Update re unlawful arrest . 10th jan 2019

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    J P of the family GJ P of the family G

    so i went to the court as bailed to do and it was adjourned until next Tuesday 19th of Feb 2019. i refused to claim the fictitious name on the charge sheet . i didnt sign in . i only gave my initials as j p g . the Representative of the fictitious name on charge sheet . the usher kept asking my name i stood my ground as j p g . they then attempted to get my name by calling a mental health bloke to whom i stated im not obliged to answer any of your question s he then stated he had the right to ask me them . to which i responded no comment to every question . after a whole morning of sitting in court 5s waiting area and nipping in and out to smoke the judge finally decided to call me in ..

    i stated no plea was being entered as i the repersetive of the name and the name are under common law not acts and statues and would not be surrendering to there jurisdiction. the cps lady read out the charges and did not have the bail sheet . cps also stated no name was signed only i do not consent and without prejudice was the only thing written. the judge ignored my asking if she was standing under her oath today and appeared shocked when i read the judicial oath out. also pointing out it states law not acts and statues. she threatened to issue a bench arrest warrant at which point i stated that i believe would be unlawful . she then decided to retire for 10 mins to decide how to proceed … at which point i went for a cig and kept her waiting…

    i offed to show her the no jurisdiction pres dent set . from this site in paper form which she declined . i also stated that the defendants name is dead at sea as cest que vi 1666…
    so next update next Tuesday if im not sent to prison lol

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