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    Anthony John UptonAnthony John Upton


    I wanted to highlight the degree of corruption that the players within the statutory, in particular anti family courts, will go to.

    Here is a link to a wiki page related to Bruce Hyman,

    “Bruce Anthony Hyman is a British radio and TV producer. A barrister by profession, in 2007 Hyman was the first person in his profession in 800 years[1] to be incarcerated for attempting to pervert the course of justice. ”

    The presiding President of the Family Division, Sir Mark Potter, wrote to the trial judge on court letter headed paper advocating leniency for Hyman.

    “Hyman had crafted and sent a fraudulent email to the father which appeared to be from a charity campaigning for fathers’ rights and whose content appeared to support the father’s claim that he should be granted greater access to his daughter. When Eades presented the email in court, Hyman accused him of forgery. Eades’ own detective work attempting to clear his name led ultimately to the arrest of Hyman. CCTV footage from a computer shop proved that Hyman had sent the email and thus had attempted to falsely incriminate Eades”

    I was employed by the charity ‘Families Need Fathers’ at the time this happened and the email Hyman created pretended to be from FNF. The matter was reported to the Police who took no interest. Fortunately there are ex Police and several IT specialists within FNF and they traced the email to the Internet Cafe and obtained the CCTV for the date and time showing Hyman entering and removing his motor cycle helmet.

    The level of corruption within the Statutory Courts is this bad, do not expect honesty, fairness, or justice when dealing with them. It is a rigged game with rules engineered to favour the corrupt ones like Hyman. The good ones leave, I know of Solicitors who have become McKenzie Friends as they feel they can do more good or given up completely. Similarly I have shadowed CAFCASS officers in court and they confided they were leaving sue to the level of failure. Here’s an example of how bad some CAFCASS officers are, Suzi Smith was a Team Leader and refused to attend management meetings when I was going to be present as FNF’s ‘critical friend’ –

    CAFCASS also cut a deal with a father ‘I’ who had a S7 report done by a non qualified Court Reporter they had recruited from an agency. The CR had cut and paste at least 18 reports and ‘I’ realised something was awry when his report referred to his 2 daughters when he had 2 boys.

    Interested in understanding the driver for all this misery? then take a look at this

    Please read and share.. ‘Know thy Enemy’… HNY

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