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    Hi, I am a working single parent seeking advice on my next move and how to deal with the fraud and deceit that is being directed towards myself and my 12 year old daughter.
    In brief last year we found ourselves in severe financial difficulties, due to universal credit and hours at work being cut e.t.c.
    We fell behind with our council tax because we barely had enough money to live on. As per usual the threats from Highland council started coming thick and fast even though I was making an attempt to make payments towards the bill when I was able.
    A man from Scott and Co still turned up on my doorstep and I showed him that I was making regular payments again, he told me that there was no point harassing me for money and not to worry, just keep up with the payments, which I did.
    A few weeks later I received a letter from Scot and Co on behalf of the Highland Council saying that a summary warrant had been issued against me, and demanding full payment of any arrears and court costs and, charges on top.
    I thought this all seemed a bit fishy to me, so I decided to go to the Sheriff court and have a look at the warrant for myself, and guess what??…….there was no record of any summary warrant against me at the sheriff court.
    I informed the Highland Council of what I’d found out, I requested a copy of the summary warrant but they didn’t have it, Scott and Co had the warrant. I requested a copy of the warrant from Scot and Co, and they refused point blank to let me see it. I informed the council that I had a right to see the warrant, and that I suspected fraud was being committed……all court costs and charges put on top, immediately disappeared like a puff of smoke in the wind, and I was allowed to make a payment schedule with Scott and Co of £5 per week without any further action being taken…..that was fine!
    This year after a bit of research and claiming my living man status I decided to stand up to the fraud, and have sent every letter from the Council, addressed to my legal fiction, straight back to them unopened. I have not laid eyes on any council tax bill for this years period.
    YESTERDAY….I received a charge for payment of money order by virtue of two summary warrants in her Majesty’s name put through my door by the local sheriff officer/Scott and Co. one warrant for last year and one warrant for this year.
    This document is so fraudulent it staggers belief!
    TODAY…..I went to the sheriff court……they had no records whatsoever of any summary warrants against me.
    I went to Scott and Co office, the Sheriff officer was unavailable, no summary warrants were there though, and no record of them.
    I went to the main offices of the Highland Council with my document and asked to see copy’s of summary warrants.
    This led to a meeting inside the council buildings, of myself, a woman who works in recovery’s, her manager and eventually the managers boss.
    I was told they did have the warrants but I had to wait until they were retrieved from the archive before I could see them.
    They admitted that the reason there were no records of the warrants was because they were block signed by the sheriff and handed straight to the Council. When I questioned this they told me it was completely legal.
    I asked them to see a copy of my contract with them, they said they didn’t need a contract.
    They refused to accept me as a living man and told me that I am my legal fiction Who owes them money.
    They told me they were going ahead with action against me no matter what….arrestment of bank account, wages and auction of my possessions e.t.c.
    I pointed out that they were acting unlawfully, they pointed out that they had legislation that covers them and gives them these powers. I pointed out that an act of parliament is not a law and is only enforceable through consent. They then said I needed to get legal advice, and I was entitled to take them to court, that they’ve dealt with hundreds of cases, saying exactly the same as me……and these cases against them NEVER WIN!
    So I’m going back to the council on Monday to read the summary warrants against me.
    Has anybody got any advice on what I should do next?


    Hi there,
    I have now seen the alleged summary warrants against me, and to be honest even to my untrained eye they are highly suspicious.
    For a start I was only given copies, and not allowed to see originals. The reason was that there was sensitive information on them I was not allowed to see??
    It seems to me now that they can do anything they like to my bank account, wages, property, without me even going to court. Is this correct? They talk about serving me notices before summary warrant stage but this is simply a lie.
    I think I’m a bit in over my head here, is there anything I can do to stop this fraud and theft?

    Jean Naismith teeseJean Naismith

    Councils print their own warrants and summons this is part of the Fraud against the Living man and living woman, any paper work i receive gets posted back with an address label covering the legal fiction title. Write in Blue ink Addressee not Recognised Return To Sender No Contract.

    As long as you do not Consent to the Legal Fiction which is in all caps they cannot go into your bank account, they use threats to intimidate.

    Any paperwork from Stirling park i return it with the above, ask for a wet ink signature and a crown seal of the Magistrate when they issue their fake warrants, ask them to show you the man or woman flesh and blood called council to confirm you owe a debt.

    Never consent to your name and address then they have joinder.

    Jean:the living woman flesh and blood of the family teese


    Hi Jean,

    Can I start by saying thanks for taking the time to reply, and I’d like to tell you about my experience so far. It’s very interesting to say the least!

    Firstly I am not on the electoral roll and haven’t been for more than a couple of years now, yet I still get polling cards through my door……strange!

    I have sent every letter strait back to the council as you’ve described, and I even wrote to them stating my position as a living man, as a man and not a fiction. I told them I was withholding council tax until I saw evidence of contract and I knew what I was paying for. I believe that even under statutory law, council tax can be withheld if the payers are not satisfied.

    An envelope written by hand and addressed to the living man and not the fiction, was hand delivered through my letterbox. Inside was a charge for payment from the local sheriff officer, in her majesty’s name, for two years council tax. The interesting thing about this is they addressed the envelope to the living man, but inside the documents were to the legal fiction and dead entity. Also all signatures and names on documents were so small they couldn’t be read?? I made a copy and then returned the charge for payment order straight back to the sheriffs officers office with the note that the addressee is not recognised.

    Then I went to Council Headquarters and asked to see summary warrants, I did eventually see copies, they were dodgy, no surprise there. I then handed into council my common law birth certificate, ownership of legal fiction, and annulment of Council tax court order. Also printed out evidence that Highland Council is a registered company/ corporation.

    Now I’m receiving letters from something called the Highland Council court house in Nairn which is fourteen miles away,
    I send those letters back unopened also With addressee not recognised. I think they are now going to arrest/steal my wages or bank account via this method despite everything. Also Scott & Co sheriff’s officers have ramped up the letters, which I send back, and I have asked them also to provide evidence of any debt owed as you described.

    All I can say is that despite them having no consent in any shape or form they are determined to push ahead regardless.

    We shall see ?

    Again thanks,



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