How does Sales tax, income tax, vat, import customs work under common law?


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    I was looking at print on demand websites to make some money. Also on website I noticed that they charge artist tax on what they sell as well as pay them royalties for each item the sells.

    The is type of question and answer I have found on the websites.
    “Do I have to pay Income Tax for my earnings? And do I need to declare the money I make from your company on my tax return?
    Sure you do, it’s income the same as any other. For advice on this, you can check the HMRC website or your country’s equivalent if you are outside the UK. Yes! You are expected to pay income taxes on all your earnings from our company beyond certain limits, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all applicable regulations. Please kindly consult the nearest tax office in your home country to make enquiries on how to declare your earnings.”
    “Withholding tax on design price earnings?
    If you have your place of residence or business is in a country other than Germany, it may be necessary to deduct tax from a part of your payout. In principle, we are obliged to withhold a tax deduction of 15% of the earnings from the design price (withholding tax) plus 5.5% solidarity surcharge on the withholding tax. If your place of residence or business is in the European Union or in the United States, you may be able to avoid or at least reduce the deduction by providing your Tax Identification Number (TIN).”
    “When do I need to pay VAT?”
    “Whether or not you need to pay Value Added Tax depends on where your billing address is at the time you place your order, and if you’re a VAT registered company.”
    “If you’re a UK citizen you’re likely very familiar with VAT by now. Strangely we’re not really taught about it in school, but you can’t avoid it once you’re thrown out of the family home and left to fend for yourself.“
    “Value Added Tax is a tax applied to almost every product and service sold in the UK based on its value. Currently it’s set at 20%, though it might change in the future. And it’s applicable to the products and services offered by our company.”
    “Here’s how it works, if you order a product to be delivered in the UK by law we have to charge you a sales tax of 20% (VAT) on your order. If your order is to be delivered into Europe/USA or anywhere else then there is no sales tax to be paid.”
    “Taxes are a necessary evil, so we’ll keep this to a minimum. If you’re VAT registered, enter your VAT Number so that we can split out your transactions in any invoices.”

    “Tax Rate: This will depend on how you’ve set up taxes for your store. We can’t legally give advice about tax, but typically all prices include VAT as standard when integrating to keep things simple. Select which option which best applies to you.”
    “Why am I being charged tax?”
    “We are legally required to charge three different types of taxes:
    1. Sales tax on some orders going to the US.
    2. VAT (value-added tax) on some orders going to the EU.   
    3. GST (goods and services tax) to all orders going to Australia.”  

    “Are there any customs duties and who pays them?
    We ship to many, many different countries and all of them have different import laws relating to customs duties, we are the same as all other print on-demand companies and sadly we have no control over government policy and any duties to pay are your responsibility. There are no duties (pre Brexit)  payable on orders into Europe.”
    I have aspergers and I get Paid disability benefits due to my aspergers. But I am limit on how much money I can have in my bank account and if I go over my limit then I get charged by UK government and my disability benefits may end up stopping.

    1) How does Income tax work under Command law?

    2) How do VAT work under common law?How does Import customs 20% and duties tax work under common law?

    3) How does Royal Mail’s £8 service charge for importing items into the UK work under Command law?

    4) How does UK government disability benefits over charge work under common law?

    I am interested in know how buying and selling work under common law for tax and any this else.

    If the different types of taxes do not work under common law how do I tell the websites and UK government not to charge my taxes for importing, selling and buying?

    Many Thanks


    Indepth questions Ashton.

    Please email where head office administration can forward your questions for replies, to the relevant department within CLC

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