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    Martin DugganMartin Duggan

    my only daughter Davina Duggan was stolen from my ex after we broke up by Kent county council forced adoption paedophiles in Canterbury 15 years ago ”’ i have been going to courts and always been blocked from having contact with my own daughter despite never doing any thing wrong

    a foreigner social worker called Yvonne Webster was a very nasty rude woman that also told lies in court to ruin my contact ‘ and belongs in hell ‘ i have also tried to contact my daughter out side her school by giving her my name and address and she run away saying she did not know me and gave my name and address to the foster carers ( hostage takers ) called social services instead of me ‘ who then called the police to threaten me .

    myself and my good family have been denied contacts her whole life ‘ especially my kind loving father who is now 78 who does not even know his only grand child .

    theres no punishment severe enough for these scum bags as they belong in hell ”’ what hurts the most is they have stolen our father daughter relationship time we can never get back .

    happy memory’s with her own family ‘ just because these selfish demonic scum bags want to earn a weekly wage and rent our children to more selfish demonics paying mortgages ””” even if these low lifes got what they deserve it would never make up for what has been taken for so long .

    not even being able to ask my own child if shes safe what kind of old pervert is around her pretending to be her father ‘ has killed me inside every day for so long ”’ can any one help ?

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