Coronavirus + parliment

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    I hope everyone is well and protecting theire immune system, this is key to keeping out viruses, Andrew Saul the vitamin man “Google” gives very good advice on the power of vitamin c and it’s worth looking into, lockdown is here and the government have given themselves more power which is always worrying, but this is time to help people who are vulnerable using common sense measures not kneejerk actions, get phone numbers ring them leave food on their doorstep if required or medicine, I fear the lockdown could cause more damage than the virus in the long-term so use common sense mask up stay apart, wash hands regularly it’s our common law duty to protect men and women in our village’s and towns, our parliament is a company registered 4398158 it is giving good advice but I have deep concerns in what’s coming.. kind regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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