how to get them back home where they belong ?

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    Martin DugganMartin Duggan

    how do we get our stolen children back home ””’ all those who good family’s who are suffering with out their children ‘ these corrupt paedophiles occults have demonic low life individual’s telling lies using false reports farming our children to strangers blocking our contact ””’ I welcome those good parents / victims to contact me ‘ time to stop asking and take back .

    Trevor HowarthTrevor alan Howarth

    Is there anybody from Hereford that can help a relative with a forced adoption

    Trevor HowarthTrevor alan Howarth

    Hi Martin do you have a contact number or should we contact you here My name Trevor Howarth it’s with regards of a forced adoption

    Anthony John UptonAnthony John Upton


    I think we need to understand and then target the source of the problem first otherwise we waste energy thrashing at the leaves on the tree rather than attacking its roots to kill it off.

    Currently I’m looking at how the UNCRC has influenced the ability of parents to remain primary carer and found this…

    But the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child changes all of that. The treaty supplants that
    traditional presumption in favor of parents with a new presumption in favor of the state.
    According to Geraldine van Bueren, an international scholar who assisted in the drafting of the
    CRC, the language of ‘best interests provides decision and policy makers with the authority to
    substitute their own decisions for either the child’s or the parents’, Providing it is based on
    considerations of the best interests of the child.’ So instead of placing the burden of proof on the
    government to prove that a parent is unfit, the Convention places the burden of proof on the
    parents. Any parent that claims that other interests may be more important than the state’s
    characterization of the best interests of the child could end up battling the state to protect their
    rights as a parent.

    Often what is wrapped up as child protection is anything but..

    The challenge is to employ Common Law to Prevent the State getting it’s filthy hands on our children in the first place. It may be the victims of the Children Act 1989 will remain just that, however we may be able to take back control over our children through the Common Law…

    Perhaps an ideas group could be established to thrash out scenarios…

    Anthony John UptonAnthony John Upton
    Participant Sharing national practices: Ombudsman institutions – guardians of the rule of law

    This clearly shows that the UN sees itself above Common Law, this is how our children are removed, via Institutions like these self appointing and dictating what is best for children, but isn’t.

    paul knottpaul knott

    Hi Martin I am also interested in receiving your contact details or those of anybody who would be able to assist with the return of a child stolen by the state.

    Peter John MasseyPeter John Massey


    I would be very interested to learn how we could get our four children out of long term foster care to join there biological mum and dad and two little sisters at home where they belong or even some unsupervised contact. We’re not even allowed phone contact , our eldest son who is now 14 has been contacting us but every time gets punished for it.

    The only thing we haven’t tried is going to the press so we’re most definitely open to suggestions on how to get our children back of the state or at the very least unsupervised contact.

    Can anyone enlighten us on how we do this?


    Hi folk. A chap called Karl Lenz has a number of youtube videos under the UK Column and possibly on the uk column Web site where he talks about his own experience and how he over came the authorities and got his child back. It’s worth a shot.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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