC/20/150409
Zali Eden TownBirth Certificate BC/20/150413
Clinton John BriggsBirth Certificate BC/20/150423
Colleen Janice WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/150430
Andelko SajnBirth Certificate BC/20/150441
Sea AndersenBirth Certificate BC/20/150448
Kerryl Michelle SharpBirth Certificate BC/20/150459
Antoine Michel MagriBirth Certificate BC/20/150479
jirina magriBirth Certificate BC/20/150483
Terence Godfrey TremethickBirth Certificate BC/20/150490
Ryan GreenBirth Certificate BC/20/150497
Amie Margaret JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/150531
Lila Joy JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/150537
Louise Maree MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/150549
Christopher William PhelanBirth Certificate BC/20/150562
Beryl May RocheBirth Certificate BC/20/150577
Karl Ian LloydBirth Certificate BC/20/150583
Mark Terence Mc CarthyBirth Certificate BC/20/150596
Thomas Joseph MossBirth Certificate BC/20/150637
Joshua Michael FortinBirth Certificate BC/20/150643
Kaleb Michael FortinBirth Certificate BC/20/150653
Duane Robert HartelBirth Certificate BC/20/150670
Brianna Marie FortinBirth Certificate BC/20/150676
Shaun Michael DentBirth Certificate BC/20/150689
THIBERTBirth Certificate BC/20/150695
Leigh GarryBirth Certificate BC/20/150700
Louise Michelle PigottBirth Certificate BC/20/150706
Barbara Ruth HamesBirth Certificate BC/20/150715
MR DAVID NEIL TAITBirth Certificate BC/20/150724
Daniel Oliver DzikowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/150730
Neil Roy KilnerBirth Certificate BC/20/150740
Karen Patricia PinBirth Certificate BC/20/150763
Jonas hartullBirth Certificate BC/20/150769
Victoria DaleBirth Certificate BC/20/150778
Joshua Martin KealyBirth Certificate BC/20/150786
Siobhan Jayne DennyBirth Certificate BC/20/150792
Megan Rose KealyBirth Certificate BC/20/150798
William JohnstonBirth Certificate BC/20/150804
Marie HibbertBirth Certificate BC/20/150820
Adam Saddam Muhammad Abd Allah KhanBirth Certificate BC/20/150829
Claudette rhoadesBirth Certificate BC/20/150835
Victoria SteadBirth Certificate BC/20/150849
Karen Dee SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/150888
Paul William MooreBirth Certificate BC/20/150894
Karen Dee HirstBirth Certificate BC/20/150935
Lynne Elizabeth RouxBirth Certificate BC/20/150946
Katarzyna Jadwiga BonieckaBirth Certificate BC/20/150966
Michael Alan RichardsBirth Certificate BC/20/150976
Bent JacobsenBirth Certificate BC/20/150989
Jahnye Brendan Kyle Pugh-WileyBirth Certificate BC/20/150998
codi ryn brownBirth Certificate BC/20/151010
sharon Ann HillardBirth Certificate BC/20/151022
Jeanett Maria WolffBirth Certificate BC/20/151029
Sevinc Kelsey Rose ErduganBirth Certificate BC/20/151035
Leanne WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/151045
Brandon Michael ForthBirth Certificate BC/20/151052
Jessica Emily ForthBirth Certificate BC/20/151061
Alexander Edward Florentius DiasBirth Certificate BC/20/151069
Terence Christopher DuffBirth Certificate BC/20/151075
Ernest John ForthBirth Certificate BC/20/151084
Colin Ian BatyBirth Certificate BC/20/151090
Andrew Philip HazellBirth Certificate BC/20/151096
Victoria Margaret LockeBirth Certificate BC/20/151108
Dawn Elizabeth MaudsleyBirth Certificate BC/20/151117
Charlie Robert LockeBirth Certificate BC/20/151129
Robert Charles WozneyBirth Certificate BC/20/151136
Barry Wayne Desmond ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/151152
delcharveen-mihiterina house of taitumuBirth Certificate BC/20/151163
Dario Di MeoBirth Certificate BC/20/151211
Isaac IoaneBirth Certificate BC/20/151219
Bobbie JaneneBirth Certificate BC/20/151228
Gizella NagyBirth Certificate BC/20/151250
Daniela VarenicaBirth Certificate BC/20/151256
Zoran VarenicaBirth Certificate BC/20/151262
Robert Sandor Zoltan HatvaniBirth Certificate BC/20/151276
Janmaree Anne HallBirth Certificate BC/20/151284
John Ronald, of the family PerschelBirth Certificate BC/20/151294
Gabriel VarenicaBirth Certificate BC/20/151302
Elexis VarenicaBirth Certificate BC/20/151310
Allan Douglas YoulBirth Certificate BC/20/151318
Timothy Alec DoidgeBirth Certificate BC/20/151328
Melinda Kim NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/151339
Megan Elspeth OsbornBirth Certificate BC/20/151361
Jodie Ruth McEwenBirth Certificate BC/20/151367
Charmaine Karen HansenBirth Certificate BC/20/151377
Sandra Sara MaluafouBirth Certificate BC/20/151383
Adrian DrewBirth Certificate BC/20/151392
Adrienne Denise HeskethBirth Certificate BC/20/151400
Karyn Gloria MewettBirth Certificate BC/20/151407
Neville Leslie SaundersBirth Certificate BC/20/151413
Thomas Jayden LobegeigerBirth Certificate BC/20/151419
Anthony Stijepan StefuljBirth Certificate BC/20/151425
Kolaiah Tungane Louisa Taitumu-NgarikiBirth Certificate BC/20/151447
Raukura Tiketike MoanaBirth Certificate BC/20/151456
Irihapeti Mihinui Antonovich-TaitumuBirth Certificate BC/20/151462
Wendy DrummondBirth Certificate BC/20/151473
Jason Alexander HunteBirth Certificate BC/20/151479
Lexia Egypt ApikaraBirth Certificate BC/20/151485
Andrea Leigh ReadBirth Certificate BC/20/151492
Marie GordonBirth Certificate BC/20/151501
Jordan Leif Victor LowdenBirth Certificate BC/20/151509
Jean CraigBirth Certificate BC/20/151515
Kristina Adele NtinBirth Certificate BC/20/151521
Ashley Luke KnivetonBirth Certificate BC/20/151533
Margaret SchulzeBirth Certificate BC/20/151539
David Donald Te Rangi RobinBirth Certificate BC/20/151546
Mara Matilda ZahariaBirth Certificate BC/20/151555
Mara Matilda ZahariaBirth Certificate BC/20/151562
Luca Nicholas ZahariaBirth Certificate BC/20/151567
Michelle KaulerBirth Certificate BC/20/151573
Janice Anne BalemiBirth Certificate BC/20/151583
Salena AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/151590
Nils RostedBirth Certificate BC/20/151598
Carter CassieBirth Certificate BC/20/151604
Lyric Andrews - SasaBirth Certificate BC/20/151616
Titan Andrews - SasaBirth Certificate BC/20/151627
Inahaa-TeUrutahi-of the family WaikerepuruBirth Certificate BC/20/151644
Sarah Elizabeth WatersBirth Certificate BC/20/151652
Luke Benjamin BrettellBirth Certificate BC/20/151661
Sheila Christine NottageBirth Certificate BC/20/151668
Marilyn Isabelle WhistonBirth Certificate BC/20/151675
Koprivu0148ansku00e1 IvetaBirth Certificate BC/20/151681
Leanne FranklinBirth Certificate BC/20/151687
Elisabeth Marie Ghislaine BayetBirth Certificate BC/20/151693
Scott Edward Andrew JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/151699
Mark AdamBirth Certificate BC/20/151739
Gary Robert StonerBirth Certificate BC/20/151745
Ellie May RodwellBirth Certificate BC/20/151755
Seren Elise Hodder-JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/151772
Angela Jane EdenBirth Certificate BC/20/151782
Janice FraserBirth Certificate BC/20/151788
Andrew Leroy SackerBirth Certificate BC/20/151794
Paula SomervilleBirth Certificate BC/20/151801
Summer Daisy DuncanBirth Certificate BC/20/151805
Marie-AnnBirth Certificate BC/20/151813
Karen CrawshawBirth Certificate BC/20/151822
Mathieu Jean-Marc Glorian AudetBirth Certificate BC/20/151833
Andrew GreenwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/151839
