magistrates court hearing for class b drug and neglect

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    paul knottpaul knott

    hi all on may 29th both my partner and i were unlawfully arrested following forced entry into our home by the police. While we were in custody they kidnapped our daughter, deliberately ignoring both our and her common law rights and we are still yet to see her. We could do with a bit of assistance in getting her returned home. We are due to attend magistrates court for charges of neglect and cannabis cultivation on 2/7/19 at 9.15 (room 2) and would welcome any help and advice dealing with this. Also to avoid being railroaded in court (administrative hearing) we require a number of witnesses on the day should anybody be able to attend, we would also love to hear from anyone who has suffered similar experiences.
    Thank you :Paul.

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson

    Hi Paul…sorry to read of your troubles.

    I can only say what I would do in your situation, but its a difficult one as they have kidnapped your daughter. I hope she has been returned safely by now?

    Whereas all of the courts are now in private hands, running for profit in the corporate realm, whilst using anything but the law of our land I would conditionally accept the summons on proof that treason is not being committed and, that they are a court of law and not compounding treason.

    The evidence file of Treason (and there is a lot more evidence also) is called FCO 30/1048 which is in the public domain. I have taken on the Yeovil Courts over cannabis cultivation charges, I demanded that they show me the law that prohibits the cultivation, use, distribution of cannabis….there is no law against it only corporate treasonous rules.

    I published the process that I did at the time, with power of attorney for the friend who was busted for growing over 30 plants in the laymans guide to lawful rebellion, which can be seen on Denounce the Deception Website or within Fakebook group files ‘Practical Lawful Dissent’

    The end result was that the traitors within the CPS dropped the charges due to lack of evidence….I also used the treason within the series of Notices BTW. If you still haven’t got your daughter back it might be more risky to go up against them with treason, they don’t like being confronted with the evidenced facts and, they can do very little but ignore you or risk committing sedition by denying the evidence.

    I was (and still am) standing under the invocation of Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, which provides us all with lawful excuse to not comply with anything of the crown and its institutions. Artile 61 was invoked according to the correct protocols of the common law constitution on the 23rd March 2001 (only reported in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph), thereofore cannot be denied without committing sedition at least.

    I hope you get something from this post even if you don’t use the information supplied.

    Kind regards David.

    paul knottpaul knott

    hi david thanks for the info. about my daughter when she was kidnapped she was taken to her nans due to what the police are saying about my partner and me stopping her from coming home if you can help with any info on how to get her back would be helpful not to good on paper work and how to go about getting her back no help from the police there part of it thanks again for info paul

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson

    I Paul you are welcome to the information, I know paperwork can be difficult to get your head around, what to serve and how to write up Notices and/or Affidavits etc….if you do plan on using some paperwork to perhaps help in your cause, and if you are of facebook you can always take a look at paperwork my group members use in defence from the regime….the group is called Practical Lawful Dissent. There is also a website which our group is affiliated with called ‘Denounce The Deception’ that will have ‘The Layman’s Guide to Lawful Rebellion which has some examples of the paperwork we use.

    I am glad that your daughter is at least with a family member….I can only assume that you don’t get on with her nan. At least she is not under the so called protection of the SS. I am unsure what I would do with regard the allegations by police. They would have to have evidence to their claims for them to be legitimate of course. I may serve them a Notice demanding that the proof of allegations are supplied so that you can counter them.

    Nobody in truth has any authority over you and your child unless there is clear evidence of abuse of the child…and if there were then you would likely be in prison or whatever. If it were me in your situation I would focus on the police as said. I would deny the police any authority since they definitely have no lawful authority whilst aiding and abetting the treasonous regime as said previously…It may be better in your case to write a statement of truth putting all the facts within it under penalty of perjury and on your full commercial liability…such a document needs to be nothing but the truth and have evidence of the facts where possible. If you go after the police with regard to treason then they will just ignore you most likely so in your case I wouldn’t advise doing that at first anyway.

    I hope this has post been of some use…

    Regards David.

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