Common Law v’s Legalese

Common Law v’s Legalese

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For context, you are considered informed that all meanings on this site have been taken from the Oxford Dictionary of English or as are commonly understood by living men and women, they are not to be confused with legalese or any other language.

All character layout, whether capitalised, lower case or a combination of both are accepted by living men and women and not to be taken in any other way or meaning. Our position on this website and any communication that we use is that of a living man/woman standing under gods law, also known as the creator’s law, natural law, common law etc and operating outside the jurisdiction of statutory rules or man-made legislation.

We the people do not work for any state department, or the crown, or operate under a licence and we do not require permission from another man or woman to run our life peacefully.

If you require the meaning or definition of any word or sentence that we use, this can be obtained by viewing the Oxford Dictionary of English.


Bond Trading and GDPR

We wish to point out that the Common Law Court is constantly under attack, there is nothing that the state would like better than to find fault with what we do or to close us down.

To ease understanding and to assist those who have any doubts about what we do, we wish to highlight one such attack.

          It has been suggested that by using your personal data, the Common Law Court has access to and is trading your bonds?  

          It should be noted that this is being done to discredit the Common Law Court.

We would also like to point out the following:

1. When the Common Law Court highlights crimes that are being committed against the people, it produces the evidence and prosecutes the responsible individual/s.

2. When allegations are being made against the Common Law Court, no evidence has been provided to confirm that any crime has been committed.

3. Without evidence to establish the facts there has been no crime committed.

The Common Law Court exists to protect the people and to provide a lawful remedy. All reasonably minded men and women would understand the principles under which we operate and by giving these malicious rumours any credibility, they are assisting the state.

If anyone wishes to confirm that the Common Law Court is committing crimes against the people, ask them to provide the proof, they can’t as it does not exist.

On a final point, we wish to clarify that anyone wishing to remove their information from the site may do so through their personal account. There is no need to contact us, but should you do so, we will remove this immediately. The Common Law Court does not need, want nor wish to work with people who either work for the state or who are not reasonably minded.

Any reference to GDPR rules is pointless, as we are not bound by statutory rules and anyone using these statutory rules to assist themselves, does not understand what we do.