info from a uxbridge court defense sol. 12 feb 2019

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    J P of the family GJ P of the family G

    so while having one of my many cigs whilst waiting for the judge to call me in today . i had given a heads up to the entrance security that they may be called in to intimidate me as i was standing under common law . the security guy stated he didnt understand anything i was talking about and he asked the lawyer jo if she did (she was alo having a cig ) she stated to us yes its women and man of the land and they dont have to pay council tax . which i found very encouraging as that my next battle i will be pursuing.. great to know my local court have had hearings with our standing under clc … as confirmed by a legal bar official defense lawyer. her wording in her stament showed me quite clearly the case must have been won as it was phrased as a statement of fact without releasing any details of course
    Great news to my novice ears …

    thought id share this as encouragement and positive hope for us all to share .
    we will not surrender to the tyranny ….

    kev bevankevin bevan

    Do they have this on the court record that Common Law standing was accepted?

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