Electoral registration and being registered to vote?

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    I would like to talk about and report a phenomenon that is starting to happen up here in Inverness, where I live. And to find out if this is starting to happen in other areas also. And most importantly what can be done about it.
    I come into contact with lots of people on a daily basis and we share lots of information about what’s going on.
    The first thing is, people who have chosen not to register to vote and do not fill in the yearly electoral registration forms, are still receiving polling cards with a registration number for themselves. This includes myself, and I haven’t filled in their forms for more than a couple of years now.
    Also, and I have personal experience of this, you get the usual letters and mild threats about the law and it is a legal requirement etc, and the £1000 fine threat. You even get someone coming to the door with a clipboard wanting the forms filled in and returned. The interesting thing that is starting to happen now is that even when you don’t give them what they require and choose not to register you get polling cards as if you have registered.
    Secondly I wish to report that I spoke to a colleague today who was actually just fined the £1000, through ,as he put it “one of their kangaroo courts”. He put the letter regarding the fine strait in the bin, stating that not registering was his choice.
    I think they will peruse him for the £1000 regardless.
    I would like to further report, that another colleagues son has just received a final warning about not registering to vote and has been threatened with court and the fine as the next stage, if he doesn’t comply.
    I know that the Council is acting unlawfully, and they are committing crimes. Albeit against the legal fiction, they don’t care. AND THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT!
    What can be done about this?

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