unlawful impounded car severly disabled and unlawful driver license sanction

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    Francois Gervais GervaisFrancois Gervais

    My name is Francois Gervais, 38 years old sever disabilities by a past car accident from 2001 i live and Quebec, Canada at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu with a military base of the “Royal Canadian Force” one of the most corrupt municipal corporations city.

    Since i have learn all my properties are not my OWN and research the truth and remedy from this corrupt revenue extortion fraud system, the police officers are very corrupt and acting with total impunity, since i am in my rights to stop on the side of the road to remove my braces because my blood circulation are blocked, stop my car on the side of the road with my hazard for 1 minute, after finish to remove my braces (like so many times before without any problems) i am under my way and a police car without any urgent rotary lights stop behind me when i am moving, with good faith stop and go outside from my automobile to show my braces in my hands to the police officers and since i never committed any infractions or crimes i tell them i leaving and to pass a good day, but they are abusing from their power and decided to arrest me and “creating 3 fake infractions’ rolling the nail carpets behind my tires “under duress” and inform me i am in infraction that i do not have the right to stop in this very urgent situation and i need to show my driver license, certificate of registration, insurance that I have objected.

    No roads sign anywhere from any supposed “private corporate statutes” and i tell him i know my rights, i have not commited any infractions or crimes, you invented the infractions i am very handicap and i rarely go outside, i am objecting his proceedings and i invoke my rights to keep silence and not produce any documents police can use for incriminate me”

    I never respond to any question, many other police officers are called (they dont know how to handle) since their good cop bad cop script are executed another police officers try another different approach like: ” i you show us your I.D your are free to go” i recorded everything and i show them my driver license, registration, insurance but only on my windows, i never give my “LEGAL FICTION” cards.

    Right after i show them the cards, the first corrupt police officer tell me ” You will receive 3 traffic citations by the mail”
    I am very handicap and under the SAAQ crown corporation like the DMW in U.S they cut all my invalidity replacement money, now i receiving 290$/14days i tell that to the officers and they really dont care, just for keep the good “STATS” and “QUOTAS”…

    I learned how to “RETURN TO SENDER” with NO CONTRACT, I DO NOT WANT TO CONTRACT WITH YOU,…i refused their first mail class traffic citations, and after the bailiff are try to create jurisdiction over me i awnser NO to his question “hare you FRANCOIS GERVAIS OR GERVAIS FRANCOIS” NO and i have prepared paper teling i refuse all registered mail return to sender i do not want to contract, all rrights reserved, without prejudice UCC 1-308…they dropped the citations on the ground and rapidly leave!

    The municipal court continuing to send me normal post letters that i have received default judgment and now i have 30 days to pay or they will seize my with their bailiff. I return every letter all before 72H all adressed to GERVAIS FRANCOIS, the citations are from April 2018, after returning all their offers of contracts i never have other letters.

    But many many month after i received their last letter a threat order of seizure without any signature and anything proofing they have authority to do that…i returned their letters like all others…and ont the supposed date of seizure nothing is append!

    We have a law in Quebec, Canada if we don’t pay traffic citations in 90 days maximum they issue order to the SAAQ SOCIETY OF INSURANCE AUTOMOBILE OF QUEBEC to sanction the driver license in coercion to forcing the “accused” to pay their traffic citations with triple of the amount in fee and court fees. The day they issued their threats of seizure they received 4 affidavit of truth notarized and one of them rescind of all signature in contracts between my strawman and them: SAAQ, POLICE, MUNICIPAL COURT, CITY and they never response to any of the affidavit mailed 29 February 2019.

    No response from any parties, but 22 June 2019 i passed police car scanning State plate and 2 minutes after they come 4 police cars for me without making one infractions, i keep my affidavit in my cars to protect my property from any seizure and unlawful misconduct, the polices officers never regarded and never read my affidavit, they lies and telling me my driver license are suspended and my car have not the privilege right to be on the public way…i demanded proof for my driver license sanction, i never received any Notice of Sanction or any other notice or documents advising me of the situation. All the police officers telling me I have unpaid traffic citations and they seize my car for 30 days without any proof or evidence my driver license are really sanctioned at 11:00am saturday, SAAQ are not open and 10h before another police body have controlled me and everything is fine.

    They seize my car with all my braces, i cannot walk more than 5 minutes and my only way to life are with my car, cannot keep public transportation i am to severly dommaged. They don’t care and give me immediately 2 X 486$ traffic citations for (driving my car without a valid driver license) and (to have re-enter my “motor vehicule” on the public road) I NEVER RECEIVED ANY MANDATORY NOTICE FROM THE SAAQ to advise me from this sanction, I rescinded all my contract with the SAAQ, I was redoing my driver license one day before RETURN TO SENDER for the first time the traffic citation the bailiffs have dropped on the ground, and i have signed my driver license: francois of the family gervais:All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice UCC 1-308….all my certificate of immatriculation are all sign the same way in red ink with “authorized representative”

    I don’t no what i can do after rescinded my signature and contract with all the foreign corporations, foreign agents, they have put a verbal-process and now from the 22 June 2019 i never go outside from the entire summer, they destroy my miserable life i i’m now forced to life with my family at 38 years old, i never receive any notice to this day for my driver license sanction, but when i made verification on their websites its show me my driver license exist but are not activated without specifing the reason.

