Court order annulling council tax.

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    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    Hi guys, I just wanted to post what could be a heads up that is very important, I have noticed that on the common law court order annulling council tax the court signatories are not undersigned to identify the signatories, just as it is a lawful requirement for any court judge to be properly identified when signing a warrant of execution or any other type of court order, does this make the court order annulling council tax unlawful?

    margo tammmargo: tamm

    Hi.I believe they have, original Order has all signatories,but to protect from statutory harrassment they not identified?

    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    Hi margo, thanks, just thought I should point that to alert the common law court in case it does make the order unlawful as it would have to be remedied ASAP.

    Adrian Hardy HardyAdrian Hardy

    Hi all
    I see I can buy a copy of this however, what is it a copy of? Is it something already submitted to a central court & this a copy of proof or is it a certificate I need to send to a court or my local council? Please forgive my ignorance.



    Its a copy you may wish to send with any letters you write to the council to prove council tax is null and void

    Timothy Anderson AndersonTimothy Anderson


    What would actually happen in practice if we did not pay our council tax and we sent this letter to prove it null and void?

    Many thanks!


    It is honourable to send a letter to challenge the council tax. Enclose a copy of this said document, along with proof you are a living wo/man.
    If you live in rented accommodation, it is recommended you read your tenancy agreement to ensure you do not break the contract, before challenging council tax, otherwise you may encounter further challenges with your landlord. Do your research, read your tenancy contract. This is practical advice.

    You can find template letters and documents on the CLC Learning & CL Beginners group:

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