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    Hi Jean,

    Can I start by saying thanks for taking the time to reply, and I’d like to tell you about my experience so far. It’s very interesting to say the least!

    Firstly I am not on the electoral roll and haven’t been for more than a couple of years now, yet I still get polling cards through my door……strange!

    I have sent every letter strait back to the council as you’ve described, and I even wrote to them stating my position as a living man, as a man and not a fiction. I told them I was withholding council tax until I saw evidence of contract and I knew what I was paying for. I believe that even under statutory law, council tax can be withheld if the payers are not satisfied.

    An envelope written by hand and addressed to the living man and not the fiction, was hand delivered through my letterbox. Inside was a charge for payment from the local sheriff officer, in her majesty’s name, for two years council tax. The interesting thing about this is they addressed the envelope to the living man, but inside the documents were to the legal fiction and dead entity. Also all signatures and names on documents were so small they couldn’t be read?? I made a copy and then returned the charge for payment order straight back to the sheriffs officers office with the note that the addressee is not recognised.

    Then I went to Council Headquarters and asked to see summary warrants, I did eventually see copies, they were dodgy, no surprise there. I then handed into council my common law birth certificate, ownership of legal fiction, and annulment of Council tax court order. Also printed out evidence that Highland Council is a registered company/ corporation.

    Now I’m receiving letters from something called the Highland Council court house in Nairn which is fourteen miles away,
    I send those letters back unopened also With addressee not recognised. I think they are now going to arrest/steal my wages or bank account via this method despite everything. Also Scott & Co sheriff’s officers have ramped up the letters, which I send back, and I have asked them also to provide evidence of any debt owed as you described.

    All I can say is that despite them having no consent in any shape or form they are determined to push ahead regardless.

    We shall see ?

    Again thanks,



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    Hi there,
    Thanks you so much, I’ve now found the information, printed it, and added it to the evidence that I’m about to present.
    I’m sure I shall be popular he he!
    Again, thanks for taking the time you are heroes! ?

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    Hi there,
    I have now seen the alleged summary warrants against me, and to be honest even to my untrained eye they are highly suspicious.
    For a start I was only given copies, and not allowed to see originals. The reason was that there was sensitive information on them I was not allowed to see??
    It seems to me now that they can do anything they like to my bank account, wages, property, without me even going to court. Is this correct? They talk about serving me notices before summary warrant stage but this is simply a lie.
    I think I’m a bit in over my head here, is there anything I can do to stop this fraud and theft?

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    Hi there,
    I’m a bit confused, my local Council, The Highland Council can be found at Company House, but has multiple entry’s.
    Not sure which one to quote.
    They are also using a previous address.
    Also I cannot any find DUNS number registered to them. Does this mean they are not operating as a company or are part of a corporation?

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