Karen CrawshawBirth Certificate BC/20/151843
Charlotte Verity NicholsonBirth Certificate BC/20/151850
Stu00e9phanie Madeleine DelormeBirth Certificate BC/20/151856
Kiaan AudetBirth Certificate BC/20/151867
Attis D AudetBirth Certificate BC/20/151876
Shona Ann HoltBirth Certificate BC/20/151884
BeavanBirth Certificate BC/20/151897
Logan James MonCrieffBirth Certificate BC/20/151918
Hope Kathleen FurlongBirth Certificate BC/20/151938
Sandra Lesley PageBirth Certificate BC/20/151944
Miguel GerardoBirth Certificate BC/20/151954
Elisabeth Adriana Gerritje Henriu00ebtte DroogersBirth Certificate BC/20/151960
Ethan Jon Wilson-HowardBirth Certificate BC/20/151967
Karon MereckiBirth Certificate BC/20/151979
Yasemin Arza Sevda ErduganBirth Certificate BC/20/151986
Andrew F PBirth Certificate BC/20/151992
Juliette Olivia MonCrieffBirth Certificate BC/20/151996
Alison DarchBirth Certificate BC/20/152011
Coulibaly HarounaBirth Certificate BC/20/152019
Samantha ThirlingBirth Certificate BC/20/152028
ICHKHANIANBirth Certificate BC/20/152048
William Trevor Joseph MercerBirth Certificate BC/20/152055
Max Valentine BarbourBirth Certificate BC/20/152067
Jemma Louise LakeBirth Certificate BC/20/152075
Sheila Ann BarberBirth Certificate BC/20/152085
Jennifer Ann GillespieBirth Certificate BC/20/152091
Jean-Pierre GagneBirth Certificate BC/20/152097
Lisa Marie BertramBirth Certificate BC/20/152104
Janet WellsBirth Certificate BC/20/152110
Linda S HorvatBirth Certificate BC/20/152116
Peter - John - LipovicBirth Certificate BC/20/152123
Andrew Sean BarlowBirth Certificate BC/20/152130
Peter Edward WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/152145
Richard BiscombeBirth Certificate BC/20/152154
Louise Marie GoaterBirth Certificate BC/20/152162
Anita Te Aroha Pomana-SavageBirth Certificate BC/20/152170
Elizabeth Margaret SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/152189
Rose Adinah BreindelBirth Certificate BC/20/152235
Tammy BlackwellBirth Certificate BC/20/152241
Matthew David BreindelBirth Certificate BC/20/152247
Jeremy Michael Llewellyn JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/152349
STEPHEN CORDELL COLDWELLBirth Certificate BC/20/152367
Easton Andrews - SasaBirth Certificate BC/20/152385
Romeo Andrews - SasaBirth Certificate BC/20/152411
Kendra Donice CastilloBirth Certificate BC/20/152433
Mu00e9lissa MercierBirth Certificate BC/20/152440
Marlan Dean CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/152456
Hilda Maria MeierBirth Certificate BC/20/152540
Ross Barry StrachanBirth Certificate BC/20/152584
Lyanna June marshallBirth Certificate BC/20/152591
Tyler KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/152597
David O DonohoeBirth Certificate BC/20/152603
James Gordon UsherBirth Certificate BC/20/152612
Kym Marie DaveyBirth Certificate BC/20/152622
Ingrid Johanna JansenBirth Certificate BC/20/152655
Rora Ellen RuhiBirth Certificate BC/20/152664
Mircea Eugen MaritiuBirth Certificate BC/20/152672
Colin John CaulfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/152680
Garen Bryce CauldfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/152686
Amanda Lea StrandBirth Certificate BC/20/152692
Jamen Vincent CaulfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/152698
ZOLA ANABELLA CASSANIBirth Certificate BC/20/152706
Zayden Cane CassaniBirth Certificate BC/20/152710
Wendy Sharon HardwickBirth Certificate BC/20/152733
PRATALI Jean-MarieBirth Certificate BC/20/152739
Jaqueen Joy Keown RoyaleBirth Certificate BC/20/152745
Mattei NathalieBirth Certificate BC/20/152751
Shane TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/152762
Nicole Anne TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/152768
Jareth MansfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/152776
Julie OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/152790
Kim OBrienBirth Certificate BC/20/152806
Monique ElizabethBirth Certificate BC/20/152807
Jovee Almani ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/152817
Paulette Yvonne CartierBirth Certificate BC/20/152826
SavanahBirth Certificate BC/20/152834
Ethan james wattsBirth Certificate BC/20/152857
Rachel Annetta RuddockBirth Certificate BC/20/152864
Warwick David HallBirth Certificate BC/20/152877
Magdalena JedrychowskaBirth Certificate BC/20/152885
Ethan james wattsBirth Certificate BC/20/152897
Kenneth John HinnenkampBirth Certificate BC/20/152907
Marc kevin roger scottBirth Certificate BC/20/152925
Savita GorasiaBirth Certificate BC/20/152934
Alan William JollyBirth Certificate BC/20/152961
Louise MeadowsBirth Certificate BC/20/152967
Sarah Evelyn RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/152973
Gregory Philip LewisBirth Certificate BC/20/152982
jason briersBirth Certificate BC/20/153026
Ronny F. Lopez Jr.Birth Certificate BC/20/153032
Diarmuid ShinnersBirth Certificate BC/20/153046
Meghan Louise FigsbyBirth Certificate BC/20/153055
Debra Jane LakeBirth Certificate BC/20/153059
Iwona Violetta PyszczekBirth Certificate BC/20/153066
Robert Pearse MitchellBirth Certificate BC/20/153075
Albertus Antonios de HaasBirth Certificate BC/20/153091
Micah Alexander BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/153098
Samuel Lewis BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/153102
Mr Aaron Anthony heffernanBirth Certificate BC/20/153108
Meghan KostasBirth Certificate BC/20/153117
Jordan Isaac SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/153125
Adele Miranda SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/153129
Michael HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/153135
Jane KingBirth Certificate BC/20/153141
James-Merle CloudBirth Certificate BC/20/153150
Adele SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/153161
Menchu HeikellBirth Certificate BC/20/153170
Jarron Stephen SandersBirth Certificate BC/20/153182
Paul William MacsweenBirth Certificate BC/20/153192
Jake Anthony PitchfordBirth Certificate BC/20/153203
Tanya tugrid BazziBirth Certificate BC/20/153222
Jarek CypserBirth Certificate BC/20/153233
Michael Johan van WykBirth Certificate BC/20/153240
JEFFERSON PETER WEBSTERBirth Certificate BC/20/153270
ROBERT ARTHUR HINNENKAMPBirth Certificate BC/20/153278
Courtney Rose JansenBirth Certificate BC/20/153284
Robert Simon BishopBirth Certificate BC/20/153290
Zoe Julie Sweeney (nee Bishop)Birth Certificate BC/20/153296
Sergiy LitsenkoBirth Certificate BC/20/153319
John beggs borlandBirth Certificate BC/20/153333
David BerryBirth Certificate BC/20/153342
Ann FlemingBirth Certificate BC/20/153356
Julie HoldenBirth Certificate BC/20/153375
JULIE ANNBirth Certificate BC/20/153381
David ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/153389
Lincoln CassieBirth Certificate BC/20/153411
William HuynhBirth Certificate BC/20/153418
Paul AlanBirth Certificate BC/20/153426
Michael Wayne HodgesBirth Certificate BC/20/153432
Louis Cosmen LombariBirth Certificate BC/20/153449
Robert John GrafhamBirth Certificate BC/20/153455
Lindsey Anne RouseBirth Certificate BC/20/153461
June SarjantBirth Certificate BC/20/153474
marina jennifer blandine michelBirth Certificate BC/20/153483
arielle maya michel-appapoulayBirth Certificate BC/20/153491
Eric Anthony AppapoulayBirth Certificate BC/20/153503
