length of time to take the police to court

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    hi can anyone help , I have tried to find this information everywhere and cant find it , so hope someone here will know, i will try and keep it short, i was the victim in a case , i went to report 1 assault and during my initial interview (not recorded) i had to answer yes or no to 21 questions,forget the name of the form, so the officer made me aware that he could tell this was not the first assault , i assured him that had i wanted to report anything before now i would have, he sent me to a DC who was only interested in the other assaults , i refused to pursue anything but the offence i had gone to report, i had to chase the DC in charge to take my statement re the assault for 7 months, eventually the DC told me i could fuck my self and she wouldn’t take a statement of the assault if i wouldn’t report the rest (the bits worth brownie points) i later found out when the defendant rang to thank me for my statement in his favor , that the DC had written and signed in my name a statement that she presented to the court as mine, that day she said the judge had banned me from the hearing, a lie i found out from cps, i gathered all of my evidence ,wrote down every word, did everything right all the way to the iocp (new name same old shite) i spoke to 17 solicitors who all heard my case told me i 100% have a case of misconduct, but they cant help, theres to much to write but i went to the top , so end result and my question is, iv been refused to be heard by them all and threatened by most of them ,but i did speak to a barrister who said they would read my case but for around £22500.00 , that i dont have going spare at the moment funnily enough , so my question is , is there a time limit that i can pursue this ? Many thanks Mandy

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    There are procedures to make the police pay for Unlawful detention arrest search etc…..

    How to Sue the Police


    I emailed crime bodge a couple of weeks ago just to see what his opinion was, never got a reply.

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