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    Tin ManTin Man

    Hello folks. Just found the community forum so am posting a question regarding the clc number plate and covering the property under insurance. Has anyone that has got a clc plated car managed to cover their liability? I am presuming it would be public liability insurance for 3rd party claims.

    I am hoping that the clc plate does not get flagged up with ANPR as it not a reg recognised with DVLA or MIB, pretty much like exporting the car. I am willing (under duress) to insure the car by motor insurance, if absolutely necessary, (though I have sent 2 promissory notes to the Attorney General for £500k, thus exempt under sec 144 of the RTA 1988 (courts ignored that fact)). NATIONAL insurance means exactly that. No insurance required for a horse or a bike and all claims are settled upon accepting the damages and settled by the N.I number (if you didn’t know that) in all 3rd party verified claims.

    I am considering returning the DVLA plates back to DVLA and cancelling any implied contract and sending proof of ownership, or
    also considering booking the car in for an inspection with the car manufacturer and have them verify that the car is a car, not light goods and have DLVA rectify their records of private only and put a private trust details for a registered keeper.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Come on people we got to make these changes and stop funding the beast.

    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    Tin Man, This is a subject I am very interested in myself as it’s something I want to do, unfortunately it seems to be the case that this site has very few active users, also the running of the community forum is very slow, there are very few replies to posts where people need this valuable information, I believe the common law court needs a recruitment drive to get people in here who have the time on their hands to make the running of the site more user friendly and more responsive than it has been of late.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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