Jennifer June BurgessBirth Certificate BC/20/153536
Natasha Josie OldknowBirth Certificate BC/20/153544
Barbara HawthorneBirth Certificate BC/20/153550
Christopher Paul DowdsBirth Certificate BC/20/153556
WARWICK SPENCER HOLDINGBirth Certificate BC/20/153565
Esme Leigh RowlandsBirth Certificate BC/20/153574
Chelsea Leanne RowlandsBirth Certificate BC/20/153583
Gregory Miles HouckBirth Certificate BC/20/153599
Bojan LjepojaBirth Certificate BC/20/153606
Christine Karen WoodBirth Certificate BC/20/153618
Angela Joan DeanBirth Certificate BC/20/153624
Cameron Peter ParryBirth Certificate BC/20/153629
Donna Patricia TierneyBirth Certificate BC/20/153646
James David TwiggBirth Certificate BC/20/153654
Pauline Gau00ebtan Martine RonsmansBirth Certificate BC/20/153663
Nettie Colleen Rempel-OngBirth Certificate BC/20/153673
Roslyn Mary DeelyBirth Certificate BC/20/153685
Alexandra Jade HemmingsBirth Certificate BC/20/153691
Shelley Linda McPheeBirth Certificate BC/20/153701
Monica WembringBirth Certificate BC/20/153710
Arthur PaulBirth Certificate BC/20/153718
Michael GormanBirth Certificate BC/20/153724
Te Atapo Dawn CharmaineBirth Certificate BC/20/153730
Sandra Jane CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/153741
Joel Alexander CooperBirth Certificate BC/20/153751
David Paul JanikBirth Certificate BC/20/153755
Carter AndertonBirth Certificate BC/20/153765
Christine J. E. TackBirth Certificate BC/20/153773
Eric Lee BowenBirth Certificate BC/20/153791
Tracey Rosina SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/153797
Zillah Emma SaundersBirth Certificate BC/20/153803
Michael James CookBirth Certificate BC/20/153809
Luke Paul JevonsBirth Certificate BC/20/154010
Krystal Marie FerroBirth Certificate BC/20/154012
Lee WatersBirth Certificate BC/20/154014
Jos TrampBirth Certificate BC/20/154016
Garry Dennis ByfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/154018
Jeremy John ShortBirth Certificate BC/20/154022
Marie Claire AccordinoBirth Certificate BC/20/154024
AkselBirth Certificate BC/20/154026
ArturBirth Certificate BC/20/154028
Kelli LivterathBirth Certificate BC/20/154030
MarcoBirth Certificate BC/20/154032
Claire Lesley willsBirth Certificate BC/20/154034
Thomas Anthony WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/154036
Patricia Anne BoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/154038
Leslie-VictorBirth Certificate BC/20/154040
Deanne CarltonBirth Certificate BC/20/154042
NikolaosBirth Certificate BC/20/154044
Theresa Pauline ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/154046
Nicholas James KaranicholasBirth Certificate BC/20/154050
Salvatore FinocchiaroBirth Certificate BC/20/154056
Nicholas MossBirth Certificate BC/20/154058
Samuel Akira MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/154060
Jacob Akira MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/154062
Grzegorz Marek KasprzakBirth Certificate BC/20/154064
Christopher Paul MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/154066
Leigh Victor BalmforthBirth Certificate BC/20/154068
Joseph EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/154070
Josu00e9 Miguel Sousa RamosBirth Certificate BC/20/154072
James Alexis WoottonBirth Certificate BC/20/154076
Alan ButterworthBirth Certificate BC/20/154080
Shaun LeechBirth Certificate BC/20/154082
Julia chippendaleBirth Certificate BC/20/154084
Louise McCaffertyBirth Certificate BC/20/154090
Melissa-jayne Baddeley.Birth Certificate BC/20/154092
Kathryn Elizabeth PartridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/154094
GemmaBirth Certificate BC/20/154096
michele saubidetBirth Certificate BC/20/154098
Samantha jo foleyBirth Certificate BC/20/154100
jessie jane maloneBirth Certificate BC/20/154102
Somenah Marie BusbyBirth Certificate BC/20/154104
James Daniel GirouardBirth Certificate BC/20/154108
Ethaniel Johnmichael HuggardBirth Certificate BC/20/154110
Joanna RondosBirth Certificate BC/20/154112
Michelle Georgina DesgagneBirth Certificate BC/20/154114
Judith Kathleen WashingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/154116
Mark RichmondBirth Certificate BC/20/154118
Tuipulotu KapineBirth Certificate BC/20/154120
Rena Jean of the family GloudieBirth Certificate BC/20/154122
Lana Diane HalmeBirth Certificate BC/20/154124
Edward Douglas RichardsBirth Certificate BC/20/154126
Meagan Leigh CohnBirth Certificate BC/20/154130
Charis Lacey WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/154132
Darren Brett WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/154134
Mia Taiwaka Bishop Wiki-TeoiBirth Certificate BC/20/154136
Michael Anthony RadkeBirth Certificate BC/20/154138
Michael Anthony RadkeBirth Certificate BC/20/154140
Margaret Martina EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/154142
Jarrod Andrew BasherBirth Certificate BC/20/154144
Luke-WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/154148
Jeffrey Jay HawkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/154150
Sienna Jade MarchesaniBirth Certificate BC/20/154152
Nicholas Luca MarchesaniBirth Certificate BC/20/154154
Annette Evelyn PiggottBirth Certificate BC/20/154156
Leif JerkerBirth Certificate BC/20/154158
Deborah HillairetBirth Certificate BC/20/154160
Malia Matalena PeteloBirth Certificate BC/20/154162
Jacqueline KennyBirth Certificate BC/20/154166
Algie Daniel WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/154168
Danette Gail WellsBirth Certificate BC/20/154170
Jennifer Rose CameronBirth Certificate BC/20/154172
Darren WhiteBirth Certificate BC/20/154174
Ralph BarberBirth Certificate BC/20/154176
Sandra GallacherBirth Certificate BC/20/154178
Flemming Lu00f8vbjerg NielsenBirth Certificate BC/20/154180
Cesar Morales FloresBirth Certificate BC/20/154182
Rowland John BeestonBirth Certificate BC/20/154184
Kim Rochelle FullagerBirth Certificate BC/20/154186
Angus Martin BairdBirth Certificate BC/20/154188
Callum Watson BairdBirth Certificate BC/20/154190
Mandy Fiona ThorneBirth Certificate BC/20/154192
Paul Haydn MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/154194
Desiree AntoinetteBirth Certificate BC/20/154196
Katharine Elizabeth GouwsBirth Certificate BC/20/154198
James Alexander BassBirth Certificate BC/20/154200
lorraine turnerBirth Certificate BC/20/154202
Nicola HeathBirth Certificate BC/20/154204
Katrine LandbergBirth Certificate BC/20/154206
May Douglas RichardsBirth Certificate BC/20/154208
Angela Loraine RokansBirth Certificate BC/20/154210
Bert William CottleBirth Certificate BC/20/154212
Andrew ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/154214
Alexander Thomas ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/154216
Kirsty anne rangerBirth Certificate BC/20/154218
Kevin MullinsBirth Certificate BC/20/154220
Timothy John AdamsonBirth Certificate BC/20/154222
Vicki Ann NewmanBirth Certificate BC/20/154224
Ave FenixBirth Certificate BC/20/154226
Rod Kenneth DeanBirth Certificate BC/20/154228
Hayley Michelle lockwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/154230
Kimberly Joan WilberBirth Certificate BC/20/154232
Daniel Malcolm RussellBirth Certificate BC/20/154234
Roel PastorsBirth Certificate BC/20/154236
LYDIA SARAH KENNIONBirth Certificate BC/20/154238
