I Am The CLC


The Common Law Court was created to provide a lawful remedy for men and women.

Everyone is created equal under the law but this this doesn’t seem to apply to the state.

Three judges within the United Kingdom had been summoned to appear at a Common Law Court to answer for crimes committed against the people. These judges failed to appear and the state have unlawfully detained two individuals, charged them and are using the statutory system to prosecute them.

The people have a lawful right to convene their own courts.

Please show your support by selecting your country’s flag below, use the link to download our poster, take a picture with it and send it to the following e-mail address:  info@commonlawcourt.com


                      Argentina                    Australia                          Austria                            Belgium                        Brazil


                     Bulgaria                          Canada                         Catalan                             Chile                             China


                      Columbia                       Croatia                           Cuba                           Denmark                        Ecuador


                        Estonia                        Finland                           France                          Germany                         Greece


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                  Ivory Coast                        Japan                             Lithuania                   Luxembourg                       Mexico


                     Monaco                    Netherlands                  New Zealand                      Pakistan                             Peru


                      Poland                         Portugal                           Romania                           Russia                          Solvakia


                     Slovenia                    South Korea                         Spain                             Sweden                       Switzerland


                     Thailand                       Turkey                                U. K.                              U.S.A.                          Venezuela