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    Adele shawAdele shaw

    Hi there. I’m just panicking as Matt Hancock the health Secretary has said children may HAVE to get vaccinated. My child is registered under common law , is there anyone who can help me. I’m not sure if I can do anything under this common law. Thanks

    Hilary SerridgeHilary Serridge

    USA has had mandatory vaccinations in many states and quite draconian for some time. There is now an uprising there from the ordinary mothers and fathers whose children have been harmed or died from vaccines. Del Bigtree The Highwire on Thursday evenings starting 7pm GMTon FB has much information and also Robert F Kennedy Jnr has a site Childrens Health Defense. Del Bigtree also has a non-profit called Informed Consent Action Network looking into vaccinations and their safety/non safety. There is much information in which to arm yourself through these facebook pages. There is much censorship on vaccines so you know that there must be something fishy about them. The website has lots of information about the lack of safety studies that should have been carried out on vaccines and there is a lack of credible information from the vaccine manufacturers and no liability when children are harmed or die. Once you start looking there is more and more comes to light. Good luck with your researching

    :Terry-John-Maurice :of the House of Shields. CLCTerry Shields

    Well, perhaps One way is to issue them with a Vaccine Indemnity Notice, along the lines of:

    Vaccine Indemnity Notice.

    Vaccine Indemnity.

    As you have requested vaccines for my/our child/(ren), it is my duty as a parent to prevent them in the event of the vaccine(s) causing harm or adverse reactions/effects to my/our child/(ren).

    In the event of my/our child/(ren) becoming sick/ill or other maladies following this vaccine(s), you the administer of the vaccines(s) are responsible for damages in your personal and private capacity totaling £250,000,000.00 pounds (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION POUNDS) payable in gold or silver bullion, plus all medical cost and expenses to correct it.

    Should you not wish to sign this indemnity, which in effect states that you cannot guarantee the safety of my/our child/(ren), then it is my/our responsibility and right as the parent(s) to guarantee the safety of my/our child/(ren), then it is also my/our right and responsibility as parent(s) to refuse this or any vaccine(s).


    Disclaimer: This is not Legal advice and I am not trained or qualified in legal matters.

    S of the family AwleySean McGawley

    Do all you can not to have them. My daughter has aluminium toxicity in her brain from the vaccines. it has caused her liver not to function properly. I am now in the process of detoxing her body. Whooping cough is one vaccine I thin the child should have as long as it is on its own and not mixed in with others.

    rohit tanejarohit taneja

    So follow up from to Adele’s question, i take it from all the replies , there is nothing in common law that can help with mandatory vaccines?

    Is this true if the child is less than 7 years old from the birth certificate registration date i.e. the child is STILL NOT the ward of the state? can common law help with that?


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