The best defense is attack.

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    The best defense is attack.
    Once local officials of one of the “offices” instead of the help I sought from them, sued me for using my constitutional right according to 1, 2 tbsp. L. 3 h. 1 Art. 32 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the control over the actions of the executive.
    The judge did not investigate the essence of the case and did not delve into my arguments, accusing me, awarded me a fine.
    I did not dispute the decision of the judge and waited until the decision of the judge entered into force. After that, I also did not file an appeal, and after waiting some time, I filed a supervisory appeal to the regional court. The supervisor overturned the decision of the court of first instance in connection with the lack of evidence of my guilt, in fact accusing the judge of first instance of committing a criminal offense as having rendered an unfair decision [Art. 305 of the Criminal Code. So actually the judge of the first instance herself became a criminal because of her stubbornness.
    I did not use attempts to protect my violated rights, but the tactics of identifying violations of the law by the “authorities” and bringing them accusations of the crimes they committed, not against my rights, but against the Law that they should protect. This method won a lot of ships.

    Vyacheslav Shcherbakov

    Colin MaloneColin Malone

    Well done, as they say, give them enough rope…..


    Everywhere is the same. Officials lying, cheating and breaking the very “laws” they claim to uphold. Good for you Vyacheslav.

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