Is arrest lawful-warrant card

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    Punk SteveSteve Punk

    if an officer admits to acting under their oath,but will not produce warrant card upon request,no head gear the arrest lawful, or can they arrest on just the oath.


    The first question to consider is if a crime was committed….When you stand under common law, the principles are to remain honourable, cause no injury or harm, cause no loss.
    For there to be a crime, there needs to be a victim. There must be a reasonable suspicion that you are involved in a crime against a victim. You have a right not to answer any questions.
    If you are stopped by a policeman they cannot question you, detain you, arrest you, search you or charge you without your consent, if there is no crime/victim.
    If you consent by replying you ‘understand’ this means you stand under their authority. Do not create joinder.

    Heather Allanson AllansonHeather Allanson

    Dealing with police officers. 1. I do not answer questions. 2. I do not wish to contract with you. 3. You are not obliged to give your name or any medical details. 4. If confronted, stop the conversation immediately, a. Film it, b. Take their badge number and name, c. Ask them if they are a police officer or police constable (most are police officers, i.e. civilians in uniform working for a private for profit corporation – nothing to do with you!) d. Ask them if they are acting under their oath. e. Do not sign anything. If forced to sign start by writing VC (Vi Coactus – meaning signed under duress), add All Rights Reserved after your name. Do not include the Mr, Miss, Mrs etc in your name. Do not write in all caps. If they still harass you ask them to define ‘policing by consent’! DO NOT allow them to manipulate you into answering their questions. If you are not confident in speaking to the police, have a written card in your pocket which states “I do not answer questions. I do not wish to contract with you.”

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