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    This is a proposal to counter the thinking in Government by especially the Liberal Democrats in the HoL who seek to regulate and bring within further control the lifestyle choices of those who choose to home educate their children. The proposal in Government currently being discussed will see a register and monitoring by authority of both parents, children, their environment and subject matter, the latter already being highly regulated and monitored anyway.

    The proposal for the Common Law Court is to create a record for Parents wishing, alongside their, and their child’s record of Birth, etc. to record their choice to home educate their children, thus take them and the education they choose out of Statutory jurisdiction entirely.

    I have also sent an e-mail to info@commonlawcourt.com along the same lines.

    Do we think this has any merit?

    Stéphane BachelierStéphane Bachelier

    Hello Charles,

    Yes, this idea is interesting, as well as all the ideas that can get us out of this slavery system in order to regain our freedom. We will undoubtedly have to think about the details, but in general terms, yes, it is interesting indeed.


    Adele shawAdele shaw

    Hi there.

    I’m just wondering if this went any further? I home educate so was interested to know if anything happened. I see it was 2019.


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