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    D HDavid Ashton Hughes

    Any one know how to deal with these.
    I have received several letters concerning a parking charge of now £145.
    What can be done under common law?
    Parking is free for a limited time.
    What is the best course of action as they say I entered a contract. I have entered no such contract.
    They also keep referring to ParkingEye v Beavis (2015) UKS 67.

    They say I am in breach of contract and the requirements of schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms Act 2012 (POFA) have been satisfied.

    Cheers for any help.

    margo tammmargo: tamm

    You under CLC, so you are Living being,Man. Request original Contract,with wet ink signature,or certified copy of that. Find them on or,there you can find them Registered D-U-N-S number,point is,there the principals names.Send Notice,that you under clc. your time is under charge, as you did not give consent to use your LEGAL FICTION,which you own(hope so),and FEE for using FICTION as your Property is 1 million pounds, Fee for writing Notice is £25,000.00 ect,1(one ) hour energy Fee is £500,000.00 8how much you like)
    If they say you in contract,then let them send(demanding,not asking nicely) Copy of original contract,where Names of Both Parties and signed with wet ink.As you living being,you higher Authority on the Land. They can refer whatever they like,they refer LEGAL FICTIONS CASE,nothing to do with Living being, you have to tell them,that you are Living Being.Man, Give them 7 days to respond,then send INVOICE,then reminder and for final,start Commercial Lien Process against any Individual,who threats you or puts them Name under any letter. Im dealing only like that,as my Living energy has Unlimited Value,I didnt give any robotic any Consent to use my Private Property,LEGAL FICTION NAME.(include copies of you clc BC and FN)
    If them letters dont have NAME and Signature, they not valid Legally,Void ,Null .
    This how Id act.

    David PhillipsDavid Phillips

    Great response Margo thanks for that and I will be using your advice now I have taken ownership of legal fiction and car. I would just add before I reclaimed the legal fiction and car ownership through the CLC I got a parking ticket last year and asked for a lawful contract – as you say, wet ink signature of both parties – as well as a lawful bill according to Bills of exchange act 1882 which again requires a wet signature by a representative of the company – Parking Eye in your case. When they wrote back (no wet ink signatures anywhere) there were two important points, Firstly, they said according to statute I had to pay and offered a deal of a reduced sum if I paid it straight away. Well you either have broken the law and must adhere to it including its penalties or you haven’t so this indicated to me they were on the back foot. secondly, I said they had caused me harm (stress) by sticking the ticket on the window and I would consider pursuing it through the Common Law Court if they didn’t stop. To this they replied that they had not caused me any harm at all as the ticket was issued to the car – let the car pay then! I guess this fits in with the registered keeper fraud. I didn’t pay it and have heard nothing since which is over a year ago.

    As we know all legal fiction billing stuff is contract law which is fraudulent due to none disclosure of the relevant facts when births are registered and of course any such implied contract such as parking, council tax, utilities etc thereafter as its between the legal fiction and the corporation. Knowing that it is a fraud under statue law the corporation will not allow anyone to sign anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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