Confusion After Registration of BC


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    m of the family wmichael

    Hello all,i have a quandry and wonder if anyone could possibly help?
    I recently registered my Birth Certificate with CLC as per instructions,but my name differs to the BC as my mother remarried when i was about six years old and i was given an adoption name so, now i cannot proceed to claim CLC ID CARD or Claim of the “LEGAL FICTION” becase i do not know how to proceed or under which NAME, I do not wish to make any false or illegal claims which may cause problems in later life for CLC or MYSELF, although I do however wish to move forwards and order my CLC ID CARD Etc and remove myself from this treacherous system.
    So my question is do i proceed with my Birth name or adopted name???
    Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.


    Please email the head office admins at CLC for all queries relating to listing:

    Please ensure you provide your full details along with a telephone number so they may contact you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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