Lawful Rebellion

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    Darren DarlingDarren Darling

    Can someone please advise what the Article 61 oath is and where to get a copy for signing.
    For upload purposes it requires a Barons name, is there any in particular Baron required for this?


    David RobinsonDavid Robinson

    Examples or templates of the Oath of Allegiance and explanaitions as to why you don’t need to send it to a baron, who are frankly useless since they did us the favour of invoking the article…..lots more evidence and facts regarding lawful dissent (we are not rebels but the name ‘lawful rebellion’ has stuck) in the files of the FB group page and on the website.

    Graham Prestney PrestneyGraham Prestney

    This may be of help.


    I believe we have to us either the lawful rebellion or CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE we can no longer sit as they take our CULTURE FROM US

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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