Honour is everything.

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    Ralph Martin DeaconRalph Martin Deacon

    Going right back to basiscs:
    As a living man/woman, always stand in honour.
    You don’t want to dispute, you want to conditionally accept on proof of claim.
    This way you stand in honour and as usual ‘they’ stand in dishonour.
    Think about it – the function of a court, fake or not, is to settle a dispute.
    If there is no dispute, there is nothing to settle and any action becomes fraud / coercion / extortion.
    Should you dispute your council tax or anything else, some potentially corrupt agent will be assigned to decide an outcome.
    Should you conditionally accept an offer of contract then the onus is with the recipient of your notice (CEO or Director) to prove their claim.
    They cannot or will not.
    With your conditional acceptance > estoppel, always send your fee schedule as notice of their agreement to compensate for trespasses against you. Trespass can be ANYTHING that is construed as a threat or causes you harm or loss in any way.
    Remember, you are a living man/woman. They write to your legal fiction MR/MRS/MISS etc in the hope you will commit to joinder.
    Don’t expect that any of these people will ever agree to your status, if they do it’s game over.

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