De-register vehicle from DVLA

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    s m of the c family coulsons m of the c family

    Hi all, does any one have any advice, or has anyone de-registered there vehicle from DVLA with success?

    Amanda of the family Bicketta k of the family b

    i transferred my car , i received a letter from DVLA once my car had been without mot for 3 months ,then they stopped my tax, was followed by police in that 3 months , 3 times, but never stopped , but no problems , comes up as a private car

    S of the family AwleySean McGawley

    Thanks for the info.

    They cancelled my tax and then clamped me. I have the CLC notice on my car and gave them 1 hour to remove it. They didn’t so I removed it.

    Do I need to write a letter to then saying I am taking ownership of my car. Is three a template anywhere.



    Don’t forget to bill them for removal of clamp and your time, but make sure you do not damage it or they may try to claim you damaged it and claim Criminal Damage. Always take a photo of it before and after removal With witness (if possible) standing beside, (Material Evidence).

    S of the family AwleySean McGawley

    Thanks Terry, I did, I had to break the lock but otherwise it was fine. I record everything and I mean everything. I also have the CCL notice on my car and will be billing them an additional £1000.

    Clifford Lee MooreClifford Lee Moore

    Please give details or links of what this transfer means and how it is done many thanks

    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    A lot more information is required on how to go about taking ownership of cars, the deregistration process, road tax etc, the biggest problem the common law court faces is getting all the relavent information out there and the common law court forum seems to be failing in that respect, the forums need more moderators and people or places to get that information from, an advertising campaign for the common law court is needed to bring in more people to support it, donate and so on, so I’m asking, please could the common law court please make the effort to get these things done? the survival of the common law court is massively important, if it doesn’t happen then we ALL face being swept under the carpet, ignored and ALL our rights being taken away for ever, we must tackle this problem now while there is still time.

    Karl FarrKarl Farr

    I have just claimed ownership over my car and selected ‘I need new common law registration plates’, do I now have to remove my dvla plates from my car and inform them of new ownership? I’m trying to figure out how this works. I’m assuming my car is not under common law jurisdiction until the DVLA owned plates are returned?

    Karl FarrKarl Farr

    I have a question.
    Why are we registering our cars as ‘Motor Vehicles’ if we are describing our cars as automobiles for the sole purpose the road has rules for ‘Motor vehicles’. Surely identifying as a motor vehicle prevents us from using the loophole?

    Nadine McKenzieNadine McKenzie

    Has anyone received any penalty charges for no tax or MOT since de-registering their vehicle from the DVLA



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