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    Trina-Jean DeaconKatrina Jean Deacon

    When completing your birth certificate registration do you put your common law name (i.e. how you wish to be known) in the box at the end ‘Name of Individual Submitting Information’? My legal fiction is Annemarie McCall and I wish my common law name to be :nuin :mccall
    This is the only thing stopping me from completing mine (and I think I have done it wrong), mother, father and husband. Thank you for guidance.

    Heather Allanson AllansonHeather Allanson

    Examples: I believe all these are acceptible ways of entering

    Name of submitting individual could be: e.g. Joe Bloggs, Joe-Philip Bloggs, etc
    Legal fiction: e.g. MR JOSPEH PHILIP BLOGGS
    Common law name: :joe-philip :bloggs or Joe-Philip of the family (clan or tribe) Bloggs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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