Council is trying to defraud me.


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    Sean McGawley

    I had paid my council tax but the council had put it to an old account number. They sent me a “summons” to go to a hearing at court and if I didn’t attend the hearing it would continue without me. I went to court only to be told there was no hearing (so if I had not gone to court how would the hearing carry on without me when there wasn’t one?) and I should go to the council offices to sort it out. I did not go the office and just went home. I then got a letter saying that the agreement I had made with the council to pay my council tax , with £81 now added on for the cost of the “summons”, is X amount and I need to pay X amount. How can they say we made an agreement when I didn’t speak to anyone WITH £81 added on even though I had paid my council tax. They messed up the accounts (when the council tax is paid on the property) and then threaten me with court AND when I did attend they add £81 to the final bill.

    1. I had paid my council tax.
    2. They sent me a “summons” at a cost of £81 which is now added onto my council tax bill even though I had paid it in the first place.
    3. They say I made an agreement with them to pay it when I did not.
    4. I had to take a day off work to go to a non-existent “hearing”.
    5. It was 19 days from when I got the letter until the court date, can I make a claim against them for unnecessary distress.
    6. How can the court let the council use their building to direct people to their offices, all the while for 19 days of stressing out thinking I had to go to court.

    I want to take the council to common law court about this. Is this possible?


    margo tamm
    margo: tamm

    Hi.The Council Tax is canseled off,by CLC Court Order. First,check,are all letters,sent to you, do they have Name and Signature on them.
    As you under CLC, send to Court Clerk copys of your CLC Birth certificate and Fiction Name ownership copy. Then Id suggest you to print out from Companies House site your Council Details, they Registered as Company,corporation you can find D-U-N-S Number,they REGISTERED in AMERICA,as INDUSTRY code SIC:Activity (SIC) 9199.So as they dealing in BUSINESS,HAS TO BE a CONTRACT, BETWEEN PARTIES.I sent NOTICE to Clerk of them Court and pointed out all this points(the Court is on D-U-N-S and Companies House also) so do they have Contract with you,with wet ink signature? And when you tell them all this,and they carry on,they Acting ULTRA VIRES,as you are a Man,living being,with blood and flesh, they cant deal with living man/woman, only they can deal with LEGAL FICTION PERSON.You cant TRUST them,as they not trustable, by carrying on and they must give up them Position.
    You,as Living Man,entered into them Court and did`nt declared your self standing under CLC? By entering the Court building,you ACCEPTING them Authority,so they deceided over LEGAL FICTION,not over a Man.
    The Judge has to provide you,by demanding :is he/she under Oath and warrant.
    So there no Court Order, only some written letter,not even Stamp(they sent me printed out from email). Request Copys. Then you can summons them by Individual,as all this will be Evidence.
    Sorry,for any wrong spelling.
    This is my understanding of things,if Im wrong, sorry.

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