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    Stéphane BachelierStéphane Bachelier

    I live in France, and I can say that we live under a dictatorship. It is a hidden dictatorship, but the men and women of this country are drowning in debt, taxes, etc… Barely enough to eat at the beginning of the month after paying everything we have to pay. The postcard’ decor of France, where the so-called human right is the emblem of that same France, is nothing but imposture and treachery. Human rights are flouted every day and we are in a catastrophic situation here, but this is not known abroad. We have every right to lodge a complaint against this Mafia government and all these bandits who are in the justice system, which could be described as unfair, and also against all these banksters who are enslaving us.


    We need to organise a march on our Parliaments to demand they step down from their assumed seats of power so we can appoint some true leaders with not just intelligence but WISDOM. We don’t have a long time to do this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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