Noele Pamela GreyBirth Certificate BC/20/154240
Johannah of the House of the AhernsBirth Certificate BC/20/154242
Scott Mackenzie Rogers JrBirth Certificate BC/20/154244
Suet Wah YuBirth Certificate BC/20/154246
Leuntje de RuiterBirth Certificate BC/20/154248
Martin Joseph Fernand Normand FisetBirth Certificate BC/20/154250
Nicola DayBirth Certificate BC/20/154254
Cynthia B AriasBirth Certificate BC/20/154256
Soffie Schanne Methe MogensenBirth Certificate BC/20/154258
William McdonnellBirth Certificate BC/20/154260
Michael Ray HallBirth Certificate BC/20/154266
joseph mcdonnellBirth Certificate BC/20/154268
Callum John Nichol ThomsonBirth Certificate BC/20/154270
frederick mcdonnellBirth Certificate BC/20/154272
Stephen James CapaldoBirth Certificate BC/20/154274
Lorraine Mary CaldwellBirth Certificate BC/20/154276
Raymond McDaidBirth Certificate BC/20/154278
deanna juliet simonBirth Certificate BC/20/154280
Alison McdonnellBirth Certificate BC/20/154282
Kelly marie shirleyBirth Certificate BC/20/154284
Lucy LayzellBirth Certificate BC/20/154286
Lola Victoria shirley hydeBirth Certificate BC/20/154288
Lilly rose nicola HydeBirth Certificate BC/20/154290
VASILIKI SYLAIDOUBirth Certificate BC/20/154292
julie may chattoBirth Certificate BC/20/154294
Siella LygoBirth Certificate BC/20/154296
Jeromy Mathew BairdBirth Certificate BC/20/154298
Darlyne Charmain Te WhaitiBirth Certificate BC/20/154300
Jacqueline GodsellBirth Certificate BC/20/154302
Harold Eugene Duckett, Jr.Birth Certificate BC/20/154304
Marcin WinsztalBirth Certificate BC/20/154310
Darren C SchreinerBirth Certificate BC/20/154312
Robin ChristianBirth Certificate BC/20/154318
Kirsten MuffettBirth Certificate BC/20/154320
Jordan Wiremu NikoraBirth Certificate BC/20/154322
Stephen John LovchyldBirth Certificate BC/20/154324
Bryan-Patrick house of HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/154326
Matthew ChickBirth Certificate BC/20/154328
Emma-Louise Galton-FenziBirth Certificate BC/20/154330
Philippa Ann ChapmanBirth Certificate BC/20/154332
Monica Ann OuwerkerkBirth Certificate BC/20/154334
joan gillBirth Certificate BC/20/154336
Jye WinstonBirth Certificate BC/20/154338
Joseph FosterBirth Certificate BC/20/154340
Ashley Carl VolzBirth Certificate BC/20/154342
Dennis BlackBirth Certificate BC/20/154344
Ben James mellorBirth Certificate BC/20/154346
julia anne harwoodBirth Certificate BC/20/154348
Indira Devi KalerBirth Certificate BC/20/154350
Jude James Tiger FoleyBirth Certificate BC/20/154352
Rowena Mary Bernadette ORourkeBirth Certificate BC/20/154354
Dawn Lilian NobleBirth Certificate BC/20/154356
TOOMAS VASSERBirth Certificate BC/20/154358
Antoinette Young u00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/154360
Antony John CondonBirth Certificate BC/20/154362
MaribelBirth Certificate BC/20/154364
Paul Frederick HodgesBirth Certificate BC/20/154366
Patrick John PearsonBirth Certificate BC/20/154368
Michelle Louise CunninghamBirth Certificate BC/20/154370
Lee Paul kyteBirth Certificate BC/20/154374
RAPHIQUE RAPHAEL SMITHBirth Certificate BC/20/154376
Lindsay louise kyteBirth Certificate BC/20/154378
linda margaret storeyBirth Certificate BC/20/154380
Aaron David PattersonBirth Certificate BC/20/154382
Paolo Giovanni RibezziBirth Certificate BC/20/154384
marie youngBirth Certificate BC/20/154386
Rafael Segador-CastañosBirth Certificate BC/20/154388
Ida-Karita Jensen.Birth Certificate BC/20/154390
David Christopher RulesBirth Certificate BC/20/154392
Donald WestbrooksBirth Certificate BC/20/154394
Nichole Marie AtwellBirth Certificate BC/20/154396
Barbara Ann BoucherBirth Certificate BC/20/154398
Lisa Christine WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/154400
LYN ANNE HOLGATEBirth Certificate BC/20/154402
Antonio MarchesaniBirth Certificate BC/20/154404
DEBORAH MARIA GERSHEVITCHBirth Certificate BC/20/154406
Matthew Leonard RogersBirth Certificate BC/20/154408
Leuntje de RuiterBirth Certificate BC/20/154410
Angelika Giesela GabrieleBirth Certificate BC/20/154685
Angelika Giesela GabrieleBirth Certificate BC/20/154689
Katherine Luise AlexanderBirth Certificate BC/20/154695
John herbert gallimoreBirth Certificate BC/20/154703
Sarah elizabeth kempBirth Certificate BC/20/154712
Donald AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/154719
Philip FauldsBirth Certificate BC/20/154725
Michael Paul GarnerBirth Certificate BC/20/154731
Barbara BraunBirth Certificate BC/20/154737
Sylvain HuetBirth Certificate BC/20/154783
paul wildeBirth Certificate BC/20/154789
Manon RicardBirth Certificate BC/20/154795
Emma Louise RichardsonBirth Certificate BC/20/154801
Crystal Anastasia DolynnyBirth Certificate BC/20/154807
Clementine Richardson-ShrievesBirth Certificate BC/20/154825
John Rixon ClarkeBirth Certificate BC/20/154840
Pierre LebrunBirth Certificate BC/20/154849
Virginie Paule EstherBirth Certificate BC/20/154858
Mia, Eve, Florence ImbeauBirth Certificate BC/20/154878
Kevin Alexander FeeneyBirth Certificate BC/20/154889
Julia Mae WeirBirth Certificate BC/20/154900
Hein DudinkBirth Certificate BC/20/154914
Melina Bernadette GammellBirth Certificate BC/20/154922
Coralie GarfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/154927
Angela-kayBirth Certificate BC/20/154938
William Aidan OliverBirth Certificate BC/20/154944
norman goedhartBirth Certificate BC/20/154964
Lee GarfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/154987
Jeanine LoganBirth Certificate BC/20/154993
Bradley Stewart HannahBirth Certificate BC/20/154999
Susan Rosemary WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/155011
Marc DesrosiersBirth Certificate BC/20/155051
Daniel Conor McKenzieBirth Certificate BC/20/155064
James WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/155070
Trenay Pamela HoyeBirth Certificate BC/20/155076
Christopher John Martin StewartBirth Certificate BC/20/155086
Christopher Allen CainBirth Certificate BC/20/155094
Colin Arthur McDonoughBirth Certificate BC/20/155100
Martin CmuntBirth Certificate BC/20/155109
Jacob GoedhartBirth Certificate BC/20/155117
Jack GoedhartBirth Certificate BC/20/155123
Amey Lee RamsayBirth Certificate BC/20/155129
Kathryn Lois AndrewsBirth Certificate BC/20/155137
Mihael JesihBirth Certificate BC/20/155143
Luke Kevin StowersBirth Certificate BC/20/155158
Emma Rose StowersBirth Certificate BC/20/155168
Nicola Jane StowersBirth Certificate BC/20/155175
Bevin Conan PertBirth Certificate BC/20/155186
LisicaBirth Certificate BC/20/155213
Sharon Patricia WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/155233
Eva Espino-BartollBirth Certificate BC/20/155241
Annita Joan LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/155248
Michael-johnBirth Certificate BC/20/155260
Peter Michael DuttonBirth Certificate BC/20/155267
George palmerBirth Certificate BC/20/155271
Peggy Jennifer DuttonBirth Certificate BC/20/155278
Donald AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/155284
Nicholas Robert of the family JackaBirth Certificate BC/20/155291
Scott HillBirth Certificate BC/20/155304
Sharon Margaret KyshBirth Certificate BC/20/155354
Darren Colin BlakeleyBirth Certificate BC/20/155475
Tina LewingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/155536
