Protection from the state

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    Iv been battling for 7 years against the lies and corruption to protect my son.
    They destroyed my family my career and my child.
    Kept us isolated and denying my child education.
    Assessments done already. No safeguarding concerns no parenting concerns no mental health concerns home education deemed suitable.
    No they put him on child protection plan because of complaints. Future emotional harm they said.
    Single mother
    Forced onto universal credits.
    Unlawfully taking money from my universal credits.
    I’m living on 800 quid per month
    I can’t afford tv or laptops etc I can’t get legal aid.
    Iv been forced into home education package of 5 grand paying over 5 years.
    I have fought and fought they broke me mentally few years back but I’m better now and I still have my child thankfully. But I’m discusted cant get legal aid. And it really is me against the government.

    Miriam SEBBAGH SebbaghMiriam SEBBAGH

    I feel for you and hope you are getting stronger. Please learn about common law as this will strengthen you even more. Take ownership of your children which you perhaps have done since you’re on this site.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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