Custom Number Plate

In addition to purchasing a CLC Number Plate, you can also choose to obtain your very own custom plate.

All CLC Number Plates will have the Common Law Court logo on the left side of the plate and will have a maximum of eight characters. Custom plates can consist of numbers, letters and a combination of both.

As the Common Law Court is separate form the statutory system we have our own numbering system, all plates are issued with a successful offer and on a first come, first served basis.  

If you require a specialist plate, we ask you to enter your request in the appropriate box and then to submit your offer for the purchase of this plate, bearing in mind that the monies obtained from these ffers are being used to develop our CLC projects. When making an offer for a custom plate the minimum we will consider is ⌘67 Cruinn (⌘67 = £100 approx. = $132 approx.)

Remember that as this is just being launched, all number plates are available. The fact that a number plate exists in the statutory system does not matter as our plates will have the Common Law Court logo attached to them and they are also coloured green.

CLC Insurance MUST BE in place before this can be purchased.


Click This Link To Obtain Your Custom Plate


Warning:  As this process is new, the statutory authorities wil be unaware of it. The Common Law Court will be notifying statutory governments and police authorities about our process, but be aware, if you choose to use this process just now, you are doing so at your own risk.

Should you receive unlawful attention from either government, driving authorities or the police, the Common Law Court will assist in this matter.