My car has been seized by the DVLA for not having tax

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    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    at 07.30 this morning I heard a noise outside my house and looked through the window to see my car being loaded onto a highab for not having any tax on it, I am totally gutted in shock and disgust at what the DVLA have done to me, that’s my livelyhood gone, and there’s a brand new angle grinder in there too which just cost me £84 I have contacted the common law court about it by email but I don’t hold out any hope for getting my car back.

    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    now, wil the common law court be prepared to go after the DVLA for this blatant abuse of our rights?

    Les of BarnetLes of Barnet

    UK lockdown March 23rd 2020
    UK Coronavirus Act 2020
    If the UK Government locked the whole
    country down, with out income how would
    you be able to pay taxes ?

    On the 20th April 2020 the whole country
    was in lockdown ,so DVLA LTD is in breach
    of the Covid law Act

    How did they know the tax was not paid
    because your property bears their plate
    they gave you that licence, you gave it
    away to DVLA Corporation Ltd, they own
    it title and deed.

    But the property inside is another
    issue if you have paperwork for
    your grinder, present them with a bill
    for full payment plus interest or
    take them to court.
    Charge them with the criminal act of

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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