Convicted Pedo rewarded to The House of Lords – 273 contributions to Parliament

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    Susan HughesSusan Hughes

    We are being played BIGTIME – EVIL system controlling us from birth through fear!
    reversing God to DOG = living a dog’s life, then we burn in hell (cremation)

    I am a survivor not a victim, I don’t want or need sympathy – we need change but when the system is as corrupt as it is what chance has humanity got. I have tirned my life around, healed most of my health conditions naturally & fighting my way out of the EVIL Theatre Show.

    My EVIL mother sold 3 of her children to pedophiles, we were taken to Rotterdam, Holland for a film shoot. from around 4/5yrs when I first remebered her handing me over to strange men.

    I came across this blog Sceptic Peg (great write up on the case)

    One of the the EVIL pedo’s:
    Richard Maurice Clive Bigham 4th Viscount of Mersey, 13th Master of Nairne & Film maker – Convicted Pedophile 1978 (12mths Suspended sentence)
    1979 Rewarded to The House of Lords (Head of Film, Media & Photography)
    Court case held behind closed doors no jury.
    Bigham even had a kniname ‘Wendy’ as he preferred little girls – they all knew but because of who he & his father were he escaped justice & put in a postion to aid the pedo’s

    I was the 6yr old little girl mentioned in the press, who by the way reported ‘they didn’t know what happened to the 6yr old’
    The EVIL ones served some prison time or a suspended sentence for the crimes against my sister & brother who were older 9 & 13

    Manchester Crown Court Justice Forbes (retired):
    I went to court to give evidence or so I thought, I remember a conversation about me not being needed, I wasn’t happy about this, that I never got my chance to say my piece and put the bad people away, and I told them so as I was upset.
    I remember another conversation about me going to see the judge and how he would be de-robed to avoid scaring me – I wasn’t scared, I thought the judge was a good guy, he was going to make me feel safe again, that what his job was, to put naughty people away, even my EVIL mother, I wanted her locked up forever.

    I remember being in the judges chambers. Justice Forbes told me personally I could not go on the stand because of my age, I was to young and the jury would see it as a story, a made up story! and did I understand that, I nodded my head and said yes, I was so disheartened and upset, I just wanted to go home with my dad.

    EVIL MOTHER got 4 years in prison.
    I got 5 years in CHILD PRISON,
    RICHARD BIGHAM GOT 12 MTHS suspended sentence – then rewarded House of Lords 1979
    Herman Spielman 6 years

    I was living back with my EVIL mother when I came out of child prison at 10

    Social service – FAILURE
    Judicial services – FAILURE
    Child Protection Services – FAILURE
    Police – FAILURE
    Education -FAILURE
    Health care – FAILURE

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