CLC Number Plates.

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    S of the family AwleySean McGawley

    I have my reg No. from the CLC. I have the plates on the car. What should I keep in the car with me.

    I have the following:

    My Birth cert from CLC.

    My Lawful Notice.

    The certificate for the car saying it is registered to the CLC.

    The letter I have ( will be sending )sent to the DVLA ( I have not sent it yet, does anyone have a template or know what I should send to them) I was planning on telling them I have registered the car with the CLC and it is no longer registered with them BUT who so I address it to?

    A letter to The Transport Minister saying my car is now registered with the CLC.

    A letter of my intention which will state I am acting honorably and without ill will and that I take full responsibility should I crash into someone ( I have never crashed in my entire life)

    An invoice for £10,000.00 should they try and force me out of my car. I will get it signed before I get out otherwise I wont get out.

    A book to read because I know it will take a while.

    A camera to record, along with my dash cam.

    Anything else I should keep in it?

    What about insurance? Do I need it? An MOT? How do I get an MOT with a CLC plate? Although I am under the impression I don’t need either of these as my car is not used commercially.

    Has anyone else been using CLC plates and what is your experience?

    Thanks in advance.

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