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    Michael DunnMichael Dunn

    Dear Newswatch

    A simple truth about propaganda is that if a statement is repeated enough times a lie can be made to seem true. All the great tyrants in history knew this.

    This morning on BBC Breakfast we were repeatedly told that ‘the Supreme Court’ is to rule on the legitimacy or otherwise of Boris Johnson’s actions concerning prorogation of Parliament. Eleven ‘judges’ will announce their decision later today. The propaganda aspect is the implicit assertion that ‘the supreme court’ is that body of judges who will make their decision.

    Overlooked in this statement is the fact that judges are employees of the State. Learned they may be but state employees they are, nevertheless. This fact alone should raise doubt in any thinking person’s mind about the reliability of their verdict.

    Too often the truth is NOT told that the People are the Supreme Court in this land, and have been for centuries and certainly ever since the sealing and signing of Magna Carta 1215. Not Parliament, not judges, not scribes and Pharisees..

    A Common Law Court Trial by Jury and legitimate Nullification by Jury of unjust and unlawful statutes IS THE SUPREME COURT IN THIS LAND.

    Michael Dunn

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