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    i have stoped the TV licence company from ever bothering me again, haveing sent them a letter, which i will give you below..
    they then replied to me saying “please ignore any future letters from us, we wont be calling or contacting you anymore”


    BBC/TV Liecencing

    Iam writing to state
    ” that i, the legal occupier of ………………….. POST CODE: ………. are withdrawing your implied right of access to the property.
    i also would like to inform you that i consider your written contact to this address, as harassment.

    Harassment i will not tolerate, So Just to let you know, that the property has a 24h Full HD, CCTV System installed & in operation.
    If required, The footage will be use against you in order to enforce my request, terms & conditions, Which i have included in a written statement below…….

    written statement of my terms & conditions, along with fee’s that apply:

    Admin charge:
    for every letter i receive : £50 per letter

    Phone line charge:
    for any phone call answered on my private line: £100 per call

    Trespassing fine:
    for any personal that claims to be calling on your behalf: £2,000 per person

    By reading this letter, you have agreed to the terms & conditions within it.
    thank you.
    have a good day.

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