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    When you register your name or property you hand over legal ownership to the corporation you register it to. When you apply ( beg ) you are assumed to know what you are begging for. Your commonlaw name ( christian name ) is your Christian name only. Any combination of Christian name joined with Surnane is still a fiction along with any titles I.e Mr, Mrs or Ms. For example Joe Henry Blogs, Mr J Blogs, BLOGS Joe Henry, Joe H Blogs, Joe H BLOGS, JOE HENRY BLOGS, J H BLOGS are all fictions. Each fiction is a corporation in it’s own legal right. Your commonlaw name as a ( living soul) man, woman is just your Christian name (s) only. Any Surname attached is the thing that creepeth. How does this affect the Commonlaw I.d Cards? Why would you need an I.d card? Your birth is the date of the fiction created. Why would you claim to remember it? This i.d card seems like it simply claims the fiction again as a consenting man or woman. Any thoughts?


    Martin, under common law you can change your name whatever name you wish, once you have claimed the fictitious name. Just email once you have listed your B.C. and claimed your fictitious name, requesting a name change and the reasons why.

    You claim the fictitious name so you have rights over it should anyone use the name for financial gain without your consent, you can hold them accountable for them not requesting your permission to use it, or you can charge them for the use.

    The I.D. card is in place of a passport and/or a drivers licence. It is your identity used when standing under common law. To use a passport or drivers licence when standing under common law creates joinder with the statute system.

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