Daniel thomas TurnerBirth Certificate BC/20/155643
Remo Clifford OliverBirth Certificate BC/20/155649
James Curtis LaneBirth Certificate BC/20/155656
James Curtis LaneBirth Certificate BC/20/155662
Paul CookBirth Certificate BC/20/155670
Adam TallamyBirth Certificate BC/20/155699
Jake Anthony Perry parkerBirth Certificate BC/20/155719
George John Perry ParkerBirth Certificate BC/20/155725
Knud Thorbju00f8rn SlothBirth Certificate BC/20/155731
Kim JespersenBirth Certificate BC/20/155744
Nicola NewtonBirth Certificate BC/20/155753
Louis Alex BamberBirth Certificate BC/20/155759
Daniel Christian JosephBirth Certificate BC/20/155777
Lyndon JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/155786
Hannah Sharon CraughwellBirth Certificate BC/20/155807
Stuart Denis SpinkBirth Certificate BC/20/155827
Joseph Noah Arthur Robert Wythes-SimsBirth Certificate BC/20/155831
John Antony PalmerBirth Certificate BC/20/155837
Hannah Mary Elizabeth Wythes-SimsBirth Certificate BC/20/155844
Elizabeth Katie Wythes-RoachBirth Certificate BC/20/155848
Brenda Anne- Marie PretoriusBirth Certificate BC/20/155854
Zara Denise PretoriusBirth Certificate BC/20/155861
Timothy Eugene MannBirth Certificate BC/20/155872
Tara Maria MacLennanBirth Certificate BC/20/155891
Dylan Thomas ProwseBirth Certificate BC/20/155931
Robert Reed LincolnBirth Certificate BC/20/155941
Bryan Roeby LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/155950
Keziah Eden Johnson-HoneganBirth Certificate BC/20/155959
Jovene Damonia JasonBirth Certificate BC/20/155965
Frederik Senekal KrauseBirth Certificate BC/20/155971
Nerida Margaret HanlyBirth Certificate BC/20/155998
Andrew Fitzgerald BestBirth Certificate BC/20/156023
Sandie DrugganBirth Certificate BC/20/156029
Aila Maya Guerin WIndleBirth Certificate BC/20/156035
Natasha May BasseBirth Certificate BC/20/156057
Henry JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/156077
Ryan James HarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/156083
Johanna FisherBirth Certificate BC/20/156094
Ramu00f3nBirth Certificate BC/20/156119
Te Moana Rigby WilliamsBirth Certificate BC/20/156125
Melina Anne BarrowBirth Certificate BC/20/156142
Lisa Marie HannBirth Certificate BC/20/156157
Jenny Winipere MaugerBirth Certificate BC/20/156167
Marija KljuceBirth Certificate BC/20/156173
Julie Anne McKieBirth Certificate BC/20/156187
Ursula KljuceBirth Certificate BC/20/156197
PHILIP TE KAMO LEEBirth Certificate BC/20/156261
Lisa Michele ThorntonBirth Certificate BC/20/156286
Taylor Frances KljuceBirth Certificate BC/20/156295
Rheanna Grace HanselmanBirth Certificate BC/20/156317
Ryan HanselmanBirth Certificate BC/20/156327
Kamila WlodzimierukBirth Certificate BC/20/156344
Amelia MajkowskaBirth Certificate BC/20/156354
STEVEN BERRYBirth Certificate BC/20/156382
Lee WestonBirth Certificate BC/20/156418
Ramae Aaron McfarlaneBirth Certificate BC/20/156444
Kyza mikal junior McfarlaneBirth Certificate BC/20/156448
Eshaes Louise Leone McfarlaneBirth Certificate BC/20/156453
Tom Hu00e5kan SandbomBirth Certificate BC/20/156492
Daniel Majzoub-HosseiniBirth Certificate BC/20/156504
Mark Anthony ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/156512
Natasha Alexandra PartridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/156525
Phoebe GaleBirth Certificate BC/20/156550
Michelle HarrisBirth Certificate BC/20/156565
Catherine HutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/156571
Bruce JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/156721
Julie WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/156742
Gareth Andrew NorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/156770
Stefan Luke CookBirth Certificate BC/20/156807
Joanne Marie AddieBirth Certificate BC/20/156817
Macy Gail JoyceBirth Certificate BC/20/156825
Christopher HutchinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/156831
Robbie MacLennanBirth Certificate BC/20/156838
Gary MartinBirth Certificate BC/20/156844
Cassidy Sheila Fay Templeman-WynneBirth Certificate BC/20/156850
Alex BrocklehurstBirth Certificate BC/20/156860
Alex LittleBirth Certificate BC/20/156874
Andrea Lesley TrunchionBirth Certificate BC/20/156891
Holly-Jane LaneBirth Certificate BC/20/156920
Emma-Jane BlenkinsopBirth Certificate BC/20/156924
Eleanor Geraldine Mary ODonovanBirth Certificate BC/20/156933
MarcelloBirth Certificate BC/20/156958
Logan thomas crawfordBirth Certificate BC/20/156968
Christopher Michael DohertyBirth Certificate BC/20/156976
andrew-francis ravanelloBirth Certificate BC/20/156995
Andrew Timothy KirkBirth Certificate BC/20/157002
Jacqueline DinesBirth Certificate BC/20/157012
Gabriel YoussefBirth Certificate BC/20/157025
Ira Edward HemmingsBirth Certificate BC/20/157040
Graham Frederick FrenchBirth Certificate BC/20/157049
Michael Charles RimuBirth Certificate BC/20/157061
Ana NoriegaBirth Certificate BC/20/157072
Jennifer Jane AnthonyBirth Certificate BC/20/157078
Jordan Kirby LentzBirth Certificate BC/20/157097
Theresa Mary LynchBirth Certificate BC/20/157103
John Ringa WatlingBirth Certificate BC/20/157120
Gonzalo Ravanal LavanarBirth Certificate BC/20/157126
H. Michael MuellerBirth Certificate BC/20/157132
Adriana Ravanal AddieBirth Certificate BC/20/157141
NIcolaas Dirk OosthuizenBirth Certificate BC/20/157164
Luca Michael DohertyBirth Certificate BC/20/157170
Karen smithBirth Certificate BC/20/157176
Miriam Heather BridenBirth Certificate BC/20/157207
Ramona TomaBirth Certificate BC/20/157211
Justin MaccoraBirth Certificate BC/20/157215
Ashley Joshua MaccoraBirth Certificate BC/20/157219
Lynsey PattersonBirth Certificate BC/20/157225
Clare GallowayBirth Certificate BC/20/157231
Judith Anne GemptonBirth Certificate BC/20/157239
Fiona Helen Turnbull GassBirth Certificate BC/20/157248
Anna Marie GiffenBirth Certificate BC/20/157256
Lynne TemplemanBirth Certificate BC/20/157262
Alessandro Antonio DAquinoBirth Certificate BC/20/157314
Judea Olive BogleBirth Certificate BC/20/157324
Moira NealeBirth Certificate BC/20/157342
Susan Ann DalyBirth Certificate BC/20/157355
Anja Diane HuygenBirth Certificate BC/20/157363
Stephen RimmingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/157376
FenellaBirth Certificate BC/20/157398
Sarah GriffithBirth Certificate BC/20/157437
Geoffrey ArthurBirth Certificate BC/20/157457
Christopher Ronald Costales KellyBirth Certificate BC/20/157549
Jenella Jo-Ann WalkerBirth Certificate BC/20/157636
Conor James DoolanBirth Certificate BC/20/157652
Judith Ann ThomasBirth Certificate BC/20/157675
Roxanne Harriet Hedges-UptonBirth Certificate BC/20/157683
Brodie Levi Briden-CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/157704
Alesha Rose Briden-CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/157785
Linda Jane StevensonBirth Certificate BC/20/157792
Anthony Terry MacDonaldBirth Certificate BC/20/157808
Joshua PereiraBirth Certificate BC/20/157839
Christian stantonBirth Certificate BC/20/157848
Carson FergusonBirth Certificate BC/20/157869
Aleyna Mary NortonBirth Certificate BC/20/157900
Annie Greer McDevittBirth Certificate BC/20/157932
Alesha Rose Briden-CampbellBirth Certificate BC/20/157980
Ryan Anthony SutherlandBirth Certificate BC/20/157986
