common law company, payslips for employee's

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    mike f
    michael frasca

    Hi all
    I am looking to start a common law Business.
    Question is my employees would probably require a payslips.
    Especially if they might want to borrow money off a bank for a mortgage at some point.
    Is this possible to do,
    What can be on the payslips to enable this.

    Kind regards

    Hazel Renshaw
    Hazel Renshaw

    Hi Mike,

    I’m also looking to set up a common law business. Mine would be bookkeeping. I can’t help with your specific question but wondered if you had looked at

    I’m looking at the ins and outs regarding insurance and such when you’re not registered within the system. I’m sure if we can do this then many more will follow suit.


    V of H heritage
    Sonya Homer


    I am doing my best to achieve this too. I choose to pay in kindness credits or their tax/benefit/banking system. I am currently organising registration of a new common law business or charity to enable “Wonderful” (charity) to do the (tax/gift aid) work and pay themselves via the banking system and pay the new (common law) charity via the tax system in order to provide housing, education, food, medicine, birth certificates, “employment” and a much more equal wealth distribution 🙂

    In terms of common law insurance, I am aiming to achieve this through the charity, educating within my local commonUnity through universal law community trust principles or simply doing “busy ness” with other common law busynesses in addition to kindness and empowerment through education/meeting needs and duty of care with all people. CommonUnity 🙂 ActIon 🙂

    Really enjoying exodus, thank you Hazel, it seems similar to the kindness credit energy exchange. Haven’t got to the insurance part yet, however engage and educate and we can create that amongst ourselves through our individual and joint actIons. Registration within your own system within a trust?

    Kindest regards,


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