My new car was clamped.


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    Keith JonesKeith Jones

    Hi everyone,
    Just last week I became the unfortunate victim of wheel clamping of my untaxed vehicle,
    fortunately for me I have the equipment needed to release it,
    So I proceed to remove the wheel clamp with my angle grinder, later I did some research and found out that
    the normal procedure is to return withing 24 hours to seize the vehicle, luckily for me I have avoided that and
    I now hide the vehicle from public view in a little known location, so I was wondering as the notice supplied by
    the common law court clearly states that the vehicle is now under common law court jurisdiction with a penalty
    for attatching anything to the vehicle carries a penalty of £1,000 how should I go about enforcing this penalty?

    ian Surmanian Surman

    send a notice to whom put on clamp (also to ceo)there are some good youtube vids on this subject also fb groups

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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