Лучшая защита-атака.

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    The best defense is attack.
    Before attacking, study your opponent carefully.
    I am sorry, but for the fact that I am conducting an active legal protection of people, 2 protocols were drawn up for me and the cases were transferred to court. In addition, one application was also sent to the court and I received a subpoena by e-mail.
    Total 3 vessels. I realized that this was too much for me.
    Therefore, I had to remind the judges in writing that the summons by e-mail is not sent, because it is a violation of the civil procedure code. We also had to remind the judges that they are in fact (according to official documents, the judges representing the state judicial power are not and will incur retribution for the deception). And to my satisfaction, not a single trial took place. And the two policemen who initiated the cases against me were themselves guilty. One of them made a protocol on me, although he did not have the authority to do so, thus violating the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs (Article 286 of the Criminal Code of Russia), and the second police officer (lieutenant colonel) had an invalid certificate (with a different name) when I checked his documents.
    Therefore, never leave alone those who hinder you to live peacefully. Often they themselves are many times more guilty than you.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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