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    Fred billy ray RayFred billy ray

    Fred billy ray: mind my own businesses just taking the dog for mile down the road we’re live just standing by the looking left and right to go cross the road just then a police car goes by sees a innocent man with max the dog the drives over the other side and stops I was walking to my car I got the in car and me. Has I drive off l known took my car number plate number name address. The first thing about police in the uk they think every one isn’t criminal when they ain’t go nothing else to to do it’s right in it. When is a man free in his country it’s a free country. I got tax on my insurance mot legal car on the road and driving licence. So what was he look for criminal or fiction person he thought who don’t exist but just a living man. You see when don’t no wrong to no one. The police classes you a criminal

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