Michael Porter TilleyBirth Certificate BC/20/157992
Jacques BeaulieuBirth Certificate BC/20/158030
Deejays Donovan HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/158036
Ewa-christina Lundu00e9nBirth Certificate BC/20/158051
Susan ChattonBirth Certificate BC/20/158057
Jake William HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/158079
Rhys Kinley HughesBirth Certificate BC/20/158086
Dean David HaldinBirth Certificate BC/20/158094
Bernadette EmbletonBirth Certificate BC/20/158106
Michelle Anthea BiddyBirth Certificate BC/20/158115
Barrie George HydeBirth Certificate BC/20/158122
Emma Louise BensonBirth Certificate BC/20/158140
Clare Louise TierneyBirth Certificate BC/20/158154
Roderick Allen McClainBirth Certificate BC/20/158173
Sherry Lee FordBirth Certificate BC/20/158181
Andrew Ephraim SampleBirth Certificate BC/20/158195
Clare Louise TierneyBirth Certificate BC/20/158199
Barak Beni Yisrael BeyBirth Certificate BC/20/158208
Michael Alan RowseBirth Certificate BC/20/158217
JenniferBirth Certificate BC/20/158286
Gordon Mark HillBirth Certificate BC/20/158292
Tehani ChanceBirth Certificate BC/20/158301
ElieBirth Certificate BC/20/158326
Arseny Rudolfovich PeisakhovBirth Certificate BC/20/158336
Joanne Gail PennerBirth Certificate BC/20/158363
Cameron Michael DyckBirth Certificate BC/20/158373
Tania El-hageBirth Certificate BC/20/158379
Dante PeisakhovBirth Certificate BC/20/158388
Cynthia Lynn MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/158419
Gary William HayBirth Certificate BC/20/158489
Benjamin John WattsBirth Certificate BC/20/158499
MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/158525
Mark Anthony WallBirth Certificate BC/20/158550
Jannor House Of GeorgeBirth Certificate BC/20/158581
Bruce GallagherBirth Certificate BC/20/158589
Isa AswadBirth Certificate BC/20/158599
Alicia LouiseBirth Certificate BC/20/158611
Lyndsey Joy KaocharoenBirth Certificate BC/20/158621
Barrie George HydeBirth Certificate BC/20/158625
Clare Louise HydeBirth Certificate BC/20/158639
Susan JamesBirth Certificate BC/20/158653
Kristin Dayle JacobsenBirth Certificate BC/20/158659
Mandy Lorraine RobinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/158665
Waqas HUSSAINBirth Certificate BC/20/158677
Nazmeen BegumBirth Certificate BC/20/158687
Timothy Andrew McLellanBirth Certificate BC/20/158702
Jane Marie MinchinBirth Certificate BC/20/158718
Gillian Lesley leederBirth Certificate BC/20/158735
Amal OmarBirth Certificate BC/20/158746
Marina June HolnessBirth Certificate BC/20/158752
Alishba HUSSAINBirth Certificate BC/20/158785
Paul John PowellBirth Certificate BC/20/158797
April Dream JacksonBirth Certificate BC/20/158812
Nicola TemplemanBirth Certificate BC/20/158818
Gail elizabeth partridgeBirth Certificate BC/20/158832
Dennis Melton JarrettBirth Certificate BC/20/158849
Julie Ann TurbardBirth Certificate BC/20/158859
Vanessa Sue PrestonBirth Certificate BC/20/158867
Paul JC Venny BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/158873
Marie Lucienne Francine TremblayBirth Certificate BC/20/158879
Anastasia SuloBirth Certificate BC/20/158897
Gary William ButcherBirth Certificate BC/20/158909
Lucia KarabovaBirth Certificate BC/20/158927
Narelle Kay DeelyBirth Certificate BC/20/158940
Dennis Bryan MaxtedBirth Certificate BC/20/158947
Michelle Louise WineeraBirth Certificate BC/20/158958
Edgar ReichardtBirth Certificate BC/20/158980
Svetko LisicaBirth Certificate BC/20/158988
Deirdre Robyn WeightBirth Certificate BC/20/159031
Tangata Ronald Stephen ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/159037
Jordan RyanBirth Certificate BC/20/159043
Nicole LyonsBirth Certificate BC/20/159055
Zoe MallettBirth Certificate BC/20/159064
Olivia MallettBirth Certificate BC/20/159072
Harlow Mitchell MeechanBirth Certificate BC/20/159091
Archie-Leigh Lewis GaultonBirth Certificate BC/20/159106
Emmarie-Shayla Nicola MeechanBirth Certificate BC/20/159112
Kaydenlee Thomas MeechanBirth Certificate BC/20/159118
Andre Robin GawinekBirth Certificate BC/20/159128
Stefan K o e h l e rBirth Certificate BC/20/159141
Franu00e7ois MorinBirth Certificate BC/20/159164
Ryan James PattinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/159168
Josu00e9e Isabelle VinceletteBirth Certificate BC/20/159174
Aimie Louise PattinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/159178
Jane Amelia LemonBirth Certificate BC/20/159186
Mark Jeffrey PentecostBirth Certificate BC/20/159201
Nicole HaberechtBirth Certificate BC/20/159207
Aviv HadadBirth Certificate BC/20/159213
Amaya Rosa BellBirth Certificate BC/20/159223
Maria del Carmen Poveda SobrinoBirth Certificate BC/20/159229
Elaine Rose CloutBirth Certificate BC/20/159242
Thomas Patrick LallyBirth Certificate BC/20/159250
KentBirth Certificate BC/20/159268
Julia Carla DavisBirth Certificate BC/20/159274
Hannah Giles KnoppBirth Certificate BC/20/159292
Josephine Mary OConnorBirth Certificate BC/20/159298
Dylan John DaviesBirth Certificate BC/20/159315
Ivanill WeekesBirth Certificate BC/20/159332
Kevin Steuart IrelandBirth Certificate BC/20/159338
Darryl MathisBirth Certificate BC/20/159350
Lindsay BanksBirth Certificate BC/20/159363
Daniel Barry cooperBirth Certificate BC/20/159378
Alexander Jeff ColdrickBirth Certificate BC/20/159384
Eve Jessica ColdrickBirth Certificate BC/20/159390
Graham Michael CoyneBirth Certificate BC/20/159400
Darreon Lamar WoodsBirth Certificate BC/20/159409
Rafau0142 Bartosz Pu0105zikBirth Certificate BC/20/159423
Jason Dale RhodesBirth Certificate BC/20/159434
Julie Ann MasseyBirth Certificate BC/20/159440
Deejay Donovan HarrisonBirth Certificate BC/20/159444
Dragos Adrian SmarandoiuBirth Certificate BC/20/159450
Keeley Catherine QuickBirth Certificate BC/20/159464
Natasha ChristianBirth Certificate BC/20/159486
Cathryn Fiona AbernethyBirth Certificate BC/20/159531
Misty Louise derrickBirth Certificate BC/20/159541
Tracy Lynn EmoryBirth Certificate BC/20/159550
Marie cooper stoneBirth Certificate BC/20/159568
Yumiko ShigenoBirth Certificate BC/20/159574
Michael John ThompsonBirth Certificate BC/20/159583
Nicola Maree HooperBirth Certificate BC/20/159606
Robert Justin ArterburnBirth Certificate BC/20/159612
Rebecca BakxBirth Certificate BC/20/159629
Glenda Joy AllenBirth Certificate BC/20/159638
Rohan James McMahonBirth Certificate BC/20/159658
Nancy Ann Anita FergussonBirth Certificate BC/20/159667
te-rangihou-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159693
naera-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159697
te-rakei-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159701
atawhai-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159705
atawhai-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159709
Shannon Jennifer Donaldson-FaulknerBirth Certificate BC/20/159717
kuranui-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159721
Tawhiti Benjamin Faulkner BarrBirth Certificate BC/20/159727
LeeBirth Certificate BC/20/159746
hine-manawa-matthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/159750
Kerrie Theresa MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/159764
Stephen William MarckBirth Certificate BC/20/159789
Deborah Jean MasonBirth Certificate BC/20/159798