    1.my car have be seize unlawfully by the corrupt police officers with the intentions to bring me financial burden and to keep my life so bad.
    2. i never signed anything with the courts or any party, my driver license are signed properly to separate my identity and all my rights are reserved everywhere,
    3. i send them affidavit notarized declaring my status and rescinding all contracts and signature and they continue to harassing me and ruining my life i need my car to life i will die soon i need to go in Montreal for my testosterone now 4/22 very dangerous level and i can’t go to my specialized hospital.
    4. my car have be impound and seize, my driver license unlawfully sanctioned without any proof from the police officers only verbal threats and they demanding me if i am “sovereign citizen” i objected i am not a citizen first and they all receive a formation to handle the truth.
    5. they have steal my car from me and don’t have any jurisdiction and authority to inflict me financial burden in direct revenge of the 3 old traffic citation i have blocked lawfully..but they continue to claim i have unpaid traffic citations and they cannot proof me anything and cannot send me anything…my driver license will be sanctioned for all my life ? The corruption level are very high its the only system..all judges and attorney are BAR members the Crown Agents from “the city of london corporation”
    6.I am so poor now because the corruption in SAAQ have suppress all my living and dignity i can’t pay for any traffic citations, i touch only 100$ / 14 weeks on the 290$ my driver license , immatriculation, insurance are pre-paid and i have win in appeal on the decision of the SAAQ to cut all my replacement handicap income, their attorney have signed with me a contract i closed the case and don’t sue them and they pay me 13000$ CAD and they never pay me, they send me a letter they send me to much and the past, and their are in breach of contract for so many years now..
    7.My car i my only property now and my roof, i sleep somethings because i no longer have money to have my roof they SET me UP , and i have be obligated to retake my property from the unlawful impound seizure by force (i have commited tresspass on the private property of the impoind and removed my car “under duress” in fear they steal my car and never return me (one of the police officer threats if i dont give them my driver license 22 June 2019 when they stealing my car without any proof of their claims)

    And NOW: i now i received a summons 9 July to appear in Court of Quebec 9 august Palais of Justice of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu District: Iberville judge of the peace: Lise Dauvais for 3 commercial presentments (crimes/charges)
    1- to have destroy a barriere for less than 5000$ ( i never destroyed, their fence are functional and continue to to business) and conviction for summary judgment
    2- accused me of stealing a motor vehicule (MY OWN AUTOMOBILE) conviction for summary judgment
    3-accused to have stealing a SUBARU OUTBACK….conviction of summary judgment and imprisonment

    i received their summons by normal post without any process server by hands, no witness, no evidences, no proofs or documents with their summons and my name are written very differently; i have forget to say i removed my name on the electoral list in Jan 2019 they dont have any bending contract to bending me and i dont give them jurisdiction i return to sender the summons 9 day before with notice i dont want to contract and after terminating my name on the electoral list my name are now written like this: Francois GERVAIS (001) (M) and Francois GERVAIS (001) .

    I need some help my strategie is to make affidavit now notarised and filing motions (i never do that) demanding to the clerk all the evidences and the statements from prosecutors…they dont have any evidences and my car never be at the impound 30 days they secretly hide it from me with my handicap brace, after they retrouved my car very away they hided from the impound and they charged me 884$ and i never see my car at the impound place of business…its a total fraud and the business owner never sign my bill to liberating my car i dont have any proof i have to pay for impound if my car never be there.

    after commited desperatly to regain my force my property (never be arrested with the car) i came volontarly to the police headquarter of st-jean-sur-richelieu to face my actions, and they demanded me why i am here…”i am here because my car have be seize” i demanded if i can leave they demanding me to make a declaration with 2 officers…i only declared this: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-308 authorized representative at my signature, thats it , they telling me ont the summons they accusing me by a summary declaration from me! Its all fraud and coercive threath to put me in jail because i know their system and they harassing me i am completly disabled.

    Sorry for the big message i know you are the real court and i am honest, i committed the tresspass but i am accused to stealing my own car because the title are fraudulently transfered in my trust and the judge want to create a surety bond and put me as Obligee/Trustee to discharge their Prosecutor false statements of 3 summary judments ..how they can accusing me from stealing my own car?

    What are my remedies my court date are 9 august this week.

    I filed the Birth Certificate Recording, i will make all DEEDS if i can be owner of my own estate and fiction name it will be very chalenging for the court.

    Thank You infinitely to be there and helping normal man and woman to have justice.

    Francois Gervais

    Francois Gervais GervaisFrancois Gervais

    please supress my message

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