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    David RobinsonDavid Robinson

    Unity is the key for remedy. All groups taking on the regime have a common problem, that being nowhere to get justice because we have no lawful courts (apart from convening our own) operating in our land. So how do we best remedy that fact?

    I suggest that we all contact the various groups being attacked (veterans), or those taking on the regime that is operating under the criminal judicial system under corpus juris (EU rules).

    The Brexit groups would highly benefit from knowing why we were never lawfully entered into the EU, and why Brexit was designed as a trap….the trap being that by voting for Article 50 of the null and void Lisbon treaty they (unwittingly) granted said treaty with legitimacy.

    Keeping things as simple as possible is always going to be the best way. The evidence file FCO 30/1048 (in the files) proves that our entry into the EU was High Treason at common law. The file which was gleaned from the public records office (where the evidence remains to this day) in 2002 consists of nearly 300 documents written by Edward Heath and his co-conspirators stating how they need to keep the truth from the public etc….they knew that by entering us into the European Economic Community we would lose our sovereignty (common laws) within 30 years.

    Treason is to hand over the decision making powers of the nation to a foreign country or entity. As we can see EU arrest warrants and extradition orders are being used against people of our land (Lyn Thyer – David Noakes) which the corporate run fake and treasonous courts are aiding and abetting = High Treason.

    So how can we stop this?….well in times of institutional corruption the ONLY peaceful remedy is to unite and to demand that the common law judicial system (courts of common law) are reasserted within EVERY court in the land…it is treasonous to have any other court…All jurisdictions commercial, equity etc must also stand under the common law constitution.

    When we are united we can publicly demand that those (traitors/imposters) at the head of the judiciary (home office, Judicial office, police service) provide a recognised court building (royal courts of justice?) under a common law jurisdiction where the people are the judges (not the corporate traitors committing treason) who can hear the evidence of treason (FCO 30/1048 file)….there is plenty more evidence of treason by the way. This would not be a request it MUST BE A DEMAND!….demanded by huge numbers of good people.

    For anyone to publicly deny the people such a court would be to deny the common law constitution, which would be sedition and under the circumstances treason. If that occurs, or we are ignored, then we would either have to arrest the traitors ourselves or demand that the police observe the truth (evidence) and do the job that we pay them to do, to make the necessary arrests. It would take a lot of determined people to be able to compel the police I know, and if we are strong enough in number then we also have ‘lawful excuse’ to arrest the police who are aiding and abetting treason by not doing their job or observing the evidenced facts….I don’t think that would be necessary, but drastic measures are required in such dangerous times. Some of the police men and women are not happy with what is happening but are also trapped in the system like we all are. If they made a stand without protection then the state would target them to silence them, they know that.

    This strategy can be executed relatively peacefully with enough people supporting it I believe…..most people would only need to be silent witnesses…if the plan was well organised we could have spokesmen/women at the front if and when we lobby the police at the 45 police HQ’s in England and Wales….we wouldn’t want it to become chaotic of course…agent provocateurs would need to be restrained so we would also need common law enforcers, also to lead the arrests of the police if they will not help to stop the treason being committed against us all.

    This plan could be organised within the common law court website perhaps?…we could appoint common law police constables, we have lawful excuse to do this within a lawless society of course……this strategy would have to be seen out to its conclusion, if the police officers decide on violence then we would have to defend ourselves and be prepared to do that if required. Tyranny has never been defeated without the threat of force…there is a chance that this strategy could be peaceful as long as we the people remain so. What choice do we have anyway? we are going to be eradicated by 5G and other things if we do nothing. At least this plan would bring things to a head. Those taking ion the criminal judicial systtem are being picked off one by one…we need to stand strong together like the people did when supporting the barons at Runnymead in 1215.

    There are lots of people awake already so getting a couple of million people to stand united shouldn’t be that hard should it?….who wouldn’t benefit from reasserting the rule of law in ALL courts?…as long as this strategy proposed is agreed on by enough people to propose it to others, then the message can be delivered en masse…..I cant do it all myself obviously…and very few people even talk about treason, even members of this group I have noticed (refering to my group Practical Lawful Dissent on Fakebook at the tim of writing)…that has to change if we are going to end treason from within folks, people need to be educated as to what is really going on….please help if you agree with this post.

    Ideas and comments welcome.


    Hi David
    Surprised nobody has replied to you. Yes we definitely need to get together because especially at the moment the attempts to divide and rule are very obvious
    We allow that at our peril

    Stéphane BachelierStéphane Bachelier

    Hello David,
    I thank you for this post which shows that also in England you are fighting for your sovereignty. Here in France, we are fighting against this totalitarian and Nazi regime which is suffocating us more and more. We also want this government and its administrations and justice to be cleaned up, we no longer want this corrupt system and we want a fair justice composed of common people like the CLC. Indeed, we must unite, and not only among the people of the country, but we must unite globally, share our knowledge and make our voices heard, because it is about human survival.


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