Alistair John WaitBirth Certificate BC/20/159835
Kenneth Cameron HastieBirth Certificate BC/20/159876
KATRINE BECH ALBERTSENBirth Certificate BC/20/159901
steven of the woods familyBirth Certificate BC/20/159924
Antony David RobsonBirth Certificate BC/20/159940
Natalie Joan ZeunBirth Certificate BC/20/160083
April MatthewsBirth Certificate BC/20/160103
Christella DienerBirth Certificate BC/20/160118
Fredrick Bay GuyattBirth Certificate BC/20/160147
Rio SackeyBirth Certificate BC/20/160199
Tommy Richard Edward ChurchBirth Certificate BC/20/160230
Caroline Lynn GoodbanBirth Certificate BC/20/160275
Freya LaurentBirth Certificate BC/20/160369
Carlos Derek Rodrigues SilvaBirth Certificate BC/20/160407
Lucas Asha Paul ParrisBirth Certificate BC/20/160452
Sean Robert HawkBirth Certificate BC/20/160459
Georgia Louise SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/160471
Irma Nicolette MunnikBirth Certificate BC/20/160477
John Henry DeVriesBirth Certificate BC/20/160486
Larissa Nicole NicholsonBirth Certificate BC/20/160504
Jacqueline Margaret ChalmersBirth Certificate BC/20/160510
Michael Luke OSullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/160518
Terrell Otis DouglasBirth Certificate BC/20/160527
Michael Anthony MorrisBirth Certificate BC/20/160541
Manuela Anamaria RotarBirth Certificate BC/20/160551
Barbara Ann LoveBirth Certificate BC/20/160561
Claire SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/160568
Owain GullifordBirth Certificate BC/20/160577
Doreen Rose QuigleyBirth Certificate BC/20/160585
Hayden James PriceBirth Certificate BC/20/160591
Michael PriceBirth Certificate BC/20/160598
Sharon Margaret WalshBirth Certificate BC/20/160611
Sarah GosneyBirth Certificate BC/20/160620
Samantha Gemma-Louise StaigBirth Certificate BC/20/160627
Claire RobertsonBirth Certificate BC/20/160637
Kenneth OHareBirth Certificate BC/20/160646
Kristoffer Keith SouthBirth Certificate BC/20/160670
Hayden James priceBirth Certificate BC/20/160679
u0414u0435u043du0438u0441 u041eu043bu0435u0433u043eu0432u0438u0447 u0421u0435u043cu0451u043du043eu0432Birth Certificate BC/20/160688
Louis Glester Ville BadleyBirth Certificate BC/20/160708
Gillian Clare MayBirth Certificate BC/20/160716
Sharon Patricia TibbleBirth Certificate BC/20/160725
Elijah GirardiBirth Certificate BC/20/160733
Andrew Nicholas HargreavesBirth Certificate BC/20/160748
Kelly Natasha WrightBirth Certificate BC/20/160754
Hans-Peter FischerBirth Certificate BC/20/160776
Kim MunroBirth Certificate BC/20/160791
Andrew BruceBirth Certificate BC/20/160809
Teresa Shanti-Devi Nina VeaudryBirth Certificate BC/20/160815
Wayne DenningBirth Certificate BC/20/160860
Alexander Samuel CanalsBirth Certificate BC/20/160878
Sharon Denise HillBirth Certificate BC/20/160903
Christopher John HemingwayBirth Certificate BC/20/160950
Sienna Amanda HemingwayBirth Certificate BC/20/160964
Cindy Maria SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/160979
Mark Robert DUNCANBirth Certificate BC/20/161066
Serena PetaBirth Certificate BC/20/161123
Natalie Jane MeechanBirth Certificate BC/20/161151
Sarah Elizabeth CASEBirth Certificate BC/20/161195
Stephen-john parkBirth Certificate BC/20/161284
Terry davidsonBirth Certificate BC/20/161304
Geraldine Ann McCormackBirth Certificate BC/20/161351
Faith GibbBirth Certificate BC/20/161364
Stephen James HarveyBirth Certificate BC/20/161423
Cathal Mac PartholanBirth Certificate BC/20/161542
Forrest Topaz DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/161581
Patricia Bell AitchisonBirth Certificate BC/20/161590
Carole Annu00e9 ShawBirth Certificate BC/20/161598
Tiger Quartz DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/161602
Joseph Jean-Marc AudetBirth Certificate BC/20/161608
Angela AshcroftBirth Certificate BC/20/161614
Karma Sapphire DawsonBirth Certificate BC/20/161618
Carla-Rose AshcroftBirth Certificate BC/20/161624
Myriam LaporteBirth Certificate BC/20/161630
Michelle SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/161636
Ireland Onyx StortoBirth Certificate BC/20/161640
Callum Paul BannisterBirth Certificate BC/20/161646
Jayan Houle LaporteBirth Certificate BC/20/161650
Ocean Pearl StortoBirth Certificate BC/20/161662
Kyliam GuayBirth Certificate BC/20/161666
Yohan GuayBirth Certificate BC/20/161679
Ghislain HouleBirth Certificate BC/20/161692
Calise Camille CleghornBirth Certificate BC/20/161706
Jacqueline CoffinBirth Certificate BC/20/161730
Nandinee GovindenBirth Certificate BC/20/161739
Johanna Adriana Margaretha WijlingBirth Certificate BC/20/161754
Hans Lyzander WitkamBirth Certificate BC/20/161775
Bo Zou00eb Joanne WitkamBirth Certificate BC/20/161781
Bernard LebrunBirth Certificate BC/20/161790
Aisha June JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/161796
Roger LebrunBirth Certificate BC/20/161805
Helena Elizabeth JonesBirth Certificate BC/20/161826
Eda TooverBirth Certificate BC/20/161833
David Wayne ChristiansenBirth Certificate BC/20/161858
Ann Patricia WellerBirth Certificate BC/20/161864
Brenda Sue BrownBirth Certificate BC/20/161901
Boshanda Kim JohnsonBirth Certificate BC/20/161920
Rah Respect Moore ElBirth Certificate BC/20/161934
Martin EyreBirth Certificate BC/20/161940
jozsef konrad kalloBirth Certificate BC/20/161961
Eden Kane Kenneth ShepherdBirth Certificate BC/20/161969
Wendy EyreBirth Certificate BC/20/161976
Amanda Jane FilmerBirth Certificate BC/20/161982
Francisca Lucero Martinez EscobarBirth Certificate BC/20/162010
Julie Erla Marie IrwinBirth Certificate BC/20/162020
Ngaire SheridanBirth Certificate BC/20/162040
Paul John SevelkaBirth Certificate BC/20/162057
Ilan TalmorBirth Certificate BC/20/162064
Alexander CanalsBirth Certificate BC/20/162068
Zohar TalmorBirth Certificate BC/20/162083
MARTIN CRAIG WHEELERBirth Certificate BC/20/162089
Omer TalmorBirth Certificate BC/20/162095
Ori TalmorBirth Certificate BC/20/162101
Nirit TalmorBirth Certificate BC/20/162108
Karin Maree McGillBirth Certificate BC/20/162128
Marcos BakxBirth Certificate BC/20/162150
Zadhana Francis MaunsellBirth Certificate BC/20/162162
Gordon FraserBirth Certificate BC/20/162187
Anne Mary BrettBirth Certificate BC/20/162196
Nick MoutsosBirth Certificate BC/20/162204
Eve Mary HopkinsBirth Certificate BC/20/162210
Dean KingettBirth Certificate BC/20/162219
Michelle Amanda PendleyBirth Certificate BC/20/162299
Amanda JaneBirth Certificate BC/20/162306
Cayla-Maree TaitBirth Certificate BC/20/162329
Patricia Marie CollinsBirth Certificate BC/20/162362
Lindsey Sheuna ReadheadBirth Certificate BC/20/162401
Glenda Dawn RobertsBirth Certificate BC/20/162409
Michael John ShelleyBirth Certificate BC/20/162416
Jo-Ann MareeBirth Certificate BC/20/162432
Martyn KennedyBirth Certificate BC/20/162477
Leia Oliviera DzikowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/162492
Leia Oliviera DzikowskiBirth Certificate BC/20/162498
Simone Ursula NettleshipBirth Certificate BC/20/162511
Mary Teresa SharkeyBirth Certificate BC/20/162516
SANDRA SMITHBirth Certificate BC/20/162552
Selina BolandBirth Certificate BC/20/162564
Barry HealdBirth Certificate BC/20/162597
Michel PhaneufBirth Certificate BC/20/162605
Pamela Yvette BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/162616
Chris BuckleyBirth Certificate BC/20/162633
