Council Planning Office Extortion

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    I live in an industrial estate where at least 8 people are using industrial units as homes as well as workplaces. This has offended the local planners because they are currently charging anybody who want’s to convert offices into flats £15k per unit (blatant extortion). They are now having a purge to try and extort large wads of cash from landlords or evict us all. We are all up to date with rents, cause no trouble and never had any complaints. I saw them off when they came sneaking around by refusing to give my name and explaining that statutes aren’t law merely contracts. This clearly strained their brains and they retreated after sundry threats. Later their chief parasite wrote to me and I simply sent it back “No contract”. Now they are writing to landlords threatening them as they made no impression on us. I am hoping to persuade the landlords to write back with conditional acceptances. The gist of which is they’ll do what the council wants if they can say when landlords and tenants consented to any contract with the council and whether they (council) had a sworn affidavit from anyone saying that we live where they said we do. Personally I can’t imagine anyone swearing to that under full liability and penalty of perjury. Anyway I’ll keep updated with latest information (unless I get dragged away to some dungeon where they put people who don’t take bullshit).

    Graham PrestneyGraham Prestney

    Thanks. I am new here, we need each others encouragement and support and learning, as some of us are just simple folk we need to know that we can fall back on each other in this battle with the giants/corporations. I/we cannot go into battle alone. Joining forces and learning as much as we can is imperative, but we need to know can find support. I believe the cracks are forming in the dam. Its only a matter of time.

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