Lee Damian NorthinBirth Certificate BC/20/162668
Susi SusanarBirth Certificate BC/20/162691
Lynne HemingwayBirth Certificate BC/20/162698
Joanne Catherine DriverBirth Certificate BC/20/162709
Christopher James HemingwayBirth Certificate BC/20/162732
Anik LaperleBirth Certificate BC/20/162742
Kaz LoweBirth Certificate BC/20/162750
Emma Victoria PooleBirth Certificate BC/20/162783
Sharon Diane DeveneyBirth Certificate BC/20/162799
Barak Beni Yisrael Bey IIBirth Certificate BC/20/162806
Jane Elizabeth CarterBirth Certificate BC/20/162812
Tammy JohnsBirth Certificate BC/20/162816
Bradley Aaron QuinlanBirth Certificate BC/20/162826
Conrad Jr GouletBirth Certificate BC/20/162843
Saar Baht YisraelBirth Certificate BC/20/162849
Hugo Henry SaareojaBirth Certificate BC/20/162867
Georg Rasmus SaareojaBirth Certificate BC/20/162871
Juraiwan ManeewongBirth Certificate BC/20/162878
Emilie Matilda ToverBirth Certificate BC/20/162886
Jeremy Paul BakerBirth Certificate BC/20/162937
Aline Claire Pichu00e9Birth Certificate BC/20/162949
Bird Robert WilliamBirth Certificate BC/20/162953
Iain Grant Lowrie NellisBirth Certificate BC/20/162962
Zannasan PersenceBirth Certificate BC/20/162972
Timothy John MellorBirth Certificate BC/20/162990
Anik LaperleBirth Certificate BC/20/163009
Logan Joseph HendersonBirth Certificate BC/20/163015
Frida-Nordentoft Feilberg.u00a9Birth Certificate BC/20/163043
Chantal HebertBirth Certificate BC/20/163087
Liza JefferysBirth Certificate BC/20/163111
Michelle Jane WardBirth Certificate BC/20/163140
Ethan VentoseBirth Certificate BC/20/163145
Yvonne BriggsBirth Certificate BC/20/163153
Roderick Allen McClain IIBirth Certificate BC/20/163161
ZiRaya Nevaeh McClainBirth Certificate BC/20/163165
Kamari Malaysia McClainBirth Certificate BC/20/163169
Megan Patricia TaylorBirth Certificate BC/20/163175
Renee Elizabeth BrowneBirth Certificate BC/20/163182
Lily Rose HadlandBirth Certificate BC/20/163197
Leroy Nathan WindleBirth Certificate BC/20/163243
Stephen BrantBirth Certificate BC/20/163267
Chelsea Rose ForsythBirth Certificate BC/20/163276
Melane MeunierBirth Certificate BC/20/163284
Santiago LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163289
Sebastien Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163293
Noah Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163297
Zion Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163301
Genesis Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163305
Gisele Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163310
Exodus Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163314
Erueti Tiaki Wirihana also known as WilsonBirth Certificate BC/20/163320
Gisele Meunier-LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163324
Warren Hayward SmithBirth Certificate BC/20/163346
Richard Francis Bennett IIIBirth Certificate BC/20/163352
Gabrielle Marie EadieBirth Certificate BC/20/163358
Paul DorsettBirth Certificate BC/20/163364
Hingataitoa Grace DaymondBirth Certificate BC/20/163370
Jill Christine EmenyBirth Certificate BC/20/163377
Brett Ashley EmenyBirth Certificate BC/20/163385
MichaelBirth Certificate BC/20/163394
Wendy LowriBirth Certificate BC/20/163400
TIMOTHY WAYNE CLELANDBirth Certificate BC/20/163406
Leslie RaymondBirth Certificate BC/20/163412
Darren Anthony BallBirth Certificate BC/20/163421
Frances Ellen LopezBirth Certificate BC/20/163451
Yannick SullivanBirth Certificate BC/20/163465
London Melissa JensenBirth Certificate BC/20/163474
Lee WatersBirth Certificate BC/20/163524
Jos TrampBirth Certificate BC/20/163526
Garry Dennis ByfieldBirth Certificate BC/20/163528
Jeremy John ShortBirth Certificate BC/20/163532
Marie Claire AccordinoBirth Certificate BC/20/163534
Kelli LivterathBirth Certificate BC/20/163540
marcoBirth Certificate BC/20/163542
Claire Lesley willsBirth Certificate BC/20/163544
Patricia Anne BoyleBirth Certificate BC/20/163548
Leslie-VictorBirth Certificate BC/20/163550
Deanne CarltonBirth Certificate BC/20/163552
NikolaosBirth Certificate BC/20/163554
Nicholas James KaranicholasBirth Certificate BC/20/163560
Samuel Akira MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/163570
Jacob Akira MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/163572
Grzegorz Marek KasprzakBirth Certificate BC/20/163574
Christopher Paul MulheranBirth Certificate BC/20/163576
Leigh Victor BalmforthBirth Certificate BC/20/163578
shaun leechBirth Certificate BC/20/163588
Samantha jo foleyBirth Certificate BC/20/163606
Somenah Marie BusbyBirth Certificate BC/20/163610
Michelle Georgina DesgagneBirth Certificate BC/20/163620
Judith Kathleen WashingtonBirth Certificate BC/20/163622
Mark RichmondBirth Certificate BC/20/163624
Tuipulotu KapineBirth Certificate BC/20/163626
Rena Jean of the family GloudieBirth Certificate BC/20/163628
Lana Diane HalmeBirth Certificate BC/20/163630
Edward Douglas RichardsBirth Certificate BC/20/163632
Meagan Leigh CohnBirth Certificate BC/20/163636
Charis Lacey WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/163638
Darren Brett WilkinsonBirth Certificate BC/20/163640
Mia Taiwaka Bishop Wiki-TeoiBirth Certificate BC/20/163642
Michael Anthony RadkeBirth Certificate BC/20/163646
Margaret Martina EdwardsBirth Certificate BC/20/163648
Sienna Jade MarchesaniBirth Certificate BC/20/163659
Nicholas Luca MarchesaniBirth Certificate BC/20/163661
Annette Evelyn PiggottBirth Certificate BC/20/163663
JerkerBirth Certificate BC/20/163665
Bryan-Patrick house of RoweBirth Certificate BC/20/163671
Michelle HoldingBirth Certificate BC/20/163873
Mark Anthony DicksonBirth Certificate BC/20/163936
NatashaBirth Certificate BC/20/163938
Nikita Rachel RaeBirth Certificate BC/20/163940
Nigel Martin HudsonBirth Certificate BC/20/163942
Tina OlsenBirth Certificate BC/20/163944
Luke GrantBirth Certificate BC/20/163946
Oxana Igorevna KhramovaBirth Certificate BC/20/163948
Ellisa Karelia BathBirth Certificate BC/20/163950
Nicol Jude BreauxBirth Certificate BC/20/163952
Mario Joseph Stu00e9phane Bu00e9langerBirth Certificate BC/20/163954
Zakaria Levi PekeBirth Certificate BC/20/163956
Benjamin GauntBirth Certificate BC/20/163958
Amanda MackenzieBirth Certificate BC/20/163960
Chekade Cianne Bright - St OmerBirth Certificate BC/20/163962
Daniel Ray KrugerBirth Certificate BC/20/163964
Stuart Thomas BurrowsBirth Certificate BC/20/163966
Jeffrey Cid Keoni Malunay JrBirth Certificate BC/20/163968
BatleyBirth Certificate BC/20/163970
Janice Mary MarquisBirth Certificate BC/20/163972
William Earl WaldenBirth Certificate BC/20/163974
Ivy AmarBirth Certificate BC/20/163976
Serafina Hope GillespieBirth Certificate BC/20/163978
Evelyn Faith GillespieBirth Certificate BC/20/163980
Abigail Aroha GillespieBirth Certificate BC/20/163982
wondra denise chewBirth Certificate BC/20/163984
charles robert elliottBirth Certificate BC/20/163986
Marlene ZeidenbergBirth Certificate BC/20/163988
Judith Anne ShannonBirth Certificate BC/20/163990
Malissa Lauren MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/163992
Ava Isabella MillerBirth Certificate BC/20/163994
DAVID VAZQUEZ SIGu00dcENZABirth Certificate BC/20/163996
Thomas Dean CockleyBirth Certificate BC/20/163998
Erik Eddy RioBirth Certificate BC/20/164000